List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alien races

This is a list of alien races from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The Antarians hate violence and appear in the "Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers" episode of the 1987 cartoon, when a family from a planet orbiting Antares travels to the Earth.[1] The family members are named Klaatu, Barada, & Nikto (a nod to the famous phrase from The Day the Earth Stood Still).[2]


The Federation is a militant civilization including aliens identical to humans whose galactic empire spans many planets. In the 2003 animated series they are the arch-foes of the Triceratons under Prime Leader Zanramon, with General Blanque leading them in the conflict. Their attempts to destroy their enemies led them to pursue Professor Honeycutt, a former Federation scientist whose mind was transferred into a robotic body due to an accident. The Federation attempted to exploit Honeycutt's Teleportal invention, but were thwarted by the attempts of the Triceratons to do likewise and the unexpected arrival of the Turtles. They later pursued Honeycutt and the Triceratons to Earth in an effort to capture Honeycutt, only for a virus created by the Professor to render their fleet helpless. Aid from the reorganized Triceraton Republic led to peace between the two factions.

The Kraang

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The Kraang are a species of aliens that appear in the 2012 TV series, which are an homage to both Krang and the Utroms. Like the Utroms, they can have human disguises, however, they are all identical. They are one of the main antagonists of the series.

The Kraang's voices are provided by Nolan North, with at least one female Kraangdroid design voiced by Cassandra Peterson.[3] Not unlike the Utroms in the Mirage comics and 2003 TV Series, they are portrayed as a race of brain-shaped aliens from Dimension X that pilot robotic bodies who were responsible for bringing the mutagen that was responsible for the Turtle's mutations to Earth. Their history became intertwined with the Turtles when they caught Splinter spying on them and attacked him while he was holding the not-yet-mutated Turtles, causing them to mutate when one of the Kraang accidentally dropped a mutagen canister on them.

When the mutated turtles went to the surface world 15 years later in "Rise of the Turtles," they came face-to-face again with the Kraang when they were about to kidnap April O'Neil and her psychologist father, Kirby, with the help of their getaway driver, Snake. After a failed attempt due to a lack of chemistry, the Turtles invaded the Kraang base, mutated Snake into a 12 ft. regenerating mutant ivy weed dubbed "Snakeweed" by Michelangelo, and rescued April, but failed to save her father.

In "Monkey Brains," the Kraang were mentioned to have assigned Dr. Victor Falco to create a neuro-chemical involving mutagen and chimpanzee DNA. As a despicable measure, Falco tested the chemical on his colleague Dr. Tyler Rockwell, mutating him into a humanoid mutant chimpanzee that can read emotions, but the Turtles stopped him from extracting it.

In "The Gauntlet," the Kraang have planted a mutagen bomb on the roof Wolf Hotel, but the Turtles were secretly warned about this plot through a message from the still-imprisoned Kirby O'Neil meant for April that was delivered by Pete the Pigeon. While trying to free Kirby, they learned from him that the Kraang have been abducting scientists so that they can help modify the mutagen's properties. Since the physical laws of Dimension X are different, the mutagen has different effects in this dimension. The bomb was defused by the Turtles during their fight at the hotel with both the Kraang and the Foot Clan.

In "It Came from the Depths," it was revealed that the Kraang travel between Dimension X and Earth using a portal in their headquarters that's power cell was stolen by Leatherhead six months prior. When the came to him demanding the cell's current hiding place, he entrusted it to the Turtles and dealt with the Kraang to buy them time to escape.

In "The Alien Agenda," the Kraang established the World Wide Genome Project as a front to collect the DNA of every animal and plant species on Earth. This was project was destroyed when Karai helped the Turtles with disgracing the DNA collection by creating a composite monster that Michelangelo named Justin.

In "The Pulverizer," the Kraang reclaimed the power cell that Leatherhead stole from them.

In "TCRI," it was revealed that the Kraang have their headquarters in the higher parts of the TCRI building and that they can only survive in poisonous gas. While inside the TCRI building, the Turtles discover the Kraang's invasion plan: To mutate the whole planet so that their kind can live here, which will wipe out everyone else in the process. The Kraang even brought Traag from Dimension X to attack the Turtles until it was dragged back into Dimension X by Leatherhead. When the Turtles got away when their explosives were unable to destroy the Kraang's portal, Michelangelo managed to obtain a Kraang data storage device which revealed that since Kirby is a psychologist, his area of expertise had nothing to do with the mutagen's modification: the Kraang intended target was actually April.

In "Cockroach Terminator," the Kraang stole a special lens as part of a plot to use their laser drill to burrow to the Earth's core as part of the Kraang's invasion plan. This plot was thwarted by Raphael while he was overcoming his fear of cockroaches.

In "Enemy of My Enemy," two Kraang operatives piloted a spacecraft as a means of hunting the Turtles up to the point where they ended up crashing a weapons trade involving the Shredder. This spacecraft was eventually repelled by Leonardo and one of the pilots was captured by Shredder.

In "Karai's Vendetta," the captured Kraang was interrogated by Shredder on why they hunt the Turtles and told him on how they've been targeting April, who Shredder then sent Karai after to lure the Turtles out of hiding. Meanwhile, the rest of the Kraang had set up a base in the East River where they started a plot to turn Earth's water into Kraang water (which can dissolve a pizza yet not harm humans, or perhaps it just has no effect on April, hence the Kraang's interest in her) and brought a large unnamed sea monster from Dimension X to help guard it. The Turtles managed to destroy the base and escape from the sea monster. We do not know if it can harm humans or not as April is the one who the Kraang water splashed on and the Kraang want April for a special reason.

In "The Pulverizer Returns," the Foot Clan began to steal mutagen from TCRI as part of Shredder's plan to create a mutant army. The captured Kraang tried to warn Shredder about how dangerous the mutagen is, but Shredder wouldn't listen and tried to go through with his plan. When the Turtles foiled it, Shredder and the captured Kraang agreed to say that they have a common enemy, foreshadowing a team-up between the villains.

In "Operation: Break Out," it was shown that Shredder and the Kraang were working together, and that they engineered Kirby O'Neil's "escape" with the aid of the Turtles. The Kraang were also shown to have created a mutant hunter known as the Newtralizer, who proved to be beyond their control when it savagely attacked them after escaping his cell in the same holding facility where Kirby was held prisoner in. April, meanwhile, was led by her strange mind to discover one of the Kraang's devices, a Communication Orb, and bringing it back to the lair.

In "Booyaka-Showdown," it was revealed that they have planted a mind control device on Kirby, which they use to force him to capture April and deliver her to Shredder, who uses her as bait to lure out Splinter. Having accomplished this, Shredder turned April over to the Kraang, who proceeded to use their portal to Dimension X to bring the Technodrone to Earth, though the Turtles subsequently succeeded in destroying the TCRI building. The Kraang's leader, Kraang Prime (voiced by Roseanne Barr), was eventually able to get the Technodrome out of the portal before then, starting the invasion on New York, and needed April's help with the terraforming process through her unique mental energies. However, the Turtles interfered in this plan, and the Technodrone was subsequently brought down off the coast of New York City, though it was revealed to be intact and partially active.

