List of programmes broadcast by Mediaworks (New Zealand)

This is a list of New Zealand-made television programmes broadcast by MediaWorks New Zealand.

Regular shows

The following shows are screened for most of the year excluding summer months.

Show Release date Network Timeslot Run time
(including commercials)
3 News 26 November 1989 TV3 6pm, Mon - Sun 60 minutes TV3 6 pm news show presented by Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry, originally known as 3 National News
3 News at 12 2007 TV3 12pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes TV3 midday news show
3 Sport 1989 TV3 Varies Coverage of sporting events on TV3, mostly motorsport
3D March 2013 TV3 6:30pm, Sunday 30 minutes Current affairs show that replaced 60 Minutes in 2013, originally known as 3rd Degree, a one-hour long show featuring 100% New Zealand based stories. Hosted by Duncan Garner and Samantha Hayes. It was reduced to 30 minutes during news hour in 2015.

3D is not going to return in 2016 following a decision by TV3

7 Days 2009 TV3 9:30pm, Friday 30 minutes Current affairs comedy show
Media 3 July 2012 TV3 10:25am, Saturday 30 minutes Originally screened on TVNZ 7 as Media 7, the show moved to TV3 following the closure of TVNZ 7. Presented by Russell Brown; a discussion show about current media stories.

Concluded in 2013 on TV3, began as Media Take on Maori TV in 2014

Jono and Ben 2012 TV3 7:30pm, Friday 60 minutes Satirical news and entertainment show presented by Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce. Originally screened at 10pm Friday as Jono and Ben at Ten; moved to 7:30pm in 2015 and extended from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
Newsworthy June 2015 TV3 10:30pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes Late night news show presented by Samantha Hayes and David Farrier[1]
Outdoors With Geoff 2003 TV3 5:30pm, Saturday 30 minutes Outdoors show featuring Geoff Thomas
Paul Henry 2015 TV3 and simulcast on Radio Live 6:00am, Mon - Fri 3 hours Morning news and talk show presented by Paul Henry and Hilary Barry as newsreader
Smash 2014 FOUR 4:30pm, Mon - Fri (FOUR)
10pm, Mon - Fri (The Edge TV)
90 minutes Presented by Marty Hehewerth and Steph Monks. Smash draws on the pop culture content and resources of The Edge, New Zealand’s biggest music entertainment brand. This show replaced Four Live which was screened on Four.
Sticky TV 2002 TV3 until 2010 and then FOUR from 2011 3pm, Mon - Fri 90 minutes Children's afterschool show, presented in the 'Sticky Farm', featuring syndicated cartoons. This show began screening on TV3 in 2002 and moved to FOUR in 2011.
Story 2015 TV3 7:00pm, Mon - Thu 30 minutes Evening current affairs show with Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan; replaced Campbell Live

Seasonal shows

The following shows are screened only for a few weeks or months each year on TV3.

