List of The Mighty B! characters

The main characters; Ben, Bessie and dog Happy.

This is a list of characters on the animated television series The Mighty B!.

The Higgenbottoms

Bessie Higgenbottom

Bessie Kajolica Higgenbottom is a 9¾-year-old, geeky, bespectacled "Honeybee Scout" characterized by her extreme hyperactivity and unshakably dedicated work-ethic. Ambitious, infuriatingly-persistent, and highly sociable, Bessie is determined to earn every badge in existence on the firm belief that achieving this goal will transform her into a superhero known as the Mighty Bee (and it was implied in one episode involving a meeting between Bessie and the founder of the Honeybee Scouts that this theory actually may be true), showing obsessive devotion to the scouting troop and any mission that she establishes for herself in attaining her goal. Pure-hearted and friendly, Bessie is oblivious to other people's dislike of her, blind to the bratty Portia Gibbons's exclusion and belittling of her regardless of the severity of her insults. In spite of this factor, Bessie displays extreme precociousness and intellect, constructing both a robot and an atom smasher for the upcoming Honeybee Science Fair and showing the business and negotiation skills of someone twice her age. Nonetheless, she shows vulnerability to her weak eyesight, unicorns, cute animals, and stereotypically-feminine interests such as sparkles and glitter. Bessie also has a lisp; this can be noticed whenever she says a sentence that has the letter S. Amy Poehler plays the voice of Bessie Higgenbottom.

Happy Walter Higgenbottom

Happy Walter Higgenbottom is Bessie's cherished pet dog adopted in the pilot episode as a scraggly stray hanging around near the community fisherman's wharf. Albeit Happy was originally reluctant to be so forcibly adopted and lived in resentment with his new owner, he gradually grew to further appreciate her, albeit he is depicted as something of a sly character with manipulative mannerisms. Although Happy is incapable of speech, he communicates through barking that can somehow be comprehended by fellow characters in the series, though the exact wording of Happy's conversations with other characters is not translated or understood by audiences. He is gifted with partial anthropomorphism, as he demonstrates capabilities of walking on two legs, driving, gambling, or interaction with human characters. It was revealed in one episode that Happy was somehow mysteriously separated from his biological mother at a young age and that Mother's Day formerly presented unhappy connotations for him, though after a dog named Rose claiming to be his mother was revealed as a deceptive impostor, he grew to appreciate his adoptive family with the Higgenbottoms further. Happy appears to have a shady background, as he was formerly trained by a secret agency as an undercover dog and was treasured as an agent, though later wound up leaving this past behind. It also has been revealed that he enjoys gambling in his spare time in a secret casino intended for canines. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Benjamin "Ben" Higgenbottom

Benjamin "Ben" Higgenbottom, voiced by Andy Richter, is Bessie's 6-year-old younger brother. He hopes to be Bessie's sidekick when she becomes the Mighty B. He isn't quite there yet, so Bessie often refers to him as her "trial sidekick" or says that she'd "possibly consider him for sidekick candidacy".[1] Ben had a fear of foods touching each other because Bessie used to mash his food together when Bessie was a toddler and Ben was a baby. In "Hen and Bappy", Ben and Happy switched bodies by eating the Hippie's magical taquitos by mistake.[2] In the episode O, Brother What Are Thou, Ben was briefly known as Bessie's nemesis the Hurtful Hornet do to jealousy brought by Happy being Bessie's substitute training sidekick. He also has a teddy bear called Mr. Pants, which wears vintage orange plaid pants. Andy Richter, the voice of Ben, is also the voice of Mort on the Nick show The Penguins of Madagascar.[3] Richter talked about The Mighty B!, quoting: "[...] another dream come true, to be able to do cartoon voices. And, also, to get to do cartoon voices for [Ben and Mort] two really funny, cool cartoons that my kids love and that I'm proud to have them love. It's pretty great."[4]

Hilary Higgenbottom

Hilary Higgenbottom, voiced by Megan Cavanagh, is the single hippie mother of Bessie, Happy and Ben. She owns and operates a coffee shop called Hilary's Café.[1] She can be bowled over by Bessie just as much as everyone else is, but tends to handle her role as a parent in a free-spirited way. She's always full of good karma and positive energy and lets Bessie and Ben's imaginations run wild; unless they make a mess in the house or put themselves in danger. She is absent in many episodes.

