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For the American sporting goods retailer, see Marathon Sports (retailer).

Marathon Sports is an Ecuadorian based athletic company that distributes athletic equipment to sports teams. The brand was founded in May 1988 by Rodrigo Ribadeinera. It currently provides uniforms to Ecuador and Bolivia. Their slogan is "La piel de tu pais".


The company was founded in May 1988 by Rodrigo Rivadeinera. It first started as a sporting store chain for Ecuador, but in 1994, the Reebok contract with Ecuador's national football team expired. Marathon Sports then signed a contract with the Ecuadorian squad for an unknown number of years. Their first national squad jersey design had a band of thick blue and red strips on the right shoulder reflecting the flag of Ecuador. After being close to qualify for their very first FIFA world cup in 1998, the F.E.F (Federacion Ecuatoriana de Futbol) decided to stick with the brand, releasing a design reflecting more of an Andean style. In 2002 the Ecuadorian team qualified for its very first World Cup in Korea/Japan, FIFA's first jointly hosted World Cup. As time passed and technology advanced, the brand still releases the latest designs and technology for the squad. Their newest design is an evolution of its previous 2006 design. The company said it wanted to maintain its vertical lines because of its latest achievements with the design, Ecuador's national football team having qualified for its second time and reaching the knockout stages of the 2006 World Cup.

Today, Marathon Sports is an international brand having sponsored some of the teams like Atletico Nacional in Colombia, Alianza Lima in Peru, Club Barcelona Sporting in Ecuador.

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