List of St. Elsewhere episodes

The following is a list of episodes for NBC television drama St. Elsewhere. The series premiered on October 26, 1982, and ended on May 28, 1988. A total of 137 episodes were produced spanning 6 seasons.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 22 October 26, 1982 May 3, 1983
2 22 October 26, 1983 May 16, 1984
3 24 September 19, 1984 March 27, 1985
4 24 September 18, 1985 May 7, 1986
5 23 September 24, 1986 May 27, 1987
6 22 September 16, 1987 May 28, 1988


Season 1 (1982–83)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
11"Pilot"Thomas CarterJoshua Brand & John FalseyOctober 26, 1982 (1982-10-26)2313
While the doctors of St. Eligius search for a missing mental patient, paramedics bring in the victims of a terrorist bombing.
22"Bypass"Thomas CarterJoshua Brand & John FalseyNovember 9, 1982 (1982-11-09)2301
As Morrison reluctantly treats the bomber (Tim Robbins), Ehrlich has his first OR session with Craig and Beale takes a swimming lesson from Samuels.
33"Down's Syndrome"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Tom Fontana
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and Tom Fontana
November 16, 1982 (1982-11-16)2304
A couple (Tony Bill, Maureen Anderman) learn their unborn child has Down's syndrome, while Westphall plays host to hospital board members.
44"Cora and Arnie"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Neil Cuthbert
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and Neil Cuthbert
November 23, 1982 (1982-11-23)2305
Morrison informs a bag lady (Doris Roberts) with sore feet that she has a life-threatening condition and a parolee in pain (Lionel Smith) learns that he's been shot.
55"Samuels and the Kid"Thomas CarterTeleplay by: John Masius
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and John Masius
November 30, 1982 (1982-11-30)2303
As Chandler accuses a nurse (Vivian Bonnell) of incompetence and Cavanero instructs a teenager (Henry Celis) on delivering a baby over the phone, Samuels befriends an 11-year-old boy (Jeremy Licht) with a football injury.
66"Legionnaires: Part 1"Thomas CarterTeleplay by: Joel Surnow
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and Joel Surnow
December 7, 1982 (1982-12-07)2306
Westphall considers closing a ward after patients die of Legionnaires' disease, while a nurse (Rita Taggart) expresses contempt for Cavanero.
77"Legionnaires: Part 2"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Charles Rosin
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and Charles Rosin
December 14, 1982 (1982-12-14)2309
As Fiscus is mugged in the ER and Beale discovers his patient (Laraine Newman) got pregnant during her stay, Westphall's decision to close the ward puts his job on the line.
88"Tweety and Ralph"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Elizabeth Diggs
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and Elizabeth Diggs
December 21, 1982 (1982-12-21)2307
While a patient (Molly Cheek) celebrates her upcoming hysterectomy, Ralph (Richard Marcus) makes a nest in the storeroom.
99"Rain"Victor HsuTeleplay by: Tom Fontana
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and Tom Fontana
January 4, 1983 (1983-01-04)2308
As Morrison takes a house call he later regrets, Fiscus pulls his gun on a patient (Ray Liotta) and White's daughter (Candace Cameron) swallows mothballs.
1010"Hearts"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: John Masius
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and John Masius
January 11, 1983 (1983-01-11)2310
While Ralph poses as a staffer and an obese woman (Madelyn Cates) learns she has labor pains, Ehrlich experiences another moment of truth assisting Craig.
1111"Graveyard"Victor LoblTeleplay by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey and John Masius and Tom Fontana
Story: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
January 18, 1983 (1983-01-18)2302
Samuels tries to save a critically wounded patient (Tom Hulce), while a Chinese couple perform a ritual on their dying son (Rummel Mor) and Ralph (Richard Marcus) decides to leave St. Eligius, by flying away.
1212"Release"Victor LoblTeleplay by: Tom Fontana and David Assael
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
February 1, 1983 (1983-02-01)2311
As Craig's college roommate (Andy Romano) checks in for a sex change operation, White tries to get his first autopsy consent form and Chandler helps a shooting victim (Tom Hulce) regain his memory.
1313"Family History"Kevin HooksTeleplay by: Andrew Laskos
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
February 8, 1983 (1983-02-08)2312
White hopes to reconcile with his wife (Karen Landry), while the amnesiac shooting victim (Tom Hulce) meets his parents (Alan Feinstein, Claire Malis) and Armstrong attempts to correct an embarrassing oversight.
1414"Remission"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Leigh Curran
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
February 22, 1983 (1983-02-22)2314
As Auschlander considers chemotherapy, an assault victim (David Elliott) is brought in due to racial tensions, a female flasher (Janis Paige) roams the halls and Fiscus - recently evicted from his apartment - convinces Ehrlich to take him in.
1515"Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day"Bruce PaltrowTeleplay by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
March 1, 1983 (1983-03-01)2315
While Ehrlich gets mismatched for a party at Craig's house, Morrison learns that the assault victim (David Elliott) was not beaten up due to racial issues and tricks are played on Luther for his birthday.
1616"The Count"Kevin HooksJoshua Brand & John FalseyMarch 8, 1983 (1983-03-08)2316
Cavanero and Samuels help a porn star (Michael Halsey) hide from a summons server (William Schilling), while Armstrong suspects a surgeon (Peter Michael Goetz) of needlessly inserting pacemakers in patients.
1717"Brothers"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Mark Tinker & John Tinker
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
March 15, 1983 (1983-03-15)2317
As Ehrlich asks Daniels for a second chance and Rosenthal faces a mastectomy, a man (Pat Hingle) asks the doctors to end his terminally ill brother's suffering.
1818"Dog Day Hospital"Victor LoblTeleplay by: John Ford Noonan
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
March 22, 1983 (1983-03-22)2318
A pregnant woman (Judith Light) with a gun interrupts Ehrlich's first solo operation when she demands to see the doctor who gave her husband (Tom Atkins) a vasectomy, while Fiscus's feisty "aunt" (Elizabeth Kerr) tours the hospital.
