List of programs broadcast by Adult Swim

This is a list of television programs formerly or currently broadcast on Cartoon Network's late night block, Adult Swim in the United States. Although both networks share the same time space, Adult Swim is classified as a separate entity for the purposes of Nielsen ratings.

Original programming


These are the programs that are currently in production or currently airing new episodes on Adult Swim. This does not include shows that are airing in syndication on Adult Swim or re-running programs.

Title Originally aired Description
Black Jesus 2014–present Live-action comedy by Aaron McGruder and Mike Clattenburg . Renewed for a third season.[1]
Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule 2010–present A Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! spin-off featuring the character Dr. Steve Brule. Fourth season premiered June 17, 2016.[2] As of November 2016, there is no announcement on whether or not the show will get a fifth season.
Daytime Fighting League 2016–present An Internet streaming show from, about sixteen amateur fighters in bizarre wrestling matches, produced by Adult Swim Digital and School of Humans. Half-hour adaptations of the streaming show are broadcast on TV at 4am, edited for time.
Decker: Unclassified 2016–present Live-action series starring Tim Heidecker that parodies the action movie genre. Based on the web series, Decker. Premiered June 17.[3] Renewed for a second season.[4]
Dream Corp, LLC 2016–present Created by Daniel Stessen. Executive produced by John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant, with Allyson Seeger.[5]
The Eric Andre Show 2012–present A parody talk show hosted by Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress.
FishCenter 2015–present A daily live Internet streaming show from, based around the fish of the Williams St. aquarium, with related coin scoring rounds and call-in games. 11-minute adaptations of the live shows would broadcast on TV sporadically at 4am for a few weeks.
Infomercials 2013–present Quarter-hour American television comedy specials that lampoon the infomercial format as well as other graveyard slot programming.
Mike Tyson Mysteries 2014–present Comedy series about Mike Tyson. Premiered October 27, 2014. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment.[6]
Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace 2016–present 15 minute live action sketch comedy starring Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort, and Charles Carroll.[7] A rough cut of episode 101 was showing during the April 7, 2016 edition of's webseries, Development Meeting.
Mr. Pickles 2014–present Animated series by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart. The pilot was released online on July 29, 2013 as part of a vote to decide whether or not the pilot would air on August 26.[8] Renewed for a second season. The second season premiered on April 17, 2016.[9]
Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter 2015–present Live action, originally aired as a miniseries created by Jon Glaser and produced by PFFR.[10] Has been renewed for a second season.[11][12]
Off the Air 2011–presentTelevision/Internet Video Anthology series. Premiered January 1, 2011. New episodes air independently on an inconsistent basis. The sixth season premiered on May 24, 2016.
Rick and Morty 2013–present Series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.[6] Renewed for a third season.
Robot Chicken 2005–present The eighth season premiered on October 25, 2015.[2]
Squidbillies 2005–present The tenth season premiered on July 10, 2016.[13]
Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories 2014–present Live-action series by comedy stars Tim and Eric.[6] Pilot premiered October 31, 2013. Regular series premiered on September 18, 2014. Two more specials to come.[2]
The Venture Bros. 2003–present As of 2016, it is the longest running original series on Adult Swim, still in production. Renewed for a seventh season.
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell 2013–present Created by Dave Willis and Casper Kelly. Renewed for a third season.


These are programs that aired first-run on Adult Swim that are now cancelled. If the show is cancelled, it is in this section even if it airs in reruns on Adult Swim.

