List of assets owned by Bell Media

For the assets that were previously owned by CTVglobemedia, see List of assets owned by CTVglobemedia.

This is a list of assets currently owned by Bell Media, a subsidiary of BCE Inc.

Note that this list does not include BCE's 28% interest in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which itself owns a majority interest in the digital specialty channels Leafs TV, NBA TV Canada, and GolTV Canada. This interest is held by BCE through a different subsidiary, not through Bell Media.

This list also does not enumerate the various telecommunications or retail assets owned by BCE. For further information on those properties, refer to the article on Bell Canada.

Bell Media Television

Conventional television


CTV Atlantic
CTV Northern Ontario



Specialty Channels

Category A

Category B

Category C

Pay TV/Pay-per-view

Video on demand

CTV Specialty Television

CTV Specialty Television Inc. is jointly owned by Bell Media and ESPN Inc., with 80% and 20% voting interests respectively, and approximately 70% and 30% equity interests respectively. ESPN itself is 80% owned by The Walt Disney Company and 20% owned by Hearst Corporation; with ESPN's parent companies factored in, Disney owns 16% and Hearst owns 4% of CTV Specialty Television.

Any percentages below refer to the portion of each channel owned by CTV Specialty, with the balance in each case being owned by additional partners such as Discovery Communications.

Category A
Category B
Category C

Bell Media Radio

Bell Media Radio, the wholly owned radio broadcasting division of Bell Media. Through Bell Media Radio, Bell Media also owns Bell Media Radio Sales.

Bell Media Radio owns and operates the following stations:

