Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Miss Hong Kong Pageant
Formation 1973
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Hong Kong
Miss World
Miss International
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Website Official homepage
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The Miss Hong Kong Pageant (Chinese: 香港小姐競選), or Miss HK (港姐) for short, is a beauty pageant organised by the leading Hong Kong television station, TVB. In 2012, for the first time, every HK citizen with valid HK identity card was allowed to vote for who gets which position given the shortlisted three finalists. Nevertheless, this had to be abandoned at the last minute supposedly due to a server breakdown.


All participants have to have a Hong Kong ID or be born in Hong Kong (with a valid birth certificate). The age requirement is 17–27 as of 2011, though the upper age was previously up to 25. It should be noted that early contestants, such as Deborah Moore competed at as young age as 16.[1] While there has been other Miss Hong Kong pageants in prior years producing notable titleholders such as Judy Dann (1951), Virginia June Lee (1953), Michelle Mok (1958), Laura da Costa (1967) and Mabel Hawkett (1970), the current annual TVB pageant began in 1973. Apart from the top prize winner, first runner-up and second runner-up prizes, the pageant also has other consolation prizes that vary slightly from year to year. Many Miss Hong Kong contestants have gone on to have movie careers as it is quite typical for the top contestants to garner television contracts from TVB.

The pageant is traditionally televised into two events, although this is not always necessarily the case in recent years. First, a preliminary event is held where 12 finalists are selected from a group of candidates, the number of which is usually around 20–25 (with 30 being the maximum). Then a final event is held, culminating in the announcement of the winner and the first and second runners-up from the 12 finalists. In some years, the field is narrowed down to a final 5, from which the runners-up and winner are chosen. Often several contestants dropped out of the pageant before the televised preliminary, thus there would be a candidate with #30 assigned to her, but only 25 or so contestants.

Non-human participant in Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2013

In Year 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, an unusual participant had joined the local recruitment which was a non-human being – a dolphin named Ruby (Chinese Name: 白海樂), nominated by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Hong Kong to drive awareness of the plight of her species in Hong Kong. According to WWF Hong Kong, Ruby was "a true native and symbol of Hong Kong, Chinese white dolphins are creatures of majestic beauty who are facing escalating threats in their Hong Kong marine habitat. Ruby only has 61 peers left in the HK waters when compare to 158 of them in 10 years ago. Through her nomination into the pageant, we hope to raise mass awareness on the true beauty yet grave plight of the Chinese white dolphin as reclamation, increasing marine traffic and polluted waters rapidly contribute to the startling decline in their numbers," said Samantha Lee, Senior Conservation Officer, Marine of WWF-Hong Kong.[2]

Wai Yin Association

Wai Yin Association (慧妍雅集) is the official association for all official contestants (i.e., those that made it into the semi-finals). It is a registered charity. It was established in 1982 to help the citizens of Hong Kong.