Title Originally aired Description
12 oz. Mouse2005–06 Ended in December 2006 with 20 episodes. A one-off webisode was released online on May 16, 2007.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force2001–2015Seasons 8-11 each go under a different alternative title. It is the first series on the network to be adapted for a feature-length film. Ended on August 30, 2015 with 139 episodes. One episode was never aired.
Assy McGee2006–08 Created by Carl Adams, Matt Harrigan and H. Jon Benjamin. Ended on July 6, 2008 with 20 episodes.
The Big O II2003 Co-produced by Cartoon Network. Toonami staff have stated it may return in the future.
Black Dynamite2012–15Executive produced by Carl Jones. Ended on January 10, 2015 with 20 episodes.[14][15]
The Boondocks2005–2014 The fourth season was produced without the involvement of series creator Aaron McGruder. Ended on June 23, 2014 with 55 episodes. Two episodes were never aired in the United States.
Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio 2016 Animated sketch comedy series created by Brad Neely. Ended with 10 episodes on September 18, 2016. Canceled on November 15, 2016.[16]
The Brak Show2001–03 Spin-off of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The cancellation announcement was unexpectedly made on New Year's Eve 2003. It ended in December 2003 with 28 episodes. A one-off webisode was released online on May 24, 2007.
Childrens Hospital 2010–16 A live-action parody of hospital dramas. The seven season premiered on January 22, 2016.[17] Rob Corddry has announced that this will be the show's final season.[18]
China, IL 2011–15 Created by Brad Neely. Ended on June 14, 2015 with 30 episodes.[19]
Delocated 2008–2013 Ended March 7, 2013 with 30 episodes.
The Drinky Crow Show2007–09Ended January 25, 2009 with 10 episodes. Based on Tony Millionaire's character from the Maakies comic strip. Series cancellation was confirmed in a Maakies comic.[20]
Eagleheart 2011–14 Produced by Conaco, and stars Chris Elliott. Ended on January 16, 2014 with 34 episodes.[21]
Fat Guy Stuck in Internet2007–08 Ended in August 2008 with 10 episodes.[22]
Frisky Dingo2006–08 Created by Matt Thompson and Adam Reed of 70/30 Productions. Ended March 23, 2008 with 25 episodes.
The Greatest Event in Television History2012–14 Each episode aired periodically by itself as a series of specials. Creator Adam Scott confirmed that it has ended.
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law2001–07Ended July 22, 2007 with 39 episodes.
The Heart, She Holler 2011–15 Premiered November 1, 2011. New episodes aired night after night on Sundays–Fridays continuously until the season finale, a practice rarely used on Adult Swim. Ended after 28 episodes.
Home Movies2001–04Originally aired on UPN. After cancellation by the network, Adult Swim picked up the series and ordered new episodes. Ended in April 2004 with 52 episodes.
Hot Package 2013–15 A live-action parody of entertainment news programs featuring found footage and bizarre film and TV clips. Created by Derrick Beckles. Ended after 18 episodes.
The Jack and Triumph Show2015Ended on April 3, 2015 with a total of 7 episodes.[23]
King Star King 2014 Animated series by JJ Villard. The pilot was released online on July 22, 2013 as part of a vote to decide whether or not it will air on August 26.[24] The pilot episode aired on November 3, 2013 as daylight saving time filler during Toonami. The remainder of the series premiered online on June 15, 2014. The series began airing on television on July 11, 2014 and finished on December 6.[25]
Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil2005–07Ended on November 11, 2007 with 11 episodes.
Loiter Squad 2012–14 An alternative sketch comedy series featuring rap group OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), produced by Dimitry Elyashkevich and Jeff Tremaine of Dickhouse. Ended on July 17, 2014 with 31 episodes.[26]
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole 2010–12 A stop-motion animated series from Dino Stamatopoulos, creator of Moral Orel. The series ended on March 25, 2012 with 20 episodes. One episode was pulled and never released.
Metalocalypse 2006–2013 A one-hour special entitled Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem was released on October 27, 2013. Brendon Small is exploring ways to end the series, which he says will likely not be a fifth season.[27]
Minoriteam2005–06Ended in July 2006 with 20 episodes.
Mongo Wrestling Alliance2011 Created by Metalocalypse co-creator Tommy Blacha. Ended on July 31, 2011 with 10 episodes.
Moral Orel2005–08; 2012 Ended in December 2008 with 43 episodes. A one-off special titled "Beforel Orel: Trust" aired on November 19, 2012.
Newsreaders 2013–2015 Fictional news magazine parody spin-off from Childrens Hospital. Ended after 24 episodes.
NTSF:SD:SUV::2011–13Short for National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle. On indefinite hiatus.[28]
Perfect Hair Forever2004–07; 2014The first season ended with 6 episodes. A second season consisting of one single episode aired on April 1, 2007 as part of an April Fools' Day prank. Seven years after ending two stand-alone episodes premiered unannounced as another April Fools' Day prank on April 1, 2014.
The Restless Bell2012Premiered September 4, 2012.[29]
The Rising Son2009Ended in 2009 with 4 episodes.
Saul of the Mole Men2007Ended in 2007 with 20 episodes.
Sealab 20212001–05Based on the Saturday morning Hanna-Barbera series Sealab 2020. Ended in April 2005 with 52 episodes.
Soul Quest Overdrive 2011 Spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force starring David Cross, H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal and Gavin McInnes. It was picked up for six episodes in 2010.[30] The first 4 episodes premiered in Adult Swim's "DVR Theater" May 24, 2011.[31] McInnes confirmed the series was canceled. Two episodes never aired.
Space Ghost Coast to Coast2001–04 Originally aired on Cartoon Network from 1994 until 2001. It was moved to Adult Swim when the block premiered in 2001. Initially ended in April 2004 with 93 episodes. A series of short webisodes were released on GameTap from May 30, 2006 until May 31, 2008, bringing the series total to 104 episodes.
Stroker and Hoop2004–05 Ended in December 2005 with 13 episodes.
Superjail! 2007–2014Ended on July 20, 2014 with 36 episodes.[32]
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!2007–2010; 2010Ended on May 2, 2010 with 50 episodes. A one-hour Christmas special entitled Tim and Eric's Chrimbus Special, premiered on December 5, 2010.
Titan Maximum 2009Ended on November 22, 2009 with 9 episodes.[33]
Tom Goes to the Mayor2004–06Ended in September 2006 with 30 episodes. Creators Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric) went on to make several other programs for Adult Swim.
Xavier: Renegade Angel2007–09Ended in 2009 with 20 episodes.[34] The show usually airs during the 4:15 AM ET slot on weeknights during November.
You're Whole 2012–13Mock self-help infomercial starring Michael Ian Black. Ended on December 2, 2013 with 8 episodes.[35]


Title Set to air Description
FLCL 2017Premiered August 4, 2003.[36] Adult Swim often used a bump to state that the credits for this show were never shown because they were entirely in Japanese. The irony is that this "bumper" would be shown after all the Japanese credits. Premiered on Toonami October 26, 2013. A sequel series co-produced by Adult Swim and Production I.G. is currently in the works (therefore making it an Adult Swim original anime). It expected to air in 2017.[37]
Samurai Jack2017A Cartoon Network series created by Genndy Tartakovsky, which originally aired from 2001 until 2004. Reruns of the first four seasons on Adult Swim started in 2014 as part of Toonami. A brand new fifth season premieres in the 2016–2017 programming season.[38] It is the second Cartoon Network original series to air on Adult Swim.

