Macross Delta

Macross Delta

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(Makurosu Deruta)
Genre Mecha, romance, Space opera
Anime television film
Mission 0.89: Prologue on the Battlefield
Directed by Shōji Kawamori (Chief director)
Kenji Yasuda
Studio Satelight
Network Tokyo MX, BS11
Released December 31, 2015
Runtime 26 minutes
Anime television series
Directed by Shōji Kawamori (Chief director)
Kenji Yasuda
Written by Toshizo Nemoto
Music by
Studio Satelight
Network Tokyo MX, TVQ, BS11, MBS, TVA, TVh
Original run April 3, 2016 September 25, 2016
Episodes 26

Macross Δ (マクロスΔ Makurosu Deruta, lit. "Macross Delta") is a science fiction anime television series produced by Satelight, and the fourth television series set in the Macross universe. It is directed by Kenji Yasuda (Arata: The Legend, Noein) and written by Toshizo Nemoto (Log Horizon, Tokyo Majin) with Shōji Kawamori being the chief director and mechanical designer, while Chisato Mita handling the original character design. Kawamori is also credited as the original creator along Studio Nue.[2] It premiered on Tokyo MX on April 3, 2016.[3]


Macross Delta is set in the year 2067, 8 years after the events of Macross Frontier in a remote part of the Milky Way Galaxy called the Brisingr Globular Cluster (ブリージンガル球状星団 Burīshingaru Kyūjō Seidan), which is plagued by the Var Syndrome (ヴァールシンドローム Vāru Shindorōmu), a mysterious phenomenon which turns people berserk without any apparent cause. A team of talented idols, the Walküre, uses the power of their songs to calm down the infected by the Var Syndrome, assisted by the Delta Flight, a team of experienced Valkyrie pilots, while facing the interference from the mysterious Aerial Knights Valkyrie fighter team of the Windermere Kingdom, which found a way to exploit the infection on their favor as part of their plan to resume war against the New United Government (新統合軍 Shin Tōgō-gun) for control of the Cluster.


Main characters

Hayate Immelmann (ハヤテ・インメルマン Hayate Inmeruman)
Voiced by: Yūma Uchida[3]
A 17-year-old blunt young human man who possesses an amazing sense of rhythm. He wanders the galaxy aimlessly while wearing a special fold quartz pendant from his father. He is allergic to cats, including seacats (海猫 Umineko), a breed of cat-like sea lions indigenous to the planet Ragna and the cat-like humanoids from planet Voldor. On his last day as a Workroid operator at a shipyard in Shahal City on the planet Al Shahal (惑星アル・シャハル Wakusei Aru Shaharu), Hayate discovers a stowaway named Freyja Wion. Despite her crime, Hayate helps Freyja evade arrest and the two become friends. During a battle between Delta Flight and the Aerial Knights and a Var-infected Zentradi platoon, Hayate commandeers a damaged VF-171 Nightmare Plus to fly Freyja to safety before they are shot down by the Aerial Knights and eventually saved by Mirage Farina Jenius. Following the incident, he is recruited into Delta Flight, despite his dislike for the military, out of his desire to fly and to protect those who need. While piloting his Siegfried unit, he develops a maneuver that the Delta Flight calls the "Immelmann Dance" (インメルマン・ダンス Inmeruman Dansu). Just like the members of Walküre, Hayate possesses "fold receptors" that not only make him immune to the Var Syndrome, but also enhance his combat abilities when stimulated, which usually happens when his receptors synchronize with Freyja's when she sings. His Siegfried unit is colored in a white, blue, and gray scheme and his callsign is "Delta 5"; following Messer Ihlefeld's death, he is reassigned as "Delta 4" and later on commandeers Messer's Siegfried unit after his is destroyed during the battle on Ragna. In episode 26, Hayate is issued a new VF-31J with a blue knight marking on its back. He is nicknamed "Haya-Haya" (ハヤハヤ) by Makina.
Freyja Wion (フレイア・ヴィオン Fureia Vion)
Voiced by: Minori Suzuki[3]
A 14-year-old Windermerean girl, born on the remote frontier of the galaxy, who ran away from an arranged marriage and yearns to be in the tactical sound unit Walküre. Freyja's species possesses special fold capabilities, distinguished by the special antenna-like tentacle that grow from their heads but having shortened life spans in exchange, as the life expectancy of an average Windermerean is around 30 years. After going through a rigorous audition on Ragna, Freyja becomes an official member of Walküre. A distinguishing trait of Freyja is that her fold abilities usually display levels far below her capacity during rehearsals and regular concerts, only reaching their true potential in dire situations, making her the trump card of the group. When the Windermere Kingdom declares war on the New United Government, Freyja becomes briefly troubled upon suspicion from the media that she could be a Windermerean spy, and accusations of betraying her own people from the Aerial Knights. Another source of concern for her is her growing feelings for Hayate and jealous over his growing closeness to Mirage. Her catchphrase in Walküre is "Music is Energy" (歌は元気 Uta wa Genki). She is nicknamed "Fre-Fre" (フレフレ Furefure) by Makina.
Mirage Farina Jenius (ミラージュ・ファリーナ・ジーナス Mirāju Farīna Jīnasu)
Voiced by: Asami Seto[3]
A 18-year-old pilot of mixed human and Zentradi ancestry who is the only woman on Delta Flight. On one hand she takes pride in her duties as a pilot, but on the other she is serious and inflexible. She is former pilot in the New U.N. Spacy before being scouted by Delta's captain, Arad Mölders. Mirage comes from a family with a long history in the Macross universe: she is the daughter of Miranda Jenius, the niece of Mylene Flare Jenius from Macross 7, and granddaughter of Max and Milia Jenius from the first Macross series. Due to her family lineage, she constantly faces the pressure of living up to the reputation of her grandparents. When Hayate is recruited into Delta Flight, Mirage is assigned as his training officer, much to her dismay. They fought for a while due to their opposite personalities and piloting techniques, but then they gradually understand and support each other, notably in battlefield. She started to develop feelings for Hayate, and gets jealous whenever seeing the closeness between Hayate and Freyja. She has a beloved pet named "Q-Lulu". Her Siegfried unit is colored in a white, magenta, and gray scheme, and her callsign is "Delta 4" until she is reassigned to "Delta 2", becoming the new second-in-command of the team following Messer's death. She is nicknamed "Mira-Mira" (ミラミラ) by Makina.


Chaos (ケイオス Keiosu) is an interplanetary civilian military contractor that operates Walküre and Delta Flight. Its base of operations on the planet Ragna (惑星ラグナ Wakusei Raguna) is in Barrett City (バレッタシティ Baretto Shiti). Chaos is headed by the mysterious "Lady M" (レディM Redi Emu).


Superdimension Venus Walküre (超時空ヴィーナス ワルキューレ Chōjikū Vīnasu Warukyūre), also known as Tactical Sound Unit Walküre (戦術音楽ユニット ワルキューレ Senjutsu Ongaku Yunitto Warukyūre), is an idol group that performs alongside Delta Flight during battle. Their music emits high fold signals called fold receptors that neutralize the effects of Var Syndrome.