The Kraang continue to pose a threat throughout the second season, briefly maintaining an alliance with the Foot in which they provided them with robotic Foot ninja and attempt to provide them with mutagen so that they can create mutants to destroy the Turtles. However, their partnership was dissolved after a number of incidents, such as the Kraang setting up the Turtles to accidentally intercept a load of mutagen, which was subsequently scattered over the city, and programming their ultimate robot Foot ninja creation, Chrome Dome, to defy Karai's orders to kill April, as the Kraang still wished to capture her.

In "The Kraang Conspiacy," it was subsequently revealed by a private investigator, Jack Kurtzman, who had been investigating the disappearances of Kirby O'Neil and the other scientists who the Kraang had kidnapped, that this is because the Kraang have been preparing to terraform Earth for centuries, altering human DNA until they could create a perfect human-Kraang hybrid: April. In their efforts to utilize her, the Kraang created a number of clones of April, including a misshapen failure dubbed "April Derp" by Michelangelo; all these clones are subsequently destroyed when April released a physic blast.

In "Metalhead Rewired," the Kraang initiated a plot to capture the various mutants inhabiting New York and enslave them with special control devices. They succeeded in rounding up a number of mutants and imprisoning them in a facility in a pocket dimension, but the location was discovered by Metalhead and the Turtles. They briefly used Snakeweed and Spider Bytez against the Turtles, but Metalhead freed them and the other mutants, who escaped back to New York along with the Turtles.

In "The Manhattan Project," the Turtles were focused on a Kraang plot in which the Kraang brought giant worm creatures known as Kraathatrogons to New York from Dimension X. These creatures were revealed to be the source of the mutagen, which they secrete and can be milked of, and also served as mounts for the Kraang. When the Turtles attempted to thwart their plans, they and the Kraang end up battling beneath New York and in the Kraang's interdimensional portal network. In the end, the Turtles are able to send the Kraathatrogons back into the portal network, with one of them ending up in the universe of the 1987 Ninja Turtles cartoon. This mentioned Kraathatrogon was seen briefly seen in the 2012 universe swallowing Tiger Claw, a 6 and 1/2 ft. humanoid mutant Bengal tiger who, as a human child, was the subject of one of the Kraang's experiments in Japan uncounted years back and was recently trained into the Foot Clan as Shredder's new second-in-command.

In "Newtrailzed," the Kraang began mass production of a new vehicle at the docks: The Kraang Walker. Unfortunately for them, this vehicle was hijacked by the Newtralizer with the help of Slash, but Slash was shown the error of his ways and helped the Turtles and Casey Jones stop the mad amphibian from using the walker from eradicating both the Kraang and the city's human population.

In "Into Dimension X," the Kraang have finally perfected the mutagen, but the Turtles were secretly warned about this success by Leatherhead through the Kraang Communication Orb. After finding their way into Dimension X and traveling to the Kraang's home fortress, which was being guarded by Traag and Granitor, the Turtles rescued Leatherhead and helped him stop the Kraang from dumping the perfected mutagen into Earth's dimension through multiple portals.

In "The Invasion," the Foot Clan finally made a full alliance with the Kraang to draw out and destroy the Turtles in exchange in helping them invade the city, which the Kraang did through various spies; the character Irma Langenstein was discovered to be the robotic housing of one such spy named Kraang Sub-Prime (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried), who was eventually defeated by Splinter. Having perfected the mutagen in a previous episode, they began using it to "Kraang-form" New York, turning humans and their environs into creatures and structures reminiscent of Dimension X. The Turtles, Leatherhead, Splinter, April, and Casey briefly attempted to fight them off, but despite the aid of the new Turtle-Mech created by Donatello they were forced to retreat after a battle with Kraang Prime. Kraang Prime also claimed that the Kraang were responsible for the existence of humanity, who supposedly developed after the Kraang exposed monkeys to mutagen.

In "Buried Secrets," the Turtles, April and Casey discovered a Kraang ship beneath April's family farmhouse, where her great-grandfather supposedly discovered it and the Kraang inside, leading to generations of experimentation on the deceased relatives on April's mothers side of the O'Neil family until culminating in experiments they performed on her mother. They also discovered a clone of April's mother who was sealed within the ship due to being unstable, and managed to defeat her.

In "Return to New York," the Turtles returned to find the city under the control of the Kraang, with all humans-including the Earth Protection Force-being either mutated or fitted with mind control devices.

In "Battle for New York," the Turtles's confrontation with the Kraang for the city occurred when they are unexpectedly joined by the Mighty Mutanimals, a rebel team of mutants . The two teams manage to thwart a Kraang plot to launch a mutagen missile, and then launch an attack on the Kraang portal so that the Turtles can infiltrate Dimension X and cure and free the mutated humans. This leads them to another confrontation with Kraang Sub-Prime, who follows the Turtles to Dimension X while the Mutanimals fight to capture and hold the portal. After battling Kraang forces on both sides of the gateway, the two groups of mutants succeed in teleporting the cured humans back to Earth while sending the Kraang back to Dimension X, putting a halt to the invasion for the time being.

The Kraang later returned in "Dinosaurs Seen in Sewers!", using the Statue of Liberty as a base in an effort to bring several Technodromes through a portal from Dimension X in order to use them to conquer Earth. However, these plans were thwarted by the Turtles and a terrifying new arrival to Earth: the Triceraton soldier Zog. After taking out several Kraang bases established in New York's underbelly, Zog and the Turtles discovered the Statue of Liberty base, and succeeded in shutting down the portal. However, a more devastating blow was struck when Zog succeeded in recovering a beacon device that the Kraang had stolen from him and used it to signal the Triceraton armada.

In "Annihilation: Earth" the Kraang finish repairs on the first Technodrome they brought to Earth, and launch it in an effort to renew their invasion. However, the Turtles and their allies are alerted to this scheme by Bishop, a member of the Utrom Tribe, who are revealed to be a breakaway group from the Kraang. These forces invade the Technodrome in an effort to bring it down before the Triceraton armada arrives, and during the battle it is revealed that Kraang Sub-Prime is apparently a former Utrom. Unfortunately, the Triceraton forces soon appear, and after a brief battle between their ships the Triceraton craft destroys the Technodrome and apparently Kraang Prime and Sub-Prime along with it.