Original specials

Title Set to air Description
Mr. Neighbor's House December 2, 2016[39] Parody of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Created by Brian Huskey, Jason Mantzoukas and Jesse Falcon.[40]

Syndicated programming


Title Originally aired Description
American Dad!2005–present Latest episodes air one week, after their original debut on TBS.
Bob's Burgers 2013–present Premiered June 23, 2013.[41] Originally airing on Sundays and Mondays, then just Sundays, it now airs every weekday.
The Cleveland Show 2012–present Premiered on Adult Swim in September 2012.[25]
Dragon Ball Z Kai2014–present Premiered November 8, 2014, in uncut format. Was previously aired by Nicktoons and The CW's defunct Toonzai and Vortexx blocks, both edited for broadcast.
Family Guy2003–present Until Season 15, the latest episodes aired eight days after their original debut on Fox. Material that has been edited or altered from Fox broadcasts often appear on Adult Swim broadcasts.
Hunter × Hunter (2011) 2016–present Premiered on April 16, 2016, replacing Parasyte -the maxim-.[42][43]
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2016–present Premiered on October 15, 2016, replacing One-Punch Man.[44]
King of the Hill2009–present First premiered on Adult Swim on January 1, 2009. Ended on September 13, 2009.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2016–present Premiered June 4, 2016, replacing Dimension W.[45]
Naruto: Shippuden2014–present Sequel series to Naruto. The series premiered January 4, 2014.[46] Was previously aired by Disney XD up until episode 97, when the network removed the show from its schedule. Neon Alley premiered Shippuden episodes after Disney XD removed it almost a year later.
One Piece2013–present Premiered on May 18, 2013, starting at episode 207.
One-Punch Man2016–presentPremiered July 16, 2016, replacing Samurai Champloo.[47]


Title Set to air Description
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:00962017TV re-edit of the Gundam Unicorn OVA series. Premieres January 7, 2017, replacing Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.[48]


