List of anime conventions

This is a list of noteworthy anime conventions from around the world, as distinct from comic book conventions, furry conventions, gaming conventions, horror conventions, multigenre conventions, and science fiction conventions. This list is sectioned by location, and each convention includes in parentheses the dates during which it is typically held. Dates listed are approximate or traditional time periods for each convention.

Note: A convention is presumed noteworthy if it has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the convention and satisfies the inclusion criteria for a stand-alone article. Other conditions may apply. Multi-genre, comic book, furry, gaming, and science fiction conventions are not listed here.

North America

Convention City State/Province Country Month held Established
Ai-Kon Winnipeg Manitoba Canada July 2001
Animaritime Fredericton New Brunswick Canada July 2004
Animazement Raleigh North Carolina United States May 1998
Anime Banzai Layton Utah United States October 2005
Anime Boston Boston Massachusetts United States March/April 2003
Anime Central Rosemont Illinois United States May 1998
Anime Detour Bloomington Minnesota United States April 2004
Anime Evolution Vancouver British Columbia Canada July 1998
Anime Expo Los Angeles California United States July 1992
Anime Festival Orlando Orlando Florida United States July/August 2000
Anime Festival Wichita Wichita Kansas United States July 2005
Anime Matsuri Houston Texas United States April 2007
Anime Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake Virginia United States June 2001
Anime Midwest Rosemont Illinois United States July 2011
Anime Milwaukee Milwaukee Wisconsin United States March 2007
Anime NebrasKon Omaha Nebraska United States November 2004
Anime North Toronto Ontario Canada May 1997
Anime Punch! Columbus Ohio United States March/April 2005
Anime Revolution Vancouver British Columbia Canada August 2012
Anime USA Washington D.C. United States October 1999
Anime Weekend Atlanta Atlanta Georgia United States September 1995
AnimeFest Dallas Texas United States August/September 1992
AnimeIowa Coralville Iowa United States July 1997
AnimeNEXT Atlantic City New Jersey United States June 2002
Animethon Edmonton Alberta Canada August 1994
Arkansas Anime Festival Springdale Arkansas United States May 2007
Bak-Anime Bakersfield California United States January/February 2010
Castle Point Anime Convention Hoboken New Jersey United States April 2008
ColossalCon Sandusky Ohio United States June 2002
Con-Nichiwa Tucson Arizona United States March 2010
EvilleCon Evansville Indiana United States March 2009
FanimeCon San Jose California United States May 1994
G-Anime Gatineau Quebec Canada January 2009
Glass City Con Toledo Ohio United States July/August 2009
Ikasucon Fort Wayne Indiana United States July 2003
Ikkicon Austin Texas United States January 2007
JAFAX Grand Rapids Michigan United States June 1996
Kami-Con Birmingham Alabama United States January/February 2009
Katsucon National Harbor Maryland United States February 1995
Kawaii Kon Honolulu Hawaii United States March/April 2005
Kitsune Kon Green Bay Wisconsin United States July 2011
KotoriCon Sewell New Jersey United States January 2010
Kumoricon Portland Oregon United States October 2003
Matsuricon Columbus Ohio United States August 2006
MechaCon New Orleans Louisiana United States July 2005
Metrocon Tampa Florida United States June 2003
Middle Tennessee Anime Convention Nashville Tennessee United States March/April 1999
Nadeshicon Quebec City Quebec Canada April 2011
Naka-Kon Overland Park Kansas United States March 2005
Nan Desu Kan Denver Colorado United States September 1997
NashiCon Columbia South Carolina United States April 2008
Nekocon Hampton Virginia United States November 1998
No Brand Con Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin United States April 2002
Ohayocon Columbus Ohio United States January 2001
OMGcon Owensboro Kentucky United States June 2006
Oni-Con Galveston Texas United States October/November 2004
Otafest Calgary Alberta Canada July 1999
Otakon Vegas Las Vegas Nevada United States January 2014
Otakon Washington D.C. United States July/August 1994
Otakuthon Montreal Quebec Canada August 2006
PortConMaine South Portland Maine United States June 2002
Project A-Kon Fort Worth Texas United States June 1990
QC Anime-zing! Davenport Iowa United States July 2010
Quinni-Con Waterbury Connecticut United States April/May 2012
Saboten Con Phoenix Arizona United States September 2008
Sac-Anime Sacramento California United States January and September 2004
Sakura-Con Seattle Washington United States March 1998
San Japan San Antonio Texas United States September 2008
Senshi-Con Anchorage Alaska United States September 2005
SNAFU Con Sparks Nevada United States October/November 2010
SoDak Con Rapid City South Dakota United States June 2009
Tekko Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States April 2003
Tokyo in Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma United States July 2008
Tora-Con Rochester New York United States April 2005
Tsubasacon Huntington West Virginia United States October 2004
Ushicon Round Rock Texas United States February 2002
Yama-Con Pigeon Forge Tennessee United States December 2012
Yaoi-Con Burlingame California United States September 2001
Youmacon Detroit Michigan United States October/November 2005