Show Release date Network Timeslot Run time
(including commercials)
7 Days of Sport October 2015 TV3 9:30pm, Tuesday 60 minutes Sports version of 7 Days, covering sports news from the past 7 days
Big Angry Fish 2012 TV3 30 minutes Fishing show presented by Milan Radonich
Cadbury Dream Factory[2] 2014 TV3 Thursday, 7:30pm 60 minutes A reality series which brings dreams to life; hosted by Brooke Howard-Smith, with Jesse Griffin, Kimberley Crossman, Walter Neilands and Guy Montgomery[3]
Crime Exposed 2013 TV3 Monday, 7:30pm 30 minutes Reality show that follows New Zealand Police crime fighting such as police intelligence gathering and analysis, and forensics
Family Secret 2013 TV3 Wednesday, 7:30pm 30 minutes Real life show that looks into ten different families' history, exploring the collective history that has shaped New Zealand's social evolution as a nation
Grand Designs New Zealand October 2015 TV3 Sunday, 8:30pm 60 minutes New Zealand version of Grand Designs
Harry 2013 TV3 Wednesday, 9:30pm 60 minutes Drama series set amongst the widespread users and dealers of P. Starring Sam Neil and Oscar Kightley. Rated R16 in New Zealand for drug use, violence and sexual references.
Inside New Zealand 1994 TV3 Varies 60 minutes Documentary series
MasterChef New Zealand 2015 TV3 7:00pm Sunday, 7:30pm Mon & Tue Varies New Zealand version of Masterchef; moved from One
Missing Pieces 2009 TV3 7:30pm, Saturday 30 minutes Reality show where a New Zealander is helped to find a long lost family member or friend and usually reunited on the show
New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker 2010 TV3 7:30pm, Thursday 60 minutes Reality show where teams compete to produce the best home baking
New Zealand's Next Top Model 2009 TV3 Varied 60 – 120 minutes per episode 60 minutes New Zealand version of America's Next Top Model
Prison Families 2013 TV3 Wednesday, 8pm 30 minutes Reality series that follows ten New Zealand families as they grapple with the challenges of living with a loved one behind bars
The Bachelor NZ March 17, 2015 TV3 Tuesday and Wednesday, 8pm 60 minutes New Zealand version of reality series The Bachelor
The Block NZ July 4, 2012 TV3 7:30pm, Tues - Fri 60 minutes New Zealand version of The Block. Four teams compete to turn an old run down house into a modern home.
The X Factor NZ April 2013 TV3 Sunday 7:00pm and Monday 8:00pm Varied, 60 – 120 minutes per episode New Zealand version of The X Factor
The GC May 2, 2012 FOUR 8pm, Wednesday 30 minutes The series follows the lives of a group of Māori living on Australia's Gold Coast. The series has been likened to the American reality television show Jersey Shore. It was renewed in 2015 for a third series.

Music video shows

Music video shows mostly aired on The Edge TV.

Show Release date Network Notes
The Edge Fat 40 2014 The Edge TV Top 40 weekly countdown show. Hosted by Guy, Sharyn and Clint across both The Edge TV and radio station, The Edge Fat 40 includes new music releases, music interviews with some of the world’s biggest artists, competitions and up to the minute music news and gossip.
The Edge Mix 2014 The Edge TV The Edge Mix delivers a soundtrack for a Saturday night. It is commercial free and chosen by viewers who can request their favorite party anthems via The Edge app, website and Facebook page.
The Music Lab 2014 The Edge TV The Music Lab is a half hour feature, showcasing new and exclusive music videos from New Zealand and around the world. Hosted by Sharyn Casey from The Edge afternoons.
Hit Music Now 2014 The Edge TV Worldwide hit music videos
Hot Right Now 2014 The Edge TV Hosted by Marty and Steph from The Edge Nightshow. Hot Right Now counts down the top six videos played on The Edge.
...Now 2014 The Edge TV Theme music video show, playing six videos from one particular artist or theme
U Choose 2014 The Edge TV Viewers send The Edge their ultimate playlist via The Edge app or website and they play it on TV. The viewer's face, name and playlist will feature.

Once off series

Shows that screened intentionally for only a few weeks or just one season.

