Melinda Metz

Melinda Metz
Born United States
Occupation Novelist
Genre Young adult literature, science fiction

Melinda Metz is an American author of young adult books. Her series Roswell High, about teenage aliens, is the basis of The WB television series Roswell.[1]

Another series, Fingerprints, is about a psychic girl who reads thoughts from fingerprints. Melinda Metz has also written books for several book series, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Ghosts of Fear Street, and Goosebumps Presents. She sometimes collaborates with fellow author Laura J. Burns, with whom she writes the book series based on the Everwood TV series, and the Wright and Wong teen detective series. She also was the ghostwriter for two books in the Animorphs series.

She lives in Manhattan, New York with a pen-eating dog named Dodger.


Roswell High

Roswell High is a young adult book series written by Melinda Metz and published by Pocket Books. The 10-book series chronicles the adventures of three teen aliens and their human friends, who attend the fictional Ulysses F. Olsen High in Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell High books served as inspiration for the television series Roswell (1999–2002), also known as Roswell High in some countries, which in turn spawned a number of spin-off books of its own.

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Book list
  1. The Outsider
  2. The Wild One
  3. The Seeker
  4. The Watcher
  5. The Intruder
  6. The Stowaway
  7. The Vanished
  8. The Rebel
  9. The Dark One
  10. The Salvation


Fingerprints is a book series about high schooler Rachel "Rae" Voight who develops a psychic ability; when she touches a fingerprint, she can "hear" the person's thought. When Rae discovers someone out to kill her, she must find facts about the past to protect herself. She only has the help of her friends; Anthony, who knows about her mysterious abilities, and Yana, who doesn't ask awkward questions.

Book list
  1. Gifted Touch
  2. Haunted
  3. Trust Me
  4. Secrets
  5. Betrayed
  6. Revelations
  7. Payback

Paranormal Girl

The television rights of Fingerprints were sold to ABC in 2002. A pilot was made but the series was not picked up. Several liberties were taken with the story and characters. Paranormal Girl was to be an hour-long drama series that focused on a 15-year-old girl (played by Sasha Barrese) with paranormal abilities who is recruited by the F.B.I. to help solve crimes. Other cast members included: Eddie Jemison, Kevin Kilner, Stacey Travis, Terry Chen, and Tyler Andrews.


With Laura J. Burns


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