Title Originally aired Description
Attack on Titan2014–15 Aired from May 3, 2014 until November 1, 2014.[49] Returned for a second run on March 28, 2015 until September 26, 2015.[50]
Akame ga Kill!2015–16 Premiered on August 8, 2015, replacing Kill la Kill.[51] Ended on February 20, 2016 and replaced by Dimension W.
Astro Boy2007–08,
April 1, 2012
Original Astro Boy series from the 1960s. Only the first 52 episodes aired.
Baby Blues2002–04, 2009–2011 Based on the popular comic strip. Canceled by The WB with 13 episodes. The last 5 episodes from the first season premiered for the first time on Adult Swim.
Beware the Batman2014Premiered May 10, 2014.[52] The series was put in turnaround in September 2014. Adult Swim aired the remaining episodes in an early morning marathon on September 28, 2014.[53]
The Big O2003–08,
April 1, 2012,
Rights to air Season 1 from Sunrise have expired.
Black Lagoon20142006 anime series based on the manga series of the same name. Premiered March 22, 2014.[54]
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage2014Sequel series to Black Lagoon. Began airing July 18, 2014.[55]
Bleach2006–2015 Premiered September 9, 2006. Ended on November 1, 2014, and was later removed in February 2015.[56]
Blood+2007–09 Based on the movie Blood: The Last Vampire and the books that followed. The first run on Adult Swim aired from March 11, 2007 to March 23, 2008. A second run was never completed, as it was pulled from the lineup on December 14, 2009. The airing rights to the series expired in early 2010.[57]
Blue Exorcist2014The series began airing on Toonami on February 22, 2014 and completed its run on August 10, 2014.
Blue Gender2003Premiered August 4, 2003[58]
The Bob Clampett Show2001–03Assortment of classic Looney Tunes cartoons, all of which were directed or produced by celebrated animator Bob Clampett (hence the title). Originally aired on Cartoon Network.
Cartoon Planet2005–06 A block spun off from Space Ghost Coast to Coast which aired comedy sketches alongside the theatrical shorts and classic cartoon shows usually shown on Cartoon Network. Later re-ran as a 22-episode half-hour variety series featuring the block's interstitials, which was used for filler in the 5–6 a.m. time slot.
Case Closed2004–05Also known as Detective Conan. Ended after 50 episodes due to low ratings.[59] Episode 48 was skipped due to the upcoming Olympics.
Clerks2008–2010Ran its entirety in 2008.
Casshern Sins2012 Premiered May 26, 2012 on Toonami. Rights to the series expired in November 2012.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion2008–2010Finished its 25-episode run on October 25, 2008. The sequel series, R2, began the following week. The rights expired on April 23, 2010. It is now licensed by Funimation.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R22008–2010Finished its 25-episode run on June 6, 2009. The rights expired on April 23, 2010. The anime is now licensed by Funimation.
Cowboy Bebop2001–2013, 2014–15 Premiered Sunday, September 2, 2001.[60] Adult Swim's first anime series. Several episodes were aired out of sequence during the show's first run due to content that was deemed not appropriate for a period immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The rights to the series expired in 2013, but Toonami posted on its Tumblr that it is confident the show will return and when it does it will be a remastered version.[61] The series returned to the Adult Swim lineup Saturday, July 26, 2014.[62] Removed in February 2015. Toonami staff have stated it may return in the future.[56]
Deadman Wonderland2012; 2015 Premiered on May 26, 2012. The series finale aired August 11, 2012. Returned for a second run on January 3, 2015 to March 21, 2015.
Death Note2007–2010Episode 37 aired on July 6, 2008, ending the first run of the series. A second run began later that year. Sometime during this run the series aired two episodes back-to-back on Saturdays, which was increased to four episodes toward the end of the third run, so that it could be completed before the airing rights expired. At the end of the series' third full run, it was pulled from the schedule, with Episode 37 (the final episode of the series) being the last episode aired. Shortly thereafter, in early 2010, the airing rights to the series expired, along with those of Blood+.[63]
Dimension W2016 Premiered on February 27, 2016, replacing Akame ga Kill!.[64] Ended on May 14, 2016.
Durarara!!2011–12 Durarara!!, often romanized as DRRR!! in Japan, is a Japanese light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita, with illustrations by Suzuhito Yasuda, that has also been adapted in to a Japanese anime series. The series premiered on Saturday, June 25, 2011 and ended on Saturday, December 17, 2011. Pulled from Adult Swim's lineup following the relaunch of Toonami. Episodes were streamed on Adult Swim's website until June 2013.
Eureka Seven2006–08, 2012–13Episodes 26–50 aired with special disclaimers warning viewers about the content of the episodes during the program's 2006–08 runs. The airing rights expired right after its then-final rerun in 2008, but were renewed in August 2012. The series aired until August 2013, where it was removed from the schedule following completion of one full run. The Toonami staff have stated that it is highly unlikely that the series will ever return to Adult Swim.
Fullmetal Alchemist2004–2010 Premiered on November 6, 2004 and ended on March 18, 2006. Continued to air reruns until 2010, where it was replaced by the reboot of the anime, entitled Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The series has been not aired on the network since. On November 19, 2012, it was confirmed on Toonami's Tumblr account that Adult Swim no longer has the rights to air the original Fullmetal Alchemist. Episode 51, titled "Laws and Promises", aired with a special disclaimer, warning viewers about the content of the episode.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood2010–14 Premiered February 13, 2010.[65] The series is a remake of the series Fullmetal Alchemist, based on the events of the manga as opposed to the separate direction the original anime went into. New episodes returned on January 8, 2011 and ended on September 25, 2011. Rights to the series expired in January 2015, and the last airing was December 13, 2014.[66]