Show Screened Network Timeslot Run time
(including commercials)
Cup Talk September - October 2011 TV3 Following Nightline 30 minutes Late night talk show about the Rugby World Cup, screened every night during the 2011 Rugby World Cup. This show screened in place of Sports Tonight with a shorter edition following the major games screened on TV3.
Does My Bum Look Big? [4] November 2007 TV3 7:30pm, Tuesday 60 minutes Reality show where New Zealanders of all shapes and sizes are shown how to look good in a certain type of clothing
Hope & Wire 2014 TV3 Thursday, 8:30pm 120 minutes Drama series based on inspirational true stories from Christchurch where lives were changed as result of the devastating 2011 Christchurch earthquake; a three-part series
Rocked the Nation 2007 C4 60 minutes Countdown show of the 100 greatest music stories in New Zealand, screened as a six-part series
Rocked the Nation 2, 100 Greatest Pop Culture Stories July - August 2009 C4 8:30pm, Monday 60 minutes Presented by Rhys Darby, this six-part series counted down the 100 best pop culture stories from New Zealand.
Rocked the Nation 3, 100 Great Sporting Moments July - August 2011 TV3 8:30pm, Wednesday 60 minutes Presented by Dai Henwood, this six-part series counted down the 100 best sporting moments from New Zealand.
The Perfect Age August 2006 TV3 7:30pm, Sunday 60 minutes A group of New Zealanders from different age groups participate in various challenges to determine what is the perfect age.
The Radio February 8, 2013 TV3 10pm, Friday 30 minutes Part stand up, part situation comedy show featuring Jeremy Corbett and Paul Ego
The Ultimate Survivor September 2000 TV3 8pm, Tuesday 30 minutes Weekly TV coverage of a radio competition being run by More FM Wellington. Contestants had to survive on a barge placed in the middle of the Wellington Harbour.
Westside June 2015 TV3 8:30pm, Sunday 60 minutes Six-part drama series, the prequel to Outrageous Fortune, by the same makers

Past/ended locally-made programmes

Show Screened Network Timeslot Run time
(including commercials)
3rd Degree presents The Vote 2013 TV3 8:30pm, Wednesday 60 minutes Monthly debate show, this show was part of 3rd Degree. Each month a topic was chosen with presenters Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner and their teams of experts debating for and against the issue. The public were able to vote and give their opinions through social media while the show aired. Discontinued in 2014.
6 Degrees C4 It links two seemingly unrelated artists, but through the theory of Six Degrees of Separation, it introduces how they are related.
10 Reasons C4 10 music videos relating to a certain theme; was called 12 reasons but is now shortened
10 Years Of 2007 C4 A music video from each year of the last 10 years following a certain theme
111 Emergency 2012 TV3 30 minutes Presented by Kirk Torrance, the show follows New Zealand emergency services.
@Seven December 2009 - January 2010 TV3 7pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes Summer holiday replacement for Campbell Live, show looked at the funny side of the day's news. Presented by

Petra Bagust and featured comedians Paul Ego, Ben Hurley and Steve Wriggly as a fill in.