1919"Working"Bruce PaltrowTeleplay by: Dennis Cooper
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
April 5, 1983 (1983-04-05)2320
The family of a patient (Alan Haufrect) who died in an elevator sues Chandler and an attractive surgeon (Rita Zohar) reveals a different side of Craig.
2020"Craig in Love"Victor LoblTeleplay by: Steve Lawson
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
April 12, 1983 (1983-04-12)2321
Craig continues to enjoy the warmth of Dr. Anya (Rita Zohar) while his wife is away and Chandler grows increasingly sensitive by the malpractice charge.
2121"Baron Von Munchausen"Victor HsuTeleplay by: David Assael and Paul Schiffer
Story by: Joshua Brand & John Falsey
April 19, 1983 (1983-04-19)2319
As a crazy woman (Micole Mercurio) attacks Daniels and Craig addresses a group of minority med students, Morrison and Ehrich clash over whether to operate on a man (Louis Giambalvo) whose test results differ from his condition.
2222"Addiction"Mark TinkerJohn Masius and Tom FontanaMay 3, 1983 (1983-05-03)2322
White is suspected of stealing drugs, Auschlander gets into a fist fight, Craig's med-student son (Scott Paulin) has a different reaction to medicine and Morrison's wife (Deborah White) goes into labor.

Season 2 (1983–84)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
231"Ties That Bind"Bruce PaltrowJohn Masius and Tom FontanaOctober 26, 1983 (1983-10-26)3301
City-budget advisor Joan Halloran clashes with Craig over funds for a heart transplant, while a man (Alan Arkin) refuses to leave his wife (Piper Laurie) after driving her to the ER.
242"Lust Et Veritas"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Dennis Cooper
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana and Dennis Cooper
November 2, 1983 (1983-11-02)3302
Singleton (Alan Arkin) goes too far to rehabilitate his wife (Piper Laurie) and a plastic surgeon sees a good side to Halloran.
253"Newheart"Mark TinkerJohn Masius and Tom Fontana and Garn Stephens & Emilie R. SmallNovember 9, 1983 (1983-11-09)3303
As Fran Singleton (Piper Laurie) refuses to see her husband (Alan Arkin), Halloran faces strong opposition to the proposed participation in a nuclear contingency plan.
264"Qui Transtulit Sustinet"Victor LoblTeleplay by: John Tinker & Mark Tinker
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
November 16, 1983 (1983-11-16)3304
The heart-transplant team being led by Craig faces complications, while Luther asks Fiscus to join him in a silver-futures investment.
275"A Wing and a Prayer"Bruce PaltrowRaymond DeLaurentis & Robert DeLaurentisNovember 23, 1983 (1983-11-23)3305
The staff of St. Eligius plan their own Thanksgiving dinner, leading to Craig and Ehrlich in a competition for best turkey.
286"Under Pressure"David AnspaughTeleplay by: Steve Bello
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
November 30, 1983 (1983-11-30)3307
Two Irish teenagers (Eric Stoltz, Thomas Dewier) cause trouble at the hospital, while Rosenthal gets arrested just before her breast surgery and a lounge singer (Austin Pendelton) sets up in an elevator.
297"Entrapment"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Steve Bello
Story by: Tom Fontana and John Masius and Steve Bello
December 7, 1983 (1983-12-07)3308
As Craig finds the answer to Eve's post-operative blues, a Protestant youth runs down a Catholic and White has a drug relapse.
308"All About Eve"David AnspaughJohn Masius and Tom FontanaDecember 14, 1983 (1983-12-14)3309
Caldwell reveals his relationship with Halloran during his treatment, while Westphall tells his autistic son (Chad Allen) that their housekeeper (Penny Santon) is leaving.
319"AIDS and Comfort"Victor LoblTeleplay by: Steve Lawson
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana and Steve Lawson
December 21, 1983 (1983-12-21)3306
White reveals that he's treating a patient with AIDS (Michael Brandon) just as the hospital is having difficulty organizing a blood drive during a blizzard.
3210"A Pig Too Far"Linda DayJohn Tinker and James KahnJanuary 11, 1984 (1984-01-11)3310
Halloran investigates transfer practices when an indigent is brought in from a private hospital, while Ehrlich experiences the neuroses that come with being in love.
3311"Blizzard"Kevin HooksSteve Lawson and Jamie HortonJanuary 18, 1984 (1984-01-18)3311
During a blizzard, Craig has a hard time getting to the hospital, Martin has a date, a computer hacker (David Knell) makes trouble for Luther and the roof falls in on Cavanero.
3412"Hearing"Charles BravermanTeleplay by: Steve Bello
Story by: Steve Bello and Robert Daniels
February 1, 1984 (1984-02-01)3312
As Luther and Fiscus use chemical relief to treat Auschlander and a radiology supervisor (Raymond Singer) criticizes a deaf employee (Robert Daniels), the futures of Daniels and White at St. Eligius are decided at a hearing.
3513"In Sickness and in Health"Mark TinkerJohn Masius and Tom FontanaFebruary 8, 1984 (1984-02-08)3313
Halloran's father (William Windom) comes to the hospital, while Craig's mother-in-law (Lurene Tuttle) and Ehrlich's aunt (Louise Lasser) are among the guests at Roberta (Jean Bruce Scott) and Ehrlich's wedding.
3614"Drama Center"David AnspaughTeleplay by: John Tinker
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
February 15, 1984 (1984-02-15)3314
A rape happens outside the hospital, Westphall's son and White each struggle to deal with change and a TV crew follows Craig.
3715"Attack"Kevin HooksTeleplay by: Cynthia Darnell & Douglas Brooks West
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
February 22, 1984 (1984-02-22)3315
As a construction worker (Dan Hedaya) keeps quiet about his medical history to avoid losing work time and Auschlander enjoys the company of an old girlfriend (Geraldine Fitzgerald), the rapist finds a new victim inside the hospital.
