List of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy

Evarts DE-5

This is a list of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy, listed both by hull number and by name. It includes the hull classification symbols DE (both Destroyer Escort and Ocean Escort), DEG, and DER.

The Lend-lease Act was passed into law in the USA in March 1941 enabling the United Kingdom to procure merchant ships, warships and munitions etc. from the USA, in order to help with the war effort. This enabled the UK to commission the USA to design, build and supply an escort vessel that was suitable for anti submarine warfare in deep open ocean situations, which they did in June 1941. Captain E.L. Cochrane of the American Bureau of Shipping came up with a design which was known as the British Destroyer Escort (BDE). The BDE designation was retained by the first six Destroyer Escorts transferred to the United Kingdom (BDE 1, 2, 3, 4, 12 and 46); of the initial order of 50 these were the only ones the Royal Navy received, the rest being reclassified as Destroyer Escort (DE) on 25 January 1943 and taken over by the United States Navy.[1]

Ships that were classified DE or DEG were reclassified in 1975 as FF or FFG (frigates). This affected hull numbers DE-1037 and higher as well as all DEGs.


Class Design type [2] Lead Ship Commissioned # Ships ordered [3] # Ships Completed as US DEs
Evarts GMT USS Evarts (DE-5) 15 April 1943 105   65
Buckley TE USS Buckley (DE-51) 30 April 1943 154   65
Cannon DET USS Cannon (DE-99) 26 September 1943 116   58
Edsall FMR USS Edsall (DE-129) 10 April 1943   85   85
Rudderow TEV USS Rudderow (DE-224) 15 May 1944 252   21
John C. Butler WGT USS John C. Butler (DE-339) 31 March 1944 293   83
Dealey SCB 72 USS Dealey (DE-1006) 3 June 1954   13   13
Claud Jones SCB 131 USS Claud Jones (DE-1033) 10 February 1959     4     4

