Maude (pilot)

All in the Family episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 24 (37th overall)
Directed by John Rich
Written by Rod Parker
Produced by Norman Lear
Editing by Marco Zappia
Production code 224
Original air date March 11, 1972 (1972-03-11)
Running time 24 minutes
Guest appearance(s)

Beatrice Arthur as Maude Findlay
Bill Macy as Walter Findlay
Marcia Rodd as Carol
Robert Dishy as David Green
Bernie West as The Repairman

Episode chronology

"Maude" is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the second season of the American television sitcom All in the Family which also served as the eponymous pilot episode of its first spin-off series Maude. The episode, directed by John Rich and written by Rod Parker, was videotaped on February 18, 1972 in front of a live audience at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California and originally aired on March 11, 1972 at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS.[1]


Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor) and his wife Edith (Jean Stapleton) prepare to visit Edith's cousin Maude Findlay (Beatrice Arthur) in Westchester County, New York to celebrate the wedding of her daughter, though Archie is less than thrilled about the trip. Maude's daughter Carol (Marcia Rodd) is equally annoyed to learn of Archie's invitation, predicting that he will make offensive comments about her Jewish fiancé, David Green (Robert Dishy). Maude assures her that David will handle Archie with grace, as it is "a trait of theirs," and Carol points out her mother's own shortsighted views. She grumbles about the "archaic ritual" of marriage, but Maude points out that weddings come with gifts.

After Maude gets rid of an unhelpful plumber (Bernie West) and refuses his high fee, David stops by with information about the bachelor party. Walter, Carol's stepfather (Bill Macy), questions her traditional "white" wedding, as she was married once before and already has a "dumb kid," Phillip. Archie and Edith arrive and Maude bluntly tells Archie about David's faith, to which he reacts as predicted. When he learns that he must chip in for the bachelor party, Archie refuses to attend and declares his intentions to stay with Edith at the bridal shower, but the arrival of the other female guests drives him back to his motel.

After the party, Maude and Carol discuss their previous marriages, while Edith goes upstairs and gets Carol's son, Phillip, a drink and tell him a story; and debate who gave whom a shower for which event. David and Walter return in bad tempers, the bachelor party having been broken up by the cops. Carol is upset to learn that there was female entertainment at the party, and further alarmed when David reveals that he bought a house without Carol's knowledge and expects her to quit her job and be a stay-at-home mother and housewife. She inadvertently makes an anti-Semitic remark in response, and though Maude attempts to smooth things over, the couple argues and calls off the wedding. Maude comforts her daughter and breaks the news to Edith and Archie, and Archie reveals that he was the one who called the cops on the party, leading Maude to blame him for the entire debacle. For what he did, Maude stomps on his foot and then berates him. Carol assures him that it was not his fault, however, and he agrees with this and departs with Edith, leaving behind their wedding gift as "a deposit for the next one."

Production notes


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