Luxe TV logo
Launched 23 June 2006
Owned by Opuntia S.A.
Slogan "Your Luxury Channel"
Country Luxembourg
Broadcast area Worldwide
Headquarters Bascharage, Luxembourg

LUXE.TV is the first global television station dedicated exclusively to the world of luxury and lifestyle, broadcast in Ultra HD 4K, HD and SD 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The short, documentary style programs are exclusively shot, edited, and broadcast in Ultra HD 4K and in High Definition. The programs are all broadcast in English and French and some are available in Mandarin and Russian.


LUXE.TV was created by Jean Stock and his son Jean-Baptiste in June 2006. A former journalist for print, radio and television, Jean Stock presented the TV news for Télé Luxembourg in the 1970s before becoming the co-founder of M6 with Jean Drucker and Nicolas de Tavernost. He then successively held the responsibilities of RTL-USA President in Los Angeles, President of TV5 Monde, and General Secretary of the European Radio and Television Union.

LUXE.TV was one of the first HD stations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

After being threatened with closure in autumn 2010 following the acquisition by a new operator, LUXE.TV was successfully repositioned in the first quarter of 2011 by its founder Jean Stock, as part of a new program producing firm called Opuntia S.A (RCS B 157290). Priority was given to HD broadcasting of the latest luxury and lifestyle news within the past 24 hours. The second largest French banking group Credit Mutuel-CIC decided at the beginning of April 2011 to participate in a capital investment of 50% in Opuntia S.A. The other 50% is controlled by Jean Stock.

In June 2016, LUXE.TV has launched its Ultra HD 4K channel, with programming broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with worldwide technical distribution. The first viewers who enjoy this station were those watching the Post TV network in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. On Channel 186 of the IPTV network, LUXE.TV offers a resolution that is four times clearer than a High Definition channel.

Content and programming

On weekdays, Monday to Thursday, 24 hours a day, the reports of LUXE.TODAY on current events in luxury and the art of living are broadcast at the top of every hour and are followed by DESTINATION.


LUXE.TODAY offers new reports on the latest trends in luxury and the art of living. In 2015, 3078 reports were created for LUXE.TODAY under the leadership of the Director of Programs Marie-Elisabeth Crochet, and her seconds in command Aurore Brugnera and Jeremie Fuchs (email:

These reports are classified into 14 themes:

- Glamorous Events
- Collectible Timepieces
- Gastronomy
- Luxury & Trends
- Life & Lifestyle
- Incredible Yachts
- Luxury & Kids
- Fashion Shows
- Fabulous Cars
- Amazing Hi-tech
- Design & Highlights
- Fine Lingerie
- Exotic Places & Hospitality
- Celebrities & Red Carpet


Every day of the week, DESTINATION broadcasts reports that explore different countries, different cultures and different traditions. DESTINATION is an invitation to travel and discover the most beautiful places around the globe. Hotels, museums, shopping, arts, craft, and gastronomy are at the heart of this program centered around a city or a country. 94 countries have already been featured on DESTINATION. These reports remain the property of LUXE .TV whose library counts more than 20,700 reports for a total of more than 1740 hours.

Best of web

Every week day, after LUXE.TODAY, the five most viewed videos on the website and via tablets and smartphones are available in the BEST OF WEB broadcast. These reports are broadcast the next day in the descending order of preference. It's a chance to see or review, on a large screen and in HD, the most popular reports among internet users.


During the weekend, LUXE.ThisWEEK presents a compilation of the best reports on LUXE.TODAY from the week, alternating with Destination.


More than 669 million households have technical access to Luxe.TV and more than 23 million of them are subscribers to the linear version of the station and 73 million are subscribed to the non linear version. LUXE.TV is broadcast in 125 countries and is distributed in 4 continents - Europe, Asia, Australie, New Zealand, Russia, Africa, the Middle-East and the United States. LUXE.TV is broadcast in digital standard MPEG4 - HD in Europe and in the Middle East via Eutelsat 9B, in Asia via AsiaSat 5 and in the United States via Dish Network. In addition, LUXE.TV is also broadcast in South Africa by Eutelsat 36B.

LUXE.TV is also broadcast in Ultra HD 4K on the Post TV network in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (channel 186).

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