Local news

In journalism, local news refers to coverage of events, by the news, in a local context that wouldn't be an interest of another locality, or otherwise be of national or international scope.


Opt-outs of local television news are frequent during, before or after national evening news television programming. In certain countries/regions, such as the United States, local news is provided on local commercial broadcasting channels (some of which are television network affiliates). In other countries, such as the United Kingdom, most local news is provided on a local network station with similar branding and studio design to that of the national network news. Examples of this include the nationally networked BBC News and its regional news services such as BBC North West Tonight (on BBC North West) and BBC Newsline (on BBC Northern Ireland); also the nationally networked ITV News and its regional stations including ITV Granada and UTV.


Local news largely covers the following:

National and international news, however, tend to cover a wider range of content, including news concerning specialized institutions of wide-ranging international power or influence, such as:

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