The Honeybees

The Honeybees are a troop of scouts founded by Miriam Breedlove.[5] The troop the series focuses on is #828 in San Francisco, California.[1] Every spring, the Honeybee troop is assigned the task of selling taffy.[5] The leader of the troop is Mary Frances Gibbons, Portia's mother.[1] The scouts seem to be very widespread, as a girl named Sissy Sullivan is in a Honeybee troop in Boston, Massachusetts.[6]

Penny Lefcowitz

Penny Lefcowitz, voiced by Dannah Feinglass, is Bessie's awkward, dull, obese best friend. Though Penny is friends with Bessie, she also sometimes assists Portia Gibbons and her friend Gwen in torturing Bessie, so she goes against Bessie sometimes. In the episode "Penny Hearts Joey" she befriends a robotic kangaroo named Joey from a Chuck E. Cheese's-parodying pizza restaurant/arcade called "Jumpin' Joey's" where Joey is the restaurant's mascot and spokesperson. Penny's low intelligence causes her to believe that Joey is alive, and it is revealed at the end of the episode that he does have some feelings and is aware of the activities Penny is doing with him. Penny can communicate with sea lions and has asthma, and she also seems to have a love for chickens, and this is shown through her being seen sleeping with a toy chicken at night and her father's nickname for her, which is "Chicken." Penny also loves Honeybee Scout taffy, which is what Honeybee Scouts sell in the spring, and she often eats more taffy than she sells. She also eats glue and is afraid to walk across the streets by herself. In "We Got the Bee", Penny played triangle as a member of the Pretty Pretty Princesses. She fainted due to stage fright, so Bessie had to step in and play drums for them instead. In "An I See Bee", it is revealed that Penny is 10 years old, making her 6 months younger than her mean, snobby friend Portia. It is said she once went undercover so well she got elected president of Venezuela.

Portia Gibbons

Portia Gibbons, voiced by Grey DeLisle believes she should be waited on and treated like a celebrity.[7] She often addresses Bessie as "Messie" or just Bessie. She exercises her sense of entitlement on people like Bessie, who she knows would never do anything mean-spirited in return. As a stereotypical preteen socialite, she is interested in makeup, clothes, and Rocky.[8] She typically has Penny, when she isn't with Bessie, and right-hand woman Gwen at her side. Portia constantly belittles and attempts to humiliate Bessie, dragging Gwen and Penny into the schemes as well and often going out of her way to do so. Her schemes against Bessie vary from harmless such as attempting to ruin her chances of getting a badge, to downright evil, like luring Bessie into a tank of hungry piranhas when she misplaced her glasses. She also likes sushi and gelato, often seen going to gelato shops in her free time. It is revealed in "Dang, It Feels Good to be a Gamester" that she is very good at video games, hence facing off with a rival boys troop playing "Raspberry Shortcake Attack V". When Portia got laryngitis in "Woodward and Beesting", Bessie thought she was an alien for a short period of time due to strange behaviors she only exhibits in private, such as dancing weirdly to techno music, liking squishy stickers, having her meals blended in a blender and drank like a milkshake, and wearing an ugly green scarf to protect her neck. In "So Happy Together", Portia briefly went insane when she discovered that her pet chihuahua was actually a rat, hence the breed's nickname, "Rat". In "Ten Little Honeybees", Portia received a gold locket as a birthday present. But shortly after she put it on, the lights strangely shut off and the locket disappeared right from her neck. It was later found stuck on Bessie's back pocket. It is also revealed that Portia is 1012 years old. She has a cousin named Chelsea, who is meaner and more stuck-up than Portia. She is the only character that Portia is afraid of, which got her to reveal her soft side when Bessie and Penny helped her. She was the lead singer of the Pretty Pretty Princesses in "We Got the Bee". The Pretty Pretty Princesses' only known song was "Running with the Rainbow Unicorn", being the first known song in the series, besides the title song. Another part of her soft side is revealed in this episode when Bessie helps her and Gwen. Grey DeLisle was praised for her performance as Portia by the Animation Insider, calling her "hilarious" and that Portia is "obviously meant to be an annoying character, but her posh, pure-blooded arrogance is as fun as it is absurd. Portia calls Bessie Higgenbottom "Messy Stinkinbottom".[9]

Gwen Wu

Gwen Wu, voiced by Jessica DiCicco,[10] Portia's best friend, is "totally tuned into hip hop and urban culture, music and fashion."[11] She has a plan of dominating the music and fashion worlds, as soon as she can get out of babysitting her four younger brothers.[11] Gwen is Portia's lieutenant, and does whatever she says. She's always equipped with a witty comeback, which usually entails calling Bessie a nerd or dork. Despite this, she has a much larger tolerance for Bessie than Portia does and is somewhat nicer to her when Portia isn't around. She has a head for business and very clever.[11] She played the guitar as one of the Pretty Pretty Princesses.[8]

