List of The Gentle Touch episodes

The following is a list of episodes of The Gentle Touch, an ITV crime drama broadcast between 1980 and 1984, starring Jill Gascoigne.[1] A total of five series were produced over the course of the series run. All five series have since been released on DVD.[2][3][4][5][6]

Episode list

Series 1 (1980)

Episode Title Written by Directed by Viewers
Original airdate
1"Killers (Part One)"Brian FinchTony WharmbyTBA11 April 1980
Within hours of being promoted to Detective Inspector, Maggie Forbes learns that her husband has been brutally gunned down and killed.
2"Recoil (Part Two)"Brian FinchChristopher HodsonTBA18 April 1980
Despite being ordered to stay off the case, Maggie sets out to track down her husband's killers — and makes a fateful decision.
3"Help (Part Three)"Roger MarshallDavid AskeyTBA25 April 1980
Maggie's son Stephen takes his father's murder badly and turns to alcohol. Now, she must attempt to help her son and one of her best friends.
4"Shock"Roger MarshallTony WharmbyTBA2 May 1980
Maggie is assigned to investigate the death of a woman discovered in a love nest, only to find herself caught up in a web of shocking revelations.
5"Blade"Roger MarshallChristopher HodsonTBA9 May 1980
A young gay man is knifed to death on the London Underground. As Maggie investigates the chilling hate crime, she finds herself at odds with a fellow officer.
6"Rogue"Pat HookerDavid AskeyTBA16 May 1980
A businessman is suspected of torching his own premises. When Maggie investigates, she finds herself offered a bribe and even stranger offers are to follow.
7"Melody"Terence FeelyPaul AnnettTBA23 May 1980
A young prostitute is found brutally murdered. Maggie comes up against a wall of frightened silence as she attempts to gain evidence against the girl's pimp.

Series 2 (1980)

Episode Title Written by Directed by Viewers
Original airdate
1"Something Blue"Tony HoareJohn ReardonTBA5 September 1980
An unusual robbery case tests Maggie's investigative prowess to the full. Also Maggie tidies up Steve's room and finds pornographic mags.
2"Decoy"Terence FeelyJohn ReardonTBA12 September 1980
Maggie goes undercover as a barmaid to act as decoy to trap a serial sex attacker, but making herself a target places her in grave danger.
3"Break-in"Terence FeelyTony WharmbyTBA19 September 1980
Maggie investigates a burglary at the offices of a prosecuting solicitor.
4"Menace"Roger MarshallPaul AnnettTBA26 September 1980
When Ivor Stocker, a successful lawyer and businessman, receives a blackmail threat, Maggie investigates. Does the answer lie in his seemingly respectable law firm?
5"Hammer"Tony ParkerTony WharmbyTBA3 October 1980
Maggie investigates a series of robberies with violence which all have a similar pattern, and have all been carried out by women.
6"Chance"Pat HookerDavid AskeyTBA10 October 1980
Maggie spends a frustrating day at the law courts, but has a more pressing matter to address when it comes transparent that somewhere on her the desk lies a buried clue to a major crime.
7"Loyalties"Tony ParkerJames GatwardTBA17 October 1980
Maggie investigates when the wife of a wealthy business man is threatened by a masked man with a knife.
8"Maggie's Luck"David CraneNic PhillipsTBA24 October 1980
Maggie and Steve both find themselves in love, but find themselves asking if they are with the right person.
9"Shame"Roger MarshallPeter MoffattTBA31 October 1980
Maggie investigates when a young boy is savagely beaten, but refuses to name his attacker.
10"The Ring"Neil RudyardPaul AnnettTBA7 November 1980
Maggie embarks on an affair with Dave Connolly, who gives her a Victorian ring.

