McFarland & Company

McFarland & Company
Parent company Independent
Status Active
Founded 1979
Founder Robert Franklin
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Jefferson, North Carolina
Distribution Worldwide
Key people Robert Franklin, Rhonda Herman
Publication types academic and adult nonfiction, scholarly journals
Nonfiction topics pop culture, sports, military history, transportation, chess, medieval studies, literary criticism, librarianship
Number of employees About 50
Official website

McFarland & Company, Inc. is a book publisher of primarily academic and adult nonfiction based in Jefferson, North Carolina. Its president and editor-in-chief is Robert Franklin, who founded the company in 1979.[1][2][3] McFarland employs a staff of about 50, and as of 2011 had published approximately 5,000 titles.[4]

Subject matter

Its target markets are libraries and direct mailing to enthusiasts in niche categories.[1] The company is known for its sports literature, especially baseball history,[1] as well as books about chess[5] and film.[6] According to the Mountain Times, McFarland publishes about 275 scholarly monograph and reference book titles a year.[4][7]

List of scholarly journals


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