Futurama2003–07Aired from 2003 until 2007. Reruns and new episodes started on Comedy Central in 2008.
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace2006–09Series ended production in 2004 on Channel 4. Aired on Adult Swim in 2006 and 2009. Also aired on Syfy.
The Gary Coleman Show2006 1980s Hanna-Barbera series. Aired on Boomerang and Cartoon Network previously.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex2004–2014 Episode 10, titled "Jungle Cruise" airs with a special disclaimer, warning viewers about the content of the episode. Toonami staff have stated it may return in the future.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG2005–2015 The second season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Airs after Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex finishes its run. Removed in February 2015. Toonami staff have stated it may return in the future.[56]
April 1, 2012
Formerly aired on Boomerang. Used as filler material for the 5:30AM–6:00AM time slot from 2005 to 2007.
God, the Devil and Bob2011 A NBC series that was cancelled in 2000, after airing 4 out of 13 episodes. It premiered on Adult Swim on January 1, 2011, with 9 of the existing episodes airing in the United States for the first time.[31]
Gurren Lagann2014–15Premiered August 16, 2014 2am/1c.[67] Completed its run on March 21, 2015 on Toonami.
Hellsing Ultimate2014Premiered Saturday, September 13, 2014.[68] New episodes premiered Saturday nights.[69]
IGPX 2013–15 Premiered April 28, 2013 on Toonami. A collaborative project between Production I.G and Cartoon Network. Originally aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block from 2005 to 2006. The rights were forfeited by Cartoon Network for tax deductions in 2006, but were reacquired from Production I.G in 2013. It is Toonami's first and only original series. The series ceased airing May 3, 2014. The series will return to Adult Swim, according to the Toonami staff. Returned January 3, 2015. Removed after January 25, 2015 due to poor ratings and loss of hour.
InuYasha2002–2014 Premiered on Adult Swim August 31, 2002. Toonami began airing reruns of the series in November 2012, and continued to do so until Adult Swim's rights to the series expired on March 2, 2014, following the uncut premiere of episode 127. From 2002 to early 2013, the series aired with slight edits for content. Toonami premiered uncut, mastered episodes of InuYasha from early 2013.
InuYasha: The Final Act2014–15Premiered November 15, 2014.[70]
Karate Kommandos20061980s Ruby-Spears animated series starring Chuck Norris. Aired Tuesday through Friday mornings.
Kekkaishi2010–12 Premiered May 29, 2010. Continued to air until May 2012.
Kikaider2003Recap episode 8 was never aired. Adult Swim has also aired the 4th episode OVA series, Kikaider 01.
Kill la Kill 2015–16 Premiered on February 7, 2015[71] and completed its run on August 2, 2015. Returned for a second run on October 3, 2015 until April 9, 2016.[72]
Look Around You2009–2011 Series aired on BBC2 from 2002 to 2005. Adult Swim aired the series from 2009 to 2011.
Lupin the 3rd2003–07Also known as Shin Lupin III, it is the second Lupin series. Adult Swim aired only 26 episodes. Episode 3 went unaired at Geneon's request due to Nazi references, despite a preview's inclusion at the end of the preceding episode.[73] The rights to this series along with Trigun, were lost with Geneon's closure.
Michiko & Hatchin2015 Premiered June 20, 2015, replacing InuYasha: The Final Act.[51] Completed its run on December 12, 2015
The Mighty Boosh2009–2012Series ran from 2004 to 2007 on BBC Three.
Mission Hill2002–09Canceled by The WB with 13 episodes. The last 5 episodes premiered for the first time on Adult Swim.
Mr. T2006 One episode of this series was shown as an April Fools' joke in 2006. Returned in May 2006 as filler for the 5:30am-6am. timeslot.
Mobile Suit Gundam2002Aired on Toonami in 2001. It was aired on Adult Swim in 2002, but it was pulled due to low ratings.
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket2002Also aired on Toonami Midnight Run in 2001.
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory2002Originally planned for Toonami.
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit2008–2011Premiered Saturday, August 23, 2008.[74]
Naruto 2012–14 Premiered December 2, 2012, on Toonami. Only the first uncut 52 episodes were aired during the program's first run on Adult Swim . After episode 52's premiere in November 2013, reruns of seasons 1 and 2 continued to air until September 2014. Japanese openings were replaced with those used in Cartoon Network airings.
Neon Genesis Evangelion2005–07[75] Premiered October 20, 2005. First two episodes aired on Toonami in heavily edited form during Giant Robot Week. Entire series was eventually aired on Adult Swim with little editing. The rights reverted to ADV (now dissolved) after two runs on Adult Swim.
The Oblongs2002–2015 Canceled by The WB with 13 episodes. The last 5 episodes premiered for the first time on Adult Swim. There has been mention of a potential revival by Adult Swim.[76]
The Office2009–2012The original British sitcom that spawned several worldwide adaptations. All 12 episodes, and both Christmas specials aired in 2009.[31][77]
Outlaw Star2002,
April 1, 2012
Originally aired on Toonami in edited form. "The episode Hot Springs of Planet Tenrei" was the only skipped episode of the series due to the presence of nudity. Same version later aired on Adult Swim, with slightly less edits.
Paranoia Agent2005–08Began airing on Adult Swim on May 28, 2005,[78] followed by an encore airing that began on June 6, 2006. The rights to this series expired July 4, 2008. Currently unlicensed because of Geneon's merge into Universal Studios.
Parasyte -the maxim-2015–16 Premiered October 3, 2015, replacing Sword Art Online II.[79] Returned for a second run on April 16, 2016 and ended October 1, 2016.[42]