South America

Convention City Country Month held Established
Anime Friends São Paulo Brazil July 2003


Convention City Country Month held Established
Anime Festival Asia Jakarta Indonesia September 2012
Anime Festival Asia Singapore Singapore November 2008
AnimeJapan Tokyo Japan March 2014
AVCon Adelaide Australia July 2002
Comic Fiesta Kuala Lumpur Malaysia December 2002
Comic World Seoul South Korea varies 1999
Comiket Tokyo Japan August and December 1975
Jump Festa Chiba Japan December 1999
Madman Anime Festival Melbourne Australia September 2016
Ozine Fest Pasay City Philippines 2005
SMASH! Sydney Australia August 2007
Wai-Con Perth Australia March 2004


Convention City Country Month held Established
AnimagiC Bonn Germany July 1999
Animecon Kuopio Finland July 1999
Animefest Brno Czech Republic May 2004
Connichi Kassel Germany September 2002
ExpoManga Madrid Spain May 2001
Hyper Japan London United Kingdom July 2010
Japan Expo Paris France July 1999
J-Popcon Copenhagen Denmark February 2000
Salón del Manga de Barcelona Barcelona Spain October 1995

Defunct and on-hiatus conventions

These are notable conventions that have at one time existed, but have either gone on hiatus for more than one year, were merged into other conventions, or have finished operating entirely.

Convention City Country First held Last Held Status
AM² Anaheim United States 2011 2012 On Hiatus
Ani-Jam Fresno United States 2003 2014 Defunct
AnimeCon San Jose United States 1991 1991 Defunct
Aniwave Wilmington United States 2007 2015 Defunct
Anime Conji San Diego United States 2010 2015 On Hiatus
Anime Contents Expo Chiba Japan 2012 2013 Merged
Anime Salt Lake Taylorsville United States 2012 2014 On Hiatus
Anime South Pensacola Beach United States 2005 2013 Defunct
Anime Vegas Las Vegas United States 2004 2013 Defunct
Animania Multi-city Australia 2002 2014 Defunct
AniZona Mesa United States 2005 2009 Defunct
AUKcon London United Kingdom 1994 1994 Defunct
Aurora-Con Anchorage United States 2006 2008 Defunct
Big Apple Anime Fest New York City United States 2001 2003 Defunct
D-Con Dundee United Kingdom 2009 2011 Defunct
Japan Expo USA San Mateo United States 2013 2014 On Hiatus
Kunicon Multi-city United States 2004 2005 Defunct
MangaNEXT East Rutherford United States 2006 2012 Defunct
Manifest Melbourne Australia 2001 2013 Defunct
New York Anime Festival New York City United States 2007 2011 Merged
PersaCon Huntsville United States 2003 2011 Defunct
Providence Anime Conference Providence United States 2008 2008 Defunct
Shinboku-con Huron United States 2007 2014 Defunct
Shoujocon Multi-city United States 2000 2003 Defunct
Sogen Con Sioux Falls United States 2005 2013 Defunct
SugoiCon Sharonville United States 2000 2013 On Hiatus
Tokyo International Anime Fair Tokyo Japan 2002 2013 Merged
Tomo-Dachi Derry Ireland 2005 2007 Defunct
UppCon Multi-city Sweden 2001 2012 Defunct
Yuricon Newark United States 2003 2007 Defunct

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