Love Buffet

Love Buffet

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Also known as 愛似百匯
Ai Si Bai Hui'
Genre Romance, Comedy
Directed by Wu Jian Xin (吴建新)
Starring Reen Yu
Calvin Chen
Aaron Yan
Opening theme "守護星" (Guardian Star) by Fahrenheit
Ending theme "誤會" (Mistake) by Fahrenheit
Country of origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original language(s) Mandarin, Taiwanese
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Wang Xin Gui (王信贵)
Location(s) Changhua
Running time 75 mins
Production company(s) Comic Productions Co.
Original network FTV
Original release 19 December 2010 (2010-12-19) – 13 March 2011 (2011-03-13)
Preceded by Personal Preference (個人取向)
Followed by Love Together (愛讓我們在一起)
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Love Buffet (traditional Chinese: 愛似百匯; simplified Chinese: 爱似百汇; pinyin: Ai Si Bai Hui) is a 2010 Taiwanese drama starring Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit and Reen Yu. It was based on the shōjo manga Parfait Tic! (パフェちっく! Pafe Chikku!), written by Nagamu Nanaji. The drama was co-produced by Gala Television (GTV) and Comic Productions (可米製作股份有限公司) and directed by Wu Jian Xin (吴建新).

It was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Formosa Television (FTV,CH6 民視) from 19 December 2010 to 13 March 2011, on Sundays at 22:00 to 23:30 and cable TV Gala Television (GTV) Variety Show/CH 28 (八大綜合台) on 25 December 2010 to 19 March 2011, every Saturday at 22:00 to 23:30. This show was also broadcast in Singapore and Malaysia.


Xiao Feng (Reen Yu) is a lively girl starting her first year of university. Her life is turned upside down by the arrival of her new neighbors: Yi Cheng (Aaron Yan) and Da Ye (Calvin Chen) who lives above her. The arrival of the both of them was also one of the hot topics in the university.

After Xiao Feng starts to get along with Da Ye, Xiao Feng realized that she fell in love with Da Ye. However, Da Ye doesn't have any feelings for Xiao Feng as he treats every single girl in the same way. Sometimes, Xiao Feng felt like she is treated more "special" than the other girls.

One day, she finally decided to confess to Da Ye, but she got rejected because Da Ye told her that he doesn't know the true meaning of "LOVE". After the confession, Xiao Feng got really depressed. She didn't know that the courage to go after her true love will end up in a big mess.

Ah Yi (Aaron Yan) sees her going after her love bravely. He started to fall for her. But, there is always a "her" in his heart. But then, Xiao Feng felt the same thing towards him. Suddenly,Ying Zhi appeared in front of Xiao Feng and Ah Yi. The things become complicated between them two. Xiao Feng crawled to Da Ye (Calvin Chen).