"The War for Dimension X" reveals more of the history of the Kraang: originally they were all peaceful Utrom, until the scientist Kraang discovered the mutagen within the Kraathatrogon worms. He used it to mutate himself into Kraang Prime, and gained psychic powers that he used to enslave most of his species. Some managed to resist, but by the time the Turtles approach the Utrom council-having traveled back in time six months in an effort to prevent Earth's destruction-less than 100 Utrom remain free. The Utrom are revealed to have a ruling council consisting of Bishop, Pawn, Queen, and Rook; Kraang Sub-Prime was once the group's Knight and the greatest Utrom hero until he betrayed them to join the Kraang. In this altered past, Kraang Sub-Prime captures the Salamandrians after they approach the Kraang about forming an alliance against the Triceratons, having learned that they are friends of the Turtles. He then tracks the arriving Turtles to the Utrom base, where he captures Queen and takes her back to his Sub-Command Center. The Utrom then declare war on Kraang Sub-Prime's facility and are joined by the Turtles, Professor Honeycutt, and the Salamandrians. Despite possessing a Dracotroid, Kraang Sub-Prime's forces are defeated and he loses a duel to Bishop, before having the damaged cyborg dragon crash into him and explode.

In "Transdimensional Turtles" it is indicated that Krang (1987)-or at least a version of him-is actually related to the Kraang of the 2012 series, who exiled him to the two-dimensional universe of the 1984 Ninja Turtles due to his incompetence. However, Kraang Sub-Prime gives him another chance to help conquer both universes, which they do using Krang's Technodrome as a base. Unbeknownst to Sub-Prime, however, Krang's "Dimensionizer" bombs are designed to destroy the realities in which they are planted, which he only learns after the Turtles of both the two and three-dimensional universes thwart Krang's plans. Enraged, he then banishes Krang back to the 2D world, only to be exiled himself to Turtle Prime.


The Malignoids are a race of vicious insect-like aliens that appear in the Archie Comics. They have tried to take over Earth many times only to be stopped by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals. Their queen is named Maligna. She is mother of all the malignoids in their hive world.


The Neutrinos appear in the 1987 cartoon, Archie Comics, IDW comics and the video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, and are peace-loving humanoid aliens from Dimension X, who travel by flying craft looking much like 1950s and '60s American automobiles.

A race called the Neutrinos are also featured in the 2012 television series, but are here depicted as a microscopic alien race with hostile intentions. They are called upon by Vrax Belebome to invade Michelangelo's mind and capture his inner self so that Belebome can extract information about the Black Hole Generator from him for Lord Dregg.


Polarisoids appear in the "Camera Bugged" and "Welcome Back, Polarisoids" episodes of the 1987 cartoon, when a family from a planet orbiting Polaris travels to the Earth. Their camera is able to shrink people and objects and teleport them inside the camera.[4] The family members's names are Frip, Millimeter, F-Stop & Say Cheese[5]

Rock Soldiers

The Rock Soldiers (often called Stone Warriors, Stone Soldiers, or Rock Warriors) are an alien army of sentient humanoids from Dimension X whose bodies are composed of stone and are under the command of Krang.

In the 1987 cartoon, the Rock Soldiers come from Dimension X and are not natural beings. As noted in the episode "Michelangelo's Birthday", the Rock Soldiers were created by Krang through use of his mutagen on rocks, a rare example of a non-living creature being animated by the chemical and bred as soldiers for his army. They are incredibly strong and resistant to physical injury, but not terribly bright. Accordingly, the Rock Soldiers entire "culture" is geared towards war and conflict with a definite tendency towards aggression and hostility in regards to other species. Their numbers are organized into a strict hierarchy, with power/prestige directly linked to military rank. The current commander of the Stone Warrior legions is General Traag and his second-in-command is Lieutenant Granitor. At present, the Stone Warriors serve the exiled alien warlord, Krang. There are two basic types of Rock Soldiers, brown and grey variations.

In the Archie Comics version, the Rock Soldiers appear in the issues that adapted the episodes Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X, Shredder & Splintered, and Return of the Shredder.

In the IDW Comics, the Stone Soldiers are a genetic development of Baxter Stockman who had the mutagen required for them made by Krangs orders. The Soldiers who undermine the transformation process come from the ranks of Krangs humanoid army from Dimension X where they were given rock-like skin.

In the 2012 series, Traag and Grantior are so far the only Rock Soldiers seen so far and are shown to be 20 ft. tall.

General Traag

General Traag is the leader of Krang's loyal Rock Soldiers from Dimension X.

In the 1987 cartoon, Traag (voiced by Peter Renaday) came following the Neutrinos through the dimensional portal. After a small skirmish with the turtles, the Neutrinos teamed up with them and Michelangelo and Donatello sent both Traag and Lieutenant Granitor back through the portal and to their own dimension.

He appeared in Archie Comics arcade game, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers.

In the IDW comics, he is called "Captain Tragg" and helped Krang in trying to conquer the home planet of the Neutrinos and completely escaped after the battle in which the END rocket from Professor Honeycutt put all of the weapons of Krang's forces out of action.

In the 2012 cartoon, Traag is a 20 ft lava-spewing rock monster with regenerating abilities, who is in service to the Kraang. He first appeared in "TCRI," where he was brought by the Kraang through a portal that connected TCRI to Dimension X. He proved to be a challenge to the Turtles, so Leatherhead ended up dragging him through the portal back to Dimension X. In "Showdown," Traag was seen guarding the portal when the Kraang upgraded it with a force field. When the Turtles tried to destroy it, they drew the attention of him and the Kraang, so Leonardo used the laser to disintegrate Traag. In "Into Dimension X," Traag teamed up with Granitor to attack the Turtles near the Kraang's facility in Dimension X. However, they were both defeated by Michelangelo in his "savage" suit when he used his voice to break apart the part of the cliff both rock monsters were on.

Lieutenant Granitor

Lieutenant Granitor is General Traag's right-hand man, and one of Krang's loyal Rock Soldiers from Dimension X.

In the 1987 cartoon, Granitor (voiced by Pat Fraley) came following the Neutrinos through the dimensional portal. After a small skirmish with the turtles, the Neutrinos teamed up with them and Michelangelo and Donatello sent both Granitor and General Tragg back through the portal and to their own dimension.

He appeared in the arcade game, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers.

In the IDW comics, he is called "Sergeant Granitor" and commanded an assault on a Neutrino resistance bunker, to capture the Fugitoid and bring him back to Krang. Due to Granitor's command, the Neutrino bunker was destroyed and many innocent Neutrinos killed along with Fugitoid's family. Later on he and several other Rock Soldiers was searching the demolished base for Fugitoid. Granitor realized that the Fugitoid was in fact Honeycutt and chased him through a portal to Earth. However, the Fugitoid used his morphing abilities to shapeshift himself into human form and get lost in the crowd.

In the 2012 cartoon, Granitor is a 20 ft blue fire-spewing rock monster with regenerating abilities, who resembles Traag (but is pale-pink in color) and is in service to the Kraang. He first appeared in "Into Dimension X," where he teamed up with Traag to attack the Turtles near the Kraang's facility in Dimension X. However, they were both defeated by Michelangelo in his "savage" suit when he used his voice to break apart the part of the cliff both rock monsters were on.

