Luca Damiano

Luca Damiano
Born Franco Lo Cascio
(1946-08-29) August 29, 1946
Nationality Italian
Occupation Film director
Notable work Piedino il questurino, Un urlo dalle tenebre, Ah sì? E io lo dico a Zzzzorro!

Luca Damiano (born Franco Lo Cascio; 29 August 1946) is an Italian film director.

Born in Rome, Lo Cascio started his career as the assistant director of Fernando Di Leo in almost all the films he directed between 1967 and 1974.[1][2] In 1974 he made his directorial debut with the parody film Piedino il questurino starring Franco Franchi.[2]

After having directed a number of comedies and the supernatural thriller Un urlo dalle tenebre, in 1976 Lo Cascio withdrew from directing to focus on his distribution company "Patrizia Cinematografica" he founded together with Diego Spadaro.[2] In 1984, he adopted his stage name Luca Damiano and directed and produced numerous pornographic films.[2]

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