3816"After Dark"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Steve Lawson
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana and Steve Lawson
February 29, 1984 (1984-02-29)3316
While Craig expects to win the "Doctor of the Year" award and Caldwell and Ehrlich make decisions about their romantic relationships, the rapist strikes again.
3917"Vanity"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: John Tinker and Raymond DeLaurentis and Jorge Zamacona
Story: John Masius and Tom Fontana
March 7, 1984 (1984-03-07)3317
Craig wants to put a stop to the TV documentary, Rosenthal has reconstructive breast surgery and Mr. Entertainment (Austin Pendelton) finds his true calling.
4018"Equinox"David AnspaughTeleplay by: Channing Gibson & Charles H. Eglee
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
March 14, 1984 (1984-03-14)3318
As Caverno faces the task of telling a student he has cancer, White is let go from his reduced assault charge and returns to the hospital - only to face a hostile staff, including Martin.
4119"The Women"Bruce PaltrowTeleplay by: John Ford Noonan
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
March 28, 1984 (1984-03-28)3319
The staff of St. Eligius makes friends with an octogenarian (Eva Le Gallienne), an erratic mother (Brenda Vaccaro) and a nose-job recipient (Blythe Danner).
4220"Cramming"Tim MathesonSteve Lawson and Steve BelloMay 2, 1984 (1984-05-02)3320
As Armstrong makes a fatal misdiagnosis and White takes a polygraph test, Ehrlich attempts to send Aunt Charice (Louise Lasser) away as he crams for the National Boards.
4321"Rough Cut"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Susan Lindner & Mitchell Fink
Story by: Steve Lawson and Steve Bello
May 9, 1984 (1984-05-09)3321
While Fiscus gains popularity from his modeling debut and Caldwell tries to prepare for a weekend in Paris, the residents wait to hear who will be dropped from the program.
4422"Hello and Goodbye"Linda DayJohn Masius and Tom FontanaMay 16, 1984 (1984-05-16)3322
The ER is shut down for repairs as Morrison goes on his first date since his wife's passing, Craig's son (Scott Paulin) returns home after conquering his drug problem and Auschlander collapses in a stalled elevator.

Season 3 (1984–85)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
451"Playing God: Part 1"Bruce PaltrowJohn Masius and Tom FontanaSeptember 19, 1984 (1984-09-19)4301
A mother superior (Michael Learned) argues with Westphall over the fate of a critically injured nun (Priscilla Morill), while the nurses may go on strike since Rosenthal and Auschlander can't negotiate a contract and three firemen are brought in with severe burns and injuries. Clancy (Helen Hunt) tells Morrison important news. Fiscus gives the new residents a tour of the hospital.
462"Playing God: Part 2"Bruce PaltrowJohn Masius and Tom FontanaSeptember 26, 1984 (1984-09-26)4302
Westphall bans Sister Domenica (Michael Learned) from the hospital as Fiscus meets a young patient's fairy godmother (Tammy Grimes). Rosenthal brings a mediator (Herbert Edelman) into the negotiations and White comes back to work. Clancy (Helen Hunt) decides to have an abortion against Morrison's wishes.
473"Two Balls and a Strike"David AnspaughTeleplay by: John Tinker
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana and John Tinker
October 3, 1984 (1984-10-03)4303
As the rapist strikes again, Daniels stays behind when Rosenthal leads the nurses on strike. The Craigs see a therapist and Luther discovers the reason behind a firefighter's slow recovery.
484"Strikeout"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Steve Bello
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana and Steve Bello
October 17, 1984 (1984-10-17)4304
As Martin becomes the rapist's latest victim, the city threatens to close St. Eligius if the nurses' strike isn't settled and Lucy leaves the picket line to help with an emergency surgery with one of the fire fighters (Ernie Hudson). Because of the strike, Warren and Luther get extra work replastering the Craigs' kitchen walls.
495"Breathless"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Joel Surnow
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
October 24, 1984 (1984-10-24)4305
A psychiatric patient (Jim Lefebvre) confesses to the rapes, while the firefighter (John Hammond) who's been using drugs faces complications. An employee (Al Ruscio) gets asbestosis and Ehrlich gets divorced.
506"My Aim is True"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Charles H. Eglee & Channing Gibson
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
October 31, 1984 (1984-10-31)4306
One firefighter gets a new face (Stephen Elliott), another develops claustrophobia. Auschlander hires an assistant, a cop loses his gun in the ER and Elliot becomes a hypochondriac while disagreeing with Wade over a patient. Shirley flirts with White.
517"Fade to White"David AnspaughTeleplay by: Cynthia Darnell
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
November 7, 1984 (1984-11-07)4307
Morrison discovers the cause of a child's asthma attacks, while residents interview for a job in television and the surviving firefighters (Ernie Hudson, Stephen Elliott) celebrate their recovery. Doctors try to save White. A new orderly makes her presence known.
528"Sweet Dreams"Mark TinkerJohn Masius and Tom FontanaNovember 14, 1984 (1984-11-14)4308
The doctors and patients of St. Eligius have sleeping problems.
539"Up on the Roof"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Steve Bello and Channing Gibson
Story by: John Tinker and Charles H. Eglee
November 21, 1984 (1984-11-21)4309
As a bone-marrow specialist (Caroline McWilliams) arrives to perform a transplant on feuding brothers (Harold Gould, Bill Macy), an accident happens while Morrison's neighbor watches Pete and Caldwell bids farewell to the last firefighter (Stephen Elliott). Shirley gives Cathy an important letter and finds herself on the roof.
5410"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"Bruce PaltrowTeleplay by: Channing Gibson and John Tinker
Story by: Charles H. Eglee and Steve Bello
November 28, 1984 (1984-11-28)4310
Auschandler proposes a risky procedure for Alexis (Brandy Gold), while the rumor Cavanero started comes back to hunt her and Chandler turns in a woman (Beah Richards) who's been illegally practicing medicine. Morrison and Fiscus are haunted by Shirley.