Mikumo Guynemer (美雲・ギンヌメール Mikumo Ginnumēru)
Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu; JUNNA (singing voice)
The lead vocalist of Walküre. Mikumo has the habit of criticizing Freyja when she makes mistakes, but also celebrates her accomplishments. She usually works alone during spying missions. Her catchphrase is "Music is Mystery" (歌は神秘 Uta wa Shinpi). She is nicknamed "Kumo-Kumo" (クモクモ) by Makina.
Kaname Buccaneer (カナメ・バッカニア Kaname Bakkania)
Voiced by: Kiyono Yasuno
The leader of Walküre. She acts as the big sister of the team and manages of schedules and briefings. Usually seen with Arad Mölders, there is much speculation about the true nature of their relationship. She is originally from the planet Divide, which was torn by years of civil war. Kaname had an unsuccessful solo career before being recruited into Chaos and becoming the first member of Walküre. She used to be the ace of the group until Mikumo came along. Kaname often worries about her position as the leader, if she is holding the other members back and burdening them. Her catchphrase is "Music is Life" (歌は命 Uta wa Inochi). She is nicknamed "Kana-Kana" (カナカナ) by Makina.
Makina Nakajima (マキナ・中島 Makina Nakajima)
Voiced by: Nozomi Nishida
A Walküre member who is also a skilled Valkyrie mechanic. She loves different types of mecha, usually calling them cute whenever seeing one. She lives together with Reina. She likes to give nicknames to everyone in Delta Flight. Her catchphrase is "Music is Hope" (歌は希望 Uta wa Kibō). She nicknamed herself "Maki-Maki" (マキマキ).
Reina Prowler (レイナ・プラウラー Reina Puraurā)
Voiced by: Nao Toyama
A member who, in contrast to Makina's lively attitude, is very quiet and close-minded. She is a skilled hacker who used to be at odds with Makina, but they grew fond of each other over time to the point of becoming inseparable. Reina was recruited into Walküre after attempting to hack into Chaos' network. Her catchphrase is "Music is Love" (歌は愛 Uta wa Ai). She is nicknamed "Rei-Rei" (レイレイ) by Makina.

Delta Flight

Delta Flight (Δ小隊 Deruta Shōtai) is an elite Variable Fighter flight unit that battles alongside Walküre.

Arad Mölders (アラド・メルダース Arado Merudāsu)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Commander of Delta Flight whose callsign is "Delta 1". Arad appears to have a relationship with Kaname. His Siegfried unit is colored in a white, gray, red, and gray scheme and has a variation of the Skull Leader marking on its back.
Messer Ihlefeld (メッサー・イーレフェルト Messā Īreferuto)
Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama
A 21-year-old ace pilot who focuses solely on his duty as a member of Delta Flight. As the second-in-command of the team, his callsign is "Delta 2". Because of his serious nature, he has a distrust for Hayate's carefree attitude. Despite their differences, Hayate admires Messer's flying style. Messer was a resident of Marienburg (マリエンブルグ Marienburugu) on the planet Alfheim (惑星アルブヘイム Wakusei Arubuheimu) before it was wiped out by the Var Syndrome. Arad had saved him; however, he had already been infected with the Var Syndrome, suppressing it with a bracelet that plays the song "AXIA" by Kaname. Due to his illness, he leaves Delta Flight for the Aramis System, but when the Aerial Knights once again attack Al Shahal, he returns to the squad. He is ultimately killed by Keith Aero Windermere during their dogfight. Messer's Siegfried unit is colored in a white, black, and gray scheme and has a Grim Reaper marking on its back and comes to Hayate's possession after his own unit is destroyed during a battle at Ragna. He is nicknamed "Mesa-Mesa" (メサメサ) by Makina.
Chuck Mustang (チャック・マスタング Chakku Masutangu)
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada
A 24-year-old pilot who runs Ragnyannyan restaurant and takes pride in his jellyfish dishes. He is also a fan of the band Fire Bomber, naming some of his attacks after their songs. Chuck is a native Ragnan; his species has gills on their necks, fins on their elbows, and barnacle-like dreadlocks. His Siegfried unit is colored in a white, orange, and gray scheme and his callsign is "Delta 3".

Macross Elysion crew

Ernest Johnson (アーネスト・ジョンソン Ānesuto Jonson)
Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka
Captain of the Macross Elysion. Despite being a micronized Zentradi, Ernest stands at a towering height of 227 cm. An underdog by nature, he has been known to lose 100 out of 100 battles.
Beth Muscat (ベス・マスカット Besu Masukatto)
Voiced by: Miyuu Sawai
A purple-haired bridge operator.
Mizuki Yuri (ミズキ・ユーリ Mizuki Yūri)
Voiced by: Wakana Kingyo
A green-haired bridge operator that has a jellyfish attached to her head.
Nina O'Brien (ニナ・オブライエン Nina Oburaien)
Voiced by: Miyū Tsuji
A red-haired bridge operator.
Guy Gilgood (ガイ・ギルグッド Gai Giruguddo)
Voiced by: Yoshihito Sasaki
Harry Takasugi (ハリー・タカスギ Harī Takasugi)
Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura


Ragnyannyan (裸喰娘々(らぐにゃんにゃん) Ragunyannyan) is a fusion Chinese/Ragnan restaurant owned by Chuck Mustang. It is named after Nyan-Nyan, the Chinese restaurant Ranka Lee worked for in Frontier City in Macross Frontier.

Marianne Mustang (マリアンヌ・マスタング Mariannu Masutangu)
Voiced by:
Chuck's first younger sister. Co-manager of Ragnyannyan who had feelings for Messer, and was distraught upon his death. She disappears upon the detonation of the reactive bomb explosion set off by the N.U.N.S. at the Protoculture ruins, but reunites with her brother after the planet is liberated from the Windermeran occupation.
Zack Mustang (ザック・マスタング Zakku Masutangu)
Voiced by:
Chuck's first younger brother.
Hack Mustang (ハック・マスタング Hakku Masutangu)
Voiced by:
Chuck's second younger brother.
Elizabeth Mustang (エリザベス・マスタング Erizabesu Masutangu)
Voiced by: Wakana Kingyo
Chuck's second younger sister.

