Miss Stone (film)

Miss Stone

Directed by Živorad Mitroviḱ
Produced by Vardar Film Skopje
Screenplay by Gorgi Abadjiev, Popov Trajče
Based on real historical event
Starring Nikola Avtovski, Damevski Darko, Dragi Kostovski, Vladimir Medar, Milchin Elias, Todor Nikolovski, Ocokoljic Dragan, Prlichko Petre, Dragi Krstevski - Amfi, Olga Spiridonovic
Music by Ivan Rupnik
Edited by Vojislav Bjenjaš
Vardar Film
Release dates
Running time
97 minutes
Country Macedonia
Language Macedonian

Miss Stone (Macedonian: Мис Стоун) is a 1958 Macedonian historical film, directed by Živorad Mitroviḱ. It tells the story about the Miss Stone Affair.


The film is set in 1901, and is based on events surrounding the growing Macedonian resistance to the Ottoman Empire. Resistance groups known as "Komiti" show the readiness of the Macedonian people to fight for freedom. At the same time different religious missions are trying to expand their influence among the people. Thessaloniki is the center of the American Protestant mission in Macedonia. The Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (ВМРО Внатрешна Македонска Револуционарна Организација) abducted U.S. Protestant missionary Miss Stone (Olga Spiridonovikj) led by Yane Sandanski (Ilija Milcin) and his unit. The group demanded 25 pounds of gold to release her. They wanted her to sign the demand. She flatly refuses, but after going through several battles with Turkish forces, she stands on the side of guerrillas and signs the letter. The gold is eventually provided.


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