Love's Brother

Love's Brother
Directed by Jan Sardi
Written by Jan Sardi
Starring Giovanni Ribisi
Adam Garcia
Joe Petruzzi
Amelia Warner
Release dates
Country Australia
Language English

Love's Brother is a 2004 film written and directed by Jan Sardi.


Angelo Donnini and his younger brother Gino are of Italian origin, living in Australia in the 1950s. Angelo is insecure, silent and introverted and not at all good-looking, while Gino is the complete opposite: outgoing, funny and handsome. Angelo looks for a wife and writes letters to Italian girls in hope of a match. But his letters are always returned with his photograph. One day, he desperately sends a new letter with a picture of his brother to Rosetta, who falls in love instantly with the man in the picture and therefore accepts his marriage proposal. When she arrives in Australia she is of course appalled that Angelo does not look like the man she thought she had married. However, she stays, to try to gain Gino's affections. But Gino has a girlfriend, Connie, a wise and tough girl who knows exactly what she wants. She loves Gino, but wishes he possessed more of Angelo's qualities. Though Gino tries to avoid Rosetta, he cannot help but eventually fall in love with her. Gino and Connie have an argument and they call it quits, and Angelo and Connie start to develop a romance. In the end, Rosetta, believing that she has failed to gain Gino's affections, decides to return to Italy with the help of Father Alfredo. Gino follows her onto the ship and they embrace. The couple then marry. In the final scene of the film, which seems to be few years later, it shows the wedding party of Connie and Angelo, while Gino is married to Rosetta and they have a newborn baby.

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Box office

Love's Brother grossed $977,106 at the box office in Australia.[1]

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