Xing Family

Actor/Actress Character Introduction to Character
Aaron Yan (炎亚纶) Xing Yi Cheng (邢一诚) A first year student in the Department of Sociology. Has always been a genius in academics and sports. Likes to read and listen to music. Personality is very different from his cousin, Da Ye. He is not very social. So, he doesn't really talk and prefers to be alone. Other people think that he is very serious and has a bad temper. No one dares to go closer to him. But, he also like a child. He loves sweet food (especially strawberry pudding), afraid of dogs, doesn't like to talk to strangers, and likes to hide all the stuff that he likes. He used to have a "her" in his heart until Xiao Feng came into his life. She changed his thoughts about love. This lively and cheerful girl stirred up emotions in him that he hadn't felt in a long time...
Calvin Chen (辰亦儒) Xing Da Ye (邢大业) A first year student in the Department of Economics. Always has a big bright smile on his face. Very friendly and treats everyone quite well. No matter where he goes, he lights up the place with good cheer and laughter. Very social. Only wants live life to the fullest and so he tends to neglect his studies. Afraid to be alone although he is always surrounded by girls. Doesn't really understand the meaning of "LOVE" until he meets Xiao Feng. Later, he noticed that he's fallen in love with Xiao Feng.
Frances Wu (吴兆絃) Xing Gu Du (邢古都) Ah Yi's precious little sister, a little girl who has long beautiful hair. She worships her handsome and talented older brother, and wishes that she will grow up to be just like him. So she copies adult's appearance and doesn't like people treating her like a child. Because her parents aren't always around, Gu Du acts mature for her age. After Ah Yi returned to Taiwan, Gu Du felt lonely, and pesters the grown-ups that she wants to go find her brother. Discovering that her big brother likes Xiao Feng, she vents her lonely anger on Xiao Feng. But Xiao Feng doesn't give up having good relations with Gu Du. She tries to understand Gu Du and softens Gu Du's heart.
Wang Xia (王侠) JACK (邢爷爷) 70 years old. He is Ah Yi and Da Ye's grandfather. Founder of a huge instant noodles company but he is partially retired. Hopes that one of his grandson can be the successor of the company. Has a humorous personality just like Da Ye. Although he is already 70 years old, he still loves to hang out with the young people. He often go for vacations with his wife. Only cared about his young generation's love life for once in his life. It was when Ah Yi and Ying Zhi were together. He thinks that Ying Zhi's appearance can only destroy Ah Yi's life.
Bili Wang (比莉) ROSE (邢奶奶) 65 years old. She is Ah Yi and Da Ye's grandmother. Been together with Jack since she was 18 years old. Just by her looks, she still looks really young. Dresses up very elegantly. Likes to care about her grandchild's love life.
Jane Wang (王静莹) Zhuang Ya Han (庄雅涵) Da Ye's mother. Confident, outspoken successful career woman, she wears stylish and fashionable clothes, sometimes she's a bit funny, but once she gets talking she's full of energy. Her relationship with Da Ye is like an older sister with her younger brother.
Ying Cai Ling (应采灵) Ah Yi's mother. From appearances, she and Da Ye's mom are different. She is a quiet, gentle lady.

Hu Family

Actor/Actress Character Introduction to Character
Reen Yu (喻虹渊) Hu Xiao Feng (胡小风) A first year student in the Department of Sociology. She is in the same class as Ah Yi but she is not a smart person. She is the best helper to all the mothers in their neighborhood. Every single kid in the neighborhood likes her. She has a special "power" when she is dealing with kids. She knows how to make them smile whenever they are sad. When Ah Yi and Da Ye moves into the same neighborhood as her, she starts to feel curious about the both of them. She starts to get along with them. Then, a love story begins.
Liang You Lin (梁又琳) Hu Xiao Yun (胡小云) Xiao Feng's sister. She is a cartoonist who always stays at home. She wears a big glasses with thick black frames which make her look nerdy but the truth is she is a beauty when she dresses up. She always dreamed that she is in love with the male lead in her comics. Whenever she is in a rush of handing in her drafts, she will need Xiao Feng to stay up the entire night to help her. When Ah Yi and Da Ye moves in, they were also forced to help out. When she sees the love-triangle in between Xiao Feng, Ah Yi and Da Ye, she starts to get really interested in it. So, she made their love life into a manga. She didn't expect that the manga would become very popular, she got a contract with a publisher and became a famous manga artist.
Bu Xue Liang (卜学亮) Hu Wan Jun (胡万峻) Xiao Feng's dad. He works in the shopping channel as a sales staff. A very friendly and happy-looking person. His relationship between his daughters and him are just like friends. A really good cook.
Lotus Wang (王彩华) Jiang Cai Juan (江彩娟) Xiao Feng's mother. Has a really young heart and in terms of thinking. She is an online food commenter. However, she doesn't know how to cook.