20/20 1993–2003 TV3 Varied 60 minutes New Zealand version of ABC current affairs show; featured content from the US version; started screening on TV2 in 2005
3 News Firstline 2011 TV3 6am, Mon - Fri 2.5 hours Early morning news show screened between 6AM and 8:30AM
60 Minutes 1990 - 1992
2002 - 2012
TV3 Varied 60 minutes New Zealand version of news and current affairs show 60 Minutes. Was hosted by Mike McRoberts. Also screened on TV3 between 1990 and 1992.
Added This Week 2003 C4 The latest music videos to New Zealand.
Ampd 2003 - 2006 C4
Back of the Y 2008 - 2009 C4 30 minutes
Being Eve 2001 - 2002 TV3 30 minutes Drama comedy series
Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger 2011 TV3 8pm, Monday 30 minutes Show where two teams must compete to build an improved version of an existing product
Billy T. James show 1990 TV3 30 minutes Comedy drama show starring New Zealand entertainer Billy T. James
Blender 2004 C4 A random assortment of music videos spanning from the 80's to today. Each video usually has a stamp on it referring to some theme it relates to.
bro'Town 2004–2009 TV3 & C4 in 2008 Varied 30 minutes New Zealand made animated series; moved to C4 in 2008 and the final series was on back TV3 in 2009
C4 2 2011 C4 Overnight Alternative music show screened overnight and during the daytime. The C4 2 name was originally used as a second C4 channel as a 24-hour music channel playing alternative music. With FOUR replacing C4, C4 then replaced C4 2.
C4U 2013 C4 Show where viewers submit their ideal playlist via the website with a random viewers playlist drawn out and played on the air
Campbell Live April 2005 - May 2015 TV3 7pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes News show hosted by John Campbell
Candid Camera 1991–1992 TV3 30 minutes New Zealand version of a show in which tricks are played on members of the public while they are being filmed unknowingly on camera
Deal or No Deal 2007 TV3 7:30pm, Wednesday 60 minutes New Zealand version of the Game Show Deal or No Deal
Downsize Me 2005–2008 TV3 7:30pm, Tuesday 60 minutes Reality show where each week an overweight New Zealander is put on a strict eating and exercise program in order to get down to a healthy weight in just 8 weeks
Downsize My Pet 2007 TV3 7:30pm, Tuesday 30 minutes A spin-off of Downsize Me in which an overweight family pet is put on a strict diet and exercise program. Pilot episode screened at the end of the 2007 series of Downsize Me, and the first series screened during the spring of 2007.
Drug Bust 2011 TV3 8pm, Monday 30 minutes Reality show following New Zealand police busting criminals for drug related offences
Early Bird Show 1989–1992 TV3 7am Sat & Sun (1990 & 1991 only)
7am Mon - Fri (1989 & end 1992)
2 hours Saturday morning children's show, originally screened weekday mornings. Presented by Russell Rooster and Suzy Cato. Also known as EBS.
Edge Chart 2003 C4 7:30pm, Saturday 60 minutes Top 20 chart show presented by a different announcer each week from The Edge
FOUR Live 2012-2014 FOUR 4:30pm, Mon - Fri (FOUR)
7:30pm, Mon - Fri (C4)
90 minutes Presented by Tumehe Rongonui. This show replaced Select Live, which was screened on C4. FOUR was also replayed on C4 until 2014 when C4 was discontinued.
Fusion Feasts 2013 TV3 A food reality show hosted by Peter Gordon
Gone Fishin' 1996-2006 TV3 Varied 30 minutes The show that has all that you need to know about fishing
Hitched 2009 - 2010 TV3 8pm, Tuesday 30 minutes Reality TV show following the lead up to a couple's wedding
Homegrown 2003 C4 New Zealand music show
Honey, We're Killing the Kids November 2006 TV3 7:30pm, Tuesday 60 minutes Reality show where a family's bad lifestyle choices are targeted, from healthy eating to reducing time spent watching TV, to the family spending more time together and getting active
Hot Property 2000–2003 TV3 Varied 30 minutes Hosted by Petra Bagust, the team helped someone who was having trouble selling their home by giving the house a more refreshing image.
In-focus 1990–1992 TV3 Varied Talk show for teenagers; replaced by Ice-TV
Ice TV 1993–2000 TV3 Varied Entertainment show for teenagers, hosted by Petra Bagust, Jon Bridges and Nathan Rarere
Insert Video Here C4 Dai Henwood (also known as Dale Henroo) takes to the streets giving his perspective on New Zealanders thoughts on music, interspersed with videos with a set theme.
Intellectual Property 2003 - 2006 C4 An alternative music show hosted by Camilla Martin
Issues 1990–1994 TV3 Varied 30 minutes Comedy show screening parodies of current events, TV shows and advertisements. Originally screened as 1990 The Issues and screened on TVNZ in 1991 as More Issues before returning to TV3 as Issues. Clips were acted by David McPhail, Jon Gadsby, Willie De Wit as well as other actors.
Jaquie Brown Diaries 2008 - 2010 TV3 Varied 30 minutes Comedy show centering on TV celebrity Jaquie Brown
Maddigan's Quest 2006 TV3 30 minutes Drama series
Melody Rules 1993 TV3 Varied 30 minutes A situation comedy directed by Michael Robinson
Money Man 2006–2009 TV3 8pm, Tuesday 30 minutes Reality show where presenter Brendon Johnson moves into a couple's or individual's home and through strict measures gets the couple's or individual's finances under control in just three days.
Nightline May 1990 - December 2013 TV3 10:30pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes Late-night news and entertainment show with Sacha McNeil; replaced with The Paul Henry Show from 2014 onwards
Outrageous Fortune 2005–2010 TV3 Varied 60 minutes Drama series
Perfect Match 1989–1990 TV3 7pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes Based on the Australian dating game show of the same name hosted by Butch Bradley and Tiffany Baragwanath; similar to the show that was also screening on TV2 at the time, Blind Date
