Mehdi Nebbou

Mehdi Nebbou
Born Mehdi Nebbou
(1974-01-10) 10 January 1974
Bayonne, France
Nationality French
Occupation Actor
Years active 1998–present

Mehdi Nebbou (born 10 January 1974) is a French film actor of Algerian descent.


He was born in Bayonne, France, to a German mother and an Algerian father.[1] His brother is the film director Safy Nebbou.

He started his career by appearing in the film My Sweet Home, directed by Filipos Tsitos.

In 2004, the director Samir Nasr offered him the leading role in the film Seeds of Doubt, which won the Golden Gate Award for best film at the San Francisco Film Festival. 2005 was a turning point in Nebbou's career thanks to the film Schläfer by German film director Benjamin Heisenberg. The film received excellent reviews and was selected for the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

In 2006 he played Ali Hassan Salameh in the Steven Spielberg blockbuster film Munich.[2]

In 2007 for his performance in Teresas Zimmer, directed by German film director Constanze Knoche, he won the award for best actor First Steps Awards.[3]

In 2008 Nebbou worked in the Ridley Scott film Body of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio. There he played Nizar, an Iraqi linguistics doctorate turned Al-Qaeda operative who approaches CIA to defect after being enlisted by his jihadist superiors for suicide bombing. In addition, he played in several French TV series and films, among them as a disabled ex-middleweight boxing world champion in Douce France for which he won the award for best actor at 2009 at the Rochelle TV Festival.[4] He also played Mustafa Larbi, a sadistic and unpredictable drug dealer in Season 2 of Spiral, the successful Canal+ TV series.

In 2010 he played Bruno in the Salvatore Allocca Italian romantic comedy Come trovare nel modo giusto l'uomo sbagliato and in 2011 Amin in the French action film Forces spéciales with Diane Krüger.

In 2012, he debuted in a Bollywood film English Vinglish starring opposite to Sridevi.

He is fluent in French, German, English and Italian.


Year Title Role Director Notes
1998 Spiel des Tages Soldier Damir Lukacevic Short
2001 My Sweet Home Hakim Filippos Tsitos
2002 Lovers & Friends Arnaud Christoph Schrewe TV Movie
Achterbahn Habib Klaus Krämer TV Series (1 Episode)
2004 Manson's Dream Karim Florian Scheibe Short
Folgeschäden Tariq Slimani Samir Nasr TV Movie
2005 Munich Ali Hassan Salameh Steven Spielberg Central Ohio Film Critics Association - Best Ensemble
Nominated - Online Film & Television Association - Best Ensemble
Sleeper Farid Atabay Benjamin Heisenberg
Vier Frauen und ein Todesfall Ahmet Harald Sicheritz TV Series (1 Episode)
2006 Running on Empty Rachid Bülent Akinci
Fay Grim Islamic Cleric Hal Hartley
2 Floors Down... Maximilian Mindi Lee Short
Teresas Zimmer Bilal Constanze Knoche TV Short
First Steps Awards - Best Actor
Verschleppt - Kein Weg zurück Tarik Al-Samirai Hansjörg Thurn TV Movie
2007 Truands Hicham Frédéric Schoendoerffer
Faits divers Daniel Bill Barluet Short
GSG 9 – Ihr Einsatz ist ihr Leben Ishan Hamsa Hans-Günther Bücking TV Series (1 Episode)
Tatort Ali Peter Fratzscher TV Series (1 Episode)
2008 Mark of an Angel The Policeman Safy Nebbou
Body of Lies Nizar Ridley Scott
Secret Defense Ahmed Philippe Haïm
Ca$h Vincent Éric Besnard
Berlin Calling Jamal the Junk Hannes Stöhr
Les liens du sang José Lazaga Jacques Maillot
Schattenwelt Talat Connie Walter
Spiral Mustapha Larbi Philippe Venault & Philippe Triboit TV Series (4 Episode)
2009 Magma Paul Neville Pierre Vinour
Le choix de Myriam Kader Malik Chibane TV Movie
Luchon International Film Festival - Best Young Actor
Douce France Abdel Chaouche Stéphane Giusti TV Movie
2010 Zeiten ändern dich Uli Edel
8 Uhr 28 Alexander Frey Christian Alvart
600 kilos d'or pur Norris Éric Besnard (2)
Die kommenden Tage Vincent Lars Kraume
By Night Martin Juan Diaz B. Short
Tatort Hassan Adub Jobst Oetzmann TV Series (1 Episode)
2011 Forces spéciales Amen Stéphane Rybojad
Switch Stéphane Defer Frédéric Schoendoerffer (2)
Come trovare nel modo giusto l'uomo sbagliato Bruno Salvatore Allocca & Daniela Cursi Masella
Unter Verdacht Hamid Sherzad Andreas Herzog TV Series (1 Episode)
2012 English Vinglish Laurent Gauri Shinde Bollywood Movie
Mince alors! Doctor Hachemi Charlotte de Turckheim
Die feinen Unterschiede Herr Thalberg Sylvie Michel
Die Besucher Studienberater Constanze Knoche (2)
Rue Mandar Simon Idit Cebula
Zappelphilipp Sebastian Sander Connie Walter (2) TV Movie
Die Chefin Cristian Farron Michael Schneider TV Series (1 Episode)
2013 11.6 Monaco Philippe Godeau
Joséphine Gilles Agnès Obadia
Cookie Mathieu Léa Fazer
Sein letztes Rennen Gerome Kilian Riedhof
Hasta mañana David Sébastien Maggiani & Olivier Vidal
Mein Mann, ein Mörder Arie Lancelot von Naso TV Movie
Vogue la vie Claire de la Rochefoucauld TV Movie
Inga Lindström Paul Andersson Udo Witte TV Series (1 Episode)
2014 Vivre Berlin Pierre Nehra Stella Short
Witnesses Eric Hervé Hadmar TV Mini-Series
2015 We Monsters Paul Sebastian Ko
Happy Hour Nic Franz Müller
Les heures souterraines Thibault Philippe Harel TV Movie
Paare Patient Johann Buchholz TV Series Short
Le Bureau des Légendes Cyclone Éric Rochant & Laïla Marrakchi TV Series (3 Episodes)
Hard Rémi Capelle Laurent Dussaux & Melissa Drigeard TV Series (9 Episodes)
Homeland Hussein Alex Gansa & Gideon Raff & Howard Gordon TV Series (12 Episodes)
2016 Joséphine s'arrondit Gilles Marilou Berry
Fixeur Adrian Sitaru


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