Notable winners and contestants


Controversial contestants

Summary of winners

Year Winner
First runner-up
Second runner-up
1973 Elanie Sung 孫泳恩 Judy Yung 容朱迪 Ethel Lau 劉慧德 3rd runner-up: Angie Chiu 趙雅芝
4th runner-up: Polly Tang 鄧錦群
1974 Jojo Cheung 張文瑛 Judith Dirkin 杜茱迪 Peggy Lee 李錦文 3rd runner-up: Jo Ann Ko 高影萊
4th runner-up: Anita Chan 陳梅珍
1975 Mary Cheung 張瑪莉 Teresa Chu 朱翠娟 Conny Kwan 關淑芬
1976 Rowena Lam 林良蕙 Christine Leung 梁靜文 Margaret Tsui 徐美玲
1977 Loletta Chu 朱玲玲 Shui Yung Lui 呂瑞容 Dorothy Yu 余綺霞
1978 Winnie Chan 陳文玉 Faustina Lin 連惠玲 Regina Tsang 曾慶瑜
1979 Olivia Cheng 鄭文雅 Mary Ng 吳美麗 Maria Chung 鍾慧冰
1980 Wanda Tai 戴月娥 Julia Chan 陳鳳芝 Janet Wong 黃 靜
1981 Irene Lo 勞錦嫦 Winnie Chin 錢慧儀 Deborah Moore 狄寶娜摩亞 Original winner, Doris Loh (羅佩芝) was dethroned.
1982 Angeline Leung 梁韻蕊 Cally Kwong 鄺美雲 Isabella Kau 寇鴻萍
1983 Cher Yeung 楊雪儀 Maggie Cheung 張曼玉 Eve Lee 李月芙
1984 Joyce Godenzi 高麗虹 Margaret Ma 馬倩衡 Joan Tong 唐麗球
1985 Shallin Tse 謝 寧 Aleen Lo 羅錦如 Ellen Wong 王愛倫
1986 Robin Lee 李美珊 May Ng 吳婉芳 Patty Ngai 倪萱彤
1987 Pauline Yeung 楊寶玲 Elizabeth Lee 李美鳳 Wing Lam 林穎嫺
1988 Michelle Reis 李嘉欣 Sheila Chan 陳淑蘭 Cynthia Cheung 張郁蕾
1989 Monica Chan 陳法蓉 Donna Chu 朱潔儀 Isabel Leung 梁佩瑚
1990 Anita Yuen 袁詠儀 Helen Yung 翁杏蘭 Noel Leung 梁小冰
1991 Amy Kwok 郭藹明 Valerie Chow 周嘉玲 Ada Choi 蔡少芬
1992 Emily Lo 盧淑儀 Patsy Lau 劉殷伶 Shirley Cheung 張雪玲
1993 Hoyan Mok 莫可欣 May Lam 林麗薇 Middy Yu 余少寶
1994 Halina Tam 譚小環 Annamarie Wood 活麗明 Theresa Lee 李綺紅
1995 Winnie Young 楊婉儀 Sofie Rahman 李嘉慧 Shirley Chau 周婉儀
1996 Lee San-san 李珊珊 Chillie Poon 潘芝莉 Fiona Yuen 袁彩雲
1997 Virginia Yung 翁嘉穗 Vivian Lee 李明慧 Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼
1998 Anne Heung 向海嵐 Jessie Chiu 趙翠儀 Natalie Ng 吳文忻
1999 Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮 Marsha Yuan 原子鏸 Myolie Wu 胡杏兒
2000 Vivian Lau 劉慧蘊 Margaret Kan 簡佩堅 Maree Lau 劉嘉慧
2001 Shirley Yeung 楊思琦 Gigi Chung 鍾沛枝 Heidi Chu 朱凱婷
2002 Tiffany Lam 林敏俐 Victoria Jane Jolly 左慧琪 Cathy Wu 胡家惠
2003 Mandy Cho 曹敏莉 Rabee'a Yeung 楊洛婷 Priscilla Chi 戚黛黛
2004 Kate Tsui 徐子珊 Queenie Chu 朱慧敏 Sze Sze Fu 符思思
2005 Tracy Ip 葉翠翠 Sharon Luk 陸詩韻 Carrie Lam 林 莉
2006 Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 Janet Chow 周家蔚 Koni Lui 呂慧儀
2007 Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒 Grace Wong 王君馨 Lorretta Chow 周美欣
2008 Edelweiss Cheung 張舒雅 Skye Chan 陳倩揚 Sire Ma 馬賽
2009 Sandy Lau 劉倩婷 Germaine Lee 李姿敏 Mizuni Hung 熊穎詩
2010 Toby Chan 陳庭欣 Sammi Cheung 張秀文 Lisa Ch'ng 莊思明
2011 Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗 Hyman Chu 朱希敏 Whitney Hui 許亦妮