New U.N. Spacy

Laurie Maran (ラウリ・マラン Rauri Maran)
Voiced by: Eiji Sekiguchi
A staff member of N.U.N.S. Section Two. He is sent to Ragna to inform Chaos that the Protoculture ruins of the planet are to be destroyed to prevent the Windermere Kingdom from using them to amplify the Var Syndrome. Following his failed attempt to destroy the Protoculture ruins, he is killed in his fleet's failed assault on the Windermere Kingdom near Windermere IV's orbit.
Robert Kino (ロバート・キノ Robāto Kino)
Voiced by: Isshin Chiba
A N.U.N.S. pilot rescued by Hayate after his fleet's failed attempt to battle the Windermerean forces. He is an old acquaintance of Arad and is familiar with Hayate's father Wright.
Alberto Larrazábal (アルベルト・ララサーバル Aruberuto Rarasābaru)
Voiced by: Kenta Okuma
A N.U.N.S. ace pilot based on the planet Voldor (惑星ヴォルドール Wakusei Vorudōru) who is infected by the Var Syndrome. During a battle with Delta Flight, Alberto is cured by Freyja's singing.
Wright Immelmann (ライト・インメルマン Raito Inmeruman)
Voiced by: Seiro Ogino
Hayate's father, who was a Major in the N.U.N.S. 77th Air Wing. During Windermere's war of independence, Wright dropped a dimensional bomb on the planet, wiping out the N.U.N.S. forces stationed there along with scores of civilians. He was killed after his VF-22 crashed; his body and the wreckage were recovered by Windermerean forces shortly thereafter. N.U.N.S. had kept the incident a secret for years due to their non-compliance to treaties prohibiting the use and transport of dimensional weapons. It is revealed through the VF-22's flight recorder that Wright was a spy and he had deviated from his mission to drop a dimensional bomb on Windermere's Protoculture Ruins and dropped it where casualties would be kept to a minimum. He had also given a young Freyja an Earth music player prior to his last mission.

Windermere Kingdom (Kingdom of the Wind)

The Windermere Kingdom (Kingdom of the Wind) (ウィンダミア王国(風の王国) Uindamia Ōkoku (Kaze no Ōkoku)) is a sovereign nation on the planet Windermere IV (惑星ウィンダミアIV Wakusei Uindamia Fō), located 800 light years away from Ragna. The center of the kingdom is the castle Darwent (ダーウェント Dāuento). Like humankind and the Zentradi, Windermereans are descendants of Protoculture. Compared to other races, Windermereans have a short lifespan, with an average of 30 years. After a costly war against the New United Government seven years before, which ended abruptly with the detonation of a dimensional weapon of mass destruction that took millions of lives, the Kingdom secured its independence and now intends to resume hostilities in order to seize the entire Brisingr Globular Cluster. As part of their plans, Windermere triggers the Var Syndrome through consumption of Voldor's spring water combined with Windermerean apples, which are the planet's largest export; furthermore, the Var Syndrome is amplified by the Protoculture ruins of the target planet. Due to security concerns and for propaganda purposes, Windermere severely restricts its citizens from intergalactic travel.

Heinz Nerich Windermere (Heinz II) (ハインツ・ネーリッヒ・ウィンダミア(ハインツ2世) Haintsu Nērihhi Uindamia (Haintsu Nisei))
Voiced by: Yuka Terasaki; Melody Chubak (singing voice)
Prince of the Windermere Kingdom, he is capable of using his songs to control those infected by the Var Syndrome, but using his powers in such way is taking a toll on his body, raising concerns regarding his health. Upon Gramia VI's death, Heinz succeeds him as sovereign of the Windermere Kingdom.
Gramia Nerich Windermere (Gramia VI) (グラミア・ネーリッヒ・ウィンダミア(グラミア6世) Guramia Nērihhi Uindamia (Guramia Rokusei))
Voiced by: Masaki Terasoma
The sovereign of the Windermere Kingdom and a former member of the Aerial Knights. Once a student of Ernest Johnson, he was criticized for being too chivalrous. During the battle on Ragna, Gramia VI is mortally wounded when the Macross Elysion severely damages the Sigur Valens' bridge. Roid then finishes him off in order to manipulate Gramia's supposed last wishes for his people.
Roid Brehm (ロイド・ブレーム Roido Burēmu)
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa
Chancellor of the Windermere Kingdom and a former member of the Aerial Knights. He claims that being the very last of the races descending from the Protoculture civilization, the natives from the Brisingr Globular Cluster are the true heirs of the Protoculture and rightful owners of their legacy. Keith is Roid's childhood friend; they were so close that they were basically siblings back then.

Aerial Knights

The Aerial Knights (空中騎士団 Kūchū Kishidan) are an elite Variable Fighter squadron of the Windermere Kingdom. All of them pilot SV-262 Draken III units, colored fully in black during their covert operations against Walküre and the Delta Flight until Chancellor Roid's official declaration of war, when they reveal their default paint scheme, which is usually teal-colored with details in white. Herman stated Roid and Keith actually at the start were not at all quiet as they are now currently. In the past, they were much more rowdy. Especially Keith was always the one getting in trouble and Roid would always pay him mind.

Keith Aero Windermere (キース・エアロ・ウィンダミア Kīsu Earo Windamia)
Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura
Leader of the Aerial Knights and member of the royal family, he holds the distinctive title of "White Knight of the Derwent" (ダーウェントの白騎士 Dāuento no Shiro Kishi) and views Messer as his rival until he kills him during their dogfight on Al Shahal. He is seriously injured by Hayate during combat on Ragna, losing sight on his right eye. It is revealed in Macross Delta: Kuroki Tsubasa no Shiro Kishi that Keith is Heinz's older brother, Keith's mother being one of Gramia IV's concubines, but as Keith got older he became distant to Heinz. Keith dies along Roid after stabbing him with his sword, stopping his plan to use Mikumo to subjugate the entire galaxy. His Sv-262 Draken is a custom unit, colored in black with details in gold.
Bogue Con-Vaart (ボーグ・コンファールト Bōgu Konfāruto)
Voiced by: KENN
An impulsive pilot who hates humans and feels himself humiliated by Hayate since he was outmaneuvered on a battle at planet Voldor and since then vowed to kill him with his own hands. His immense pride and lack of fear in facing down anything will take the Vanguard.
Theo Jussila (テオ・ユッシラ Teo Yusshira) and Xao Jussila (ザオ・ユッシラ Zao Yusshira)
Voiced by: Kei Minegishi
Identical twin pilots. Their specialty is combination flight in aerial combat.
Herman Claus (ヘルマン・クロース Heruman Kurōsu)
Voiced by: Daichi Endo
At the age of 33, he is the most senior of the Aerial Knights.
Qasim Eberhard (カシム・エーベルハルト Kashimu Ēberuharuto)
Voiced by: Shinnosuke Ogami
A former Windermerean apple farmer who lost his orchard and family to the previous war with the New United Government. Qasim seems to be the more reasonable and less bloodthirsty of the Aerial Knights. He dies after exhausting his rune during a confrontation with Hayate on Windermere.
Ghoula (グーラ Gūra)
Voiced by: Takuto Yoshinaga
A rookie pilot that is killed by Hayate during a battle near the planet Ionideth (惑星イオニデス Wakusei Ionidesu) to save Mirage's life.
Norman Claus (ノーマン・クロース Nōman Kurōsu)
Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Herman's son.

Epsilon Foundation

Epsilon Foundation (イプシロン財団 Ipushiron Zaidan) is a private organization that offers their services to different clients across the galaxy, from medical supplies to military equipment.

