Lomax, the Hound of Music

Lomax, the Hound of Music

Lomax, the Hound of Music, on PBS Kids.
Created by Christopher Cerf
Norman Stiles
Louise Gikow
Written by Christopher Cerf
Norman Stiles
Louise Gikow
Sarah Durkee
Peter K. Hirsch
Brian Meehl
Luis Santeiro
Directed by Richard Fernandes
Hugh Martin
Lisa Simon
Starring Lomax (Peter Linz)
Delta (Jennifer Barnhart)
Amy (Amy Miles)
Louise and Clark (Pam Arciero, Jim Kroupa)
Fred the Conductor (Fred Newman)
Country of origin United States (2008 series)
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Christopher Cerf
Norman Stiles
Richard Fernandes
Richard Moore
Running time 22 minutes (approx. per episode)
Original network PBS
Original release December 2008

Lomax, the Hound of Music was a PBS Kids TV series that brings together puppets, humans, live music and animation to promote musical education for children ages 3–7, inspired by John Feierabend's "First Steps in Music" [1] curriculum for music educators. Created by Christopher Cerf, Norman Stiles and Louise Gikow, and produced by Sirius Thinking, Ltd., Eyevox, Inc., and Connecticut Public Television, Lomax first aired in December 2008, and immediately gained a reputation as a show that follows in the tradition of acclaimed educational children's TV series like Sesame Street, and Between the Lions.[2]

Lomax, the Hound of Music follows the adventures of Lomax (named for American ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax), a good-natured, melody-obsessed puppet pooch, his feline sidekick, Delta, and their human companion, Amy, on a tune-filled train ride crisscrossing the musical landscape of America. With the help - and full participation - of real kids on the train, on location, Lomax and his friends track down the wonderful songs that form the heart of America's diverse musical heritage.[3]


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