2012 Carat Cheung 張名雅 Jacqueline Wong 黃心穎 Tracy Chu 朱千雪
2013 Grace Chan 陳凱琳 Sisley Choi 蔡思貝 Moon Lau 劉佩玥
2014 Veronica Shiu 邵珮詩 Erin Wong 王卓淇 Katherine Ho 何艷娟
2015 Louisa Mak 麥明詩 Ada Pong 龐卓欣 Karmen Kwok 郭嘉文
2016 Crystal Fung 馮盈盈 Tiffany Lau 劉穎鏇 Bonnie Chan 陳雅思
Year Miss Photogenic
Miss Friendship
友誼小姐 (1975–1986, 2013- )
Miss Congeniality
最受歡迎佳麗獎 (1987–1992)
Miss Press
最受傳播媒介歡迎獎 (1993–1996)
Miss International Goodwill
Miss Young
Tourism Ambassador Award
1975 Lucia Szeto 司徒靈芝 Teresa Chu 朱翠娟
1976 Cora Miao 繆騫人 Karen Ng 吳淑明
1977 Loletta Chu 朱玲玲 Velma Talbot 施家怡
1978 Lily Cheung 張夢夏 Sylvia Ip 葉妙容
1979 Olivia Cheng 鄭文雅 Monita Kuan 管玉琴
1980 Wanda Tai 戴月娥 Elanie Cheung 張淑玲
1981 Freda Leung 梁仲芬 Irene Lo 勞錦嫦 Jackie Chan 陳敏華
1982 Wendy Ha 夏淑玲 Judy Hon 韓燕虹 Kam Shum 沈金玲
1983 Maggie Cheung 張曼玉 Sylvia Chung 鍾子綸 Karin Tham 譚錦芳
1984 Joyce Godenzi 高麗虹 Mimi Lau 劉淑華 Debbre Tsui 徐婉薇
1985 Frances Lau 劉碧儀 Ivy Sung 宋愛儀 Marina Lau 劉淑華
1986 May Ng 吳婉芳 Ann Choy 蔡惠娟 Jojo So 蘇嘉寶
1987 Elizabeth Lee 李美鳳 Betty Cheung 張鳳妮 Pauline Yeung 楊寶玲
1988 Sheila Chin 陳淑蘭 Betty Yau 丘碧瑜 Michelle Reis 李嘉欣
1989 Wanda Yung 翁慧德 Lorell Li 李綺霞 Monica Chan 陳法蓉
1990 Anita Yuen 袁詠儀 Helen Yung 翁杏蘭 Helen Yung 翁杏蘭
1991 Amy Fan 樊亦敏 Maur Yeung 楊凱斯 Amy Kwok 郭藹明
1992 Emily Lo 盧淑儀 Carol Lee 李秋林 Patsy Lau 劉殷伶
1993 Kenix Kwok 郭可盈 Christina Lau 劉飛飛
1994 Natalie Wong 黃紀瑩 Theresa Lee 李綺紅 Dorothy Ng 吳素珊
1995 Sofie Rahman 李嘉慧 Shirley Chau 周婉儀 Shirley Chau 周婉儀
1996 San San Lee 李珊珊 San San Lee 李珊珊 Fiona Yuen 袁彩雲
1997 Virginia Yung 翁嘉穗 Vivian Lee 李明慧
1998 Anne Heung 向海嵐 Josephine Yan 殷莉
1999 Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮 Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮
2000 Vivian Lau 劉慧蘊 Vivian Lau 劉慧蘊
2001 Shirley Yeung 楊思琦 Heidi Chu 朱凱婷
2002 Cerina Da Graca 嘉碧儀 Tiffany Lam 林敏俐
2003 Selena Li 李詩韻 Mandy Cho 曹敏莉 Rabee'a Yeung 楊洛婷
2004 Kate Tsui 徐子珊 Kate Tsui 徐子珊 Queenie Chu 朱慧敏
2005 Shermon Tang 鄧上文 Natalie Khor 許佩琪 Erica Yuen 袁彌明
2006 Janet Chow 周家蔚 Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 Suki Chui 徐淑敏
2007 Grace Wong 王君馨 Grace Wong 王君馨 Lily Ho 何傲兒
2008 Sire Ma 馬賽 Skye Chan 陳倩揚 Samantha Ko 高海寧
2009 Candy Yuen 袁嘉敏 Carly Wong 黄嘉麗 Carly Wong 黄嘉麗
2010 Crystal Li 李雪瑩 Toby Chan 陳庭欣 Toby Chan 陳庭欣
2011 Whitney Hui 許亦妮 Nicole Leung 梁麗翹 Nicole Leung 梁麗翹
2012 Jennifer Shum 岑杏賢 Carat Cheung 張名雅 Roxanne Tong 湯洛雯
2013 Grace Chan 陳凱琳 Tammy Ou-Yang 歐陽巧瑩 Grace Chan 陳凱琳
2014 Veronica Shiu 邵珮詩 Veronica Shiu 邵珮詩 Sofiee Ng 吳凱欣
2015 Louisa Mak 麥明詩 Iris Lam 林凱恩
2016 Tiffany Lau 劉穎鏇 Bowie Cheung 張寶兒