Sons of Silence

Sons of Silence is a group of aliens in the Archie Comics.[6]


Triceratons refers to the alien race that resemble anthropomorphic Triceratops. The Triceratons are depicted as rivals of the Federation.

They are recurring characters in the Mirage comics

The Triceratons appear in only one episode of the 1987 animated series, "Night of the Dark Turtle", and are not seen again.

They also appear in various video games.

The Triceratons were featured in the 2003 animated series as a race that desires galactic conquest. They have advanced technology, a strong government, and gladiatorial battles, but are noted to have once been a peaceful republic before falling under the leadership of a corrupt politician. Due to the Triceratons' hostility towards humans, Earth attempts a nuclear attack on their planet. There are many notable Triceraton figures in the series, and the Turtles engage them or fight alongside the more noble members of the species on several occasions. In the end Prime Leader Zanramon is overthrown by the noble Traximus, leading to peace; however, the Triceratons later pose a threat again in the year 2105.

In the 2012 animated series, an individual Triceraton is briefly seen in Tiger Claw's flashback in the episode "The Wrath of the Tiger Claw." In the Season 3 finale, "Annihilation: Earth," the Triceraton Empire launches an invasion of Earth to not only wipe out the Kraang, but the entire planet as well. It is revealed that the Kraang and Triceratons have been at war for centuries, with the Kraang using a black hole generator to destroy the Triceraton homeworld only for the Triceratons to recover its scattered pieces for use against their enemies. Though the Turtles put up a valiant effort, it's Shredder's personal revenge that ensures the Triceratons are victorious and the Earth is destroyed. In Season 4, the Turtles are given a second chance by the Fugitoid to prevent Earth's destruction by the Triceratons, and after a number of clashes succeed in doing so. The conclusion of the season ends with the destruction of the Triceraton fleet, and thus the race's apparent extinction.

Commander Mozar

Commander Mozar is a military commander of the Triceraton Republic in the Mirage comics and 2003 and 2012 animated series, where he is the scarred chief military officer of the Triceraton forces. In the 2003 series Mozar is the counterpart of General Blanque when it comes to military matters. Mozar is the dedicated right hand of Zanramon, the Triceraton Prime Leader. He led the mission into territory controlled by the Federation of D'Hoonib, seeking to capture Professor Honeycutt. He succeeded, thanks to help from Blanque's private aid. However, he also captured the Turtles in the bargain.

In the third season of the 2003 series, during the massive Triceraton invasion of Earth, Mozar begins to resent Zanramon's tyranny and bloodlust, as he refuses to fire on a disabled Federation fleet and is visibily disturbed when he is ordered to leave a squadron of their troops to fend for themselves in order to save the homeworld from Honeycutt's virus. When the rebel leader Traximus arrives to depose Zanramon, Mozar holds no objection and gladly orders his troops to stand down as his leader is overthrown. He remains a right hand to Traximus after Zanramon's fall from power.

Mozar appears in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series with the rank of captain, and is voiced by Michael Dorn.[7] He leads the attack on Earth to destroy it and thus prevent the Kraang from using it as a new homeworld, and employs a Black Hole Generator previously used by the Kraang to destroy the Triceraton homeworld. However, the Turtles escape Earth's destruction and then travel back in time six months in an effort to prevent this event from happening. The Turtles subsequently encounter him in this alternate timeline during their efforts to prevent the Triceratons from acquiring the Heart of Darkness-their name for the Black Hole Generator. Mozar acquires one fragment and is promoted to admiral, but it is later stolen back by the Turtles, resulting in Mozar's demotion back to captain. He becomes obsessed with regaining his title and achieving revenge on the Turtles, to the point of employing illegal weapons and allying-albeit briefly-with the criminal Lord Dregg. His methods prove successful, and the Triceratons then set their course for Earth. Upon engaging the past Turtles on Earth, he eventually realizes that the ones he's faced previously traveled back in time; the two teams then unite to defeat him, and he perishes along with the rest of his kind.


Traximus was a noble warrior of the Triceraton Republic who believed that its old virtues should be restored in the 2003 series and the video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus. He spoke to the council and, at the orders of the tyrannical Zanramon, found himself in the dungeons with warriors taking part in "The Games". He was left to rot in his despair until he was bested by Leonardo, who spared his life with honor. Inspired by this act of kindness, Traximus regains hope that the current dictatorship can be overthrown, and leads the other gladiators to freedom in the midst of the chaos surrounding the Turtles' escape. He participates in the Battle Nexus tournament, though only to court more warriors to aid him in his cause. He is eliminated from the tournament by Raphael, but the two work together to free the imprisoned Splinter from the Daimyo's son, and Traximus is ultimately the one who saved the protagonists from falling into a rift in time and space when he anchors his axe into the ground and holds onto them all. In the third season, as the Triceratons invade Earth, Traximus has recruited a larger following after the Battle Nexus, and he aids the Turtles in rescuing the captured Donatello. At the end of the six-part story arc, Traximus has finally overthrown Zanramon and declares the war with the Federation to be over, expressing his wish for a new age of peace and honor to begin, with no further absolute rulers as Zanramon was.

A very similar character named Zeno is featured in the 2012 series, where he is a Triceraton imprisoned for opposing Emperor Zanramon's plans to use the Black Hole Generator against the Kraang. After giving the Turtles some advice about battling in the Triceraton arena, he faces them in the arena, and achieves victory due to his great size, strength, and skill. However, after the Turtles plead with him, Zeno rebels against Zanramon, creating a commotion that enables the heroes to escape. His only appearance was in his debut episode, "The Arena of Carnage"; what became of him after he helped the Turtles is unknown.


Zanramon is the Prime Leader Zanramon of the Triceraton Republic led the war against the Federation of D'Hoonib in the Mirage comic book and in the second Ninja Turtles animated series. Zanramon first appears in TMNT (vol. 1) #6, where he captures the turtles and Professor Honeycutt, wishing to acquire Fugitoid's teleporting technology for the Republic's use. The turtles' captivity is short-lived, however, as they manage not only to free themselves and the Fugitoid but to take Zanramon hostage as well. While making their escape, Zanramon is accidentally shot by his own guards and presumed dead by the turtles. Zanramon is not heard of again until TMNT (vol. 4) #28, where Michelangelo is informed that Zanramon had survived, and was no longer Prime Leader of the Triceratons: after the Fugitoid's escape, the then-leader lost political capital, and he was quickly deposed by opposing factions.

