Major AWGIE Award

The Major AWGIE Award is awarded by the Australian Writers Guild for the outstanding script of the year at the annual AWGIE Awards for Australian performance writing. It is selected from individual category winners across the range of performance writing categories, covering film, television, stage, radio and interactive media.[1]


The tables below show the winning writer(s) and work in each year and the work's category, since the awards began.[2]


Year Writer(s) Work Category
1968 (1st)
Colin Free “Cage a Tame Tiger”, Contrabandits TV
Richard Lane You Can’t See 'Round Corners TV Serial
1969 (2nd)
Alan Hopgood The Cheerful Cuckold Tele-play


Year Writer(s) Work Category
1970 (3rd)
Mungo MacCallum The Stoneham Obsessions Radio Feature
1971 (4th)
Michael Boddy & Bob Ellis The Legend of King O'Malley Stage
1972 (5th)
David Williamson The Removalists Stage
1973 (6th)
Tony Morphett “Freda”, Certain Women TV
1974 (7th)
Cliff Green Marion TV Play
1975 (8th)
Jim McNeil How Does Your Garden Grow? Stage
1976 (9th)
No major award
1977 (10th)
Steve J. Spears The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin Stage
1978 (11th)
David Williamson The Club Stage
1979 (12th)
Tony Morphett “A Matter of Life and Death”, Against The Wind TV


Year Writer(s) Work Category
1980 (13th)
No major award
1981 (14th)
Ken Kelso Manganinnie Film Adaptation
1982 (15th)
Ron Elisha Einstein Stage Original
1983 (16th)
Hyllus Maris & Sonia Borg Women of the Sun TV Original
1984 (17th)
Robert Caswell Scales of Justice TV Original
1985 (18th)
Peter Carey & Ray Lawrence Bliss Film Adaptation
1986 (19th)
Glenda Hambly Fran Film
1987 (20th)
Michael Gow Away Stage
1988 (21st)
Anthony Wheeler Olive TV Original
1989 (22nd)
Peter Schreck The Soldier Settlers TV Original


Year Writer(s) Work Category
1990 (23rd)
Nick Enright Daylight Saving Stage
1991 (24th)
Keith Thompson “A General Malaise”, G.P. TV Series
1992 (25th)
Michael Cove The Habit Radio Original
1993 (26th)
Nick Enright A Property of the Clan Theatre-in-Education (TIE)
1994 (27th)
Peta Murray The Keys to the Animal Room TIE
Chris Noonan & George Miller Babe Feature Adaptation
1996 (29th)
Rivka Hartman The Miniskirted Dynamo Documentary Public Broadcast
1997 (30th)
Nick Enright Blackrock Feature Adaptation
1998 (31st)
Andrea Lemon Rodeo Noir Stage
1999 (32nd)
Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelius, Melissa Reeves, Christos Tsiolkas Who’s Afraid of the Working Class Stage
Justin Monjo & Nick Enright Cloudstreet Stage


Year Writer(s) Work Category
2000 (33rd)
Patricia Cornelius Hogs, Hairs & Leeches Community Theatre
2001 (34th)
John Romeril (with Rachel Perkins) One Night the Moon TV Original
2002 (35th)
Dennis K. Smith Rainbow Bird and Monster Man Documentary Broadcast
2003 (36th)
Tony McNamara The Rage in Placid Lake Feature Original
2004 (37th)
Cate Shortland Somersault Feature Original
2005 (38th)
Melissa Reeves The Spook Stage
2006 (39th)
Katherine Thomson & Barbara Samuels Answered by Fire Television Mini Series Original
2007 (40th)
Keith Thompson Clubland Feature Original
2008 (41st)
Peter Gawler, Greg Haddrick & Felicity Packard Underbelly TV Mini Series adaptation
2009 (42nd)
Warwick Thornton Samson and Delilah Feature Original


Year Writer(s) Work Category
2010 (43rd)
David Michôd Animal Kingdom Feature Film Original
2011 (44th)
Patricia Cornelius Do Not Go Gentle Stage
2012 (45th)
Tony Briggs and Keith Thompson The Sapphires Feature Film Adaptation
2013 (46th)
Alana Valentine Grounded Community & Youth Theatre
2014 (47th)
Blake Ayshford, Shelley Birse & Justin Monjo The Code Television Mini-Series Original
2015 (48th)
Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios The Water Diviner Feature Film - Original


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