Lois Kibbee

Lois Kibbee
Born July 13, 1922
Wheeling, West Virginia
Died October 18, 1993
New York City, New York

Lois Kibbee (July 13, 1922 October 18, 1993) was an American actress.

Kibbee was born in Wheeling, West Virginia.[1] The daughter of actor Milton Kibbee and the niece of actor Guy Kibbee, Kibbee played in a number of television and film roles.

On TV, Kibbee's most notable roles were on daytime soap operas. She had a long run as wealthy Geraldine Weldon Whitney Saxon on the CBS/ABC daytime soap opera The Edge of Night, where she appeared from 1970–71 and again from 1973 until the show's end in 1984. She also portrayed frosty matriarch Emily Moore Matson on NBC's Somerset from 1972–73, a character whose eccentric family was involved in a murder storyline centered on "Jingles the Clown". Later in her career she played powerful matriarch Elizabeth Sanders on ABC's One Life to Live (from 1986–88 and again in 1989).

In film, Kibbee may be best remembered for her role in the film Caddyshack as Mrs. Smalls. Her character was involved in several of the film's jokes, including a scene where a candy bar in a swimming pool is mistakenly identified as human feces.

Kibbee died of a brain tumor on October 18, 1993, in New York City.

Writing career

Kibbee was a writer on The Edge of Night and co-wrote the book "The Bennett Playbill" about the life of the Bennett acting family, particularly film, stage and television star, Joan Bennett. While Henry Slesar was headwriter for the CBS soap Capitol, Kibbee briefly contributed a few scripts as well. According to her New York Times obituary, Kibbee had been writing a book about her family's history as performers at the time of her death.[2]

Awards and nominations

Kibbee was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award in the category of Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role in a Daytime Drama Series in 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1984 and Outstanding Writing Team in 1982 with Henry Slesar.



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