Pee Wee's Playhouse2006–081980s TV series starring Pee-wee Herman, played by Paul Reubens. Aired on weeknights as an homage to 1980s television, Monday through Thursday, with two full runs being broadcast before it was pulled from the schedule. The rights to this series expired in March 2008.
Pilot Candidate2002The series was planned for Toonami.
The PJs2008–2010Former Fox and UPN series. Began airing in December 2008. Now airs on MTV2.
The Popeye Show2002, 2004–05Assortment of classic Popeye cartoons. Used as filler material pending additional programming and shown with violence and politically incorrect humor, often depicting racial caricatures or caricatures of Adolf Hitler (the World War II cartoon "Spinach fer Britain" once aired on "The Popeye Show").
Reign: The Conqueror2003Has since been bought by Showtime Beyond.
The Ripping Friends2002–03Former Fox series.
Rocky and Bullwinkle[80]2002 A 1950s/1960s animated series from Jay Ward Productions. Has also aired on Cartoon Network and Boomerang.
Samurai 7 2012–13 Premiered on August 18, 2012 on Toonami.[31] Series finale aired on February 9, 2013 on Toonami.
Samurai Champloo2005–08, 2016 Aired on Saturday nights and later moved to Wednesday nights in 2006, where it finished its run. The rights to this series expired September 18, 2008. Premiered on Toonami on January 2, 2016, replacing Michiko & Hatchin.[81] Ended on July 9, 2016 and replaced by One-Punch Man.
Saved by the Bell20068 episodes aired over two weeks, as an April Fools' joke. During the program's run on Adult Swim, the network temporarily renamed itself as [crappy 1980's live action TV network].[82]
s-CRY-ed2005–07Was featured on Adult Swim on Demand before appearing on the network.
Shin-chan2006–09An American redubbing of the original Japanese anime, produced by Funimation, with dialog and episode content rewritten for comedic effect. First aired in 2006 as a short series of 6 episodes, the show was overwhelmingly well received by viewers and was picked up for a full season approximately one year later. 52 episodes were aired. While airing on Adult Swim, the series was edited slightly for content. Adult Swim's rights to the series expired August 1, 2009.
Sit Down, Shut Up2014–15Premiered November 16, 2014. Removed in February 2015 after completing one run.
The Smoking Gun2006Borrowed series from sister network Court TV (now TruTV). 8 episodes were test-run for 2 weeks starting October 23.
Soul Eater2013–14 Premiered February 16, 2013. Series finale aired March 15, 2014 on Toonami.
Space Dandy2014–15Anime series from Shinichiro Watanabe, director of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Adult Swim helped finance the production of this series.[83] Premiered January 4, 2014, one day ahead of the Japanese broadcast.[84][85] Removed from Toonami lineup as of February 2015.[56][86]
Star Wars: The Clone Wars2009, 2013–14Computer-animated series that has also aired on Cartoon Network. It aired on Adult Swim Saturday nights in 2009. The series was removed from the Adult Swim schedule September 28, 2009, though returned August 17, 2013, as part of Toonami. Only series to air on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, without fully switching from one to the other. First 56 episodes were aired before rights to the series expired in September 2014. Episode 57 was originally planned to air, but due to the right loss and following marathon of Beware the Batman, the series left Adult Swim one week early.[87]
Sword Art Online 2013–14 Premiered July 27, 2013.[88] Series finale aired February 15, 2014. The series was originally intended to premiere in August 2013, though premiered early due to Adult Swim's rights to ThunderCats expiring early.
Sword Art Online II 2015 Second season of Sword Art Online. Premiered March 28, 2015.[89][90] Ended September 26, 2015.
The Super Milk-Chan Show2004–06A Japanese import. Ran for 12 episodes, and a series of shorts were compiled into 3 half hours. Also aired on Anime Network.
The Super Globetrotters2006 1970s Hanna-Barbera series, previously aired on Boomerang and Cartoon Network. Aired from February to April 2006.
Sym-Bionic Titan2012–14 Premiered October 6, 2012 as part of Toonami. It originally aired on Cartoon Network. The series was put in turnaround in September 2014, preventing future reruns of the series.[87]
Tenchi Muyo!2002,
April 1, 2012
Originally aired as part of Toonami and aired and intended for Toonami. Repurposed on Adult Swim, with slightly less edits.
Tenchi Muyo! GXP2012–13 Premiered on November 11, 2012 on Toonami.[31] Series finale aired on May 11, 2013 on Toonami.
ThunderCats 2012–13 Premiered October 8, 2012. Rights expired after the airing of the episode "Trails of Lion-O, Part 1" July 21, 2013, during the program's second run. Second run was never completed.
ToonHeads2001, 2005Anthology series featuring animation trivia and uncut or rarely seen cartoons.
April 1, 2012
Premiered March 31, 2003,[91] Continued to air in reruns until 2006, where the rights expired due to Geneon's closure. Currently licensed by Funimation.
Trinity Blood2006–08Premiered on Adult Swim on September 9, 2006.[92] The rights to this series expired in the fall of 2008.
Unsupervised2015Premiered February 2, 2015.[93] Later moved to 12:30/11:30c on Sundays. Removed in June.
Voltron2006–07Aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block from March 17, 1997 to August 28, 1998 and on Toonami Midnight Run from July 19, 1999 to February 26, 2000.[94] The same version was rerun on Adult Swim for brief periods in 2006 and 2007.
Witch Hunter Robin2004–05Premiered on February 16, 2004.[95]
Wolf's Rain2004–05Premiered Saturday, April 24, 2004[96] Episodes 1–14 and 19–26 aired, along with the last four OVAs; episodes 15–18, which served almost entirely as recaps of episodes 1–14, were skipped.
YuYu Hakusho2002–03,
April 1, 2012
Premiered Saturday, February 23, 2002.[97] Originally aired on Adult Swim uncut until 2003, when it was moved to Cartoon Network in a heavily cut format. Only the first 21 episodes aired.