5511"Homecoming"David AnspaughTeleplay by: John Tinker and Charles H. Eglee
Story by: Steve Bello and Channing Gibson
December 5, 1984 (1984-12-05)4311
A woman (Mimi Kennedy) returns home from a trip to find her ex-husband (John Schuck) getting weaker from the procedure he's going through to save their daughter (Brandy Gold), while Martin gives Fiscus a letter that could determine Daniels' fate.
5612"The Children's Hour"William DanielsTeleplay by: Charles H. Eglee and Steve Bello
Story by: Channing Gibson and John Tinker
December 12, 1984 (1984-12-12)4312
Westphall decides his son's future, while Martin leaves the psychiatric ward to help a fellow patient (Richard Maynard). Ehrlich helps a woman (Anne-Marie Martin) with an active libido and Rosenthal is confronted by her lover's wife (Beverly Sanders).
5713"Dr. Wyler, I Presume"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Cynthia Darnell
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
December 19, 1984 (1984-12-19)4313
The search for a kidney donor reunites Auschlander with a doctor (David Wayne) who's been in Africa for 40 years and Craig and Ehrlich find removing a bullet from a patient to be a very risky procedure.
5814"Whistle, Wyler Works"David AnspaughTeleplay by: Duncan Smith
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
January 2, 1985 (1985-01-02)4314
As Ehlrich stands by during Shalla's kidney transplant, Luther is recruited by a Caribbean medical school with questionable credentials that already has a "graduate" working at the hospital. Chandler treats a patient (Jay Tarses) who has one wife too many. Victor and Ellen have a heart to heart chat.
5915"Bye, George"Mark TinkerJohn Masius and Tom FontanaJanuary 9, 1985 (1985-01-09)4315
While Halloran tries to defend Morrison and Mrs. Hufnagel (Florence Halop) proposes marriage, a tragedy convinces Wyler (David Wayne) to leave Boston.
6016"Saving Face"Charles BravermanTeleplay by: Jorge Zamacona and Norma Safford Vela
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
January 16, 1985 (1985-01-16)4316
Caldwell cares for a woman (Ann Hearn) with a disfigured disease, while Craig's 30th-anniversary celebration includes a visit from his brother (Lou Richards) and a new doctor (Karen Austin) takes over the ER.
6117"Give the Boy a Hand"Janet GreekTeleplay by: Mitchell Fink & Marc Ross
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
January 23, 1985 (1985-01-23)4317
As Westphall tries to counsel his daughter (Dana Short) on her college pressures and Ehrlich ends his TV career, Woodley (Karen Austin) befriends a runaway pregnant woman (Lycia Naff), whose boyfriend (Timothy Van Patten) has set up a drug deal.
6218"Any Portrait in a Storm"Leo PennTeleplay by: Lyle Kessler
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
January 30, 1985 (1985-01-30)4318
Dean (Timothy Van Patten) leaves for Florida just as Maddy (Lycia Naff) goes into labor, while a phone repairman (John Corey) gets electrocuted in the hospital and Auschlander cancels his own tribute. Cathy returns to work.
6319"Red, White, Black and Blue"Bruce PaltrowTeleplay by: Channing Gibson
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
February 13, 1985 (1985-02-13)4319
As Ehrlich reports a case of suspected child abuse and Shirley Daniels returns to St. Eligius, the staff goes on alert mode when the First Lady's motorcade passes through the area, while Westphall faces an ethical dilemma.
6420"Amazing Face"Janet GreekTeleplay by: Charles H. Eglee
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
February 20, 1985 (1985-02-20)4320
While Westphall puts his house on the market and Daniels returns to the scene of the crime, the bandages are removed from a woman (Ann Hearn) operated on for disfigurement just as Mrs. Hufnagel (Florence Halop) is about to go under the knife herself.
6521"Murder, She Rote"Mark TinkerTom Fontana and John Masius and Steve BelloFebruary 27, 1985 (1985-02-27)4321
Elliot goes on a date, Caldwell tries to get his patient (Ann Hearn) to leave her room, Mrs. Hufnagel (Florence Halop) finally leaves the hospital and Daniels is declared fit to return to work. Westphall sells his house.
6622"Tears of a Clown"Janet GreekTeleplay by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
Story by: Steve Bello, John Tinker, Charles H. Eglee and Channing Gibson
March 13, 1985 (1985-03-13)4322
A clown's multiple sclerosis gets worse, while Craig helps Westphall find a condo and Morrison's responsibilities take their toll on him. Fiscus meets Cathy's new lover. Axelrod finds out he is included in Mrs. Hufnagel's will.
6723"Bang the Eardrum Slowly"David AnspaughTeleplay by: Stephen Willey
Story by: John Masius and Tom Fontana
March 20, 1985 (1985-03-20)4324
As Morrison learns the cause of his troubles and Elliot meets Mrs. Hufnagel's son (Boyd Bodwell) while mourning her passing with Auschlander, Luther's hearing is damaged in an explosion.
6824"Cheers"Bruce PaltrowJohn Masius and Tom Fontana and John TinkerMarch 27, 1985 (1985-03-27)4323
Craig, Auschlander and Westphall have drinks at Cheers as they ponder the meaning of life. Katherine (Jane Wyatt) faces major surgery. Luther needs a Easter Bunny for the annual Easter egg hunt.

Season 4 (1985–86)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
691"Remembrance of Things Past"Bruce PaltrowJohn Masius, Bruce Paltrow and Tom FontanaSeptember 18, 19855309
The hospital review board acquires a new member from the psychiatric floor; Chandler experiences long-suppressed resentments when he treats a Vietnamese patient (Le Tuan) and Dr. Turner counsels an upwardly mobile couple (George Deloy, Deborah May) who can't conceive a child.
702"Fathers and Sons"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Duncan Smith
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
September 25, 19855302
The Craigs meet their pregnant daughter-in-law, Yvonne (Suzanne Lederer); the Valeres (George Deloy, Deborah May) continue to explore ways of having a child; Westphall's new policies irritate the residents and Auschlander; and Luther rides with a paramedic team (Adam Arkin, Melanie Chartoff) preoccupied with their personal grievances.
