Mohammad Ali Hassan

Mohammad Ali Hassan
(Abu Al-Hassan)
محمد ابو الحسن
Hezbollah Head of Security
Personal details
Born 1985
Ain Qana Lebanon
Died 18 January 2015(2015-01-18) (aged 29–30)
Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Quneitra Governorate, Syria
Nationality Lebanese
Political party Hezbollah
Religion Shia Islam

Mohammad Ali Hassan (Arabic: محمد ابو الحسن) was a commander of Hezbollah Born in 1985 at Ain Qana Lebanon. He was killed in 2015 at Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Quneitra Governorate, Syria during the Syrian War by Israel.


Mohammad Ali Hassan also known as Abu Al-Hassan and Kazim was a 29-year-old from Ain Qana town in the Nabatieh District of southern Lebanon.[1] He Was lower-level Hezbollah ground commander in charge of smaller units or geographic zones in the Golan Heights. [2]


In 2015, days after Hassan Nasrallah declared that Israel's air strike aggression in Syria meant that the Syrian Arab Republic and its allies had the right to respond, an Israeli helicopter blew up Mohammad Ali Hassan Abu Al-Hassan and five other Hezbollah commanders including Jihad Mughniyah and Mohamad Issa in Quneitra Governorate. They were driving in a convoy in Quneitra Province alongside Revolutionary Guard Council (IRGC) troops near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, and on 18 January 2015 the convoy was destroyed by the Israeli helicopter.[3] [4]

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