Midnight Bayou

Midnight Bayou

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Written by Nora Roberts (novel)
Stephen Tolkin
Directed by Ralph Hemecker
Starring Jerry O'Connell
Lauren Stamile
Theme music composer Chris P. Bacon
Stuart Michael Thomas
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Gideon Amir
Cinematography Anghel Decca
Editor(s) Scott Richter
Running time 91 minutes
Production company(s) Mandalay TV
Original network Lifetime
Original release
  • March 28, 2009 (2009-03-28)

Midnight Bayou, also known as Nora Roberts' Midnight Bayou, is a 2009 made-for-TV movie directed by Ralph Hemecker, which stars Jerry O'Connell, Lauren Stamile, and Faye Dunaway. The film is based on the Nora Roberts novel of the same name. And is part of the Nora Roberts 2009 movie collection, which also includes; Northern Lights, High Noon, and Tribute.[1] The movie debuted March 28, 2009 on Lifetime.


The film revolves around Harvard-educated lawyer Declan Fitzpatrick (O'Connell), who impulsively gives up his settled life to buy Manet Hall, a newly restored plantation manor near New Orleans, which he has always been drawn to.

Local legends claim that the house is haunted, and shortly after Declan moves in he begins hearing voices and seeing things. Declan is also distracted by an undeniable attraction to Cajun local, Lena Simone. Lena was raised on the bayou by her grandmother Odette (Dunaway), and has her own deep connection with the manor.

While living in the house, Declan begins to have visions from a century past and details of events that took place in the mansion. With the help of Odette, Declan and Lena realize that they are inextricably linked with Manet Hall, and uncover a shocking secret that has been hidden there for more than 100 years.



The film was executive produced by Stephanie Germain and Peter Guber, who also 'e.p.-ed' seven other Roberts films for Lifetime in 2007 and 2009.

Filming locations

The "manor" scenes were filmed at Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. The major "city" scenes were in New Orleans, Louisiana. Even though the film depicts that the two are not that far apart in real life Vacherie and New Orleans are approximately 55 miles apart.[2]


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