Berger Stone (ベルガー・ストーン Berugā Sutōn)
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara
Berger is the head of Epsilon Foundation's Brisingr branch and direct contact with the Windermere Kingdom, usually reporting to Roid the progress on their analysis regarding the relics of the Protoculture. He also does business with Chaos, clearly stating that the Windermere Kingdom is simply one of his clients. Following the incident on Voldor that destroys the planet's Protoculture ruins, Berger severs his ties with the Windermereans and shares with Chaos his knowledge, certain that it is more profitable for the Epsilon Foundation if the N.U.N.S. wins the war.


Lydie LeGrand (リディ・ル・グローン Ridi Ru Gurōn)
Voiced by: Hitomi Kikuchi
A brown-haired native Ragnan candidate who auditioned for Walküre in 2064. She quit during the auditions.
Claire Paddle (クレア・パドル Kurea Padoru)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa
A former member of Walküre, who joined alongside Makina in 2064. She was replaced by Mikumo a year later.

Mecha and spaceships


VF-31 Siegfried (ジーグフリード Jīgufurīdo)
Chaos' Variable Fighter, based on the YF-30 Chronos. It is named after the lead character of the third arc of Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. Like the Variable Fighters built after the VF-19 Excalibur, the Siegried is equipped with a pinpoint barrier system that deflects enemy projectiles and can be used to enhance melee attacks. Siegfried units assigned to Delta Flight are also armed with "Cygnus" Multidrones (マルチドローン「シグナス」 Maruchidorōn Shigunasu), boomerang-like drones that assist Walküre on their missions by amplifying their fold transmitters in order to increase the coverage of their effects that nullify the Var Syndrome.
VF-31A: The standard unit assigned to Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Flight.
VF-31C: Mirage Farina Jenius' custom unit.
VF-31E: Chuck Mustang's custom unit, which features a retractable radome for Var Syndrome detection.
VF-31F: Messer Ihlefeld's custom unit. Following Messer's death and the destruction of the VF-31J, Hayate takes control of this unit until he receives a new VF-31J.
VF-31J: Hayate Immelmann's custom unit, with the support A.I. disabled and the avionics modified to allow Hayate to fly without a helmet. This unit is destroyed in a reactive bomb explosion on the planet Ragna. In episode 26, Hayate is issued a new unit.
VF-31S: Arad Mölders' custom unit.
An upgraded version of the VF-1 Valkyrie (バルキリー Barukirī), the grandfather of all Variable Fighters currently in service. Used primarily as a training unit, the VF-1EX has its avionics updated with an A.I. to safely guide rookie pilots in maneuvers. The A.I can be remotely controlled by another Valkyrie piloted by a senior officer. In addition, the VF-1EX is equipped with an EX-Gear System similar to the one used by the VF-25 Messiah.
SDF/C-108 Macross Elysion (マクロス・エリシオン Makurosu Erishion)
A Macross-class battle fortress stationed on Ragna which serves as the headquarters of Delta Flight and Walküre whose arms can detach and be used as separarate spaceships. Its name is derived from Elysium.
Aether (アイテール Aitēru)
The Macross Elysion's left arm that detaches into an aircraft carrier transporting the Delta Flight's Valkyries among other equipment for external missions. It is named after the Greek god of the upper air. It can also be used for the "Aether attack", the Macross Elysion's own version of the SDF-1's Daedalus Attack.
Hemera (ヘーメラー Hēmerā)
The Macross Elysion's right arm that can be used as a cannon. It is named after the Greek goddess of the daytime.
Island Jackpot (アイランド・ジャックポット Airando Jakkupotto)
An island colony that landed on planet Ragna 30 years before the start of the series. During the Kingdom of Windermere's invasion of the planet, the surviving citizens of Barrett City evacuate into the Island before it and the Macross Elysion leave Ragna.

New U.N. Spacy

VF-171 Nightmare Plus (ナイトメアプラス Naitomea Purasu)
The New U.N. Spacy's workhorse Variable Fighter, which is an upgrade of the original VF-17 Nightmare from Macross 7. It has been in service since the Vajra War.
VB-6 König Monster (ケーニッヒモンスター Kēniggu Monsutā)
A Variable Destroid that transforms into a bomber, originally introduced in Macross VF-X2.
VF-22 Sturmvogel II (シュトゥルムフォーゲルII Shuturumufōguru Tsū)
A limited production Variable Fighter from Macross 7, based on the YF-21 from Macross Plus. It was piloted by Wright Immelmann, who dropped a dimensional bomb on Windermere in 2060, claiming millions of lives. The plane and Wright's body were recovered by Windermerean forces and under King Gramia VI's orders, it was restored and put on display in Darwent as a reminder of the incident. Berger Stone secretly tunes the Sturmvogel II and removes the leg parts, allowing Arad, Kaname, Makina, and Reina to fly it out of the castle.
Destroid Cheyenne II (デストロイド・シャイアンII Desutoroido Shaian Tsū)
The New U.N. Spacy's anti-aircraft Destroid, which is an updated version of the ADR-03-Mk III Destroid Cheyenne from the first U.N. War in 2008.


Kingdom of the Wind

Sigur Valens (シグル=バレンス Shiguru Barensu)
A relic from the Protoculture civilization, it is a massive spaceship that the Windermereans managed to salvage and restore, adding it to their war effort.

Aerial Knights

Sv-262 Draken III (ドラケンIII Doraken Surī)
The Aerial Knights' main Variable Fighter. Its design is inspired by the Saab 35 Draken.
Sv-262Ba: The default variation used by the Aerial Knights.
Sv-262Hs: Keith Aero Windermere's custom unit.
Lil Draken (リル・ドラケン Riru Doraken)
The Draken III's drone units that operate similarly to the New U.N. Spacy's Ghost units.
SV-154 Svärd (スヴァード Suvādo)
An earlier Variable Fighter of the Kingdom of the Wind. Its design is inspired by the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.


Type 104 Regult (104式リガード Hyakuyon-shiki Rigāto)
The standard Zentradi officer's battle pod.
Glaug (グラージ Gurāji)
A Zentradi battle pod reserved for squadron leaders.
Queadluun Rhea (クァドラン・レア Kuadoran Rea)
A high performance Zentradi power suit manufactured by General Galaxy, based on the original Queadluun Rau.


Workroid (ワークロイド Wākuroido)
A civilian Destroid used for construction and as a forklift in shipyards across the galaxy.


