MTV Flux

MTV Flux

MTV Flux logo
Launched 6 September 2006
Closed 1 February 2008
Owned by MTV Networks Europe
Replaced VH2 (UK)
XXXX (Italy)
Replaced by MTV One +1
(at time of closure)
Sky Digital Channel 346
Virgin Media Channel 325
UPC Ireland Channel 708

MTV Flux was a television channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The version in the UK and Ireland launched on September 6, 2006. The brand started as a website on 1 August. It used bandwidth that was originally used to broadcast VH2. There is an MTV 'Flux' channel in Japan, which launched in 2007.

Unlike VH2, which focused mainly on indie music, MTV Flux broadcast a wider range of music and music-related programming, with styles ranging from current chart hits to classic pop/rock songs. The idea of the channel was to give viewers "control" by allowing them to send in video clips to the website and the TV channel if approved by the online community and (for television broadcast) MTV. The channel also showed music videos.


The first show broadcast on MTV Flux was: Up, Up, Down, Down... (short for the complete Konami Code which serves as its full official title), an hour-long show, hosted by Colin Griffiths nominally about computer games interspersed with music videos and user-submitted content.

Other shows included:


The MTV Flux website allows users to register and create a unique web page in the style of social networking sites like MySpace. This page allows users create avatars and upload pictures and video.


On January 21, 2008, AGB Nielsen Media Research announced for BARB subscribers that MTV Flux would be rebranded as MTV One +1 on 1 February 2008. MTV Flux ceased at 6am with MTV One +1 launching at 12noon on the same day.


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