713"Haunted"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Charles H. Eglee, Channing Gibson & John Tinker
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
October 23, 19855310
The Craigs face a tremendous loss as their first grandchild is born; a newly inspired Dr. Westphall returns to work full of ideas; and Fiscus invites himself up to Dr. Caldwell's Cape Cod retreat, where he sees a different side to the surgeon. Elliot and Marcy (Jeannie Elias) discover a common interest in food.
724"The Naked and the Dead"Leo PennTeleplay by: Russ Woody
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
October 30, 19855303
Dr. Westphall tries to deal with his critical sister-in-law (Tanya Berezin) and a reluctant hospital board; Luther becomes Axelrod's personal trainer; Roxanne asks Chandler to her recital; Rosenthal worries over the threats of an assaulted teenager (Robert Romanus); Dr. Caldwell's questionable behavior continues a at the hospital; and Dr. Craig proves to be of little help to his grieving wife.
735"Slice O'Life"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: John Tinker
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & John Tinker
November 6, 19855304
Dr. Westphall drives himself too hard and is hospitalized; Yvonne's parents (Ramon Bieri, K Callan) arrive to see their daughter (Suzanne Lederer) and to claim their grandchild; Terri (Deborah May) has in-vitro fertilization; Fiscus makes a donation; and Dr. Caldwell picks up the wrong woman (Cristen Kauffman). Helen goes back to work on the floor. Dr. Westphall's insightful moving man (Todd Susman) checks into the hospital.
746"Lost and Found in Space"Robert BeckerTeleplay by: Bob Resenfarb
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
November 13, 19855305
An astronaut (David Ackroyd) lecturing in Boston collapses and is brought to St. Eligius; Papandrao and Rosenthal continue to clash; Axelrod loses both Marcy (Jeannie Elias) and his battle with the bulge; Dr. Craig impatiently assumes the responsibility for explaining the facts of life to a mentally retarded young woman (Amanda Wyss); and Dr. Westphall hears some hard to take truths from his sister-in-law (Tanya Berezin).
757"Close Encounters"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Norma Safford Vela
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
November 20, 19855306
Dr. Craig arranges to take Yvonne (Suzanne Lederer) home to her parents; Ehrlich advises a plastic surgery patient behind Dr. Caldwell's back; Capt. Neal (Betty White) arrives to evaluate the astronaut's condition and to supervise his transfer to Walter Reed, despite Westphall and Morrison's objections; Chandler and Dr. Turner plan a vacation together; and John Doe #6 (Oliver Clark) decides he's Mary Richards and plans a party to celebrate.
768"Watch the Skies"Beth HillshaferTeleplay by: Charles H. Eglee
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
November 27, 19855307
Mr. Galecki (Ramon Bieri) brings Barbara back to the Craigs; Dr. Turner leaves unexpectedly for her sleepy hometown down South; Rosenthal slaps Lucy; Jack takes his remedial exam and Colonel Cochrane (David Ackroyd) reconciles himself with God.
779"Sanctuary"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Channing Gibson
Story by: Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John Masius
December 4, 19855308
Dr. Westphall learns that his new housekeeper (Edith Diaz) is an illegal immigrant who was tortured by the death squads in El Salvador; a nervous Ehrlich tries to get out of his OB-GYN rotation, and later delivers a baby; crackdowns on the homeless unearth a sarcophagus (Leah Ayres) and an old acquaintance of Wayne's (Mark Casella); Dr. Caldwell is chastised for letting his joking comments to Papandrao go too far in front of a patient.
7810"Loss of Power"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
Story by: Bruce Paltrow & Mark Tinker
December 11, 19855323
A blackout brings past patients to the hospital. Fiscus proposes to Mona (Leah Ayres). Westphall is trapped in an elevator. Axelrod treats a patient (Richard Gilliland) who thinks he's a vampire. Caldwell receives bad news about a friend's mother. Rosenthal receives papers about a past mistake. John Doe (Oliver Clark) calls the FBI.
7911"Santa Claus is Dead"Leo PennCharles H. Eglee, John Masius & Tom FontanaDecember 18, 19855314
Axelrod tries to keep Santa Claus (Aaron Fletcher) alive after he collapses at a children's party; Ehrlich tries to brighten the holiday for his only obstetrical patient (Judyann Elder); Lizzie's boyfriend (Casey Siemaszko) finds the Westphalls' Christmas depressing; and Dr. Craig overindulges at his Christmas party.
8012"The Boom Boom Womb"Nicholas MeleTeleplay by: Michael Moody
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
January 8, 19865312
An anti-abortionist (Rob Garrison) targets the hospital for bomb threats and Chandler is involved in trouble at the Boston Women's Clinic; Rosenthal decides what she must do with her youngest son (Ian Fried); Luther loses his favorite racing pigeon, whom he left in Axelrod's care; and Morrison tries to explain abortion to Pru (Amanda Wyss). Dr. Westphall's housekeeper (Edith Diaz) has her INS hearing. Mona (Leah Ayres) and Wayne quarrel.
8113"To Tell the Truth"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Steve Lawson
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
January 15, 19865313
Fiscus does his community outreach work with two cantankerous elderly people (John McIntyre, Jeanette Nolan). An eccentric couple (Ellis Rabb, Carrie Nye) come to the hospital to claim John Doe (Oliver Clark). The Valeres (George Deloy, Deborah May) fight about adoption. Phil finds himself at the wrong place and the wrong time.
8214"Family Ties"Allan ArkushTeleplay by: Judith Kahan
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
January 22, 19865315
The wealthy matriarch of an old Massachusetts family (Dorothy McGuire) is admitted for tests. Auschlander is cold towards Mrs. Endicott. Morrison prepares for his upcoming knee surgery. The Valeres (George Deloy, Deborah May) interview a surrogate (Annette McCarthy).
