Masashi Hirose

Masashi Hirose
Native name 広瀬 正志
Born (1947-11-06) November 6, 1947
Osaka, Japan
Occupation Voice actor
Years active 1973–present

Masashi Hirose (広瀬 正志 Hirose Masashi, born November 6, 1947 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese voice actor.[1] He works at Production Baobab.

He is known for the roles of Ramba Ral (Mobile Suit Gundam), Rikishiman (Kinnikuman), Gosterro (Blue Comet SPT Layzner), and Nakano-sensei (Lovely Complex).

On September 2014, Hirose was hospitalized for an unspecified illness. As a result, he was replaced by Katsuhisa Hōki in Gundam Build Fighters Try,[2] Banjō Ginga in One Piece,[3] and Akio Ōtsuka in In Search of the Lost Future.[4]


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