The new series is being sponsored by Big West Advertising and Bandai Visual. As with the previous Macross series, the Macross Delta staff have scouted new talent for the anime. Auditions began on December 1, 2014. On February 7, 2015, it was reported that over 8,000 people auditioned to star in the new series. The final selection round was held in Tokyo in late April 2015. The finalists went through interviews with the judges, and demonstrated their singing and voice performing skills.[4]

Macross Delta held a "'Chō Jikū' Seisaku Happyōkai" ("The Super Dimension" Production Unveiling), a live-streamed event that revealed more details on the project on October 29 at 12:00 p.m. Kawamori appeared at the event to reveal the main staff, the winner of the audition for the new singer in the anime, and the new anime's characters.[5]

Promotional media

A promotional visual created by artist Hidetaka Tenjin an depicting 2 fictional dogfighting aircraft was posted in the franchise's official website on Friday the 25th, September 2015. Kawamori confirmed that both fighters in the visual are "Valkyries" (transforming variable fighters), and he specifically cited the old Swedish jet fighter Saab 35 Draken as an inspiration for the darker Valkyrie in the background of the image. Kawamori added that he has been a fan of the Draken jet since he was a child. He also acknowledged that the blue and white Valkyrie in the foreground shares a design lineage with previous variable fighters in the Macross series and therefore was less of a challenge to design. By contrast, the background variable fighter will feature a relatively new transformation scheme that bears little similarity to those of previous Valkyries.[5]

Shoji Kawamori explained that the two fighters have exhausts in different colors because they were developed by different companies. He also noted that he has been deliberately avoiding more direct design inspirations from current real world fighters, since Stealth technology has made modern combat aircraft look too similar and harder to distinguish from each other.[5] Kawamori added that this new series will emphasize "Valkyrie versus Valkyrie" duels as opposed to previous television series. While video productions such as Macross Plus and Macross Zero prominently featured variable fighters against each other, Kawamori admitted that it has not been the focus in a Macross television series in a long time.[5]

The staff also presented the official designs by Shōji Kawamori for the two main variable fighters: the VF-31 Siegfried and the SV-262 Draken III. The VF-31 is flown by the Walküre group's escorts, the "Delta Flight". Kawamori confirmed that the VF-31 is an update of the YF-30 Chronos that appeared in the PlayStation 3 video game Macross 30: Voices across the Galaxy. However, unlike the YF-30 the VF-31 design has built-in gunpods in its arms and forward-swept wings.[2]

The SV-262 is used by the Aerial Knights Valkyrie Aerial Knights of the Windermere Kingdom. The new variable fighter design was inspired by the real-life Saab 35 Draken. While describing the SV-262, Kawamori mentioned that this is the first time that a Valkyrie with this unique delta wing design variant has appeared in Macross. Hidetaka Tenjin also noted that unlike other Valkyries its cockpit is not transparent.[2]

New series logo

The Macross Delta logo features a planet within the Japanese characters that form the word "Macross". Shoji Kawamori specifically noted that this planet is the main setting for the new series. He also explained that this was made deliberately in direct contrast with Macross Frontier, whose setting was primarily in space. Kawamori started to describe more details about Macross Delta's setting but stopped short and asked fans to watch "The Super Dimension" Production Unveiling event.[5]

Kawamori pointed out that the delta symbol in the logo is made of triangular symbols to symbolize the three main thematic elements of Macross: music, a love triangle, and Valkyries. However, he also noted that the two symbols are split, and explained that this is indicative that the three elements will not come together as expected in the new story.[5]

The Super Dimension Production Unveiling

18-year old Minori Suzuki from Aichi Prefecture was announced as the winner of the newest Macross singer auditions. Suzuki plays Freyja Wion, an aspiring idol who is full of spirit and who is always smiling.[2] Other characters include five girls that form the "Tactical Sound Unit Walküre", the first major songstress group in the Macross anime franchise, as Macross 7 had the "Jamming Birds" group, and the PlayStation video game Macross Digital Mission VF-X had the group "Milky Dolls". The Walküre group battles "the Var Syndrome that is consuming the galaxy", and there is also another mysterious group called the "Aerial Knights Valkyrie fighter team of the Kingdom of Wind".[2]

Hidetaka Tenjin is credited as the "Macross visual artist" for this series while Majiro (Barakamon, Nagareboshi Lens) and Yuu Shindo (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Persona 4: The Golden Animation) are adapting the original character designs by Chisato Mita (designer in Capcom's E.X. Troopers video game). Other non-Japanese staff members include Thomas Romain as worldview designer, Vincento Niemu as art designer and Stanislas Brunet as mechanical designer.[2]

Bandai also presented prototypes of the DX Chōgōkin models of both fighters, with a release date planned.[2]



The anime premiered on Tokyo MX and BS11, along other stations in Japan on April 3, 2016. The opening theme is titled "Ichido dake no Koi nara" (一度だけの恋なら, lit. "If I Love Only Once") while the ending themes are titled "Ikenai Borderline" (いけないボーダーライン Ikenai Bōdārain, "Forbidden Borderline") for the new year special and Episode 1 and "Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara" (ルンがピカッと光ったら Run ga Pikatto Hikattara, lit. "When the Rune Sparkles") from episode 2 onwards, all performed by Walküre.

A Macross Delta Preview Special was aired on Japanese television on New Year's Eve, with the staff teasing an 8-minute preview of the first episode.[2]


Episodes are named as "Missions". A typical episode title consists of a Japanese word written in kanji or hiragana, followed by an English word romanized in katakana.

# Title Release Date
1 "Prologue on the Battlefield"
"Senjō no Purorōgu" (戦場のプロローグ) 
April 3, 2016

In Shahal City on the planet Al Shahal, Hayate Immelman discovers a stowaway named Freyja Wion in the shipping docks. Freyja stowed away to run away from an arranged marriage and to audition for the idol group Walküre on the planet Ragna, but Hayate informs her that she is on the wrong planet. When a Vars outbreak suddenly causes Zentradi soldiers to go rogue and attack the city, Walküre and Delta Flight scramble to contain the threat, but are later on met by the Aerial Knights in a fierce dogfight. During the battle, Freyja sings along with Walküre and assists with suppressing the Vars while Hayate commandeers an abandoned Valkyrie and uses it to protect Freyja.

