Luck & Logic

Luck & Logic
(Raku en Rojikku)
Anime television series
Directed by Koichi Chigira
Takashi Naoya
Produced by Kengo Abe
Kôichi Kudô
Maaya Komatsu
Terushige Yoshie
Yuki Muramatsu
Written by Yuuya Takahashi
Music by Tatsuya Kato
Studio Doga Kobo
Licensed by
Network Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, TVA, BS11, TVQ, TSC, AT-X
Original run January 9, 2016 March 26, 2016
Episodes 12

Luck & Logic (ラクエンロジック Raku en Rojikku) is a media franchise created by Bushiroad with five other companies: Bandai Visual, Doga Kobo, Nitroplus, Lantis, and Yuhodo. It consists of a trading card game, with the first products released on February 28, 2016, and an anime television series by Doga Kobo that started airing on January 9, 2016.[1] The opening theme is "STORY" by Kenshō Ono and the ending theme is "Meiyaku no Kanata" (盟約の彼方) by Emi Nitta.[2]



Yoshichika Tsurugi (剣 美親 Tsurugi Yoshichika)
Voiced by: Kenshō Ono
He is a boy of 17 year old and covenant with Athena. He used to live with his father and sister.
Tamaki Yurine (揺音 玉姫 Yurine Tamaki)
Voiced by: Risa Taneda
Chloe Maxwell (クロエ・マクスウェル Kuroe Makusuweru)
Voiced by: Sora Tokui
Mana Asuha (明日葉 学 Asuha Mana)
Voiced by: Inori Minase
Veronica Ananko (ヴェロニカ・アナンコ Veronika Ananko)
Voiced by: Risa Mizuno
Yukari Nanahoshi (七星 縁 Nanahoshi Yukari)
Voiced by: Aimi Terakawa
Olga Brakechild (オルガ・ブレイクチャイルド Oruga Bureikuchairudo)
Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


Athena (アテナ Atena)
Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka
Venus (ヴィーナス Vīnasu)
Voiced by: Nao Tōyama
Valkyrie (ヴァルキリー Varukirī)
Voiced by: Chiaki Omigawa
Artemis (アルテミス Arutemisu)
Voiced by: Fumiko Orikasa
Nemesis (ネメシス Nemeshisu)
Voiced by: Izumi Kitta

Other characters

Genno Yaruno (ヤルノ現乃 Yaruno Genno)
Voiced by: Hozumi Gōda
Shiori Tsurugi (剣 しおり Tsurugi Shiori)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano
Pieri (ピエリ)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
Quetzalcoatl (ケツァルコアトル Ketsarukoatoru)
Voiced by: Ryū Nakatani
Logigraph (ロジグラフ Rojigurafu)
Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori
Lucifer (ルシフェル Rushiferu)
Voiced by: Kōsuke Toriumi



Episode list

No. Official English title[lower-alpha 1]
Original Japanese title[3]
Original air date
1 "Hero or Mob"
"Eiyū ka gunshū ka" (英雄か群衆か/Hero or Mob) 
January 9, 2016
2 "Genius or Fool"
"Tensai ka gusha ka" (天才か愚者か/Genius or Fool) 
January 16, 2016
3 "Dream or Reality"
"Risō ka genjitsu ka" (理想か 現実か/Dream or Reality) 
January 23, 2016
4 "Freedom or Restraint"
"Jiyū ka sokubaku ka" (自由か 束縛か/Freedom or Restraint) 
January 30, 2016
5 "Yesterday or Tomorrow"
"Kinō ka ashita ka" (昨日か 明日か/Yesterday or Tomorrow) 
February 6, 2016
6 "Battle or Surrender"
"Taiketsu ka kōfuku ka" (対決か 降伏か/Battle or Surrender) 
February 13, 2016
7 "Human or God"
"Hito ka kami ka" (人か 神か/Human or God) 
February 20, 2016
8 "Guilt or Innocence"
"Yūzai ka muzai ka" (有罪か 無罪か/Guilt or Innocence) 
February 27, 2016
9 "Friend or Foe"
"Teki ka mikata ka" (敵か 味方か/Friend or Foe) 
March 5, 2016
10 "Heaven or Hell"
"Tengoku ka jigoku ka" (天国か 地獄か/Heaven or Hell) 
March 12, 2016
11 "Despair or Destruction"
"Zetsubō ka hametsu ka" (絶望か 破滅か/Despair or Destruction) 
March 19, 2016
12 "Luck and Logic"
"Un to ronri to" (運と 論理と/Luck and Logic) 
March 26, 2016


  1. All English titles are taken from Funimation.

Trading Card Game

The Luck & Logic trading card game was officially released in Japan on January 28, 2016. It is set for an English release in the summer of 2016.


Luck & Logic is played between two players with pre-constructed decks. Players take turns playing cards, using abilities, and initiating battles. The game ends when one of two win conditions are met.

Win Conditions

There are two win conditions in Luck & Logic. A player wins by destroying all six of his opponent’s gates or when his opponent refreshes twice. Refreshing is the act of shuffling one’s drop zone back into the deck.

Deck Construction

These decks consist of 60 cards in total, 50 cards in the main deck and 10 cards in the gate deck. The main deck contains member, tactics, and paradox cards, and the gate deck must consist of exactly 10 gate cards. You may have up to four cards of the same name in the main deck, and up to two cards of the same Gate number in the gate deck.

Card Types


There are three types of members in Luck & Logic: Logicalists, Foreigners, and Tranceunions.

Logicalists and Foreigners are members that can combine through Trance to form Tranceunions. These members can be played from hand or "sortied" by paying its cost using "stock," as long as its level is equal to or less than the number of cards in the player’s level zone. Tranceunions may have a Logic Drive ability that can be played in the main phase, as long as the Tranceunion has "soul" under it. Tranceunions obtain "soul" when they are played through the Trance method. If they are played from the hand without using Trance, they do not have "soul" and cannot use their Logic Drive.


Tactics cards are "event" cards that can be played during a battle, and they give the player’s member an advantage in the battle.


Paradoxes are horizontal cards that, like Tactics cards, can be played during a battle. These paradoxes change the rules of the battle and may swing the outcome of the battle.


These are the cards that make up the gate deck. The gate cards are placed face-down on every circle. When a gate is destroyed, it is flipped face-up. Destroying all of the opponent’s gates is a win condition.


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