8315"Family Feud"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Frank Dandridge
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
January 29, 19865316
Augusta Endicott (Dorothy McGuire) learns that her family's medical problems are hereditary. A shooting occurs in the chapel. As Dr. Caldwell prepares for surgery to eliminate his facial scar, he discovers that he's been infected with the HIV virus.
8416"Family Affair"Bruce PaltrowTeleplay by: Eric Overmyer
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
February 12, 19865317
The Endicotts try to adjust to losing a family member but gain good news about another; Dr. Caldwell's diagnosis of AIDS causes concern for his friends and a cooling in Fiscus and Clancy's relationship; and Ehrlich's outreach assignment involves the normal sized son (Adam Rich) of dwarf parents (Tommy Madden, Marcia DeRousse).
8517"Time Heals (Part 1)"Mark TinkerTom Fontana, John Masius & John TinkerFebruary 19, 19855318

St. Eligius' 50th anniversary spurs memories, including: its opening in 1935 under the leadership of Father Joseph McCabe (Edward Herrmann), the arrival of recently emigrated Helen Rosenthal and Mark's return as chief of surgery, Mark's bypass on Patrick O'Casey (William Russ) and the death of Maureen Westphall (Anita Gillette). Morrison struggles to diagnose a difficult patient (Brian Kerwin) and cope with the loss of Pete to a kidnapper.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode (along with part two) #44 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.[1] In 2009, it moved to #23.[2]
8618"Time Heals (Part 2)"Mark TinkerTom Fontana, John Masius & John TinkerFebruary 20, 19855301

St. Eligius' 50th anniversary spurs memories, including: the growing up of Donald Westphall, the arrival of young Daniel Auschlander (James Stephens) and his first meeting with Katharine (Devon Ericson), a drunken and embittered Father McCabe's departure, and the residency of Mark Craig under Dr. David Domedion (Jackie Cooper). The O'Casey family's long history with St. Eligius leads Morrison to a diagnosis. Pete is returned.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode (along with part one) #44 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.[3] In 2009, it moved to #23.[4]
8719"Out on a Limb"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Judith Kahan
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
February 26, 19865319
A former nurse, Carol Novino, returns to the hospital as a medical student. Morrison faces telling a young boy (R.J. Williams) he must have his arm amputated due to bone cancer. Ellen Craig is still grieving Steven while caring for her granddaughter. Axelrod and Fiscus go on a trip to Los Angeles.
8820"Come Home, Oh Sapien"Allan ArkushTeleplay by: Michael Duggan
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
March 5, 19865320
Chandler receives a suicide call on his first night of outreach work on a crisis hotline. Ellen and Mark Craig separate. Novino has dinner with the Westphalls. Thanks to an endowment by the Endicotts, artist Alex Corey (Jeff Allin) returns. Rosenthal tells Axelrod news about Marcy (Jeannie Elias).
8921"Cheek to Cheek"Helaine HeadTeleplay by: Eric Overmyer
Story by: John Masius & Tom Fontana
March 12, 19865321
Ehrlich tries to avoid giving a pelvic examination to Mrs. Craig on the last day of his OB/GYN rotation. Novino treats her favorite cartoonist (Eric Christmas) who is dying of lung cancer. Violence erupts when Morrison does his outreach work at a local prison and sees a familiar face (John Dennis Johnston).
9022"Black's Magic"Beth HillshaferCharles H. Eglee, Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson, John Masius & John TinkerMarch 19, 19865324
Dr. Turner returns to the hospital, and Phil Chandler spends the day searching for her. Luther questions his plan to become a paramedic. Auschlander finds himself in a crack house.
9123"The Equalizer"Mark TinkerCharles H. Eglee, Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson, John Masius & John TinkerApril 30, 19855325
Rosenthal is visited by her first husband (Dick Shawn) and youngest son (Ian Fried). Chandler is arrested at an anti-apartheid demonstration. Auschlander is disappointed Westphall won't back resident housing. Barbara is baptized.
9224"E.R."Mark TinkerTom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John MasiusMay 7, 19865322
The residents worry about who will be asked to return next year. A mugging victim (Patrick Collins) called Boston Massachusetts comes into the emergency room for treatment. Dr. Auschlander fears his own death. Westphall spends the night in a hotel. Craig lashes out and puts his career on the line.

Season 5 (1986–87)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
931"Where There's Hope, There's Crosby"Bruce PaltrowJohn Masius & Tom FontanaSeptember 24, 19866301
Father McCabe (Edward Herrmann), suffering from ALS, visits the hospital before being transferred to a convalescent home. Craig seeks the opinion of his medical school classmate, Dr. Todd Sweeney (Dakin Matthews), on treatment for his injured hand. Morrison comes back after his assault, then receives a surprise visitor.
942"When You Wish Upon a Scar"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: John Tinker
Story by: John Masius, Tom Fontana & John Tinker
October 1, 19866302
The new resident, Seth Griffin, quickly winds up on Rosenthal's bad side. Jackie Wade tries to deal with her marital problems. Morrison introduces his new family to his St. Eligius family. Craig freezes during surgery.
953"A Room With a View"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Channing Gibson
Story by: Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John Masius
October 8, 19866303
An elderly woman (Rosemary DeCamp) who watches Dr. Craig from her apartment across the street from the hospital becomes distressed when she sees that he is leaving. Dr. Birch treats a woman (Helen Page Camp) who has an unusual side effect from past chemotherapy. Fiscus helps two daughters (Christine Healy, Kathleen Lloyd) decide what to do with their dying father (George Petrie). Craig is rude to his replacement, Dr. Kiem.
964"Brand New Bag"Beth HillshaferTeleplay by: Eric Overmyer
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & Eric Overmyer
October 15, 19866304
The Craigs try out yet another new maid (Elke Sommer); fellow employees stab Luther in the back; Axelrod is embarrassed and rude about a patient's colostomy; and Fiscus helps Mr. Ewell's daughter (Christine Healy) to take him home to die.