Overseas contestant awards list

Starting from 1991, the Miss Hong Kong pageant greets delegates from overseas. They include Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. Local contestants coming from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, London, and more enter at Hong Kong. In 2006, there was a top 16 contestant from the Netherlands. The overseas delegates wait for the notification of their regional sponsors of TVB and if they are chosen, they fly to Hong Kong to compete. The following is a record of overseas delegates' performance at Miss Hong Kong.

Notice that Vancouver has the most Miss Hong Kong winners from the overseas. They had a record of four consecutive winners from 1997–2000. 2000 was the only year where the top 3 delegates were all from overseas. Even though the 2007 pageant had the top 3 all from the US and Canada but Grace Wong and Lorretta Chow travelled to Hong Kong to compete in the pageant, so they are recognised by TVB to be local delegates not overseas delegates. They did however come from the overseas.

Miss Hong Kong at Miss Chinese International Pageant

Vancouver has the most winners, eight. However, Hong Kong finished as 1st runner up for four consecutive years, a record which hasn't happened since 1993.

Prior to 2000, all the winners competed at Miss Universe, with the exception of Michelle Reis (1988) and Winnie Young (1996). In 2009, Miss Hong Kong 2008 winner, Edelweiss Cheung refused to compete in the pageant, reportedly due to health reasons. The first runner up, Skye Chan competed instead, making her the first non-winner to compete in MCI. Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010 was held on 5 November 2010, and therefore, Miss Hong Kong 2009, Sandy Lau did not in 2011. Sandy Lau was the second Miss Hong Kong winner not to compete in Miss Chinese International.

