Macedonian border barrier

The Macedonian border barrier is a border barrier built by Republic of Macedonia on its border with Greece as a response to the European migrant crisis. The construction of the barrier began in November 2015, modeled similarly to the Hungarian border barrier,[1] and it is 30km (19mi) long as of early 2016.[2]


Macedonia and its Balkan neighbours (Greece to its south in grey):

On 29 November 2015, Macedonian army began erecting fences on the Greek border.[3] A Moroccan man was injured in an accident that led to clashes between police and migrants that injured 18.[4] In the early stage of the construction of the barrier, Macedonian police were attacked by the migrants, according to The Guardian.[5] In February, Macedonian soldiers began erecting a second fence meters away from the previous one.[6]

After Austria started to limit asylum applications on its territory in February,[7] Slovenia, Serbia and other Balkan countries imposed restrictions on migrant entries.[8] As a result, Macedonia restricted migrant entries to its territory, which stranded thousands of migrants in Greece, especially near Idomeni border crossing.[8] On February 29, 2016, a group of hundreds of migrants attacked riot police with stones and attempted to break the border barrier using a battering ram made from vandalized street signs and a lamp post.[9][10]

Idomeni migrant camp

In February 2016, Austria initiated closure of the Balkan migrant route.[11] Subsequently, Slovenia barred migrants from transiting through its territory and Macedonia announced closure of its Greek border to migrants.[12] Albania deployed extra police to guard its borders and received assistance from Italy in form of "men and equipment" on both land and sea.[13] In March, Macedonia announced a plan to extend its 30km (19mi) barrier to 320km (200mi).[2]

In May 2016, Reuters reported that more than 10,000 migrants were settled on the border in what has become Europe's largest refugee camp with mosques, schools and businesses.[14]

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