Series 3 (1981-1982)

Episode Title Written by Directed by Viewers
Original airdate
1"Gifts"Terence FeelyChristopher HodsonTBA6 November 1981
2"Doubt"Anthony BiggamPaul AnnettTBA13 November 1981
Maggie and Jimmy take a severe beating during a robbery.
3"The Hit"Roger MarshallNic PhillipsTBA20 November 1981
Maggie discovers that she has a marksman with a high-powered rifle loose on her patch.
4"Scapegoat"Roger MarshallJohn ReardonTBA27 November 1981
Maggie investigates when a Jewish home is vandalized.
5"Knife"Ray JenkinsChristopher BakerTBA4 December 1981
6"Protection"Roger MarshallCarol WisemanTBA11 December 1981
7"Paint it Black"Kenneth WareNic PhillipsTBA18 December 1981
8"Affray"James DoranChristopher BakerTBA1 January 1982
9"Black Fox, White Vixen"Jeremy BurnhamNic PhillipsTBA8 January 1982
Maggie investigates when a famous television actress receives death threats.
10"One of These Days"Neil RudyardNic PhillipsTBA15 January 1982
11"Vigil"Tony ParkerPeter CreeganTBA22 January 1982
12"Damage"Peter J. HammondCarol WisemanTBA29 January 1982
13"Solution"Peter J. HammondCarol WisemanTBA5 February 1982

Series 4 (1982-1983)

Episode Title Written by Directed by Viewers
Original airdate
1"Right of Entry"Neil RudyardJohn ReardonTBA22 October 1982
2"Be Lucky, My Uncle"Geoff McQueenGerry MillTBA29 October 1982
Maggie tries to track down a missing informant.
3"Cause and Effect"Guy JamesNic PhillipsTBA5 November 1982
Steve highlights his plan to join the police force.
4"Auctions"Chris BarlasGerald BlakeTBA12 November 1982
Maggie investigates dodgy dealings in the world of fine art.
5"Deny"Ray JenkinsGerald BlakeTBA19 November 1982
Maggie tries to win the trust of a beautiful French student to find an important witness who is on the run from the German police and an international network of pornographers.
6"Victims"Peter J. HammondChristopher HodsonTBA26 November 1982
7"The Meat Rack"Roger MarshallGerald BlakeTBA3 December 1982
Maggie goes undercover as a prostitute to catch the man responsible for a series of knife attacks on women.
8"Joker"Ray JenkinsNic PhillipsTBA10 December 1982
Maggie investigates when a fellow detective tries to frame an old villain for a jewellery theft.
9"Tough, Mrs. Rudge"Anthony CouchNic PhillipsTBA17 December 1982
Maggie sets out to nail a gang of teenagers who have been terrorising local pensioners.
10"Private Views"Tony ParkerJohn DaviesTBA7 January 1983
Maggie questions an informant who has information about a gang of thieves. Steve is concerned when a friend of his decides to quit the police college.
11"Pressures"Kenneth WareNic PhillipsTBA14 January 1983
Maggie begins to suffer from severe stress when faced with a bloody multiple murder.
12"Weekend"Peter J. HammondJohn DaviesTBA21 January 1983
Phillips and Barratt investigate a bizarre marriage.
13"Who's Afraid of Josie Tate?"Neil RudyardGerry MillTBA28 January 1983
When a loyal wife becomes determined to help her jailed husband get justice, Maggie is forced to review the evidence.

Series 5 (1984)

Episode Title Written by Directed by Viewers
Original airdate
1"Finders Keepers (Part One)"Neil RudyardGerry MillTBA1 September 1984
2"Losers Weepers (Part Two)"Neil RudyardGerry MillTBA8 September 1984
3"Do It Yourself"Guy JamesBill TurnerTBA15 September 1984
4"The Conference"Tony HoareGerry MillTBA22 September 1984
5"The Good, the Bad and the Rest"Anthony CouchGerald BlakeTBA29 September 1984
6"Mad Dog"Terence FeelyPeter CreegenTBA6 October 1984
When animal rights campaigners free some dogs from a laboratory, but fail to realise that one of the animlas is dangerously ill, a children's birthday party becomes a terrible nightmare for Maggie.
7"Wise Child"Guy JamesGerald BlakeTBA13 October 1984
8"Appearances Can be Deceptive"Neil RudyardGerald BlakeTBA20 October 1984
9"Secrets"Peter J. HammondJonathan Wright-MillerTBA27 October 1984
10"Fox and Hounds"Tony HoareJohn ReardonTBA3 November 1984
11"Cure"Peter J. HammondGerry MillTBA10 November 1984
Maggie and Jake pose as a couple requiring the services of a faith healer.
12"A Woman's World"Simon MastersGerald BlakeTBA17 November 1984
13"Exit Laughing"Neil RudyardGerry MillTBA24 November 1984
A minor civil servant is found dead in exotic circumstances, and Maggie tries to protect his widow from publicity.


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