In the 2003 series, when Professor Honeycutt was brought to him, he offers the robot full civil rights and privileges of a Triceraton citizen, but eventually resorts to forcing Honeycutt to build his teleporter lest he execute the Turtles. However, the Turtles survive both the Triceraton prison and the gladiatorial arena, and take the prime leader hostage, culminating in the theft of his personal space cruiser. When Honeycutt is traced to Earth months later, Zanramon orders a full-scale invasion on the planet. Zanramon demands they turn over the Professor or the Earth is destroyed - also revealing Donatello to the entire world (though this thankfully has no lasting effects on the Turtles' secrecy). Humanity ultimately loses the battle with the Triceratons, when even the Justice Force and nuclear weapons can't turn the tide. The Turtles return, rescue Donatello, and once again steal Zanramon's cruiser, to his rage. When Donatello is able to convince him that the Professor is not on Earth, Zanramon orders a retreat, only to deploy his forces yet again when the Professor finally appears on Earth. To Commander Mozar's disgust, Zanramon exhibits increasing amounts of ruthlessness, even to the point of abandoning a squadron of their own scouts. When Traximus and his rebels arrive Zanramon is immediately dethroned by Traximus, and is forced to occupy a cell facing his nemesis, former Federation leader Blanque.

In the 2012 series, Zanmoran (voice by Michael Ironside) is the Emperor of the Triceraton Empire, and orders that Earth be destroyed using the Black Hole Generator/Heart of Darkness. After the Turtles travel back in time to prevent this, they are captured during their infiltration of the Triceraton Mother Ship, and their efforts impress Zanmoran enough that he orders them to be thrown into the arena. When the Fugitoid is captured during an effort to rescue them, Zanmoran attempts to force him to repair the Black Hole Generator, but he refuses; the Turtles subsequently escape by briefly taking Zanmoran hostage. Zanmoran only appeared in "The Arena of Carnage," and was presumably killed when the Fugitoid destroyed the Triceraton fleet.


In the Mirage comics, Zog was one of two Triceraton soldiers left on Earth when the Utroms left. Some time later, Raphael found him in the sewers, and the Turtles used him to aid in their attack on the Foot. His mind was almost nothing, often laughing and priding himself on "knowing all." He mistook the Turtles for leaders of a Triceraton invasion and referred to Raphael as commander Zoraph. Having sustained substantial damage by a number of Foot ninja, he was eventually killed by the three mutated Shredder clones when he charged too far ahead of the team.

In the 2003 series, Zog was one of the Triceratons teleported to Earth mid-battle with the Federation over Honeycutt's teleporter. However, while the other Federation and Triceraton forces are returned home by the Utroms, Zog became lost in the sewers, and was found by the Turtles choking to death from lack of his native air. Believing the Turtles to be Triceraton-allied military leaders, Zog pledges his undying loyalty to them and later "General" Splinter, in particular befriending Michelangelo. Zog participates in the Turtles' assault on the Shredder's feighter ship, and was a valuable asset thanks to his size and ferocity. Zog personally battles the Shredder and proves to be quite a match for the Utrom. In a heroic sacrifice, Zog grabbed hold of the Shredder and tossed them both into the flames of the sinking ship, in an attempted murder-suicide, wishing for his story of loyalty and honor to be told by his commanding officers. Tragically, the Shredder survives this attack, but the Turtles recognize that Zog gave them their lives with his sacrifice.

When the Turtles travel back in time to the Cretaceous era, they encounter a Triceratops who befriends Michelangelo, who wonders if he is an ancestor of Zog, though Donatello quickly reminds him of Zog's nature as an alien. Nevertheless, Michelangelo dubs the Triceratops Zog in his friend's memory, and the dinosaur proves to be an invaluable ally during the Turtles' stay in the Cretaceous. In the final 'Back to the Sewers' season, Michelangelo encounters a ceratopsian with the horns of a Triceratops and the frill of a Styracosaurus, who he dubs Zog II, proving that the Turtles, despite the four season amount of time that had passed, had not forgotten the sacrifice of their friend.

In the 2012 TV series, Zog is a soldier of the Triceraton Empire who traveled to the Earth in quest of Kraangs and alert to the Triceraton Empire to invade and destroy the planet. Due to having his equipment taken from him by the Kraang, he is left somewhat addled by the lack of nitrogen in Earth's atmosphere, allowing Raphael to pass for a commanding officer named Zoraph. Raph employs his hatred of the Kraang in an effort to take out the Kraang, only to learn that Zog is trying to summon the Triceraton armada in order to defeat the Kraang by annihilating the planet. Despite the Turtles' best efforts, Zog succeeds in sending out a signal, before apparently perishing in a fall from the Statue of Liberty's torch due to refusing to let Raphael help him back up. He is later mentioned again in the following season when-due to the Turtles traveling back in time-the events of his sending the signal are witnessed from the Triceraton side.

Captain Zorax

Captain Zorax appears in the 1980s animated series.

Voiced by Jess Harnell.

Monza Ram

The leader of the Triceraton All-Star Gladiator team in the 2003 animated series. Monza Ram and his fellow All-Stars were called upon by Zanramon to battle the Turtles in the Triceraton arena, but suffered defeat. They were subsequently imprisoned by Prime Leader Zanramon for their failure, but freed by Traximus' resistance forces, whom they subsequently joined. Monza Ram would later join forces with his old foes, the Turtles, in order to help them rescue a captured Donatello.

Voiced by David Zen Mansley. Curiously, Monza Ram's name is made up of the same letters as Zanramon.

Boss Zukko

A Triceraton crime boss who appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward, often during the Turtles' misadventures with intergalactic outlaw Torbin Zixx. Zixx describes the Triceraton Republic as not being "what it used to be," citing Zukko and other mobsters like him as evidence. Zuko and Zixx have had dealings in the past, often resulting in Zixx's betrayal of Zuko or incurring heavy debts that Zukko seeks to collect on.

Several unproduced episodes of Fast Forward would have reintroduced the Utrom Shredder and had him take over the body of a Triceraton, becoming the "TriShreddatron." It is possible that this Triceraton could have been Zukko or a member of his gang.

Voiced by Shawn Curran.

General Zera

The first-named female Triceraton who appears in the 2012 series special episode Half Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past. Zera is taller than most Triceratons and has a frill resembling that of a Chasmosaurus rather than a Triceratops. She and her garrison-including her overweight underling Lieutenant Zorg-made their way to Earth's Cretaceous Period by unknown means and enslaved dinosaurs to assist in the excavation of an element known as Chronite that enables time travel. Their plans involved using the Chronite to enable the Triceratons to travel through time and invade different periods. However, their operation suffered interference when the Turtles, Bebop and Rocksteady inadvertently ended up in the Cretaceous Period due to using a Chronite crystal of their own to power Donatello's latest vehicle. Despite capturing Bebop and Rocksteady and employing a force of robotic Velociraptors and a mechanical Spinosaurus, Zera and her forces were defeated by the Turtles and their dinosaur allies.

Voiced by Kate Mulgrew.


The Utroms are aliens in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe that resemble the brain.