City Call Sign Frequency Branding/Format
Amqui CFVM FM 99.9 "99,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
Bathurst CKBC FM 104.9 "MAX 104.9" adult contemporary (French/English)
Brandon CKX FM 96.1 "96.1 BOB FM" adult hits
CKXA FM 101.1 "101.1 The Farm" country
Brockville CJPT FM 103.7 "Bob FM" adult hits
CFJR FM 104.9 "JR FM" adult contemporary
Calgary CKMX AM 1060 "Funny 1060" comedy
CIBK FM 98.5 "98-5 VIRGIN Radio" Top 40
CJAY FM 92.1 "CJAY 92" mainstream rock
Dawson Creek CJDC AM 890 "890 CJDC" country music
Drummondville CHRD FM 105.3 "105,3 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CJDM FM 92.1 "Énergie Drummondville 92.1" contemporary hit radio
Edmonton CFRN AM 1260 "TSN Radio 1260" sports radio
CFBR FM 100.3 "100.3 The Bear" active rock
CFMG FM 104.9 "104 9 Virgin Radio" Contemporary hit radio
Fort Nelson CKRX FM 102.3 "102.3 The Bear" active rock
Fort St. John CHRX FM 98.5 "Sun FM" hot adult contemporary
CKNL FM 101.5 "101.5 The Bear" mainstream rock
Fredericton CKHJ AM 1260 "KHJ" country music
CFXY FM 105.3 "105.3 The Fox" Active rock
CIBX FM 106.9 "106.9 Capital FM" contemporary hit radio
Gatineau CIMF FM 94.9 "94,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CKTF FM 104.1 "Énergie Gatineau-Ottawa 104.1" contemporary hit radio
Golden CKGR FM 106.3 "106.3 EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Grand Falls CIKX FM 93.5 "K93" hot adult contemporary
Halifax CJCH FM 101.3 "101.3 Virgin Radio" contemporary hit radio
CIOO FM 100.1 "C100" hot adult contemporary
Hamilton CKOC AM 1150 "TSN Radio 1150" sports radio
CHAM AM 820 "Funny 820" comedy
CKLH FM 102.9 "102.9 K-Lite FM" adult contemporary
Kawartha Lakes CKLY FM 91.9 "91.9 Bob FM" adult hits
Kelowna CKFR AM 1150 "AM 1150 News, Talk, Sports" news/talk
CHSU FM 99.9 "99.9 Sun FM" Contemporary Hit Radio
CILK FM 101.5 "101-5 EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Kingston CFLY FM 98.3 "FLY-FM" hot adult contemporary
CKLC FM 98.9 "98.9 The Drive" modern rock
Kitimat CKTK FM 97.7 "EZ Rock" hot adult contemporary
London CJBK AM 1290 "NewsTalk 1290 CJBK" "news/talk/sports"
CIQM FM 97.5 "97.5 Virgin Radio" Contemporary Hit Radio
CJBX FM 92.7 "BX93" country music
Magog CIMO FM 106.1 "Radio NRJ Estrie 106.1" contemporary hit radio
Montreal CKGM AM 690 "TSN Radio 690" sports radio
CJAD AM 800 "CJAD 800" news/talk
CHOM FM 97.7 "CHOM 977" mainstream rock
CJFM FM 95.9 "Virgin Radio 96" hot adult contemporary
CKMF FM 94.3 "Énergie Montréal 94.3" contemporary hit radio
CITE FM 107.3 "107,3 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
Nelson CKKC FM 106.9 "EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Osoyoos CJOR AM 1240 "EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Ottawa CFRA AM 580 news/talk
CFGO AM 1200 "TSN Radio 1200" sports
CKKL FM 93.9 "Ottawa's New Country 94" country
CJFO FM 94.5 "RDS Radio 94,5" sports radio (French)
CJMJ FM 100.3 "Majic 100" adult contemporary
Pembroke CHVR FM 96.7 "Today's country" country
Penticton CKOR AM 800 "EZ Rock" adult contemporary
CJMG FM 97.1 "97.1 Sun FM" contemporary hit radio
Peterborough CKPT FM 99.7 "Energy 99.7" hot adult contemporary
CKQM FM 105.1 "Country 105" country music
Prince Rupert CHTK FM 99.1 "EZ Rock" hot adult contemporary
Quebec City CHIK FM 98.9 "Énergie Québec 98.9" contemporary hit radio
CITF FM 107.5 "107,5 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
Regina CHBD FM 92.7 "Big Dog 92.7" country
Revelstoke CKCR FM 106.1 "EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Rimouski CIKI FM 98.7 "Énergie Est du Québec 98.7" contemporary hit radio
CJOI FM 102.9 "102,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
Rouyn-Noranda CJMM FM 99.1 "Énergie Rouyn-Noranda 99.1" contemporary hit radio
Saguenay CFIX FM 96.9 "96,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CJAB FM 94.5 "Énergie Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean 94.5" contemporary hit radio
Saint-Hyacinthe CFEI FM 106.5 "106,5 Boom FM" oldies
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu CFZZ FM 104.1 "104,1 Boom FM" oldies
Salmon Arm CKXR FM 91.5 "EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Sherbrooke CITE-1 FM 102.7 "102,7 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
St. Catharines CKTB AM 610 "Newstalk 610 CKTB" news/talk
CHRE FM 105.7 "Niagara's EZ Rock" adult contemporary
CHTZ FM 97.7 "CHTZ - 97.7 HTZ-FM" active rock
Summerland CHOR FM 98.5 "EZ Rock" soft adult contemporary
Terrace CFTK AM 590 "EZ Rock" adult contemporary
CJFW FM 103.1 "CJFW-FM" country music
Toronto CFRB AM 1010 "Newstalk 1010" news/talk
CHUM AM 1050 "TSN Radio 1050" sports radio
CHUM FM 104.5 "104.5 CHUM-FM" hot adult contemporary
CKFM FM 99.9 "999 Virgin Radio" Top 40
CHOQ FM 105.1 "RDS Radio 105,1" sports radio (French)
Trail CJAT FM 95.7 "EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Trois-Rivières CHEY FM 94.7 "94,7 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CIGB FM 102.3 "Énergie Mauricie 102.3" contemporary hit radio
Truro CKTO FM 100.9 "Big Dog 100.9" Hot adult contemporary
CKTY FM 99.5 "Cat Country 99.5" Country music
Val-d'Or CJMV FM 102.7 "Radio NRJ Val-d'Or 102.7" contemporary hit radio
Vancouver CKST AM 1040 "TSN Radio 1040" sports
CFTE AM 1410 "TSN Radio 1410" sports
CFBT FM 94.5 "94.5 Virgin Radio" Top 40
CHQM FM 103.5 "103.5 QM/FM" adult contemporary
Vernon CICF FM 105.7 "105.7 Sun FM" adult contemporary
Victoria CFAX AM 1070 "CFAX 1070" news/talk
CHBE FM 107.3 "Kool FM" hot adult contemporary
Waterloo CKKW FM 99.5 "KFUN 99.5" oldies/classic hits
CFCA FM 105.3 "105.3 Virgin Radio" contemporary hit radio
Windsor CKWW AM 580 "580 Memories" oldies
CKLW AM 800 news/talk
CIDR FM 93.9 "939 The River" adult album alternative
CIMX FM 88.7 "89X" alternative rock
Winnipeg CFRW AM 1290 "TSN Radio 1290" sports radio
CFWM FM 99.9 "Bob FM" adult hits
CKMM FM 103.1 "103.1 Virgin Radio" Contemporary Hit Radio
Woodstock CJCJ FM 104.1 "CJ-104 FM" hot adult contemporary

Other assets

Dormant or Shuttered businesses

The following companies Are divisions of Bell Media that are no longer active or been absorbed into another part of the company

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