List of television stations in Sweden

This is a list of television channels that broadcast for a Swedish language audience.

Channels holding a broadcasting license for the terrestrial network are marked "(DTT)."

Public non-commercial networks


The public television channels are mostly funded by a license fee and broadcast free-to-air.

SVT has 12 regional news districts.

Swedish private commercial networks

These are privately owned television channels that are solely, or almost solely, directed at Sweden. Many such channels don't broadcast from Sweden, but nevertheless target a Swedish audience.

TV4 is the only commercial channel ever to have broadcast nationally in the Swedish analogue terrestrial network, but the arrival of digital terrestrial television saw the TV4 monopoly on commercial television broken.

TV4 Group

Viasat / MTG

SBS Discovery Media

Viacom International Media Networks Europe


Regional terrestrial channels:

Pan-Nordic channels

These channels mostly target the Nordic countries. Most channels carry subtitles and/or audio in Swedish.

Viasat / MTG

TV4 Group

Turner Broadcasting System Europe

Disney–ABC Television Group

The video streams are pan-Nordic, but audio streams and subtitles are separate:

BBC Worldwide


Pan-European channels

These are channels targeting all of Europe. This section may include virtually all channels available from any satellite that can be received in Sweden, but this list mostly concerns encrypted channels that are available from Swedish satellite distributors. Some have Swedish subtitles.

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Public access stations

Cable operators with more than 100 households are required by law to carry extra space for a local cable channel.

Defunct channels


Television packages and distributors in Sweden:

Digital terrestrial:

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