Actor/Actress Character Introduction to Character
Shumetheny Chen (陈德修) Ah Ji (阿基) A first year student in the Department of Economics. In the same class as Da Ye. His hometown is in Penghu, he lives by himself off-campus, and during lunch hour he works in the school cafeteria. Treats his friends very sincerely. He knows that he is not a hot guy but whenever he meets his true love, he faces it and goes for it. He loves music and he is the President of the Guitar Club. He is very confident whenever he has a guitar in his hands and thinks that he looks really hot whenever he plays it in front of the girls but, the truth is all the girls start running away. In the beginning, he thought that Xiao Feng likes him, but it was just a misunderstanding.
Cynthia Wang (王心如) Teng Qiu Ying (藤秋樱) A second year student in the Department of Economics. She is the President of the Tennis Club. Known as the campus beauty. All guys like her and all the girls admire her. She is actually very direct and her tongue can be quite poisonous. Hides her true personality behind the image of perfection. When Da Ye was shifted to the university, he became really popular. She starts to get interested in him. No matter what she does, she still can't win Da Ye's heart. However, she became best friends with Xiao Feng.
Patty Hou (侯佩岑) Yi Ying Zhi (易颖芝) 26 years old. She used to work at the Xing company as a secretary. Has a boyfriend which works at Shanghai and comes back to Taiwan sometimes. She felt lonely without her boyfriend. She is very serious in her relationships. Ah Yi is her best listener. Whenever she has any problems, she will look for Ah Yi to talk to or spend time with. Ah Yi fell in love with her but she only treats Ah Yi like her little brother or a really close friend. When she left, she only left a mug behind.
Wei Wei (幃幃) Xiao Sen (小森) 18 years old. A first year student in the Department of Socialisms. Xiao Feng's best friend and also classmate. Never had a love relationship before. Thinks fast and helps Xiao Feng in solving love problems.
Qiu Er (球儿) Da Lin (大林) 18 years old. A first year student in the Department of Socialisms. Xiao Feng's best friend and also classmate. Doesn't have many experiences in love but she has 5 brothers. Therefore, she can give advises to Xiao Feng at the perspective of a guy.
Amber An (安心亞)[1] Ying Jin (宜静) The secretary of the student's council. Has a crush on Ah Yi. Starts dressing up exactly like Xiao Feng when she noticed that Ah Yi likes Xiao Feng. Told Xiao Feng that Ah Yi still likes her although she is already with Da Ye.

Guest Star

Actor/Actress Character
Wu Xiong (五熊/蔡颐榛) Customer of a restaurant.
Bo Yan (博焱) Customer of a restaurant.
Benji (班傑) Customer of a restaurant who borrowed a chair from Xiao Feng's table.
Si Wei Hongzheng (寺唯宏正) Customer of a restaurant.
Han (寒/蔡芷纭) Customer of a restaurant.
Ken Wu (吴建恒) Radio DJ.
Pets Ceng (曾沛慈) Da Ye's senior.


Opening Theme

Ending Theme

Insert Songs


Formosa Television (FTV) (民視) Ratings
Original date of broadcast Episode Ratings Ranking
19 December 2010 1 1.09 2
26 December 2010 2 1.02 3
2 January 2011 3 0.88 2
9 January 2011 4 0.88 2
16 January 2011 5 1.04 1
23 January 2011 6 1.41 1
30 January 2011 7 1.82 1
6 February 2011 8 1.41 1
13 February 2011 9 1.13 2
20 February 2011 10 1.22 2
27 February 2011 11 1.32 1
6 March 2011 12 1.28 2
13 March 2011 13 1.15 2
Average 1.20 -


Love Buffet Pictorial Book


20 May 2009 Love Buffet Press Conference: Love Buffet's male leads will be Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen. Joanne Zeng as the female lead.[5]
23 July 2009 Filming begins at Yuanlin, Changhua.
28 August 2009 Due to the 88 Typhoon Morakot, filming was stopped as many of the filming sets were destroyed by the typhoon.[6]
25 February 2010 Rumoured that Joanne Zeng will not be the female lead.
8 March 2010 Reen Yu was confirmed to be the female lead.[7]
11 March 2010 A costume-fitting session was held.
15 April 2010 Filming officially continues.
4 June 2010 A fan-meeting event was held at the MingDao University.[8]
June 2010 Aaron Yan faints on the filming set.[9]
21 June 2010 Patty Hou guest starred in Love Buffet.
July 2010 Karen Mok guest starred in Love Buffet. Her appearance can be seen at the last episode.
18 August 2010 Filming officially ended.
25 August 2010 Wrap-up party.
19 December 2010 Love Buffet set to premiere on FTV.[10]

International broadcast


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