Lovely Muco

Lovely Muco

Cover of the first manga volume
(Itoshi no Mūko)
Written by Takayuki Mizushina
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Evening
Original run 26 April 2011 – present
Volumes 9
Anime television series
Lovely Movie: Lovely Muuuuuuuco!
Directed by Takenori Mihara
Produced by Teppei Suzuki
Music by Ippei Morofuji·YASS (Beagle Crew)
Studio Doga Kobo
Network Fuji Television
Original run 29 July 2013 23 December 2013
Episodes 21
Anime television series
Lovely Movie: Lovely Muuuuuuuco! Season 2
Directed by Takenori Mihara
Produced by Teppei Suzuki
Music by Ippei Morofuji·YASS (Beagle Crew)
Studio Doga Kobo
Network BS Fuji[1]
Original run 27 April 2014 5 October 2014
Episodes 22
Anime television series
Directed by ROMANoV HiGA
Music by Cher Watanabe
Studio DLE
Network TV Tokyo[2]
Original run 3 October 2015 26 March 2016
Episodes 25

Lovely Muco (Japanese: いとしのムーコ Hepburn: Itoshi no Mūko) is a Japanese manga written and drawn by Takayuki Mizushina. It tells the story of Muco, the Shiba Inu[3] of glassblower Komatsu-san.


Mizushina first published Lovely Muco in Evening, a magazine by Kodansha.[4] Two years later, Japanese bookstore workers voted it the sixth in the list of most recommended manga.[5] Eight volumes have been published.[4]


In 2013 and 2014, a short anime based on the manga by Doga Kobo was used as interstitials on the Fuji TV programme Non-Stop!. A separate anime series started airing on October 3, 2015.[6]


Komatsu-san (こまつさん Komatsu-san)
Voiced by: Shinichi Tanioka (Lovely Movie) / Satoshi Hino (TV Anime)
Muco (ムーコ Mūko)
Voiced by: Hitomi Yoshida (Lovely Movie & TV Anime)
Ushikou-san (うしこうさん Ushikou-san)
Voiced by: Mizuki Sano (Lovely Movie) / Junji Majima (TV Anime)
Bouda-san (棒田さん Bouda-san)
Voiced by: Taisei Kurata (Lovely Movie) / Keiji Fujiwara (TV Anime)
Rena-chan (玲奈ちゃん Rena-chan)
Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka (Lovely Movie & TV Anime)
Shinohara-san (篠原さん Shinohara-san)
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka (Lovely Movie & TV Anime)
Dr.Mutou (Veterinary) (むとう先生(獣医さん) Mutou-sensei (Jūui-san))
Voiced by: Kazuhiro Watanabe (Lovely Movie) / Hiroki Takahashi (TV Anime)
Tamaki-kun (タマキくん Tamaki-kun)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi (TV Anime)


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