Industry Mobile Development
Founded 2007
Founder John Chasey, Glenn Broadway, Nick Reed and Matthew Cope
Headquarters Eastleigh, UK
Parent Software AG
Website Metismo

Metismo was a mobile middleware developer founded in August 2007 by John Chasey, Glenn Broadway, Nick Reed and Matthew Cope who previously had been employed at mobile game studio IOMO, a subsidiary of InfoSpace.

In May 2010 Metismo was named one of the winners in the wireless category at the TiEcon 2010.[1] The TiE50 awards are presented by TiE, the organizer of TiEcon 2010 which claims to be the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs.

In May 2011 Metismo was acquired by Software AG for an undisclosed amount.[2]


Metismo's core product is their Java based Cross-platform middleware technology Bedrock, used to ease development of games and applications across a wide range of Java ME handsets. The Bedrock Cross-Compiler automatically converts the Java source to other programming languages including C++, C# and ActionScript. This process along with the Bedrock supplied libraries enables a title to be converted to native OS platforms such as BREW, Symbian and Windows Mobile. [3]

Subsequently, OpenGL ES support was announced in July 2008 via JSR 239 along with support for the Apple iPhone.[4]

During 2009 a number of other platforms were announced including and HTML5 & Flash.[5] Additional platforms continue to be added regularly with Windows Phone 7 being the most recent addition in October 2010.[6]

Supported Platforms


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