975"You Beta Your Life"Mark TinkerTom Fontana, John Masius & Mark TinkerOctober 29, 19866305
After causing the death of a patient, Griffin plays Birch and Novino against each other in order to avoid taking blame. Westphall helps a dying boy and his parents. Craig starts his memoirs.
986"Not My Type"Allan ArkushTeleplay by: Ann Reckling
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & John Tinker
November 5, 19866306
Turner operates on a patient (Rosalind Chao) whose religion forbids blood transfusions. Griffin shifts the blame for the patient's death to Birch, who is forced to resign but not before she punches Griffin in the face. John Doe #6 (Oliver Clark) returns as Dr. Craig's new typist.
997"Up and Down"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Johnny Dawkins
Story by: Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John Masius
November 12, 19866307
Westphall's daughter, Elizabeth (Dana Short), goes out with Griffin. Luther befriends a bag lady (Kathy Bates) with Tourette's Syndrome. John Doe #6 (Oliver Clark) disappears and takes Dr. Craig's manuscript with him.
1008"Nothing Up My Sleeve"Allan ArkushTeleplay by: Norma Safford Vela
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & Eric Overmyer
November 19, 19866308
Mandatory drug testing causes a deep division of opinion; Morrison is haunted by his day at the prison and refuses to tell Joanne (Patricia Wettig) what really happened; Axelrod is assigned to guide a 14-year-old medical student (Wil Wheaton) around; Griffin gets a warning from Dr. Westphall about hurting Lizzie (Dana Short); and Dr. Craig tries to perform magic tricks for some young patients and his housekeeper (Elke Sommer).
1019"After Life"Mark TinkerTom Fontana, John Masius & John TinkerNovember 26, 19866309
The hospital staff work to save the life of Wayne Fiscus after he's shot. In a coma, Fiscus dreams he's in heaven and reunited with a number of people from his past who have died, including Peter White (departed in season 3: "Up On The Roof"), Ralph (Richard Marcus) (departed in season 1: "Graveyard"), Eve Leighton ( Marian Mercer) (departed in season 2: "All About Eve"), Murray Robbin (Murray Rubin) (departed in season 3: "Bye, George"). The hospital's namesake, Saint Eligius, makes an appearance. Saving Fiscus necessitates Craig's overcoming his hand injury.
10210"Once Upon a Mattress"Helaine HeadTeleplay by: Channing Gibson
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & Channing Gibson
December 3, 19866310
Fiscus is deeply depressed after his surgery, and no one can cheer him up except his hospital roommate (Todd Susman) who's just had a penile implant. Craig returns to the hospital and has another run-in with Dr. Kiem. Westphall makes a visit to an old friend, then decides to make an important purchase.
10311"Lost Weekend"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Eric Overmyer
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & Eric Overmyer
December 10, 19866311
Dr. Westphall tries to help an alcoholic poet (Milo O'Shea) he once admired; Dr. Craig puts his usual worst foot forward as he tries to persuade the Soviets to release Masha's husband; Rosenthal confronts McPhail (Melinda Culea) about her drug problem; and Ehrlich makes friends with Papandrao's new boyfriend (Gregory Itzin) who suffers from narcolepsy.
10412"Cold War"Peter MedakTeleplay by: Christopher Whitesell
Story by: Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John Masius
January 7, 19876312
Dr. Turner finds her confidence shaken when she learns her new patient (Gayle Harbor), about to undergo a risky transfusion procedure, has a malpractice suit pending at another hospital; Dr. Peltrovich (Elya Baskin) arrives but has trouble getting licensed to practice medicine; and Morrison explodes during a mock war with paint guns.
10513"Russian Roulette"Helaine HeadTeleplay by: Ann Reckling
Story by: John Masius, Tom Fontana & John Tinker
January 14, 19876313
Dr. Craig becomes jealous when Dr. Peltrovich (Elya Baskin) is finally allowed to pursue his work with lasers; Fiscus experiences an emotional rollercoaster as he returns to work with a critical leukemia patient (Mary McCusker); and Ehrlich hits highs and lows as he accepts his "Orphan of the Year" award.
10614"Visiting Daze"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: D. Keith Mano
Story by: Tom Fontana & John Masius and Eric Overmyer
January 21, 19876314
Axelrod defers to Griffin and Novino. Luther visits Polly (Kathy Bates) and Dr. Kiem is unhappy with her long-distance marriage. Victor has visitors.
10715"Getting Ahead"Allan ArkushTom Fontana, John Masius & Eric OvermyerJanuary 28, 19876315
Novino discovers that a hospital pathologist (Dierk Torsek) is selling body parts. John Doe #6 (Oliver Clark) has a book on the best-sellers list, the novel that was written by Dr. Craig. Dr. Craig runs into a college chum (Gerald Hiken). Fiscus has an ethical dilemma. Lizzie (Dana Short) has news for Griffin.
10816"Jose, Can You See?"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: John Tinker
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & John Tinker
February 4, 19876316
Novino gives shelter to a blind homeless man (Ray Charles). Auschlander finds out he has a son by former girlfriend Margaret Ryan (Geraldine Fitzgerald). Wade finds out she's nearsighted. Ellen objects when Craig decides to redecorate Steven's old room and make it a nursery for Barbara.
10917"Schwarzwald"Allan ArkushTeleplay by: Richard Kramer & Jim Kramer
Story by: Tom Fontana & John Masius
February 11, 19876317
Rosenthal is shocked when she sees how much weight Marcy (Jeannie Elias) has gained. A fetal ultrasound reveals less than perfect results for a couple (Tony Goldwyn, Jane Daly) hoping for a perfect baby. Fiscus deals with a difficult patient (Harry Groener). Axelrod's veterinarian father (Louis Nye) comes on an official visit. Morrison receives a windfall and news about Nick Moats (John Dennis Johnston).
11018"You Again?"Ron AbbottTeleplay by: Susan Kander
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & John Tinker
February 18, 19876318
Morrison testifies at Nick Moats' parole hearing; Dr. Kiem buries herself in work when she learns her son (Kenneth Jezek) has taken off from home and is missing; Fiscus diagnoses multiple sclerosis in an old college friend (Zeljko Ivanek); and the rumors fly that St. Eligius is about to become a billing center for Boston General.