Destroyer escorts

By hull number

By name

Name Hull number Fate
Abercrombie DE-343 Sunk as target 7 January 1968
Acree DE-167 Sold for scrapping, 19 July 1973
Ahrens DE-575 Sold for scrapping, 20 January 1967
Ainsworth DE-1090 Museum ship, Izmir, Turkey (as Turkey: TCG Ege)
Albert David DE-1050 In reserve, (as Brazil: Pará)
Albert T. Harris DE-447 Sunk as target 9 April 1969
Alexander J. Luke DE-577 Sunk as target 22 October 1970
Alfred Wolf DE-544 Scrapped incomplete
Alger DE-101 Scrapped, 1964 (as Brazil: Babitonga)
Alvin C. Cockrell DE-366 Sunk as target 19 September 1969
Alwyn DE-1081 Active, (as Taiwan: Ni Yang (F 938))
Amesbury DE-66 Sold for Scrap. Sank under tow, 1962
Amick DE-168 Scrapped, 1989 (as Philippine: BRP Datu Sikatuna (PF-5))
Andres DE-45 Sold for scrapping 1946
Arthur L. Bristol DE-281 Sold for scrapping 1965
Atherton DE-169 Active, (as Philippine: BRP Rajah Humabon (PF-11))
Austin DE-15 Scrapped 1947
Badger DE-1071 sunk as a target, 1998
Bagley DE-1069 Recycled, 2000
Baker DE-190 Sunk as a target, 1970 (as French: Malgache (F724))
Balduck DE-716 Sold for scrap, 1976
Bangust DE-739 Scrapped, 1979 (as Peru: BAP Castilla (F-61))
Barber DE-161 Struck, 2001 (as Mexico: ARM Coahuila (E21))
Barbey DE-1088 Active, (as Taiwan: Hwai Yang (FFG-937))
Baron DE-166 Struck, 1990 (as Uruguay: ROU Uruguay (DE-1))
Barr DE-576 Sunk as a target, 1963
Bassett DE-672 Active (as Columbia: ARC Almirante Tono (DT-04))
Bates DE-68 Sunk by Kamikazes, 1945
Bauer DE-1025
Bayntun DE-1
Bazely DE-2
Bebas DE-10
Begor DE-711
Belet DE-599
Benner DE-551
Berry DE-3
Beverly W. Reid DE-722
Bickerton DE-75, ex-Eisele
Bivin DE-536
Blackwood DE-4
Blair DE-147
Blakely DE-1072
Blessman DE-69
Booth DE-170
Borum DE-790
Bostwick DE-103
Bowen DE-1079
Bowers DE-637
Brackett DE-41
Bradley DE-1041
Bray DE-709
Breeman DE-104
Brennan DE-13
Brewton DE-1086
Bridget DE-1024
Bright DE-747
Brister DE-327
Brock DE-234
Bronstein DE-189
Bronstein DE-1037
Brough DE-148
Brumby DE-1044
Buckley DE-51
Bull DE-52
Bull DE-693
Bullen DE-78
Bunch DE-694
Burden R. Hastings DE-19
Burdo DE-717
Burges DE-12
Burke DE-215
Burrows DE-105
Byron DE-79
Cabana DE-260
Calcaterra DE-390
Camp DE-251
Canfield DE-262
Cannon DE-99
Capodanno DE-1093
Carlson DE-9
Carpellotti DE-548
Carpellotti ‘‘ DE-720
Carroll DE-171
Carter DE-112
Cates DE-763
Cavallaro DE-712
Cecil J. Doyle DE-368
Chaffee DE-230
Chambers DE-391
Charles Berry DE-1035
Charles E. Brannon DE-446
Charles J. Kimmel DE-584
Charles Lawrence DE-53
Charles R. Greer DE-23
Charles R. Ware DE-547
Chase DE-158
Chatelain DE-149
Chester T. O'Brien DE-421
Christopher DE-100
Clarence L. Evans DE-113
Claud Jones DE-1033
Cloues DE-265
Coates DE-685
Cockrill DE-398
Cofer DE-208
Coffman DE-191
Conklin DE-439
Conn DE-80
Connole DE-1056
Connolly DE-306
Cook DE-714
Cook DE-1083
Coolbaugh DE-217
Cooner DE-172
Corbesier DE-106
Corbesier DE-438
Cosby DE-94
Cotton DE-81
Courtney DE-1021
Cranstoun DE-82
Cread DE-227
Creamer DE-308
Cromwell DE-1014
Cronin DE-107
Cronin DE-704
Crosley DE-108
Crosley DE-226
Cross DE-448
Crouter DE-11
Crowley DE-303
Cubitt DE-83
Currier DE-700
Curtis W. Howard DE-752
