Mickey Pearce

Mickey Pearce
Only Fools and Horses character
Portrayed by Patrick Murray (1983–2003)
Duration 1983–2003
First appearance Healthy Competition
Last appearance Sleepless in Peckham
Created by John Sullivan
Occupation Entrepreneur
double glazing salesman
Home Peckham

Michael "Mickey" Pearce is a recurring fictional character in the British sitcom Only Fools and Horses. The character was played by Patrick Murray. Mickey was a young unnerving man, always wearing a Trilby hat and boasting about some imagined business successes of his. He was ostensibly a friend of Rodney's, although he stole Rodney's girlfriend in Happy Returns and went on holiday to Spain with all their company's money in Healthy Competition. Another recurring joke around Mickey was his long list of jobs. According to Del, Mickey has been on the dole for so long they even invite him to the staff dance. He also used Rodney's council film grant to make pornographic movies (Video Nasty) and was beaten up by the Driscoll Brothers for failing to repay them their money for their dodgy mobile phones.

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