Ministry of Justice (France)

Minister of Justice - Keeper of the Seals of the French Republic
Ministre de la Justice
Jean-Jacques Urvoas

since 27 January 2016
Ministry of Justice
Member of Cabinet
Reports to President of the Republic
The Prime Minister
Seat Place Vendôme, Paris 1st, France
Nominator The Prime Minister
Appointer President of the Republic
Term length No fixed term
Formation v. 497
v. 750: office of Keeper of the Seals of France
1790 : Ministry of Justice
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French Ministry of Justice in Place Vendome, Paris, France

The Ministry of Justice is controlled by the French Minister of Justice - Keeper of the Seals (Ministre de la Justice - Garde des Sceaux), a top-level cabinet position in the French Government. The current Minister of Justice is Jean-Jacques Urvoas. The ministry is headquartered in Paris.[1]

The roles of the minister are to:[2]

The Minister of Justice also holds the ceremonial office of Keeper of the Seals and, as such, is custodian of the Great Seal of France. This symbolic role is still shown in the order of words of the minister's official designation, "Keeper of Seals, Minister of Justice" (Garde des Sceaux, Ministre de la Justice).

Bureaus and offices

The French Ministry of Justice is subdivided into a number of departments, namely:

French Prison Service

La Santé Prison, a unit of the French Prison Service

In 2010 the prisons in the French Prison Service has one of the highest rates of prisoner suicide in Europe.[4]

Former Ministers of Justice

1790 to the Third Republic

Third Republic

Vichy France

Free France

Fourth Republic

Fifth Republic

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