List of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures episodes

Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures is the third incarnation of American Greetings' Strawberry Shortcake character. The show was previewed on The Hub on October 10, 2010, and made its official premiere on October 11. It is also currently airing on Family Jr. in Canada and Discovery Kids in Latin America.

On March 31, 2015, a fourth season was announced.[1] It aired on June 20, 2015 and ended on September 12, 2015.[2]

Series overview

Seasons Episodes U.S. First air date U.S. Last air date Notes
Pilot 01 March 21, 2009 Only on DVD n/a
1 26 February 20, 2010 April 16, 2011 First Aired in Canada
2 13 November 5, 2011 March 24, 2012 First Aired in Canada on 17 October 2011
3 13 February 23, 2013 May 11, 2013 n/a
4 13 June 20, 2015 September 12, 2015 Discovery Family


Pilot (2009)

The Pilot Season contains 1 episode, titled "A Berry Grand Opening", of the series which was available on American Greeting's website and was later included with a certain Strawberry Shortcake doll.

Season 1 (2010)

Episode # Season # Episode Title U.S. Original Air Date Canada Original Air Date
0101"Fish Out Of water"October 10, 2010
While packing up picnic things Orange Blossom adopts what she believes to be a fish but, soon discovers that it's a tadpole. Even as it grows and causes trouble, Orange is determined to keep it, to everyone else's chagrin.
0201"A Stitch in Time"October 12, 2010
Plum Pudding secretly tries to help Raspberry Torte when she can't make a decision on how to stitch Strawberry Shortcake's new dress.
0301"Vanishing Violets"October 13, 2010
Lemon Meringue is growing violets for a flower festival but, suddenly they disappear and she begins to suspect BerryKin Bloom of stealing them.
0401"Babysitter Blues"October 14, 2010
Something strange has been going on in the Berry Works and, Strawberry along with her friends, soon find out that Baby Berrykin is causing all the madness. Strawberry offers to take care of Baby Berrykin but soon discovers that it is a difficult task.
0501"Hair Today Gone Tomorrow"October 15, 2010
Lemon Meringue buys a machine to make hair-styling faster and better, but soon feels left out and sad, and worries her job might be over for good.
0601"Pop Goes the Garden"October 18, 2010
Blueberry Muffin bought daisy seeds and, when planted, they unexpectedly grow into explosive corn stalks. When she calls the Daisy Company, they send her a new packet of seeds, but she and the others must decide what to do with all of the giant ears of corn before somebody could get hurt.
0701"The Berry Best You Can Bee"October 19, 2010
When a delivery bee is sick, Strawberry offers to help Postmaster Bumble-Bee deliver a special birthday package to Berry Bitty Dale.
0801"Strawberry's House Pest"October 20, 2010
Strawberry struggles to be the berry best hostess when she has the very worst house guest.
0901"Berry Bitty World Record"October 21, 2010
Orange Blossom plans to win a holiday trip for Berrykin Bloom so the others try and figure out a way.
1001"Too Cool For Rules"October 22, 2010
Plum Pudding starts making up weird rules at her dance studio.
1101"Berry Best BerryFest Princess"October 25, 2010
Berry Bitty City has an election for a temporary princess while Princess Berrykin is absent.
1201"Strawberry's Berry Big Parade"October 26, 2010
Strawberry is put in charge of the BerryFest parade and looks to her gal pals for help with the chores.
1301"The Berry Best Choice"October 27, 2010
Strawberry learns how to be a leader and face obstacles to make sure the BerryFest is a success.
1401"Nothing to Fear But Berries Themselves"October 28, 2010
Orange Blossom fears that the Gumper Lump is real and when there's a power cut in Lemon's salon, the girls act silly and thinks it does exist .
1501"Where Oh Where Has My Blueberry Gone?"October 29, 2010
Blueberry starts reading Patty Persimmon mystery novels and forgets about meetings or appointments with her friends.
1601"Manners Meltdown"November 1, 2010
Blueberry forgets her manners and when the Berry Derby party where she tells everyone to act politely.
1701"Trading Sizes"November 2, 2010
Raspberry finds a way to enlarge Berrykins to the same size as Strawberry and her friends.
1801"Different Waltz for Different Faults"November 3, 2010
Plum tries to get her friends and the Berrykins to dance like a rival dance team, to win the Dance-Off trophy.
1901"Happy First Frost"November 4, 2010
Blueberry gives a First Frost Day gift that's more what she wants than the recipient.
2001"A Circle of Friends"November 5, 2010
Raspberry gets upset when she suspects her friends of copying her lantern design for the Glimmerberry Gathering.
2101"GlimmerBerry Ball"November 8, 2010
Plum finds an ideal location for the Glimmerberry Ball, but two chipmunks keep crashing her party.
2201"Nice as Nails"November 9, 2010
Lemon Meringue comes up with clever idea on a new manicure called "The Glamicure". It starts out as fun and musical, but soon the embedded music and lights start to drive everyone crazy.
2301"How You Play the Game"November 10, 2010
A new game comes to Berry Bitty City that starts to encroach on the town's other activities.
2401"Good Citizens Club"November 11, 2010
Sadiebug and Kadiebug create a new club as Plum Pudding would do anything to join the membership.
2501"Team For Two"November 12, 2010
Lemon and Raspberry must work together to make a Day Care Center for the Baby Berrykins.
2601"Lost and Found"November 15, 2010
Strawberry loses her pets and her friends help find them.