Stunts and Cross-Promotional Programming

Title Originally aired Description
Wrecked 2016 TBS comedy created by Jordan Shipley and Justin Shipley. The series premiere was shown on Adult Swim on June 17, 2016 to promote the series' run on TBS.
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 2016Talk show on TBS hosted by Samantha Bee. The series premiere was shown on Adult Swim on February 8, 2016, as part of a multi-network simulcast.[98]
Jon Glaser Loves Gear2016TruTV comedy starring Jon Glaser. The series premiere was shown on Adult Swim on November 1 at midnight for promotional reasons.
Neighbors from Hell2010 A TBS series. The first episode aired only twice on June 13, 2010, for promotional reasons.
Dragon Ball Z2012 Episode 191 aired as part of Adult Swim's 2012 Toonami April Fools' Day stunt.
Blue Submarine No. 62012 Episode 1 aired as part of Adult Swim's 2012 Toonami April Fools' Day stunt.
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing2012 Episode 10 aired as part of Adult Swim's 2012 Toonami April Fools' Day stunt.

Pilots and specials


Title Originally aired Description
Apollo Gauntlet2016Airs December 4th, 2016.[99]
Bad Guys2016Airs December 4th, 2016.[100]
Captain Sturdy: The Originals2003Sequel/rework to a 2001 pilot (Captain Sturdy: Back in Action!) originally aimed at children. Rejected by Adult Swim.
Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge2010 Features the voices of Neko Case and mc chris. The pilot aired on March 29, 2010, as the winner of an online popularity contest sponsored by Burger King. It was not picked up as a series.
Colonel Wallace TBA Animated fifteen-minute special about a southern-eccentric chicken magnate.[101]
Duckworth2011 Live action pilot created by Dave Willis and Matt Harrigan (co-creator of Assy McGee and Perfect Hair Forever) starring Matt Berry, Dana Snyder, Jason Mantzoukas, and Bill Raymond.[102] Pilot aired in Adult Swim's "DVR Theater" on January 18, 2011.[103]
The Finkel Files2002Aired in 2002.
Filthy Sexy Teen$2013Live action pilot created by Paul Scheer, Jonathan Stern and Curtis Gwinn. Produced by Abominable Pictures. Premiered October 10, 2013. Later picked up by online service Fullscreen.
The Groovenians2002Has aired on Cartoon Network's Fridays block. The second broadcast attempt was made on Fridays.
The Hindenburg Explodes!2016Live-action comedy centering on the Hindenburg disaster. Created by Rob Corrdry, Josh Perilo, and Jonathan Stern.[104] Airs December 2nd, 2016.[105]
Hot Streets2016Airs December 4th, 2016.[106]
Korgoth of Barbaria2006Created by Aaron Springer. Executive produced by Genndy Tartakovsky of Cartoon Network Studios. It premiered June 4, 2006. Two more storyboards were ordered, but the series was not greenlit due to financial reasons.[107] Aired as a daylight saving time filler during Toonami.
Let's Fish2007Created by Mark Rivers. Starring Scott Adsit and Brendon Small. Pilot rejected by Adult Swim.
The Lewis Lectures2002A Soup2Nuts short created by Merrill Markoe. Starring Jack Black as a Tony Robbins-esque dog. Pilot rejected by Adult Swim.
Paid Programming2009The pilot aired as a "special" unannounced on November 3, 2009, then re-aired every Tuesday-Thursday until December 3, 2009. It was not picked up for a full series, as confirmed when creator, H. Jon Benjamin, called it an "abject failure".[108]
Pound Hole 2015 15 minute short set to introduce the pilot on April 20, 2015[109]
Saddle Rash2002Created by Loren Bouchard, co-creator of Home Movies. It was rejected by Adult Swim.
Snake 'n' Bacon2009 The pilot first aired May 10, 2009. It was entered in a Burger King popularity contest to be aired in March and then re-evaluated for a series run, but was not successful.
Southies2011Animated comedy about a family in South Boston. Created by Carl Adams who worked on Dr. Katz, Home Movies, and Assy McGee. Pilot aired in Adult Swim's "DVR theater" on January 19, 2011.[103]
Stiff2007Live-action special from Matt Maiellaro, it aired on Adult Swim October 31, 2007.
That Crook'd 'Sipp2007Created by Jacob Escobedo and Nick Weidenfeld & a third mysterious figure of Williams Street, and starring David Banner. Pilot aired on May 13, 2007. The show idea was scrapped and later produced into the hour-long special Freaknik: The Musical, which first aired on March 7, 2010.
Totally for Teens2011Pilot from Derrick Beckles (TV Carnage, Street Carnage), Vernon Chatman (PFFR, Wonder Showzen, Xavier: Renegade Angel), and Ari Fishman from The Daily Show.[110] Pilot aired in Adult Swim's "DVR theater" on January 20, 2011.
Übermansion 2013 Animated pilot by Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich. Produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. The pilot was released online on July 22, 2013, as part of a vote to decide whether or not it will air on August 26.[111] The pilot won and aired on television on August 26, 2013. Later picked up by online service Crackle and retitled SuperMansion.
Welcome to Eltingville2002Adapted from the Eisner Award winning comic book Dork! by Evan Dorkin.
The Xtacles2008Failed spin-off of Frisky Dingo. Only 2 episodes were produced, they both premiered together on November 9, 2008. An animated short bridging the gap between the show and Frisky Dingo was produced as a special feature on the season two DVD of Frisky Dingo on January 6, 2009

Original specials

Title Originally aired Description
The Adult Swim Golf Classic2016Aired April 8, 2016.[112] Extended 72 minute version available at
Anime Talk Show2004Space Ghost interviews Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sharko from Sealab 2021, and Early Cuyler from Squidbillies. It was meant as a response to the pilot episode of Perfect Hair Forever, which unexpectedly preempted the Squidbillies pilot.
Aziz Ansari's Dangerously Delicious2012Parody infomercial for Aziz Ansari's stand-up special Dangerously Delicious by Abso Lutely Productions. Aired July 23, 2012.
Bagboy2015Aired February 20, 2015.[113]
Big Grams[114]2016Animated special based on music from the group Big Grams. Aired March 28, 2016.[115]
Brett Gelman’s Dinner In America2016Premiering July 1, 2016[116]
Christmas in December2009-10A Christmas infomercial parody, featuring a compilation of mini infomercials marketing some merchandise in their shop.
Dinner with Family with Brett Gelman and Brett Gelman's Family2015Premiered on February 20, 2015.[117]
Dinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends2014Live-action half-hour special parodying Dinner for Five. Aired April 24, 2014.[118]
Earth Ghost 2011 Premiered as on April 1, 2011 as part of an April Fools' Day prank. It is a version of the Lowe Country, pilot that was released online in May 2007. In this version George Lowe is replaced by a poorly animated CGI Space Ghost along with all of the people that he interacted replaced with poorly animated CGI versions of themselves.
Freaknik: The Musical2010A 60-minute special starring T-Pain, Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Andy Samberg, and numerous other special guests. This was originally planned as a series titled That Crook'd 'Sipp, but the series plan was scrapped and changed into an hour-long special, which first aired March 7, 2010.
Gigglefudge, USA2016Aired on April 11, 2016.[112]
High on Fire: The Black Plot2016Airing on September 10, 2016.[119]
Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree2016Airs December 9th, 2016. [120]
Live at the Necropolis: The Lords of Synth2016Parody infomercial that aired on May 2, 2016.[121]
The Mark Lembeck Technique2016Airs December 2nd, 2016.[122]
Mastodon: Asleep in the Deep2015Aired on June 19, 2015.[112]
Metalocalypse: The Doom Star Requiem2013One hour rock opera special from the Adult Swim series Metalocalypse. It aired on October 27, 2013.[123]
Mr. Neighbor's House 2016 Created by Brian Huskey, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jesse Falcon. Parody of children's shows such as Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.[124] Airs December 2nd, 2016.[125]
Newbridge Tourism Board Presents: "We're Newbridge, We're Comin' To Get Ya!"2014Parody infomercial that aired November 3, 2014.[126] Written by and featuring Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster based on their comedy bits from The Best Show on WFMU.
Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery2012Special aired November 27, 2012.
Too Many Cooks2014Parody of various television opening sequences, it aired on October 27, 2014.[126]
Unedited Footage of a Bear2014Aired on December 15, 2014.[126]
Young Person's Guide to History2008A two-part special from the creators of Saul of the Mole Men.