In the 2003 cartoon series the Utroms are a benevolent, highly advanced race whose only known criminal is the red Utrom Ch'rell, who eventually assumed the identity of the Shredder after causing an Utrom vessel carrying him to crash land on Earth. The Utroms subsequently spent nearly a thousand years waiting for human technology to reach the point that they could construct a means of getting home, while also fighting a covert war with Ch'rell and his human underlings, the Foot Clan. Among the Utroms' activities were creating the front company TCRI to conceal their true agenda, and recruiting human Guardians such as Hamato Yoshi. This would eventually culminate in the Foot invasion of the TCRI headquarters in New York shortly after the Turtles infiltrated the building in search of Master Splinter. The Utroms succeeded in returning home, and eventually returned to apprehend the Shredder and exile him to an icy asteroid. During the future seen in Fast Forward, the Utroms were apparently among the aliens involved in the Pan-Galactic Alliance.

In the 2012 animated series, the Utroms were originally a once great race until a scientist named Kraang discovered mutagen and used it to gain psychic abilities. Kraang used his powers to enslave most of his kind, establishing a hive mind while going by the name of Kraang Prime. The Ultroms that maintain their free will broke away from the Kraang and maintain an oath of noninvolvement in the affairs of Earth, but have been shown to take other action such as hiding the three components of the Kraang Black Hole Generator in an effort to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Like their 2003 counterparts, they also befriend Professor Honeycutt, aka the Fugitoid, who later goes on a mission with the Turtles to prevent the destruction of Earth.


Main article: Krang

Krang is suggested to be an Utrom in the daily comic strip.

An Utrom named Krang (who has no resemblance to the original) makes a small appearance in the 2003 series.

General Krang is considered an Utrom in the IDW Comics. He is one of the major antagonists in the series and is more cunning and threatening than the 1987 version.

In the 2012 series, the villainous Kraang Prime was once a scientist named Kraang, who discovered the mutagen within the native Kraathatrogon worms of Dimension X. Using it on himself, he mutated into the monstrous Kraang Prime and used his new mental powers to enslave most of his race.


Korobon is an Utrom who declared himself ambassador to Earth from the Utrom Confederation. He addressed the U.N. on live television and explained what the Utroms had planned to do on Earth. He appeared in Volume 4 of the Mirage comic.

Mr. Mortu

The name is actually "Utrom" spelled backwards, Mr. Mortu is an Utrom commander (voiced by Dan Green) and one of the Utroms stranded on Earth when the Utrom criminal Ch'rell forced the prison ship transporting him to crash in feudal Japan in the 2003 series. He remains on Earth though the centuries, later stationed at the Utrom's Tokyo headquarters following World War II. He is saved from muggers by a young Hamato Yoshi and Yukio Mashimi, who discover his secret during the scuffle. He inducts both into the ranks of the Guardians, and is forced to evacuate the Tokyo facility after Mashimi betrays them to the Shredder.

In the present day, he is stationed in New York City in the TCRI building, the Utroms' New York base of operations. When Splinter is injured in the Turtles' assault on the Shredder's headquarters, Mortu has him brought to the TCRI building and cared for, unbeknownst to the Turtles. When the Turtles return to Earth from their voyage across space, it is Mortu who transmatted them home and who brings the healed Splinter to them. He shows the Turtles and Splinter the origins of the Utroms on Earth using a communal mind pod, but the experience goes terribly wrong when Baxter Stockman hacks the system and traps the Turtles and Splinter in the simulation. As the Shredder (by then revealed to be the alias of the criminal Ch'rell) and his forces destroy the building, Mortu and the Utroms transmat back to their homeworld. Before they leave, Mortu presents Splinter with gift: an orb containing memories of his master Yoshi from the Guardian archives.

When the Turtles later destroy the Shredder's starship with themselves aboard in an effort to keep him from plundering the galaxy, Mortu's forces arrive seconds before the detonation, encasing the Shredder's ship in a stasis bubble long enough to transmat the Turtles and Splinter to safety, and the Shredder and his accomplices to holding cells. Mortu later presides over the tribunal meeting that sentences the Utrom Ch'rell to exile aboard an icy asteroid.

Mortu attended the O'Neil-Jones wedding as an honored guest. He mentions a bad experience at a previous wedding that seems to have involved being mistaken for an entree at a sushi buffet, which he remains bitter about.

Professor Obligado

Professor Obligado was a brilliant Utrom scientist. His life and death are shown in the back pages of several issues of the current Tales of the TMNT. "Obligado" means "obligated/forced to" in Spanish, although his name more likely comes from the brain component "medulla oblongata".


Slashuur is a character that appears in the video game "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus". According to it, Slashuur is an Utrom who was slashed when Shredder attacked his own home planet. He survived, but not without two scars. He is a former competitor of the Battle Nexus. For unknown purposes, he became known as the greatest mercenary in the multiverse, which was after he somehow achieved his Slashuur exosuit, with the cost of his own memory. He worked under Shredder, not knowing he was attacked by him. His weapon is a sickle called Gengetsu, which drains people's energy upon impact, feeding it to Slashuur. He has three known costumes. They have the same design, just different colors. The first one is orange, which appears when Slashuur appears in Episode 4-5. The second one is black, which appears when Slashuur appears in Episode 10-3. The third one is when he is a playable character. It is white. After fighting the Turtles twice, he learns what really happens. Slashuur then assists them in their battle in Episode 11, but only in the cutscenes. He doesn't appear in the 2003 series, similar to Planet Zero's appearance in that same game. He is voiced by Jason Griffith.

Dr. Xeinos

Based on a storyline by Leatherhead creator Ryan Brown, Dr. Xeinos is an Utrom scientist who was caught in the blast of the TCRI building in the Image and Mirage comics. Left behind and abandoned on Earth after the Utroms fled for their homeplanet, he was found by and befriended Leatherhead who nursed him back to health. He also played chess with Splinter. He was revealed to be the one who found Leatherhead in the sewers when he was still a normal alligator.

Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder

Utrom Council

Both the 2003 and 2012 animated series feature councils as the leading political bodies of the Utrom, both the race as a whole and in smaller groups. In the 2003 series, the Utrom council is a trio of mind-linked Utroms who served as the navigators for the ship that brought the Utrom to Earth. Both Captain Mortu and the Utrom's human Guardians are subordinate to them, and the first priority of the council is the safety of their people. Another Utrom council was also formed at the trial of Ch'rell, the Utrom Shredder, and pronounced sentence on him, exiling him to a frozen asteroid.

In the 2012 series the members of the Utrom Council are individuals, like all Utrom, and each is named for a chess piece.


In the 2012 series an Utrom is introduced who goes by the Earth name of Bishop, and is responsible for the design of the Utrom/Kraang android body or "Norman." He is distinguished from other users of this body by his use of sunglasses, ability to speak normal English, and his incredible combat skill. Despite the Utrom code of noninvolvement, he comes to Earth to warn the Turtles of the imminent arrival of the Triceraton armada and the rise of the sunken Technodrome, although he had to fight them in order to gain their trust when they mistaken him for a Kraang. He joins forces with the Turtles and their allies in an effort to stop the Technodrome, and then to prevent the Triceratons from activating the Black Hole Generator and destroying the Earth. During the former battle, he reveals that recurring villain Kraang Sub-Prime was once an Utrom as well.

