Marie Sharp's

Marie Sharp receiving a Hall of Fame award at 2016 New York City Hot Sauce Expo

Marie Sharp's is a habanero pepper hot sauce manufacturer based in Belize. The brand offers numerous sauces of varying heat, most blending carrots, vinegar and onion with crushed habaneros.[1][2] Marie Sharp's products are widely available in restaurants and stores throughout Belize.[3] The company is privately owned by Marie Sharp, who began locally selling sauces on her 400-acre farm outside Dangriga in 1982.[4] In 1985 a factory was built to meet the growing demand, also serving as a popular tourist destination.[5] Distribution has since expanded from Belize to much of Central and North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.[6][7] In 2014 Marie Sharp's sales totaled $3.8 million.[5]

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