Curzon DE-84
Dakins DE-85
Dale W. Peterson DE-337
Damon Cummings DE-756
Damon M. Cummings DE-643
Daniel DE-335
Daniel A. Joy DE-585
Daniel T. Griffin DE-54
Darby DE-218
Davidson DE-1045
Day DE-225
DeLong DE-684
Dealey DE-1006
Deane DE-86
Decker DE-47
Deede DE-263
Delbert W. Halsey DE-310
DeLong DE-684
Dempsey DE-26
Dempsey DE-267
Dennis DE-405
Dennis J. Buckley DE-553
Diachenko DE-690
Dionne DE-261
Dobler DE-48
Doherty DE-14
Don O. Woods DE-721
Donald B. Beary DE-1085
Donaldson DE-44
Donaldson DE-55
Donald W. Wolf DE-713
Doneff DE-49
Donnell DE-56
Douglas A. Munro DE-422
Douglas L. Howard DE-138
Downes DE-1070
Doyle C. Barnes DE-353
Drury DE-46
Duffy DE-27
Dufilho DE-423
Durant DE-389
Durik DE-666
Earheart DE-603
Earl K. Olsen DE-765
Earl V. Johnson DE-702
Earle B. Hall DE-597
Ebert DE-74
Ebert DE-768
Edgar G. Chase DE-16
Edmonds DE-406
Edsall DE-129
Edward C. Daly DE-17
Edward H. Allen DE-531
Edward McDonnell DE-1043
Edwin A. Howard DE-346
Eichenberger DE-202
Eisele DE-34
Eisner DE-192
Eisner DE-269
Ekins DE-87
Elden DE-264
Eldridge DE-173
Elmer Montgomery DE-1082
Ely DE-309
Emery DE-28
England DE-635
Engstrom DE-50
Enright DE-216
Essington DE-67
Eugene A. Greene DE-549
Eugene E. Elmore DE-686
Evans DE-1023
Evarts DE-5
Everett F. Larson DE-554
Eversole DE-404
Fair DE-35
Falgout DE-324
Fanning DE-1076
Farquhar DE-139
Fechteler DE-157
Fessenden DE-142
Fieberling DE-640
Finch DE-328
Finnegan DE-307
Fiske DE-143
Fitzroy DE-88
Flaherty DE-135
Fleming DE-32
Fleming DE-271
Fogg DE-57
Foreman DE-633
Formoe DE-509
Formore DE-58
Forster DE-334
Foss DE-59
Fowler DE-222
Frament DE-677
Francis Hammond DE-1067
Francis M. Robinson DE-220
Francovich DE-379
Francovich DE-606
Frederick C. Davis DE-136
French DE-367
Frost DE-144
Frybarger DE-705
Gandy DE-764
Gantner DE-60
Garcia DE-1040
Garfield Thomas DE-193
Gary DE-326
Gaynier DE-751
Gendreau DE-639
Gentry DE-349
George DE-276
George DE-697
George A. Johnson DE-583
George E. Davis DE-357
George M. Campbell DE-773
George W. Ingram DE-62
Gillette DE-270
Gillette DE-681
Gilligan DE-508
Gilmore DE-18
Glover DE-1098
Goss DE-444
Gosselin DE-710
Grady DE-445
Gray DE-1054
Greenwood DE-679
Greiner DE-37
Griswold DE-7
Groves DE-543
Gunason DE-795
Gustafson DE-182
Haas DE-424
Haines DE-792
Halloran DE-305
Halsted DE-91
Hammann DE-131
Hammerberg DE-1015
Hanna DE-449
Hargood DE-573
Harmon DE-72
Harmon DE-678
Harold C. Thomas DE-21
Harold E. Holt DE-1074
Harold J. Ellison DE-545
Harry L. Corl DE-598
Hartley DE-1029
Harveson DE-316
Haverfield DE-393
Hayter DE-212
Hemminger DE-746
Henry R. Kenyon DE-683
Henry W. Tucker DE-377
Hepburn DE-1055
Herbert C. Jones DE-137
Herzog DE-178
Herzog DE-277
Heyliger DE-510
Hilbert DE-742
Hill DE-141
Hissem DE-400
Hodges DE-231
Holder DE-401
Hollis DE-794
Holmes DE-572
Holt DE-706
Holton DE-703
Hooper DE-1026
Hopping DE-155
Horace A. Bass DE-691
Hoste DE-521
Hotham DE-574
Hova DE-110
Howard D. Crow DE-252
Howard F. Clark DE-533
Hubbard DE-211
Hunter Marshall DE-602
Hurst DE-250
Huse DE-145
Inch DE-146
Inglis DE-525
Inman DE-526
Ira Jeffery DE-63
J. Douglas Blackwood DE-219
J. R. Y. Blakely DE-140
J. Richard Ward DE-243
