Liz Climo

Liz Climo
Born (1981-07-24) July 24, 1981
Silicon Valley
Occupation Cartoonist, animator, writer
Nationality American
Education San Jose State University
Genre children's literature, picture book, webcomic

Liz Climo (born July 24, 1981) is an American cartoonist, animator, children's book author, and illustrator. She is best known for her webcomics, which she posts regularly to her website, The Little World of Liz, and her Rory the Dinosaur children's book series. She has also been animating on the television series The Simpsons since 2003.[1]


Climo was born and raised in Silicon Valley, where she attended San Jose State University. Before graduating, Climo was hired as an animator on The Simpsons and moved to Los Angeles.[1]

After working in the industry for a few years, Climo started a blog on Tumblr, where she occasionally posted comics and drawings. The blog eventually gained momentum, which led to her career in publishing.[1] Since then, Climo has worked as a children's book author, has published calendars, and has a successful greeting card line featured at Target and Walmart.[2]

Climo currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.[3]




Year Title Notes
2007 The Simpsons Movie Artist


Year Title Notes
2003-present The Simpsons Animator, Animatic layout Artist, Character Layout Artist, Lead Character Layout Artist,
2011 The LeBrons Storyboard Artist
2016 Harvey Beaks Writer & Storyboard Artist (Double Digits)


Climo and her work have been featured by publications and websites including The Huffington Post,[8] The Toast,[9] The Daily Dot,[1] HitFix,[10] Flavorwire,[11] and The National Post (Ontario).[12] Her works have been translated into 8 languages, and she is a bestselling author in China.[13]

School Library Journal calls Climo's debut book "a read-aloud option with broad appeal" and "an excellent addition for most collections."[14] The Horn Book Guide to Children's and Young Adult Books affirms that "love between father and son abounds on each spread,"[15] while Kirkus Reviews adds that "readers will appreciate the clean design and the warm and humorous story; they'll hope Rory sets off again soon."[16]

Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet, Climo's second book, has been called "a cheerfully absurd portrait of unconditional love" (Publishers Weekly), "a fun book to share with the very young either one-on-one or in small groups" (School Library Journal).[17] School Library Journal praises Climo's "simple yet clear, colorful, and expressive" illustrations,[18] while Kirkus Reviews lauds her "lighthearted approach" and describes the title as "an appealing read-aloud" with an "innocent silliness."[19]


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