Season 2 (2011–12)

Episode # Season # Episode Title U.S. Original Air Date Canada Original Air Date
2702"The Berry Big Harvest"November 5, 201117 October 2011
Orange Blossom struggles to deal with an overflow of new products at her store.
2802"Room At the Top"November 12, 2011
Strawberry adds a new bedroom over her produce marketplace with her friends' help.
2902"Starlight, Star bright"November 19, 2011
Strawberry's friends decide to surprise her by inviting her favorite singer, Cherry Jam to Berry Bitty City to perform live at the grand opening of the new marketplace.
3002"Practice Makes Perfect"November 26, 2011
Plum gets stage fright at one of Cherry Jam's recitals.
3102"Top Talent"December 3, 2011
The girls prepare for a talent show, and Lemon rejects any assistance.
3202"A Star is Fashioned"December 10, 2011
Raspberry considers moving to the big city in order to work with top fashion designers.
3302"No Blueberry is an Island"January 28, 2012
Blueberry mishears Strawberry talking about a dream vacation and tells all her friends.
3402"Where The Berry Breeze Blows"February 11, 2012
Strawberry and her friends plan on going on a dream vacation, but the resort gets canceled and forces them to think outside the box.
3502"The Berry Best Vacation"March 1, 2012
The girls' vacation is interrupted when a TV reporter stops by to interview Cherry Jam.
3602"The Berry Long Winter"March 8, 2012
Early spring-like weather brings everyone's hopes down, but when the cold returns the town must decide if they want to share their supplies.
3702"The Big Freeze"March 15, 2012
Blueberry invents parasol-powered ice skates and gets to create her own musical commercial.
3802"On Ice"March 22, 2012
Strawberry helps Raspberry and Berrykin Bruce compromise on planning a spring-theme event allowing them to combine their efforts.
3902"On The Road"March 29, 2012
The girls train the Berrykins to run their businesses while they head out of town on a concert tour.

Season 3 (2013)

Episode # Season # Episode Title U.S. Original Air Date Canada Original Air Date
4003"A Boy and His Dogs"February 23, 2013
Strawberry and the girls help free a visitor and a bundle of stray puppies and they all become good friends.
4103"Partners in Crime"February 23, 20135 December 2013
Blueberry invites Huckleberry to team up and write a mystery story for an online magazine.
4203"The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show"March 2, 201312 December 2013
Strawberry hosts a dog show which becomes unexpectedly entertaining when Plum attempts to turn the competition into an extravagant performance.
4303"Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins"March 9, 20139 December 2013
When Plum directs a fairy tale play, it becomes too elaborate and turns into a comical disaster.
4403"Berryella and Prince Charming"March 16, 20131 December 2013
Huck is drafted by the girls to play Prince Berry Charming.
4503"The Littlest Berrykin"March 23, 20138 December 2013
While Blueberry and Huckleberry narrate their new play, the girls imagine themselves as the princesses.
4603"The Berry Big Relay Race"March 30, 2013
Strawberry and the girls hold a relay race while waiting for the sparkleberry juice system to be fixed.
4703"The Berry Best Treasure"April 6, 2013
Cherry and the girls go on a treasure hunt to search for their missing puppies.
4803"The Berry Scary Fun Adventure"April 13, 2013
While on a camping trip, the girls get worried and build a series of traps and are surprised by what they catch.
4903"The Berry Lucky Day"April 20, 2013
Huck discovers that the good luck charm he found belongs to Cherry; Strawberry helps Huck and Cherry realize where their luck really comes from.
5003"All Dogs Allowed"April 27, 2013
While planning an afternoon tea party, something scares the puppies away and the girls have to solve the mystery before they can celebrate.
5103"A Basket of Blue Berries"May 4, 2013
After inviting Huck to the Masquerade Ball, Blueberry becomes ill.
5203"The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff"May 11, 2013
The girls get competitive with each other while baking big cupcakes for Berrykin Bloom.

Season 4 (2015)

Episode # Season # Episode Title U.S. Original Air Date Canada Original Air Date
5304"Berry Double Trouble"June 20, 201513 September 2015
Raspberry and Lemon enlist the help of twins to run Strawberry's Cafe so she can participate in an Internet fashion show
5404"Berry Bitty Adventurer"June 27, 2015
Strawberry's world traveling cousin Apple visits Berry Bitty City but brings trouble along with her
5504"High Tech Drama"July 4, 201527 September 2015
Sweet and Sour Grapes argument is seen on all of Berrynet
5604"A Berry Merry Birthday"July 11, 20154 October 2015
Sweet and Sour Grapes decide to have separate birthdays but begin to miss each other
5704"Tell Tale Trio"July 18, 201511 October 2015
also called Tall Tale Trio, Everyone goes on a camping trip but Orange, Plum, and Cherry has some trouble and tell tall tales.
5804"Berry Big Tale-Teller"July 25, 2015
Sweet and Sour tells all the gang about their big adventure.
5904"The Berry Bitty Great Race"August 1, 2015
Apple tells a story about competing in the Berry Bitty Great Race.
6004"The Berry Best Taste Test"August 8, 2015
Strawberry has a new business line but then a bad food comes along.
6104"The Berry Best Biscuit"August 15, 2015
Sour teases Apple about eating a dog biscuit and they both start a prank war.
6204"Hot Sauce Cook Off"August 22, 2015
Berrykin Bloom competes again with his cousin Berrykin Bertman.
6304"The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster"August 29, 2015
Apple makes some dancing shoes to help her dance good but it also brings trouble to everyone.
6404"The Doggie Dance No-Show"September 5, 2015
Tom Tom is afraid to dance in front of everyone.
6504"Dance Puppy Dance"September 12, 2015
Cherry writes a new song but it starts to annoy her.


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