Jaccard DE-355
Jack C. Robinson DE-671
Jack Miller DE-410
Jack W. Wilke DE-800
Jacob Jones DE-130
James E. Craig DE-201
Janssen DE-396
Jenks DE-665
Jesse L. Brown DE-1089
Jesse Rutherford DE-347
Jobb DE-707
John C. Butler DE-339
John J. Powers DE-528
John J. Van Buren DE-753
John L. Williamson DE-370
John M. Bermingham DE-530
John P. Gray DE-673
John Q. Roberts DE-235
John R. Perry DE-1034
John Willis DE-1027
Johnnie Hutchins DE-360
Jordan DE-204
Joseph E. Campbell DE-70
Joseph E. Connolly DE-450
Joseph Hewes DE-1078
Joseph M. Auman DE-674
Joyce DE-317
Julius A. Raven DE-600
Keith DE-241
Kendall C. Campbell DE-443
Kenneth D. Bailey DE-552
Kenneth M. Willett DE-354
Kephart DE-207
Keppler DE-311
Keppler DE-375
Key DE-348
Kingsmill DE-280
Kinzer DE-232
Kirk DE-1087
Kirkpatrick DE-318
Kirwin DE-229
Kleinsmith DE-376
Kleinsmith DE-718
Kline DE-687
Knox DE-1052
Knudson DE-591
Koelsch DE-1049
Koiner DE-331
Kretchmer DE-329
Kyne DE-744
La Prade DE-409
Lake DE-301
Lamons DE-64
Lamons DE-743
Lang DE-1060
Laning DE-159
Lansing DE-388
Lawford DE-516
Lawrence C. Taylor DE-415
Lawson DE-518
Le Ray Wilson DE-414
Lee Fox DE-65
LeHardy DE-20
Leland E. Thomas DE-420
Leopold DE-319
Leslie L.B. Knox DE-580
Lester DE-1022
Levy DE-162
Lewis DE-535
Liddle DE-76
Liddle DE-206
Lloyd DE-209
Lloyd E. Acree DE-356
Lloyd Thomas DE-312
Lloyd Thomas DE-374
Lockwood DE-1064
Loeser DE-680
Loring DE-520
Lough DE-586
Louis DE-517
Lovelace DE-198
Lovering DE-39
Lovering DE-272
Lowe DE-325
Loy DE-160
Lyman DE-302
Mack DE-358
Major DE-796
Maloy DE-791
Manlove DE-36
Manners DE-523
Manning DE-199
Marchand DE-249
Marocain DE-109
Marsh DE-699
Martin DE-30
Martin H. Ray DE-338
Marts DE-174
Marvin Shields DE-1066
Mason DE-529
Maurice J. Manuel DE-351
McAnn DE-73 - to Royal Navy as HMS Balfour (K464)
McAnn DE-179
McCandless DE-1084
McClelland DE-750
McCloy DE-1038
McConnell DE-163
McCoy Reynolds DE-440
McGinty DE-365
McMorris DE-1036
McNulty DE-581
Melvin R. Nawman DE-416
Menges DE-320
Merrill DE-392
Metivier DE-582
Meyerkord DE-1058
Micka DE-176
Miller DE-1091
Mills DE-383
Milton Lewis DE-772
Mitchell DE-43
Moinester DE-1097
Moore DE-240
Moorsom DE-522
Mosley DE-321
Mounsey DE-524
Muir DE-770
Myers DE-595
Myles C. Fox DE-546
Naifeh DE-352
Narborough DE-569
Neal A. Scott DE-769
Neuendorf DE-200
Neunzer DE-150
Newell DE-322
Newman DE-205
Oberrender DE-344
O'Callahan DE-1051
Odum DE-670
O'Flaherty DE-340
Oliver Mitchell DE-417
O'Neill DE-188
O'Reilly DE-330
Osberg DE-538
Osmus DE-701
Osterhaus DE-164
Oswald DE-71
Oswald DE-767
Oswald A. Powers DE-542
O'Tool DE-274
O'Toole DE-527
Otter DE-210
Otterstetter DE-244
Ouellett DE-1077
Parks DE-165
Parle DE-708
Pasley/Lindsay DE-519
Patterson DE-1061
Paul DE-1080
Paul G. Baker DE-642
Paul G. Baker DE-755
Pavlic DE-669
Peiffer DE-588
Pennewill DE-175
Peterson DE-152
Pettit DE-253
Pharris DE-1094
Pillsbury DE-133
Poole DE-151
Pope DE-134
Pratt DE-363
Presley DE-371
Price DE-332
Pride DE-323
Raby DE-698
Rall DE-304
Ramsden DE-382
Rathburne DE-1057
Ray K. Edwards DE-237
Raymond DE-341
Raymon W. Herndon DE-688
Reasoner DE-1063
Redmill DE-89
Rednour DE-592
Reeves DE-156
Register DE-233
