Title Mangindusa
The Lord of the Heavens
The Punisher of Crime
Description supreme deity
Gender Male
Region Palawan
Equivalent Abba

Mangindusa, is one of the four highly revered gods in the Tagbanua mythology, is also known as the "lord of the heavens."

Mangindusa dwells in a sacred area called Awan-awan, a place lying beyond the langit, in a region between the sky world and the earth. He lives with his wife Bugawasin, his messengers, and other celestial beings.

While Mangindusa is considered the highest-ranking deity, there is no traditional ascription to him as the sole "creator" of the world, although Christian mythology has had some influence in imbuing Mangindusa with more powers than he used to possess. In fact, the creation of the world and of human beings is said to have been the handiwork of the diwata.

Mangindusa has always been traditionally considered the punisher of dusa (crime). In Tagbanua society, the only recognized public dusa is sumbang (incest). In this case, Mangindusa holds the society responsible for the sumbang. Mangindusa's punishment of the society may take the form of withholding the rains. In the past, society punished the offenders by drowning them in the sea. In present society, a huge fine is imposed and in top of this a special lumbay ritual must given in honor of Mangindusa.[1]


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