Note: An advanced preview of this episode aired as Mission 0.89 on December 31, 2015. 
2 "Audition with Death"
"Kakugo no Ōdishon" (覚悟のオーディション) 
April 10, 2016
Having arrived on planet Ragna with Hayate, Freyja marvels the Ragna City and the base of the Delta Flight. To her dismay she is first denied entry into the audition, but shortly afterwards she receives a "special permission" to do so. Meanwhile, Hayate is recruited by Delta Flight, who had witnessed his skills in the previous battle. Hayate is hesitant at first since he doesn't like fighting and doesn't like following orders, but eventually agrees so that he can have the chance to fly again. Freyja is told that she failed her audition, and on the train ride back to the city, one of the passengers contracts the Vars infection. Freyja immediately uses her song to calm the infected passenger, and it is revealed that the entire event was a ruse set up by Walküre as part of her final test. Having passed, Freyja becomes an official member of Walküre. 
3 "A Stormy Dogfight"
"Senpū Doggufaito" (旋風 ドッグファイト) 
April 17, 2016
Hayate becomes a cadet in Delta Flight under Mirage's wing and learns the basics of Valkyrie piloting the hard way. After weeks of slacking off training, he is issued a challenge by Mirage in a mock battle, where he must score a hit on Mirage before the time limit or he will be expelled from the unit. Meanwhile, Freyja is also struggling in her practices with Walküre, unable to find the proper motivation to sing. In order to encourage her, the Walküre members show footage of Hayate's mock battle with Mirage. Upon seeing Hayate struggling against her superior piloting, Freyja begins to sing with purpose, which seemingly also gives Hayate the motivation he needs to finally score a hit on Mirage. Mirage is shocked at how Hayate was able to beat her, but Hayate, having been impressed with Mirage's flying skills, promises to start attending her training sessions from now on. 
4 "A Shocking Debut Stage"
"Shōgeki Debyū Sutēji" (衝撃 デビューステージ) 
April 24, 2016
On the planet Randor, the time comes to Freyja's first concert as a member of Walküre, as well as Hayate's first sortie as a member of Delta Flight. Everything runs well until the Aerial Knights strike again, while at the same time causing a mass Vars outbreak. Mikumo and Freyja begin singing in unison to stop the outbreak, and the other Walküre observe how Freyja's song seems to amplify Mikumo's, managing to suppress the Var outbreak on their own. Meanwhile, the Aerial Knights reveal that while they have been distracting Walküre and Delta Flight, they had successfully seized the planet Voldor with their army and announce a declaration of war from the Kingdom of Wind to the New Unified Government. 
5 "Moonlight Dancing"
"Gekkō Danshingu" (月光 ダンシング) 
May 1, 2016
Following the Windermere Kingdom's declaration of war on the New United Government, Delta Flight and Walküre are given new orders to defend Ragna from upcoming attacks. When rumors of Freyja being a Windermerean spy surface, she and Hayate take a joyride in his Siegfried unit to clear their heads. 
6 "Decision Overload"
"Ketsudan Ōbārōdo" (決断 オーバーロード) 
May 8, 2016
The Aether is sortied to counter another Var Syndrome infection on a New U.N. Spacy squadron, but tensions arise when Mirage is outnumbered in a dogfight and the Aerial Knights come close to killing Walküre, and Hayate is forced to stain his hands with blood for the first time in order to protect her. 
7 "Behind Enemy Lines"
"Sen'nyū Enemī Rain" (潜入 エネミーライン) 
May 15, 2016
Walküre and the Delta Flight perform a covert mission to planet Voldor to learn more about the enemy's plans. On the occasion, they explore ancient ruins belonging to the Protoculture Civilization, where they discover the truth behind the Var Syndrome outbreaks. 
8 "Escape Resonance"
"Dasshutsu Rezonansu" (脱出 レゾナンス) 
May 22, 2016
Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage are confronted by the Aerial Knights while Messer and the rest of Walküre make a last-ditch effort to rescue them. During their escape, Walküre and the Delta Flight confront the Knights once more, and Hayate faces off against an infected N.U.N.S. ace pilot for the sake of returning him to his children. 
9 "Uncontrolled on the Edge"
"Genkai Ankontorōru" (限界 アンコントロール) 
May 29, 2016
Shortly after returning to Ragna, Hayate is revealed to have fold receptors in his system, which is why he resonates flawlessly with Freyja and is immune to the Var Syndrome. Hayate and Mirage confront Messer over his Var Syndrome infection, before accidentally discovering a song recorded by Kaname. As the duo attempt to help him, their closeness brings a lingering feeling of anxiety to Freyja, when suddenly, the Aerial Knights launch an attack on Ragna itself. 
10 "Axia Flash"
"Senkō no Akushia" (閃光のAXIA) 
June 5, 2016
Due to his infection, Messer is relieved from the Delta Flight and reassigned to work as an instructor, but not before showing his gratitude to Kaname. Meanwhile, the Windermereans learn how to use the power of the ruins to their favor and launch an attack on the planet Al Shahal. Walküre and Delta Flight face a tough battle there against the Aerial Knights when Messer returns to assist them. In the occasion, Keith challenges him in order to settle their rivalry once and for all. 
11 "Jellyfish Reminiscence"
"Tsuioku Jerīfisshu" (追憶 ジェリーフィッシュ) 
June 12, 2016
As Walküre and Delta Flight pay their respects to the fallen Messer, Arad and Kaname discover the pattern between the Protoculture ruins that could potentially bring the eight billion inhabitants of the Brisingr Cluster under control of the Var Syndrome. Meanwhile, Gramia VI assumes direct control of the Windermere Kingdom's forces and launches a salvaged ancient ship from the Protoculture civilization for a full-scale assault on the New United Government. 
12 "King of the Wind"
"Kingu obu za Uindo" (キング・オブ・ザ・ウインド) 
June 19, 2016
Al Shahal has fallen to the Windermere Kingdom and all remaining forces still loyal to the New United Government gather on Ragna, which is their final line of defense. Knowing that the Windermereans' plan can only work with all Protoculture ruins operational, the Government makes preparations to destroy the ruins on Ragna, despite the possible consequences to the planet's environment. As the population evacuates, the members of Chaos convince the military to delay their plan to blow up the ruins as they take off with their fortress, the Macross Elysion, to commence Operation Einherjar (オペレーション・エインヘリャル Operēshon Einheryaru) confront the enemy forces. 
13 "Passionate Diving"
"Jōnetsu Daibingu" (情熱 ダイビング) 
June 26, 2016
Just as the Macross Elysion enters Al Shahal's orbit, the Sigur Valens folds right in front of the full N.U.N.S. defense fleet within Ragna, but not before the Macross Elysion damages its sound wave system. The Aerial Knights scramble to defend their flagship until the system is back online. Right when the Sigur Valens hovers near Barrett City, the N.U.N.S. detonate a reactive bomb within the Protoculture ruins. The Windermerean flagship survives the explosion, while the ruins form a larger structure that merges with the ship, effectively amplifying Heinz's song and bringing Ragna under control of the Var Syndrome. Chaos scrambles to evacuate as many of Ragna's citizens as possible while Delta Flight engages the Aerial Knights in a dogfight and Freyja unleashes her true potential. 
14 "Embracing Adrift"
"Hyōryū Enbureishingu" (漂流 エンブレイシング) 
July 3, 2016
With the entire Brisingr Cluster under Windermerean control, the Macross Elysion and Ragna's surviving citizens become space refugees as the Island's life support systems are on the brink of failure and Chaos is low on armament and funds to stage another attack. A breach in the Island's hull causes a loss of gravity that separates Freyja from Hayate and Mirage in the underground corridors. Freyja regroups with Walküre to calm the civilians while Hayate and Mirage race against time to get the Island's power supply back online. 
15 "Parting Resolution"
"Ketsubetsu Rezoryūshon" (決別 レゾリューション) 
July 10, 2016
The Windermerean attack force return to their home planet to bury Gramia VI and celebrate Heinz's coronation as the new king. The kingdom broadcasts the ceremony on all galactic networks, with Roid declaring that they will expand throughout the entire galaxy and crush the New United Government as the rightful heirs to Protoculture. Heinz's singing causes all of the Protoculture ruins in the Brisingr Cluster to rise, with the potential to amplify the Var Syndrome across the galaxy. 
16 "Hesitating Birthday"
"Tamerai Bāsudei" (ためらい バースデイ) 
July 17, 2016