The Turtles later met Bishop again-though from his perspective it was for the first time-when they traveled into the past to try and prevent Earth's destruction. He is revealed to be an old friend of Professor Honeycutt's, but was unaware of the Professor's brain being installed into a robotic body. He and the rest of the Council meet to discuss the Turtles' request for their help, only to be attacked by Kraang Sub-Prime and his forces. Later Bishop and his peers lead an Utrom attack on Kraang Sub-Prime's base, during which Bishop engages his former brother-previously known by the name Knight-and defeats him. After Kraang Sub-Prime's apparent destruction, Bishop then reveals to the Turtles the locations of the last remaining components of the Black Hole Generator.

Voiced by Nolan North.


One of the other members of the Utrom Council, and possibly its highest-ranking member as indicated by her title. Queen pilots an Utromdroid body similar in design to the "Mrs. Campbell" androids employed by the Kraang on Earth, though with a different color scheme. Shortly after the Turtles approached the Utrom looking for help in locating the other pieces of the Heart of Darkness, aka the Black Hole Generator, the Utrom base was invaded and Queen was abducted by Kraang Sub-Prime. Fortunately, she was rescued by the alliance of the Turtles, Utrom, and a pair of Salamandrians, and later agreed to help the Turtles continue their quest to save Earth.

Voiced by Cassandra Peterson.


Another member of the Utrom council, Rook is responsible for the design that was copied by Kraang Sub-Prime to disguise his own personal exo-suit as Irma Langinstein and to mass-produce the apparently unpiloted Irma-bots. She is furious with Sub-Prime for this, as well as his betrayal of the Utrom. Sadly, Rook does not appear to possess Sub-Prime's armaments or his combat ability, being more of a politician with a detailed knowledge of Utrom law than a fighter.

Voiced by Kate Micucci.


The final member of the Utrom Council, and the only one without an Utromdroid body disguised as a human. Pawn resembles an uncovered Utromdroid/Kraangdroid, with the curious addition of a curly mustache. Along with his fellow Utrom, Pawn was stunned to learn that the Black Hole Generator fragment hidden on Aeon had corrupted its inhabitants, and thus eventually agreed to reveal the location of the other pieces to the Turtles and their allies.

Like Bishop and most of the Kraang, Pawn is voiced by Nolan North.

Knight/Kraang Sub-Prime

A traitorous former member of the Utrom Council, previously known as one of their greatest heroes. Unlike the many Utroms who were enslaved by Kraang Prime, the Utrom formerly known as Knight apparently willingly joined the ruthless dictator and turned against his fellow Utroms. He became the self-proclaimed "greatest spymaster in Dimension X," keeping tabs on April O'Neil by posing as her friend Irma Langstein using a Kraangdroid body whose design he had stolen from Rook. He was also responsible for banishing the 1987 Krang-or a version thereof-to two-dimensional Earth on account of his stupidity, though he later briefly allied with him in an effort to destroy all Turtles. Sub-Prime has demonstrated incredible resilience, having survived several apparent demises only to return and menace the Turtles and their friends again. He also has a long-running rivalry with Bishop, who once considered him a brother but now despises him, calling him "Sub-Subprime." Sub-Prime is also responsible for the Kraang obtaining the Black Hole Generator, having purchased it from a younger and less ethically minded Professor Honeycutt.

Kraang Sub-Prime is voiced by Gilbert Godfried.


A Zipp is an alien featured in the 80's animated series as a little creature from Dimension X, appearing during season 4 ("The Big Zipp Attack"), and increases itself when eating. It also eats metal, and reduction requires them eating Rigidium, a very rare metal on the Earth.[8]


A race of aliens from the 2012 animated series who, as their name suggests, resemble Salamanders or Newts. Appearing larger than the Turtles and regular humans, the Salamandrians are a lithe but muscular warrior race who employ ships resembling aquatic creatures. They delight in battle, are generally hostile towards those not of their species, and often repeat the phrase "Rokka, rokka!", which has no apparent English translation. At least one Salamandrian is known to have a violent feud with the Kraang, with whom Salamandrians have roughly equivalent technology, while others have been seen fighting the Triceratons; the latter rivalry apparently applies to the whole species. More recently, the entire planet was attacked by Lord Dregg's armada, which he used to blackmail two Salamandrians into betraying the Turtles until they learned that he had no intention of sparing their world

Salamandrians regard the extension of the hand-as in attempting to give a handshake-as a hostile gesture, whereas touching each other's noses together is the equivalent of a Salamandrian kiss; their native language sounds like roaring to human or Turtle ears.

The Newtralizer

A Salamandrian with black skin and an orange belly with spots resembling a human skull, resembling the emblem of Marvel Comics' Punisher. Also similar to the Punisher, he has a single-minded obsession with destroying the Kraang, to the point where he has no qualms about harming innocents if it means annihilating them. He also possesses a range of highly advanced weapons, including blades, explosives, and blasters.

The Newtralizer was so named by Donatello; his true name is unknown. He is a vicious foe of the Kraang, going so far as eating one after defeating them in battle. By unknown means he came to Earth and was imprisoned in a Kraang detention facility, where he was later joined as an inmate by April's father Kirby O'Neal. As a result, he was unexpectedly freed when Donatello opened all the cells to free Kirby, and soon began attacking the Kraang and then the Turtles. After a tough battle the Turtles managed to escape with Kirby, but the Newtralizer remained at large. He later returned in a partnership with Slash, whom he befriended after freeing him from a Kraang facility. The pair fought a two-man war against the Kraang, even stealing teleporter devices and plutonium with which to power them and setting their sights on a Kraang walker due to arrive on Earth. However, the Newtralizer's extreme methods soon wore thin on Slash, who joined forces with the Turtles to stop him. While attempting to escape the explosion of the walker, Newtralizer employed a malfunctioning teleporter, and was then seen surrounded by its energies with uncertain results.

Voiced by Danny Trejo.

Commander G'Throkka/Sal Commander

Commander G'Throkka, also dubbed Sal Commander by Michelangelo (with Laser Lizard and G.I. Newt being rejected alternatives) is a Salamandrian commander who led a trio of Salamandrian fighters against the Triceraton armada in "The Moons of Thalos 3." G'Throkka is a veteran warrior who bears the scars of a number of battles, with a cybernetic tail, left eye, and severe scarring on his left side. He employs a spiked club on the end of his tail and a collapsible sword as weapons, but is also quite competent with his bare hands. Despite this, he is somewhat more fair-minded than other Salamandrian warriors, being more receptive towards interacting with "Outworlders" when they display honorable tendencies.