Police Stop 1996–1997 TV3 7:30pm, Tuesday 30 minutes Reality show presented by Peter Brock. The show filmed various crimes, mostly traffic crime. A special episode was screened in 2006, a week after Peter Brock was killed in a rally accident.
Pulp Sport 2003–2009 C4 in 2003 & 2004; then TV3 Varied 30 minutes Sports comedy show presented by Bill and Ben
Reel Late with Kate 2010 TV3 10pm, Sunday 30 minutes Film review show focussing on movie news, interviews and reviews; presented by Kate Rodger
Sale of the Century 1994–1995 TV3 7pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes Originally screened on TV1 until 1993. TV3 made an attempt at reviving the show in 1994. It was still hosted by Steve Parr but Julie White was the new co-host. It was axed after TV1 extended their news show to a one-hour-long show and could no longer compete.
Select Live (weekdays) and Select (weekends) 2003 - 2010 C4 4pm, Mon - Sun 2 hours Live version of Select on air during the week, which featured guests, prizes and viewer calls; presented by Drew Nemmia and Joel Defries. Jermaine Leef was a former presenter. The show was discontinued after FOUR was launched and a new show titled Drew and Shannon Live was introduced on FOUR.
Sing Like A Superstar 2005 TV3 60 minutes Celebrity talent show similar to NZ Idol
Skitz 1993-1997 TV3 Varied 30 minutes Comedy show using various skits, and in some cases making fun of current TV shows and advertisements
So Hot Right Now C4 11am Weekdays 30 minutes 30 minutes of the biggest hits right now
Sports Tonight 2004 - 2012 TV3 Following Nightline 30 minutes Late night sports talk show
Special Features C4 A magazine style show featuring news and items from the worlds of music, movies and games, hosted by Jane Yee and Phil bostwick. Jacquie Brown, Clarke Gayford, DJ Severe, and Jono Pryor also interviewed for the show.
Squirt 1996 TV3 7am, Saturday Children's Saturday morning presented show, moved to TV2
Studentville C4 Show about the parties and events of selected New Zealand universities; hosted by Hamish Coleman-Ross, Rob Jackson, Nick Gibb, and Dena Roberts
Sunrise October 2007 - April 2010 TV3 7am, Mon - Fri 2 hours Morning breakfast news show
Super City 2011 TV3 10pm, Friday 30 minutes New Zealand comedy series based in Auckland; was not renewed for a third series in 2014
Target February 1999 - August 2012 TV3 7:30pm, Tuesday 30 minutes Long running consumer watchdog and advice show. Most recently presented by Carly Flynn and Brooke Howard-Smith. Cancelled in 2012 due to TV3 favouring reality TV shows and imported shows.
The Big Breakfast 2007 C4 6am, Monday - Friday 4 hours Early morning breakfast show 6am - 10am
The Great Food Race 2014 TV3 7:00pm, Sunday 60 minutes A food reality show hosted by Zoe Marshall and judged by restaurateur brothers Leonardo and Lorenzo Bresolin[5]
The Paul Henry Show 2014 TV3 10:30pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes Late-night show with Paul Henry
The Ridges 2012 TV3 7:30pm, Wednesday 60 minutes Reality show that follows Sally Ridge and daughter Jamie Ridge
The Steelmill C4 6am, Saturday Early Saturday morning random playout of all types of metal music
Time of Your Life 1996–1997 TV3 8pm, Sunday 30 minutes Hosted by Petra Bagust, Matthew Ridge and Marc Ellis. The show looked at many of the great holiday attractions available around New Zealand.
Tele Laughs 1996 TV3 9pm, Wednesday 60 minutes A spin-off from Skitz consisting of clips making fun of current TV shows and advertisements and current events
The Big Stuff 2008 TV3 7:30pm, Thursday 60 minutes Reality show helping families who have too much clutter in their homes
The Boost Mobile Holla Hour 2006 C4 Hosted By DJ Sir-Vere, this show was themed around hip-hop music and happenings.
The Jono Project 2008 C4 until 2010, TV3 in 2011 10pm, Friday 30 minutes Presented by Jono Pryor. Originally screened on C4 titled as Jono's New Show with Jono as the sole presenter. The show was retitled as The Jono Project in 2010 and moved to TV3 in 2011. Replaced with Jono and Ben in 2012.
The Kitchen Job 2008 & 2010 TV3 7:30pm, Tuesday 60 minutes A show in which struggling restaurants try to change and take on different paths to save themselves from closure with the help of experienced New York restaurateur John Palino
The Price Is Right 1992 TV3 7pm, Mon - Fri 30 minutes New Zealand version of the popular game show
The Real Hustle NZ 2010 TV3 8pm, Monday 30 minutes New Zealand version of The Real Hustle, screens one locally made segment and others from the US and UK versions. Presented by Kirk Torrance.
The Secret Lives of Dancers 2010 & 2012 TV3 8pm, Tuesday 30 minutes Reality show about ballet dancers
Top 10 @ 10 C4 10am, Monday - Friday 60 minutes Top 10 songs following a certain theme
Wanna-Ben 2010 - 2012 TV3 10pm, Friday 30 minutes Replacement for Pulp Sport, starring Ben Boyce and Jeanette McDonald
Wa$ted! 2007 TV3 8pm, Tuesday 30 minutes This show targets a New Zealand household's lack of care for the environment. The family are shown how they can reduce their rubbish and save on power, water and heating, and in some cases petrol.
Would I Lie To You? 2012 TV3 7pm, Sunday 30 minutes New Zealand version of Would I Lie To You?. Presented by Paul Henry and made by the producers of 7 Days. Each celebrity contestant tells a story and the other team must guess if the story is true or false.
Yahoo 1991 - 1993 TV3 9am, Saturday 2 hours Saturday morning presenter based show aimed at teenagers and pre-teen audiences. Show featured music and movie reviews as well as appearances by New Zealand celebrities.
You and Me

