Migración Colombia

Colombia Migration
Migración Colombia
Common name Aduanas/Customs
Agency overview
Formed October 31, 2011[1]
Preceding agencies
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agency Colombia
Governing body Government of Colombia
Constituting instrument Decreto 4062/2011
General nature
Specialist jurisdictions
  • Customs.
  • National border patrol, security, and integrity.
Operational structure
Overviewed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Headquarters Bogotá, Colombia
Minister responsible María Ángela Holguín, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Agency executive Sergio Bueno Aguirre, Director[2]

Colombia Migration (Spanish: Migración Colombia) is Colombia's customs agency responsible of monitoring and carrying out migratory control within the framework of national sovereignty and in accordance with the law.[3]


After the dissolution of the Administrative Department of Security, which was also in charge of migratory services, the Colombian Government, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, created Migración Colombia in order to carry out the customs and migration enforcement tasks.

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