Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Dream pop, indie rock
Years active 2002-present
Labels Projekt Records
Associated acts Love Spirals Downwards, Lovespirals, Elysium, the Von Trapps

Melodyguild (often misspelled as Melody Guild) is a Los Angeles-based dream pop/indie rock band begun in 2002 by Love Spirals Downwards vocalist Suzanne Perry, guitarist Matt Gleason of Elysium and the Von Trapps, bassist John West and drummer Nicholas Pallos.


Shortly after forming, Melodyguild performed locally sporadically between November 2002 and January 2004. During that period, the live performance lineup included Cris Miller (of Clairecords' band Silver Screen), and Von Trapps bandleader Rodney Rodriguez, who had contributed acoustic guitar to a track on Love Spirals Downwards' 1998 album, Flux, and accompanied the band on second guitar for concerts in promotion of the CD.

The band premiered their first recorded song on March 20, 2003, during a live in-studio interview with DJ Wednesday on her gothic/industrial radio program, "Generation Death"[1] for KSPC on the Claremont College campus.

Projekt Records (Perry's former label) announced a summer 2003 release date for a Melodyguild four-song maxi-single, to be titled Aitu. After pushing the date back twice, the release disappeared from Projekt's release schedule.

A recording by Perry, Miller, and Pallos of Danny Elfman's The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack piece, "Sally's Song," was included on Projekt's 2004 Holiday Single 2,[2] a three-song limited-edition CD single. The band's song "Panamint" appeared on a 2007 Projekt sample, Projekt 2007.1.

The Aitu EP was finally released on April 22, 2008.[3] The record had been recorded in 2003 before bassist West left.[4]

In 2005, Rodriguez, then the bassist for Melodyguild, joined as live second guitarist for Lovespirals, the later incarnation of Love Spirals Downwards with vocalist Anji Bee.[5]



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