After crash-landing on a methane ice moon due to an accidental collision between their ship and the Turtles' Ulixes, G'Throkka and his copilot Lieutenant Y'Gythgba set their sights on the Turtles and their allies. G'Throkka was the more receptive of the two towards the idea of working together with the Turtles, but soon joined the lieutenant in fighting them due to a misunderstanding. However, the pair ended up forming an alliance with Raphael to battle the moon's native ice dragons, and soon joined forces with the other Turtles. After recovering material needed to repair both their vessels, they parted ways as friends. During this adventure, G'Throkka noticed signs of Y'Gythba's growing interest in Raphael, shortly before being temporarily frozen by one of the dragons.

G'Throkka and Y'Gythgba later traveled to Dimension X to approach the Kraang about an alliance against the Triceratons, only to be refused and then imprisoned after it was learned that they had previously fought alongside the Turtles. Mikey and Raph later discovered the pair in Kraang Sub-Prime's Sub Command Center while looking for the Utrom Queen, and G'Throkka was reluctant to help them due to believing the Kraang and the Utrom to be identical. However, after being reminded of his own willingness to trust the Turtles on their previous encounter, he joined them in rescuing Queen and then helping the Utroms and Turtles fight against the Kraang. Subsequently he was captured by Armaggon on the orders of Lord Dregg, and he and Y'Gthgba reluctantly agreed to betray the Turtles in exchange for Dregg sparing their world. However, they soon learned that Dregg had lied, and joined the Turtles in fighting him for their mutual freedom.

Voiced by Keith David.

Lieutenant Y'Gythgba/Mona Lisa

A female Salamandrian who was given her nickname by Raphael after he developed a crush on her. Mona Lisa is a nod to a character from the 1984 cartoon series, who unlike the 2012 version was a human mutated into a lizard rather than an alien being. Like her counterpart she serves as a love interest for Raphael, who she becomes interested in after he comes to her aid during a battle. Smaller and more agile than her commanding officer G'Throkka, she fights employing weapons gauntlets that include lasers and blades and a collapsible sword weapon. Unlike her commander, she was initially more hostile towards non-Salamandrians and was without reserve towards the idea of wiping out the Turtles for interrupting their attack on the Triceratons.

Y'Gythgba urged her commander to attack the Turtles and their allies, which they did after a brief verbal confrontation that ended with a miscommunication. During the fight her fighting prowess and ability impressed Raphael, who soon became enamored of her. He soon caught up with the pair of Salamandrians on their way to obtain material both sides needed to fix their damaged ships, and impressed Y'Gythgba to the point that she tried to get rid of him by blasting the ice beneath his feet rather than trying to hit him. The trio ended up joining forces when they were attacked by ice dragons, and Raphael saved Y'Gythgba from two of the attackers. After repaying his gesture, the pair introduced themselves, at which point Raph gave her the nickname Mona Lisa. Fully reciprocating Raph's attraction by this point, she joined him and G'Throkka in aiding the other Turtles and their friends. They then obtained the material they had been searching for-a crashed Triceraton space mine-and raced it back to the Turtles' ship. Professor Honeycutt managed to get the vessel repaired shortly after the others' suits were running out of power, and Mona and Raphael were reunited after slipping into unconsciousness following what they assumed would be their farewell. The pair soon parted ways, but expressed hopes that they would see each other again.

Mona and Raphael would later meet again when he and Michelangelo found her and G'Throkka imprisoned by Kraang Sub-Prime, whom they had attempted to convince to join forces with the Salamandrians against the Triceratons. After Kraang Sub-Prime refused in favor of continuing the Kraang "strategy" of fleeing the Triceratons' wrath, Mona made the unwitting error of suggesting that they team up with the Turtles again, leading the Kraang to take them captive. Upon escaping, Mona willingly joined the Turtles in their crusade to rescue the Utrom Queen, and even helped persuade G'Throkka to help despite his reservations about working with the "good Kraang." She and Raphael proved quite affectionate during the ensuing conflict, to the chagrin of both Mikey and G'Throkka. At the end of the battle they parted ways once again, but Mona expressed a desire to spend more time with him if they ever met again.

Mona later approached the Turtles with word that Armaggon had captured Sal Commander, and together they went to Sectoid 1 to rescue him from Lord Dregg. However, the Turtles soon learned that Mona and G'Throkka had cut a deal with Dregg: delivering the Turtles into his trap in exchange for his halting his attack on their homeworld. Mona was deeply troubled by the arrangement, and moreso when she learned that Dregg had no intention of honoring his promises. She and G'Throkka soon joined the Turtles in fighting Dregg, and later volunteered to hold off his forces while the Turtles escaped. Knowing how badly she had hurt Raphael, Mona declared her love for him, and the Turtles quickly joined their friends in battle. Mona was wounded by one of Dregg's monstrous minions, but was rescued by Raphael, who attacked Dregg in a fury upon seeing her harmed; she soon recovered, and she and Raphael were reconciled.

Voiced by Zelda Williams.


A race of aliens somewhat similar to the Triceratons, but resembling humanoid Styracosauruses rather than Triceratopses, that appeared in the Mirage Comics.


An insectoid race ruled over by Lord Dregg in the 2012 animated series, the Vreen are a hive-mind alien race originating from Sectoid 1. They answer to Dregg alone, and without his presence are incapable of acting on their own initiative.


An ancient race featured in the 2012 animated series, the Aeons were one of the oldest civilizations in the universe, majestic winged beings who eschewed all forms of technology. Because of this, the Utroms believed it safe to entrust them with one of the pieces of the Black Hole Generator created by their enemy, Kraang, in order to keep it out of dangerous hands. Unfortunately, the power of the piece corrupted the Aeons, who hid away their most precious treasure before transforming into monstrous shadows of their former selves. Their planet soon fell to ruin, and in such state it was when the Turtles, their allies, and the Triceratons arrived seeking the Black Hole Generator fragment. After solving the clues left behind by the Aeons, the Turtles were able to return them to their previous state, and the grateful Aeons gave April O'Neil a fragment of their treasure to enhance her mental powers before the heroes departed.


An amphibious race that are known to be honorable and noble, they are introduced in the 2012 animated series, the Daagon live in the cosmic ocean of Veruna, a liquid nebula over which they rule. Ancient allies of the Utrom, they were entrusted with a piece of the Black Hole Generator by them, and watched over it protectively for centuries. Hiidralla, Supreme Ruler of the Daagon, orchestrated a test in which those who sought the Black Hole Generator would have to face Cthuuga, a massive aquatic beast that obeyed only her will. The Turtles and their allies traveled to Veruna to obtain the second piece of the Black Hole Generator. At first, the Daagon were hostile towards them until Fugitoid holds up an Utrom signma to show that they are in league with the Utrom. They sought to pass a test to get the second piece, but failed due to interference from Armaggon. However, when Lord Dregg arrived to back up his captured mercenary, the Turtles proved themselves by defending the Supreme Ruler and her people. As a reward, the Daagon's gave them their fragment of the Black Hole Generator, with hopes that-contrary to previous belief-it could be destroyed.


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