M&H Company

M&H Company
Native name
M&H Company d.o.o
LLC (Private)

Cable broadband
Cable television

Pay television
  • HS Kablovska televizija
  • HKBnet
Headquarters Terezije bb, 71000, Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Number of locations
2 stores (2013)
Area served
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Key people
  • Aldin Osmanagić (CEO)
Products Cable Television
Pay television
Broadband Internet
Fixed telephony
Subsidiaries HS Kablovska televizija
Website www.hs-hkb.ba

M&H Company (full legal name: M&H Company d.o.o. Sarajevo) is one of the leading Cable Television and Broadband Internet service provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is headquartered in Sarajevo.
The M&H Company group members are HS Kablovska televizija and HKBnet. The main activity of M&H Company group is the provision of cable television, digital television, cable internet access and fixed telephony in the following Bosnian cities: Sarajevo, Kakanj, Zenica and Travnik.[1]

Cable TV Channel line-up

M&H Company currently (September 2013) offers 64 TV channels via cable television in Sarajevo.[2]


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