McGurk: A Dog's Life

McGurk: A Dog's Life was a 1979 NBC television series pilot and the last television concept created by Norman Lear to become a pilot. The show starred Barney Martin, Beej Johnson, Charles Martin Smith and Sherry Lynn. Only one half-hour pilot episode was made of this offbeat costume comedy. It was shown only once on ABC on June 15, 1979 at 8:00 PM EST.[1] The show featured the actors portraying the roles of the family dogs and wearing dog costumes. Lear's intention was to do an All in the Family style show using the dog's point of view to discuss controversial social and racial biases.

Plot summary of pilot episode

"Curtains for McGurk"
McGurk is the old family dog whose life becomes complicated when his owners adopt a young, eager-to-please pup named Tucker. Iris is MuGurk's love interest, while Camille is Iris' young pup who takes an instant liking to Tucker.


Production team

Title song

The show's title song was "We're your dogs", and was sung and performed by the four principal cast members.

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