Mrs. Gibbons

Mary Frances Gibbons,[9] voiced by Sarah Thyre, is the Honeybee troop leader and Portia's mother.[9] She forced Portia to join the Honeybees and considers the troop "a mother-daughter bonding activity". During troop meetings, she shows blatant favoritism towards Portia and gets frustrated with Bessie when her achievements, zest, and zeal outshine Portia's. She has a very low tolerance for Bessie's energy level, often getting very frustrated with her. It is revealed in "Something's Wrong with this Taffy" that Mary Frances has been eating two boxes of taffy every day for twenty years.[5] In "The Apprentice", Mary Frances hires Bessie as an apprentice, in the idea that her Patty Faye sales numbers will boost, but in the end, Bessie just winds up to be a big fat pain in the neck. In "Ten Little Honeybees", she gave Portia a golden locket as a birthday present.

Millie Millerson

Millie Millerson, voiced by Grey DeLisle, is a Honeybee scout with a slow way of talking, and loves shiny or reflective objects, such as tinsel or confetti.[12] She has a pet turtle named Chester Turtleton.[13] Millie is hypoglycemic.[12] She used to have braces throughout the show, but in the episode Children of the Unicorn, her braces were removed. in "O Brother, Where Art Thou" she framed Bessie for disgracing the Troop828 Recreation Centre, and it's revealed she is known only as "The Gasslie Graff", after a brawl with her she apologized to Bessie that she was sorry she framed Bessie and to her friend she admits it, also in "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen" she is one whom however along with Bessie and Penny taunt Ben and the boy's club, while in "Irritable Blowing Syndrome" Millie is mentioned to be like a psychologist and much to that she helped Bessie out while she became stressed with Blowing, Millie tends to be a nice girl and much will do anything to help Bessie out,

Miriam Breedlove

Miriam Breedlove, voiced by Niecy Nash, is the founder of the Honeybees. She once went to brunch with Bessie, after Bessie won a competition.[14] Miriam also confronts Honeybee taffy makers in San Francisco when Bessie contacts Miriam, telling her that the taffy is not being made with real honey.[5]


An elderly woman who was a former honeybee. She tried to win the Sock Hop Badge to steal away from Bessie, but Bessie decides to give her a chance to dance and gets the badge.

Satha Thomas

Satha Thomas' is a short honeybee scout whom is African American and apparently is an unidentified Honeybee with crimson red hair and puffed hair, she spoke in "Apoxalypse Now" only, and in "Irritable Bowling Syndrome" she is revealed to be good friend with Penny since she is seen high-fiving Penny.

Tigerlily Roberts

Tigerlily Roberts is a young Honeybee Scout whom unlike all but with the exception's of Bessie, Penny, Portia, Gwen, and Millie, have no speaking roles, she has tiger lily color hair, her name was revealed in "O Brother What Art Thou" as Tigerlily is perhaps her real name after a color,

Nisa Reddy

Nisa Reddy is a young Indian Honeybee Scout, unlike Bessie, Penny, Portia, Gwen, and Millie, she has no speaking roles, but although barely could be seen talking in "Dang It Feels Good to Bee a Gamester" she would not be heard speaking that she talked, Nisa however is likely a nice Honeybee since she possibly originates from India and maybe her first name is Indian as well, throughout the show she is possibly good friends along with Tigerlily since sometimes seen often together,

Molly O'Connell

Molly O'Connell is a young Honeybee Scout and a very short tiny girl, she has crimson red hair and a pink noise, unlike all honeybees with the exception of Bessie, Penny, Portia, Gwen, and Millie does not speak, she also has a blue ribbon in her hair unlike Millie has a pink one,

Jean Tatum Parklands

Jean Parklands real name Tatum as revealed in "O Brother What Art Thou" is her real real name but prefers Jean better than Tatum, is a British Honeybee Scout, she has puffed brunet hair and freckles on her cheeks, and often in the show is one whom is a girl whom seems to be tough, unlike all Honeybees but Bessie, Penny, Portia, Gwen, and Millie do not speak,

Marie Malarkey

Marie Malarkey is a young Honeybee Scout and a new rookie on the Troop828, she has violet hair and possibly is of South American descent due to her skin color, has yellow eyes and of course the most lowest of the grade of Honeybees, she tends to be friendly but however is seems to be caring between the girls, Marie however due to her last name sounds Irish but perhaps her mother is married to an Irishman, unlike all Honeybees with but the exception out of only Bessie, Penny, Portia, Gwen, and Millie, Marie does not speak, originally was to have a speaking role like the rest of the Honeybees but never came to be,

Other characters

Scout troops


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