Aboard the Island, Makina and Chuck plan a surprise party for Freyja's 15th birthday. Hayate and Mirage go shopping for a present while Makina, Reina, and Chuck spy on them. On the night of the party, Freyja gives a speech about her childhood on Windermere and what she did to become a member of Walküre before Hayate arrives with his gift to her. 
17 "Scatter on Stage"
"Kakusan Onsutēji" (拡散 オンステージ) 
July 24, 2016
Chaos' first act to retake the Brisingr Cluster from the Windermere Kingdom is to return to planet Voldor and infiltrate the Protoculture ruins to get them to react to Walküre's songs before collecting the data. To throw the Windermerean defenses off-guard, Chaos sends a virus throughout the Galaxy Network in the guise of a live Walküre concert while making money at the same time through online app purchases. The scheme goes as planned, but Freyja begins to show her feelings toward Hayate while the rest of the group shows concern about Mikumo's change in performance. After a brief confrontation with N.U.N.S. pilot Robert Kino, Hayate confronts Arad on why he should not be involved with Windermere, only to learn of his father's past. 
18 "Sense Emergence"
"Kankaku Emājensu" (感覚 エマージェンス) 
July 31, 2016
Delta Flight and Walküre arrive on planet Voldor, whose climate has changed since its Protoculture ruins had risen from underground. However, the Aerial Knights arrive within the planet's orbit as a security measure. Freyja is nabbed by Qasim, who apparently has a falling out with the rest of the Aerial Knights. They quickly bond over an apple barbecue due to Freyja being from a village near Qasim's apple farm. Qasim also nabs Hayate, but he lets him and Freyja go, as he is unsure of what he is fighting for. Later, Delta Flight and Walküre reach the ruins, triggering a dogfight between Delta Flight and the Aerial Knights. The singing battle between Walküre and Prince Heinz results in major fold wave disruptions all over the Brisingr Cluster. 
19 "Eternal Songs"
"Etānaru Songusu"  
August 7, 2016
Hayate and Mikumo are still unconscious after the events of the last battle which resulted in the destruction of the ruins in Voldor and the liberation of its population. Berger Stone approaches the members of Chaos and despite working with the Windermereans, he claims that he is an independent contractor, just like them, and discuss with them some of his theories. In the occasion, he mentions the events occurred in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross Plus, Macross 7 and Macross Frontier, claiming that all of them are somehow related to music, and proving his theory that music is a weapon, just like it is being a key element in the current conflict and mentions rumors that Mikumo is an artificial being developed by Lady M to harness this power. He also reveals that the bio organisms responsible for the Var Syndrome originated from the Vajra, finding new hosts in humanoids after they left for another dimension. After Berger leaves, Mirage tends to Hayate, who finally awakens. 
20 "Impulse Experiment"
"Shōdō Ekusuperimento" (衝動 エクスペリメント) 
August 14, 2016
Freyja is called along Hayate for an experiment to measure the effects of her singing into his body, but concerned about his wellbeing, she finds herself unable to sing. Meanwhile on Windermere, Keith is in doubt regarding Roid's true intentions and asks his squadmates, the twins Theo and Xao Jussila, for a favor. Worried that Freyja might leave Walküre for his sake, Hayate decides to resign from the Delta Flight, but Freyja insists that she is the one who must step down, until Mirage lectures both to not relinquish their dreams and careers for each other. With Mikumo still on the medical bay and off limits to visitation, Kaname, Makina and Reina decide to infiltrate the place in order to find her, but they are caught midway and while Makina and Reina are arrested, Kaname discovers the place where Mikumo is being held. 
21 "Yearning Secret"
"Setsubō Shīkuretto" (切望 シークレット) 
August 21, 2016
The Kingdom of Windermere transmits Delta waves through Heinz's song to Al Shahal, sending 85% of the planet's population into a comatose state. While in prison, Kaname, Makina, and Reina recall the time they first joined Walküre before they are eventually released for their next mission. Upon being released, Mikumo reveals to them that she is an artificial lifeform, only three years old. Meanwhile, Keith discovers that Heinz is suffering from premature aging while Roid reveals that he murdered King Gramia VI. 
22 "Extreme Brave"
"Kyokugen Bureibu" (極限 ブレイブ) 
August 28, 2016
While the Macross Elysion leads an attack to draw the Aerial Knights' attention, Walküre and the Delta Flight start their operation to infiltrate Windermere and destroy the device that controls the Protoculture ruins to put an end to the war. However, the Aerial Knights see through their diversion and launch an attack on them nonetheless. Hayate, Mirage, Arad and the members of Walküre manage to slip past the dimensional barrier into Windermere, but Qasim follows them close and he burns out the last of his energies in a desperate effort to stop them. 
23 "Scarred Requiem"
"Zankon Rekuiemu" (残痕 レクイエム) 
September 4, 2016
Following the crash of their shuttle, Mikumo, Makina, and Reina hide in the forest to evade detection by Windermerean forces. Freyja leads Hayate and Mirage to her village while Arad and Kaname enter an abandoned N.U.N.S. garrison. Mikumo is captured by Roid while Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage are cornered by the Aerial Knights, who confront Hayate over his father's sins and Freya over her betrayal before bringing them to the site of the dimensional bomb. 
24 "Fatal Judgment"
"Zetsumei Jajjimento" (絶命 ジャッジメント) 
September 11, 2016
Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage are put on trial in front of Heinz and sentenced to be executed. Mikumo is brought to the Sanctum by Roid, as he sees her as the reincarnation of the ancient Star Singer. Meanwhile, Berger sneaks Arad, Kaname, Makina, and Reina to Wright Immelmann's VF-22 Sturmvogel II in the castle, revealing that the craft is fully operational. As the execution is about to commence, the VF-22 suddenly bursts out of the castle as a distraction for Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage to escape and continue their mission to destroy the Protoculture Center. Makina is shot by a sniper while protecting Freyja, but she urges her teammates to continue singing. Roid awakens Mikumo's true form, forcing Chaos to abort their mission as she sings an ancient and deadly song that triggers premature aging in Freyja. 
25 "Star Singer"
"Hoshi no Utaite" (星の歌い手) 
September 18, 2016
Chaos has failed to destroy the Protoculture Center and have lost Mikumo to the Kingdom of Windermere, but they recover the flight recorder of Wright's VF-22, revealing that he was a spy and he had deviated from his mission to destroy the capital city's Protoculture ruins; instead, he tried to drop the dimensional bomb elsewhere to keep casualties to a minimum. Berger arrives and discusses about Mikumo and the effects of delta waves. Meanwhile, Roid plans to have Mikumo sing at the newly risen Star Stage on Ragna and N.U.N.S sends the 47th Special Fleet into the Starwind Sector, armed with dimensional weapons. The Macross Elysion heads to Ragna for a final showdown with the Kingdom of Windermere. To display the might of the kingdom, Heinz commands Mikumo to sing the Song of the Stars, infecting the N.U.N.S. fleet with the Var Syndrome and causing them to detonate the dimensional bombs on themselves, resulting the annihilation of the whole N.U.N.S. fleet. 
26 "Eternal Walküre"
"Eien no Warukyūre" (永遠のワルキューレ) 
September 25, 2016
With the N.U.N.S. fleet wiped out by their own weapons, the final battle on Ragna is now just between Chaos and the Windermereans. Seeing the burden of shouldering the deaths of countless lives, Heinz ponders on negotiating peace talks with the N.U.N.S. while Roid prepares Mikumo on the Star Stage. Heinz orders Mikumo to sing the Song of the Stars, sending delta waves throughout the Brisngr Cluster, only to realize that Roid's objective is to bring the entire galaxy under his sole control in a Vajra-style hive mind. As both factions are mentally trapped by Mikumo's song, Heinz urges the Aerial Knights to take down Roid while Freyja tries to free her comrades from the spell. Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage's feelings for each other enable Chaos and the Aerial Knights to break free, and the combined might of Walküre releases Mikumo from Roid's control before both factions break through the Star Stage. As Hayate, Mirage, and Freyja rescue Mikumo, Keith ends the conflict by killing Roid before he himself is consumed by the destruction of the Star Stage. In the aftermath of the battle, Heinz orders the remaining Windermerean forces to retreat as the Brisingr cluster is freed from Windermerean control. 