Year represented at MCI Representative of Hong Kong Placement (if any) Special awards won (if any) Notes
1988 Michelle Reis 李嘉欣 Winner Miss Photogenic Competed at Miss World 1988, withdrew from competing at Miss Universe 1989.
1989 Monica Chan 陳法蓉 1st runner up Later competed at Miss Universe 1990, placed 23rd.
1991 Anita Yuen 袁詠儀 1st runner up Later competed at Miss Universe 1991, placed 60th.
1992 Amy Kwok 郭藹明 1st runner up Best Ethnic Dress Originally Kwok was supposed to compete at Miss Universe 1992, but was disqualified due to being a US citizen.
1993 Emily Lo 盧淑儀 1st runner up Later competed at Miss Universe 1993, finished at 45th place.
1994 Hoyan Mok 莫可欣 Top 10 Semi-finalist First Miss Hong Kong not to place in the top 3. Later competed at Miss Universe 1994 and placed 45th.
1995 Halina Tam 譚小環 Top 5 Finalist Tam was the big favourite to win that year. She later competed at Miss Universe 1995 and placed 45th.
1996 Winnie Young 楊婉儀 Top 10 Semi-finalist Miss Friendship Second Miss Hong Kong not to place in top 5. Was supposed to compete at Miss Universe 1996, but did not compete for being a US citizen.
1997 Lee San San 李珊珊 1st runner up Later competed at Miss Universe 1997 and placed 45th.
1998 Virginia Yung 翁嘉穗 Top 5 Finalist Top 5 in viewer's voting. Later competed at Miss Universe 1998, placed 2nd overall in the online internet polls.
1999 Anne Heung 向海嵐 2nd runner up Later competed at Miss Universe 1999 and finished in the top 7 online Miss Photogenic polls.
2000 Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮 Winner Miss Internet Popularity
Miss Vegas Gorgeous
Later competed in Miss Universe 2000 and finished in top 10 online Miss Photogenic polls and was featured in the front image of the Miss Universe website during that time. Kwok, as of now, is the last representative from Hong Kong at Miss Universe.
2001 Vivian Lau 劉慧蘊 2nd runner up
2002 Shirley Yeung 楊思琦 Top 5 Finalist Miss Modern China
Fragrance Car Beauty Award (香車美人獎)
2003 Tiffany Lam 林敏俐 1st runner up Cousin of Miss Hong Kong 2009, Sandy Lau.
2004 Mandy Cho 曹敏莉 1st runner up Miss Friendship
2005 Kate Tsui 徐子珊 Top 5 Finalist Miss Gorgeous
2006 Tracy Ip 葉翠翠 Ceramic Culture Ambassador First Miss Hong Kong not to place in the semi-finals. Previously competed at Miss World 2005 and made Beach Beauty top 19.
2007 Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 Top 10 Semi-finalist Previously competed at Miss Chinese Toronto 2004. Third Miss Hong Kong not to place in the top 5. Oldest Hong Kong representative.
2008 Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒 1st runner up Previously competed at Miss Chinese Vancouver 2005 and won Miss Vivacious Beauty. Cheung also placed in the top 16 at Miss World 2007 and won the Beauty with a Purpose award.
2009 Skye Chan 陳倩揚 1st runner up Miss Friendship First non-winner to compete at Miss Chinese International. Previously competed at Miss World 2008.
2010 Toby Chan 陳庭欣 Top 6 Finalist As Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010 was postponed until November, Miss Hong Kong 2009, Sandy Lau was unable to compete because she had already crowned her successor.
2012 Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗 Top 10 Finalist Greater China Region Classic Elegance Award The 2011 competition was postponed to January 2012.
2013 Carat Cheung 張名雅 2nd runner up
2014 Grace Chan 陳凱琳 Winner
2015 Veronica Shiu 邵珮詩 1st runner up
2016 Louisa Mak 麥明詩

Miss Hong Kong at International pageants

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semi-finalists

In 2001, TVB has lost the franchise for Miss Universe Pageant.

In 2015, TVB has lost the franchise for Miss International Pageant and Miss World Pageant.

Note: Only the Miss Hong Kong delegates selected by TVB are included here.

