M. K. Brown

M.K. Brown
Born Mary K. Brown
Connecticut, U.S.
Nationality American
Area(s) Cartoonist, Artist
Notable works
Dr. N!Godatu
Aunt Mary's Kitchen

M. K. Brown is a cartoonist and painter whose work has appeared in many publications, including National Lampoon (1972-1981), Mother Jones, Wimmen's Comix, The New Yorker, Playboy and more. She has written several books, created animations for The Tracey Ullman Show, and was a contributing artist in Voyager's graphic novel The Narrative Corpse. She is also an accomplished painter with work in galleries and many private collections. She was married to fellow cartoonist B. Kliban.

Dr. N!Godatu

Dr. N!Godatu

Her animated series Dr. N!Godatu (with Julie Payne as Dr. Janice N!Godatu) debuted in 1987 on The Tracey Ullman Show alternating with the then unknown Simpsons shorts (animated by the same Klasky Csupo team). Nancy Cartwright and Dan Castellaneta from The Simpsons provided voices: Nancy Cartwright in "Freeway" (as Dr. N!Godatu's friend who refuses to drive on freeways, through tunnels, or over bridges), and Dan Castellaneta in "Blind Date" (as the date) and "Fishtank" (as the fish tank repairmen). There were six shorts in all, each divided into four Acts. There were also two unreleased episodes (The Party and The Proposal). Dr. N!Godatu is pronounced without a vowel sound preceding the N and a clicked G.

Episode synopsis:[1]

Character list:

"Aunt Mary's Kitchen"

Book cover of Aunt Mary's Cook Book.

M.K. Brown contributed various strips to National Lampoon magazine, "Aunt Mary's Kitchen" featuring regularly from the early '70s into the early '80s, often in multi-page full color spreads. In 1983 Collier Books published the "Aunt Mary's Kitchen" cookbook of 140 recipes gathered by M.K. Brown.

Character list:

National Lampoon magazine



Television & film

Blabber, Blabber, Blabber

On page 13 of American cartoonist Lynda Barry's 2011 book, Blabber, Blabber, Blabber: Volume 1 of Everything, Barry lists M.K. Brown as one of her early influences:

"By the time I graduated from high school I knew about bitter and sweet, but thanks to cartoonists like M.K. Brown, Gahan Wilson, and Ed Subitzky I also knew about weird and rare and hilarious ways of changing one into the other. These three cartoonists taught me to watch the people around me and listen to how they talk and to write down what they say. But I learned the most by copying their drawings, and these three were especially good teachers." [4]


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