Suzy's World

1992 TV3 Varied 30 minutes Preschool children's show presented by Suzy Cato
Road Cops 2010 TV3 Varies 30 minutes Reality show that follows the New Zealand Police Highway Patrol
Saving Gen-Y 2013 TV3 8pm, Saturday 30 minutes Reality show that follows a group of obese youths on an intensive weight loss programme
Sunny Skies February 8, 2013 TV3 8pm, Friday 30 minutes Sitcom series
The Almighty Johnsons February 7, 2011 TV3 8:30pm, Thursday 60 minutes Drama series
The Blue Rose February 4, 2013 TV3 8:30pm, Monday 60 minutes Drama series created by the creators of Outrageous Fortune
The ITM Fishing Show 2006 - 2013 TV3 Saturday 30 minutes Moved to TVNZ
U Choose 40 2006 - 2011
Returned in 2013
C4 Viewers vote their favourite songs in a theme in a top 40 countdown that will be playing
Video Hits C4 The best songs of a set artist or band
What's Really In Our Food? 2008 TV3 8pm, Tuesday 30 minutes Carolyn Robinson hosts a show exploring how the food we eat is made and where it comes from as well as exploring the myths or misunderstandings about certain foods. In 2010 this show was retitled as What's Really In Our?, targeting other products as well as food. In 2011 the show reverted to its former name.
What's the Theme C4 Music videos following a different theme everyday such as 'From The Movie' 'One Hit Wonders', 'Superstar Cameos', 'Karaoke Classics', or 'Comedy Videos'


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