Mohammad Jamali-Paqaleh

Mohammad Jamali-Paqaleh
Native name محمد جمالی پاقلعه
Born 1963
Kerman, Iran
Died 2013
Damascus, Syria
Buried at Kerman, Iran
Allegiance  Iran
Service/branch IRGC
Rank Brigadier general
Unit 41st Sarallah Division of Kerman
Quds Force
Battles/wars Iran-Iraq War
Syrian Civil War 

Brigadier general Mohammad Jamali-Paqaleh (Persian: محمد جمالی پاقلعه) (1963 – 2013) was an Iranian commander in the Revolutionary Guards who died in Syrian Civil War.[1]


Jamali-Paqaleh was born in 1963 in Paqaleh in Shahr-e Babak County, Kerman Province. When he was two years old, his father died. He completed primary school in the village and then migrated to Rafsanjan to continue his education.[2]

Iran-Iraq war

Jamali-Paqaleh was a veteran of the Iran–Iraq War[1][3] and was a member of the Sarallah division, the same division outfitted that had trained by General Qassem Soleimani.[4] He had participated in several operations such as Operation Tariq al-Qods, Fath ol-Mobin, Beit ol-Moqaddas, Ramadan, Dawn 8, and Karbala-5,4,1.[2]

Syrian Civil War

The Iranian news outlet Mehr News Agency reported that Jamali voluntary went to Syria to protect the Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque and another holy shrine against Assad-opposing forces in the Syrian Civil War.[5][3][1]

Jamali-Paqaleh was reported to have been killed by Syrian rebels either in the final days of October or early November 2013.[1] He was buried on 5 November in Kerman with full military honors.[5][6]

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