Miss World

Year Delegate Placement in Miss Hong Kong Placement in Miss World Remarks
1959 Michelle Mok Ping-Ching
No Pageants Until 1973
First Miss Hong Kong at Miss World pageant.
1970 Ann Lay
1972 Gay Mei-Lin
1973 Judy Yung 容朱迪 1st runner-up First Miss World Hong Kong selected by TVB.
1974 Judith Dirkin 杜茱迪 1st runner-up Miss Personality
1975 Teresa Chu 朱翠娟 1st runner-up
1976 Christine Leung 梁靜文 1st runner-up
1977 Shui Yung Lui 呂瑞容 1st runner-up
1978 Faustina Lin 連惠玲 1st runner-up
1979 Mary Ng 吳美麗 1st runner-up
1980 Julia Chan 陳鳳芝 1st runner-up
1981 Winnie Chin 錢慧儀 1st runner-up
1982 Cally Kwong 鄺美雲 1st runner-up
1983 Maggie Cheung 張曼玉 1st runner-up Top 15
1984 Joan Tong 唐麗球 2nd runner-up Replaced Margaret Ma, 1st runner-up of Miss Hong Kong 1984, as Ma was too old to compete in Miss World pageant.
1985 Aleen Lo 羅錦如 1st runner-up
1986 May Ng 吳婉芳 1st runner-up
1987 Pauline Yeung 楊寶玲 Winner Top 12
Queen of Asia
First Miss Hong Kong winner to compete in Miss World.
1988 Michelle Reis 李嘉欣 Winner ATV held the franchise to send representatives to Miss World pageant since 1989.
1992 Patsy Lau 劉殷伶 1st runner-up TVB held the franchise to send representative to Miss World pageant again, after losing it for three years.
1993 May Lam 林麗薇 1st runner-up
1994 Annamarie Wood 活麗明 1st runner-up
1995 Shirley Chau 周婉儀 2nd runner-up
1996 Chillie Poon 潘芝莉 1st runner-up
1997 Vivian Lee 李明慧 1st runner-up
1998 Jessie Chiu 趙翠儀 1st runner-up
1999 Marsha Yuan 原子鏸 1st runner-up
2000 Margaret Kan 簡佩堅 1st runner-up
2001 Gigi Chung 鍾沛枝 1st runner-up
2002 Victoria Jane Jolly 左慧琪 1st runner-up
2003 Rabee'a Yeung 楊洛婷 1st runner-up
2004 Queenie Chu 朱慧敏 1st runner-up
2005 Tracy Ip 葉翠翠 Winner Top 19, Miss World Beach Beauty
2006 Janet Chow 周家蔚 1st runner-up Replaced Aimee Chan, Miss Hong Kong 2006, as Chan was too old to compete in Miss World pageant.
2007 Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒 Winner Top 16
Beauty with a Purpose winner (tied)
2008 Skye Chan 陳倩揚 1st runner-up Replaced Edelweiss Cheung, Miss Hong Kong 2008, as Cheung could not compete due to personal reasons.
2009 Sandy Lau 劉倩婷 Winner
2010 Sammi Cheung 張秀文 1st runner-up Top 40, Miss World Beach Beauty Replaced Toby Chan, Miss Hong Kong 2010, due to the time clash of Miss World pageant with Miss Chinese International pageant.
2011 Hyman Chu 朱希敏 1st runner-up 107th place Replaced Rebecca Zhu, Miss Hong Kong 2011, due to poor English standards of Zhu.
2012 Kelly Cheung 張曦雯 Miss Chinese International 2012 Top 22, Interview Scores
Top 40, Miss World Beach Beauty
Top 46, Miss World Top Model
Top 10, Miss World Multimedia Award
Appointed by TVB as Hong Kong's representative in Miss World pageant due to the change in time frame for Miss World pageant.
2013 Jacqueline Wong 黃心穎 1st runner-up of 2012 Top 12, Interview Scores
Top 12, Miss World Talent
Replaced Carat Cheung, Miss Hong Kong 2012, as Cheung was too old to compete in Miss World pageant.
2014 Erin Wong 王卓淇 1st runner-up Replaced Grace Chan, Miss Hong Kong 2013, as Chan had crowned her successor. Last Miss World Hong Kong selected by TVB as of today.