Title Arrangement Composition Lyrics Episode
"Ichido Dake no Koi Nara" (一度だけの恋なら) Yūsuke Katō Miho Karasawa
Yūsuke Katō
2-12, 14
"Zettai Reido Θ Novatick" (絶対零度θノヴァティック) Mitsunori Ikeda
Tatsuya Kurauchi (strings)
Junko Zushi
Kōichi Kawashima
Mitsunori Ikeda
Junko Zushi
Kōichi Kawashima


Title Arrangement Composition Lyrics Episode
"Rune ga Pikatto Hikarittara" (ルンがピカッと光ったら) Minoru Komorita Naoki Nishi 2-9, 12
"Hametsu no Junjō" (破滅の純情) 14-15, 17, 20-21, 23-24
"God Bless You" Katsutoshi Kitagawa 16
"Love! Thunder Grow" SiZK SiZK
Stephen McNair
Kensō Saeki 18
"Kaze wa Yokoku Naku Fuku" (風は予告なく吹く) Katsutoshi Kitagawa 19, 22
"Zettai Reido Θ Novatick" (絶対零度θノヴァティック) Mitsunori Ikeda
Tatsuya Kurauchi (strings)
Junko Zushi
Kōichi Kawashima
Mitsunori Ikeda
Junko Zushi
Kōichi Kawashima


Title Lyrics Arrangement Composition Strings Arrangement Singer Episode
"Giritick ♡ Beginner" (ジリティック♡BEGINNER) Kotomi Futagawa Umuya Aneta Reina & Makina 1, 7, 17
"Koi! Halation The War" (恋! ハレイション THE WAR) Umuya Aneta
Kotomi Fukagawa
Tatsuya Kurauchi Walküre 1, 2, 4, 17
"Ikenai Borderline" (いけないボーダーライン) Naoki Nishi Minoru Komorita 1, 2, 8, 13
"Fukakuteisei ☆ Cosmic Movement" (不確定性☆COSMIC MOVEMENT) Kotomi Fukagawa
Rokutsumi Sumiyo
Akiko Watanabe
Aneta Umuya
Umuya Aneta Tatsuya Kurauchi 3, 4, 17
"Bokura no Sensō" (僕らの戦場) Miho Karasawa
Yūsuke Katō
Yūsuke Katō 3, 4, 9, 18
"Rune ga Pikatto Hikarittara" (ルンがピカッと光ったら) Naoki Nishi Minoru Komorita 5, 17
"Aura Sala ~Hikaru Kaze~" (オーラ・サーラ〜光る風〜) Mina Kubota Heinz (Melody Chubak) 6, 15, 18
"Walküre Attack!" UiNA Kōtarō Odaka Kōtarō Odaka
Walküre 6, 10, 13
"Silent Hacker" Saeko Suzuki
"Giraffe Blues" Naho H-Wonder Yūsuke Katō Miya, Mikumo 7
Freyja 8
Walküre 9, 11, 18
Kaname 20
"Wind Vaasa ~Ketsui no Kaze~" (ザルド・ヴァーサ〜決意の風〜) Mina Kubota Heinz (Melody Chubak) 8, 10, 12, 13, 15
"Neo Stream" Emi Nishida Mirai Watanabe Tatsuya Kurauchi Walküre 8, 14
"Axia ~Daisuki de Daikirai~" (AXIA〜ダイスキでダイキライ〜) Rokutsumi Sumiyo Hideyuki Daichi Suzuki Ryōki Matsumoto 9, 10
"Kurage Ondo" (クラゲ音頭) Toshizō Nemoto Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota Freyja, Reina, & Makina 10
"Remember 16" K.INOJO Atsushi Takashi bamboo tree Zack & Hack 11
"Ichido Dake no Koi Nara" (一度だけの恋なら) Miho Karasawa
Yūsuke Katō
Yūsuke Katō Walküre 13, 26
"Walküre no Birthday Song" (ワルキューレのバースデイソング) Happy Field Mina Kubota Happy Field 16
"Onyanoko ♡ Gir" (おにゃの子♡gir) Saida Kaseki TeddyLoid 17
"Hear The Universe" Yūho Iwasato Rasmus Faber 17
"Hametsu no Junjō" (破滅の純情) Naoki Nishi Minoru Komorita 18


Four manga adaptations were officially serialized, all released in June 2016. The first one, is serialized in Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Sirius. The second, titled Macross Δ Gaiden: Macross E (マクロスΔ外伝 マクロスE (エクストラ) Makurosu Deruta Gaiden Makurosu E (Ekusutora)) is written by Shoji Kawamori and serialized in Kodansha's Magazine Special. The third, Macross Δ: The Diva Who Guides the Galaxy (マクロスΔ 銀河を導く歌姫 Makurosu Deruta Ginga o Michibiku Utahime) is serialized on Ichijinsha's Monthly Comic Rex. The last, Macross Δ: The Black-Winged White Knight (マクロスΔ 黒き翼の白騎士 Makurosu Deruta Kuroki Tsubasa no Shiro Kishi) is also serialized on Monthly Comic Rex.


Richard Eisenbeis from Kotaku gives the preview episode a mixed review. He praised the episode's beginning for introducing the basic setting and shows the first meeting of Freyja, Hayate, and Mirage along with some short character building scenes for each, but criticised halfway point of the episode. Despite praising the aerial dogfight, he thinks the sudden conflict and the introduction of 15 different characters was "far too much too fast". For the music, while the first two Walkure songs are deemed forgettable, he thinks the final song used for the ending and credits, "Ikenai Borderline", is great. Richard's main problem is Walkure themselves, referring them as the elephant in the room. He commented "While their "magic" is clearly technology-based, it is something so unexpected in a Macross anime, it's likely to throw even longtime fans for a loop—I know it did me". Nevertheless, he genuinely interested to see more and hopes much of the information will be sorted out by the time the series makes its true premiere this spring. [6]


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