Syndicated shorts/specials

Title Originally aired Description
A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith2002Originally aired on Cartoon Network in 1999, this was a homage to Yogi Bear/Ranger Smith and an original animation by Spumco.
The Animation Show2005Animated shorts from The Animation Show 2003. Featured Billy's Balloon, Intermission, and Mike's Pencil Test. Aired in November 2005.
Batman: Strange Days 2014Animated short created for Batman's 75th anniversary. Originally broadcast on Cartoon Network as part of DC Nation. Aired May 10, 2014 during a commercial break of a Beware the Batman episode.
Batman Beyond 2014 Animated short created for Batman's 75th anniversary. Originally broadcast on Cartoon Network as part of DC Nation. Aired August 2, 2014 during a commercial break of a Beware the Batman episode. Not to be confused with the television series.
Boo Boo Runs Wild2002Originally aired on Cartoon Network in 1999, this was a homage to Yogi Bear/Ranger Smith and an original animation by Spümcø.
Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek2005Japanese animated short centering around demonic themes. Aired October 31, 2005.
Kick-Heart2013Animated short by Production I.G. Aired August 31, 2013 on Toonami. Aired for a third time as daylight saving time filler on November 2, 2013.
Night of the Living Doo2002A Scooby-Doo short written by Casper Kelly and Jeff Olson. The short was originally a part of Cartoon Network's The Scooby Project.
Penguins Behind Bars2003Canadian-made short acquired and aired only once.
The Jetsons: Father and Son Day2002Flash animated short made by Spümcø based on The Jetsons.
The Jetsons: The Best Son2002Flash animated short made by Spümcø based on The Jetsons.


Title Originally aired Description
Children Who Chase Lost Voices20162011 animated film directed by Makoto Shinkai. Airing November 5th.[127]
Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan 2014 1993 animated film based on the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Premiered December 21, 2014.[69]
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos 2014 2011 animated film based on the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime series. Premiered December 14, 2014.[69]
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge 2014 1991 animated film based on the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Premiered May 24, 2014.
Trigun: Badlands Rumble 2013 2010 animated film set in the same universe as the 1998 Trigun anime series. Premiered December 28, 2013.
Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa 2013 2005 animated film sequel of the original 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime series. Premiered December 21, 2013.
Summer Wars 2013 2009 animated film by director Mamoru Hosoda. Premiered December 14, 2013.
Akira 2013 1988 animated film based on the manga series of the same name. Premiered December 7, 2013.[128]
Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance 2013 2009 animated movie remake of the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series. Sequel to Evangelion 1.11. Premiered August 31, 2013.[129]
Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone 2013 2007 animated movie remake of the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series. Premiered March 17, 2013. First film broadcast on Toonami since revival.
Black Dynamite 2012 2009 live-action movie that inspired the Adult Swim series. Aired on September 2, 2012.[31]
Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion2009Aired on December 5, 2009. First anime film to air on Adult Swim in high definition.
Bleach: Memories of Nobody2009Aired on September 5, 2009.
G.I. Joe: Resolute200990-minute movie that aired April 25, 2009.
The Room2009 First aired on April 1, 2009 as part of an April Fools' Day prank. In 2010 it aired again on April Fools' Day; featuring Space Ghost interviewing Tommy Wiseau in the same format as Space Ghost Coast to Coast as bumps. The movie aired again on April 1, 2011, for the third year in a row. On April 1, 2012, part of the opening was aired, before cutting to TOM from Toonami, opening an announced night of the block.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters2008Feature film based on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and was the first film adaption of an Adult Swim series. It was released in theaters on April 13, 2007. The film made its official television debut on March 31, 2008 on Adult Swim.
InuYasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island2006 Premiered December 23, 2006.
InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler2006 Premiered August 12, 2006.
Escaflowne: The Movie2005 Premiered September 10, 2005.
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie2005 Premiered September 3, 2005. A theatrical Cowboy Bebop movie based on the TV show. Also known as Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door.
InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass2005 Premiered Saturday, August 28, 2005.
InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time2005 Premiered May 21, 2005. The first theatrical InuYasha movie. Also known as InuYasha: The Love That Transcends Time.
Metropolis2005 Premiered May 14, 2005. Theatrical film based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka and the 1927 film of the same name.
Read or Die2004 Three-episode OVA prequel to the Read or Die series that premiered on October 23, 2004. Aired as a single feature with credits at the end.
The Animatrix2004Premiered April 17, 2004. Series of Japanese, American and Korean animated shorts based on The Matrix films.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack2003Premiered January 4, 2003. Theatrical film based on the Mobile Suit Gundam series. The last program aired on Adult Swim's Saturday schedule before it was renewed in 2004.


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