Miss Universe

Year Delegate Placement in Miss Hong Kong Placement in Miss Universe Remarks
1952 Judy Dan 3rd runner-up
1954 Virginia Lee Wai-Chun 2nd runner-up
1960 Vivian Cheung Unplaced
1962 Shirley Pon Unplaced
1964 Mary Bai Unplaced
1965 Joy Drake Unplaced
1967 Laura Arminda Da Costa Roque Top 15
1968 Tammy Yung Unplaced
1969 Christine Tam Mei-Mei Unplaced
1970 Mabel Hawkett Top 15
1972 Rita Leung Suet-Ling Unplaced
1973 Elaine Sung 孫泳恩 Winner
1974 Jojo Cheung 張文瑛 Winner
1975 Mary Cheung 張瑪莉 Winner
1976 Rowena Lam 林良蕙 Winner Top 12 Host delegate of Miss Universe 1976.
1977 Loletta Chu 朱玲玲 Winner
1978 Winnie Chan 陳文玉 Winner
1979 Olivia Cheng 鄭文雅 Winner
1980 Wanda Tai 戴月娥 Winner
1981 Irene Lo 勞錦嫦 Winner
1982 Angeline Leung 梁韻蕊 Winner
1983 Cher Yeung 楊雪儀 Winner
1984 Joyce Godenzi 高麗虹 Winner 3rd place, Best National Costume
1985 Shallin Tse 謝 寧 Winner
1986 Robin Lee 李美珊 Winner
1987 Lily Chung 鍾淑惠 Miss Universe Hong Kong 1987 The only Hong Kong representative that is not from the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Selected in a pageant held due to the switch of the timeframe of Miss Universe pageant and Miss Hong Kong pageant.
1988 Pauline Yeung 楊寶玲 Winner of 1987 4th runner-up From this year on, the representative of Miss Hong Kong compete in the Miss Universe pageant a year later.
1989 Cynthia Cheung 張郁蕾 2nd runner-up of 1988 Replaced Michelle Reis, Miss Hong Kong 1988, as Reis withdrew due to health problems.
1990 Monica Chan 陳法蓉 Winner of 1989 23rd place
1991 Anita Yuen 袁詠儀 Winner of 1990 60th place
1992 Amy Kwok 郭藹明 Winner of 1991 Did not compete Disqualified as Kwok held United States citizenship.
1993 Emily Lo 盧淑儀 Winner of 1992 49th place
1994 Hoyan Mok 莫可欣 Winner of 1993 44th place
1995 Halina Tam 譚小環 Winner of 1994 45th place
1996 Sofie Rahman 李嘉慧 1st runner-up of 1995 70th place Replaced Winnie Young, Miss Hong Kong 1995, as Young held United States citizenship.
1997 Lee San-san 李珊珊 Winner of 1996 45th place
1998 Virginia Yung 翁嘉穗 Winner of 1997 2nd – Online Polls
1999 Anne Heung 向海嵐 Winner of 1998 Top 7 – Miss Photogenic Polls
2000 Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮 Winner of 1999 Top 10 – Miss Photogenic Polls Last Miss Hong Kong to compete in Miss Universe pageant as of today.

Miss International

Year Delegate Placement in Miss Hong Kong Placement in Miss International Remarks
1960 Lena Woo Unplaced
1961 Judy Chang Unplaced
1967 Gisella Ma Ka-Wai 4th runner-up
1968 Christine Hui Ling-Ling Unplaced
1969 Cecile McSmith 2nd runner-up Unplaced
1970 Cecilia W. Buckley Unplaced
1973 Camilla Wong Unplaced
1975 Conny Kwan 關淑芬 2nd runner-up First Miss International Hong Kong selected by TVB.
1976 Margaret Tsui 徐美玲 2nd runner-up
1977 Dorothy Yu 余綺霞 2nd runner-up
1978 Regina Tsang 曾慶瑜 2nd runner-up
1979 Maria Chung 鍾慧冰 2nd runner-up
1980 Janet Wong 黃靜 2nd runner-up
1981 Deborah Moore 狄寶娜摩亞 2nd runner-up Miss Friendship
1982 Isabella Kau 寇鴻萍 2nd runner-up
1983 Eve Lee 李月芙 2nd runner-up
1984 Debbre Tsui 徐婉薇 Miss Young
1985 Ellen Wong 王愛倫 2nd runner-up Top 15
Best 21st-century award winner
1986 Patty Ngai 倪萱彤 2nd runner-up
1987 Wing Lam 林穎嫻 2nd runner-up Miss Photogenic
1988 Betty Cheung 張鳳妮 Miss Congeniality of 1987.
1989 Donna Chu 朱潔儀 1st runner-up
1990 Helen Yung 翁杏蘭 1st runner-up
1991 Valerie Chow 周嘉玲 1st runner-up
1992 Shirley Cheung 張雪玲 2nd runner-up
1993 Middy Yu 余少寶 2nd runner-up
1994 Dorothy Ng 吳素珊 Miss International Goodwill
1995 Juliana Lo 盧遠忻 Top 5
1996 Fiona Yuen 袁彩雲 2nd runner-up
1997 Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼 2nd runner-up
1998 Natalie Ng 吳文忻 2nd runner-up
1999 Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 2nd runner-up
2000 Edith Wong 王可惠 Top 12 Replaced Maree Lau, 2nd runner-up of Miss Hong Kong 2000, as well as Mandy Lam and Greeny Cheung, Top 5 finalists of 2000. Lau, Lam and Cheung were all too old to compete in Miss International pageant.
2001 Heidi Chu 朱凱婷 2nd runner-up
2002 Cathy Wu 胡家惠 2nd runner-up Miss Friendship
2003 Priscilla Chi 戚黛黛 2nd runner-up
2004 Sze Sze Fu 符思思 2nd runner-up Miss Friendship
2005 Queenie Chu 朱慧敏 1st runner-up of 2004 Miss Friendship
2006 Koni Lui 呂慧儀 2nd runner-up Miss Friendship
Best Beautiful Smile
2007 Grace Wong 王君馨 1st runner-up Top 15

