Lumières Award for Best First Film

Lumières Award for Best First Film
Country France
Presented by Académie des Lumières
First awarded 2014
Currently held by Mustang (2016)
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The Lumières Award for Best First Film — Prix Heike Hurst (French: Prix Heike Hurst du meilleur premier film) is an award presented annually by the Académie des Lumières since 2014.

Winners and nominees

In the following lists, the titles and names with a blue background are the winners and recipients respectively; those not in bold are the nominees.


Year English title Original title Director (s)
Me, Myself and MumLes Garçons et Guillaume, à table !Guillaume Gallienne
Little Lion Comme un lion Samuel Collardey
Turning Tide En solitaire Christophe Offenstein
Headfirst La Tête la première Amélie van Elmbt
Nous irons vivre ailleurs Nicolas Karolszyk
Beyond the Blood Au-delà du sang Guillaume Tauveron
Love at First Fight Les Combattants Thomas Cailley
Party Girl Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger and Samuel Theis
Elle l'adore Jeanne Herry
We Did It on a Song Chante ton bac d'abord David André
May Allah Bless France! Qu'Allah bénisse la France Abd al Malik
Fool Circle Tristesse Club Vincent Mariette
MustangDeniz Gamze Ergüven
Young Tiger Bébé Tigre Cyprien Vial
Two Friends Les Deux Amis Louis Garrel
The Wakhan Front Ni le ciel ni la terre Clément Cogitore
La Vie pure Jeremy Banster
Vincent Vincent n'a pas d'écailles Thomas Salvador

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