Lorenz Chrysanth von Vest

Lorenz Chrysanth von Vest; lithograph by Josef Kriehuber.

Lorenz Chrysanth von Vest (18 November 1776, in Klagenfurt 15 December 1840, in Graz) was an Austrian physician and botanist.

He studied medicine in Vienna and at the University of Freiburg, where in 1798 he received his doctorate. After a stint in the military, he settled into a medical practice in his hometown of Klagenfurt (1800). From 1804 to 1812 he taught classes in theoretical and practical medicine at the lyceum in Klagenfurt, and afterwards worked as a professor of botany and chemistry at the Johanneum in Graz. In 1829 he was appointed chief regional physician and health advisor to the Styrian government.[1][2]

In 1809 the plant genus Vestia (family Solanaceae) was named on his honor by Carl Ludwig Willdenow.[3]

Selected works


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