Miss Friendship

2008 Sire Ma 馬賽 2nd runner-up
2009 Germaine Lee 李姿敏 1st runner-up Miss Best Graceful Bearing
2010 Crystal Li 李雪瑩 3rd runner-up
2011 Whitney Hui 許亦妮 2nd runner-up
2012 Tracy Chu 朱千雪 2nd runner-up
2013 Moon Lau 劉佩玥 2nd runner-up
2014 Katherine Ho 何艷娟 2nd runner-up The last Miss International Hong Kong selected by TVB as of today. Franchise for Miss International passed to Macau Pageant Alliance since 2015.
2015 Sabrina Yeung-Ching 楊埕
2016 Kelly Yeuk Lam CHAN 陳約臨 Miss International Asia
2017 TBA TBA

Miss Asia/Asia Pacific

Year Delegate Placement in Miss Hong Kong Placement in Miss Asia/Asia Pacific Remarks
1974 Ethel Lau 劉慧德 2nd runner-up of 1973 1st runner-up
Miss Ambassador
Miss Talent
First Miss Asia Hong Kong selected by TVB.
1975 Peggy Lee 李錦文 2nd runner-up of 1974
1981 Jacqueline Li 李瑞冰 Top 15 of 1980
1982 Kam Shum 沈金玲 Miss Young Best National Costume
1984 Margaret Ma 馬倩衡 1st runner-up Top 10 ATV held the franchise to send representatives to Miss Asia Pacific pageant since 1985.
2002 Polly Wong 黃珮妍 Top 20 Last Miss Hong Kong to compete in Miss Asia Pacific pageant.

Miss Young International

Year Delegate Placement in Miss Hong Kong Placement in Miss Young International Remarks
1976 Cora Miao 繆騫人 Miss Photogenic First Miss Young International Hong Kong selected by TVB.
1981 Jackie Chan 陳敏華 Miss Young
1983 Karin Tham 譚錦芳 Miss Young Last Miss Hong Kong to compete in Miss Young International. Miss Young International was no longer held since 1984.

Other beauty pageants

Year Delegate Placement in Miss Hong Kong Pageant Placement in international pageant Remarks
1988 Elizabeth Lee 李美鳳 1st runner-up of 1987 Miss Wonderland International Top 15
1988 Betty Cheung 張鳳妮 Miss Congeniality of 1987 Miss All Nations Miss Photogenic
1989 Cynthia Cheung 張郁蕾 2nd runner-up of 1988 Miss Globe International
1990 Donna Chu 朱潔儀 1st runner-up of 1989 Miss Charm International
1990 Isabel Leung 梁佩瑚 2nd runner-up of 1989 Miss Flower Queen
1990 Wanda Jessica Yung 翁慧德 Miss Photogenic of 1989 Supermodel of the World

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