Retalick DE-90
Reuben James DE-153
Reybold DE-177
Reybold DE-275
Reynolds DE-42
Rhodes DE-384
Rich DE-695
Richard M. Rowell DE-403
Richard S. Bull DE-402
Richard W. Suesens DE-342
Richey DE-385
Ricketts DE-254
Riddle DE-185
Riley DE-579
Rinehart DE-196
Ringness DE-590
Riou DE-92
Rizzi DE-537
Roark DE-1053
Robert Brazier DE-345
Robert E. Peary DE-132
Robert E. Peary DE-1073
Robert F. Keller DE-419
Robert I. Paine DE-578
Roberts DE-749
Roche DE-197
Rogers Blood DE-555
Rogers Blood DE-605
Rolf DE-362
Rombach DE-364
Rowley DE-95
Roy O. Hale DE-336
Ruchamkin DE-228
Rudderow DE-224
Runels DE-793
Rupert DE-96
Russell M. Cox DE-774
Rutherford DE-93
Sample DE-1048
Samuel B. Roberts DE-413
Samuel S. Miles DE-183
Sander DE-273
Sanders DE-40
Savage DE-386
Schmitt DE-676
Scott DE-214
Scribner DE-689
Scroggins DE-799
Sederstrom DE-31
Seid DE-256
Sellstrom DE-255
Seymour DE-98
Sheehan DE-541
Shelton DE-407
Silverstein DE-534
Sims DE-154
Slater DE-766
Sloat DE-245
Smartt DE-257
Snowden DE-246
Snyder DE-745
Solar DE-221
Somali DE-111
Spangenberg DE-223
Spangler DE-696
Spragge DE-563
Stadtfeld DE-29
Stafford DE-411
Stanton DE-247
Stayner DE-564
Steele DE-8
Stein DE-1065
Steinaker DE-452
Stern DE-187
Stewart DE-238
Stockdale DE-399
Stockham DE-97
Straub DE-77
Straub DE-181
Straus DE-408
Strickland DE-333
Sturtevant DE-239
Sutton DE-286
Sutton DE-771
Swasey DE-248
Swearer DE-186
Swenning DE-394
Tabberer DE-418
Tatum DE-789
Taussig DE-1030
Thaddeus Parker DE-369
Thomas DE-102
Thomas C. Hart DE-1092
Thomas F. Nickel DE-587
Thomas J. Gary DE-61
Thomason DE-203
Thornborough DE-565
Thornhill DE-195
Tills DE-748
Tinsman DE-589
Tisdale DE-33
Tisdale DE-278
DE-291 to DE-300 cancelled
Tollberg DE-593
Tomich DE-242
Torrington DE-568
Traw DE-350
Trippe DE-1075
Trollope DE-566
Truett DE-1095
Trumpeter DE-180
Trumpeter DE-279
Truxtun DE-282
Tweedy DE-532
Tyler DE-567
Ulvert M. Moore DE-442
Underhill DE-682
Upham DE-283
Valdez DE-1096
Vammen DE-644
Van Hoorhis DE-1028
Vance DE-387
Vandivier DE-540
Varian DE-798
Voge DE-1047
Vogelgesang DE-284
Vreeland DE-1068
Wagner DE-539
Waldegrave DE-570
Walsh DE-601
Walter B. Cobb DE-596
Walter C. Wann DE-412
Walter S. Brown DE-258
Walter S. Gorka DE-604
Walter X. Young DE-715
Walter X. Young DE-723
Walton DE-361
Wantuck DE-692
Waterman DE-740
Weaver DE-741
Weber DE-675
Weeden DE-797
Weiss DE-378
Weiss ‘‘ DE-719
Wesson DE-184
Whipple DE-1062
Whitaker DE-571
Whitehurst DE-634
Whitman DE-24
Wileman DE-22
Wilhoite DE-397
Willard Keith DE-754
Willard Keith DE-314
William C. Cole DE-641
William C. Lawe DE-313
William C. Lawe DE-373
William C. Miller DE-259
William J. Pattison DE-594
William M. Hobby DE-236
William M. Wood DE-287
William M. Wood DE-557
William R. Rush DE-288
William R. Rush DE-556
William S. Sims DE-1059
William Seiverling DE-441
William T. Powell DE-213
Williams DE-290
Williams DE-372
Willis DE-395
Willmarth DE-638
Wingfield DE-194
Wintle DE-25
Wintle DE-266
Wiseman DE-667
Witter DE-636
Woodrow R. Thompson DE-451
Woodson DE-359
Wyffels DE-6
Wyman DE-38
Yokes DE-668

Guided Missile Destroyer Escort

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