11119"Rites of Passage"Eric LaneuvilleTom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John MasiusFebruary 25, 19876319
A woman (Patricia Gaul) artificially inseminated with Fiscus's sperm gives birth. Three young boys (Thomas Wilson Brown, Christian Hoff, Ian Giatti) bond while sharing a room. Westphall is reunited with an old friend who reminds him that he broke a promise. Morrison finds out Nick Moats (John Dennis Johnston) was granted parole.
11220"Women Unchained"Michael FrescoTeleplay by: Russ Woody
Story by: Tom Fontana, John Masius & Eric Overmyer
March 4, 19876320
Shirley Daniels returns to the hospital as a patient; Mrs. Craig offers Griffin a place to stay; Chandler and Novino compete to see who can correctly diagnose a difficult patient; and Ehrlich and Papandrao face wedding rumors when they return from Mexico. Morrison receives a phone call by Nick Moats (John Dennis Johnston).
11321"Good Vibrations"Bruce PaltrowTom Fontana, Channing Gibson, John Masius & John TinkerMay 13, 19876323
Flashbacks occur as a representative from the hospital's new owner comes to visit.
11422"Slip Sliding Away"John HeathChanning Gibson, John Masius, Eric Overmyer & John TinkerMay 20, 19876321
Luther tries to find out who is responsible for the mercy killings at St. Eligius. Turner performs risky fetal heart surgery. Yvonne (Suzanne Lederer) comes to the Craig's home to take Barbara back to Clinton. Morrison gets a gun to protect himself and his family. Everyone gets an unwelcome surprise with their paychecks.
11523"Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball"Eric LaneuvilleTom Fontana & John MasiusMay 27, 19876322
Auschlander tries to stop the demolition of St. Eligius. Nick Moats (John Dennis Johnston) makes a final visit to the Morrisons. Ellen embarrasses Craig at a party.

Season 6 (1987–88)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1161"Resurrection"Bruce PaltrowChanning Gibson & John TinkerSeptember 16, 19877301
St. Eligius reopens after the hospital is bought by the Ecumena corporation, led by Chief of Services John Gideon. Craig begins work designing an artificial heart. Residents come back, some happy to return, others not so much.
1172"The Idiot and the Odyssey"Mark TinkerChanning Gibson, John Masius & John TinkerSeptember 23, 19877303
Westphall and John Gideon lock horns over a proposed AIDS clinic. Dr. Kiem uses hypnosis as a surgical anesthetic. Morrison has a confrontation with Joanne's ex husband (Allen Williams).
1183"A Moon For the Misbegotten"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Tom Fontana
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
September 30, 19877302
Fed up with Gideon's refusal to set up an AIDS clinic, Westphall quits but not before he moons Gideon. Fiscus's mother (Lainie Kazan) visits the emergency room, and Luther tries to keep a man (Richard Kline) who thinks he's pregnant out of the psychiatric unit.
1194"Ewe Can't Go Home Again"Eric LaneuvilleChanning Gibson, Eric Overmyer & John TinkerOctober 21, 19877304
Craig gives Ehrlich marital advice while his own marriage is falling apart. The staff takes their grievances against John Gideon to Dr. Auschlander. Rosenthal learns that one of her nurses (Penelope Ann Miller) is epileptic. Lizzie (Dana Short) cleans out her dad's office.
1205"Night of the Living Bed"Michael FrescoChanning Gibson, John PiRoman & John TinkerOctober 28, 19877305
Chandler tries to diagnose a friend (Hector Elias) of John Gideon's in his campaign to become chief resident. Ellen Craig meets Gideon, who takes a liking to her. The hospital bed in which Mrs. Hufnagel (Florence Halop) died appears to be haunted.
1216"The He-Man Woman Hater's Club"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Emily Potter
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
November 4, 19877306
Craig and Ehrlich attend a meeting of an all-male medical society. Gideon offers Ellen a job in the hospital, and Chandler is appointed chief resident.
1227"Handoff"David MorseTeleplay by: John Tinker
Story by: Channing Gibson & Glen Merzer
November 11, 19877307
Novino, Ehrlich, and Chandler screen candidates for Craig's artificial heart. Ellen has lunch with Gideon in the hospital cafeteria.
1238"Heart On"Michael FrescoChanning Gibson & John TinkerNovember 18, 19877308
Craig proceeds with the artificial heart implant, but the patient (John Kellogg) develops complications. Brett Johnson and his partner are beaten up in a gay bashing incident, causing Griffin to have a change of heart.
1249"Weigh In, Way Out"Mark TinkerTom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John TinkerDecember 2, 19877323
Fiscus pulls one last prank on Gideon before turning thirty; Morrison and Novino compete to deliver the 100,000th baby at St. Eligius; Dr. Craig puts on the boxing gloves again; and Lucy walks the Freedom Trail with a dying man (Charles Lane).
12510"No Chemo, Sabe?"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Douglas Steinberg
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
December 9, 19877310
Axelrod's cousin Pee-Wee (Matt Frewer) checks in and checks out Novino; Fiscus tries to help his father (Bill Dana) deal with his stroke; Mr. Spooner (John Kellogg) takes his first post surgery steps with the media in full attendance; and Dr. Auschlander considers his future medical treatment.
12611"A Coupla White Dummies Sitting Around Talking"David MorseTeleplay by: D. Keith Mano
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
December 16, 19877311
A man (Alan Young) claiming to be the true inventor of the Craig 9000 kidnaps Ehrlich; AIDS patient Brett Johnston's rib injuries have led to pneumonia and he is now determined to break with his lover; Dr. Kiem helps Amy Jeffries (Rosemary DeCamp), a lonely St. Eligius neighbor; Griffin treats a driven young broker (Joseph Kell) determined to make a million before he dies; Lucy worries that she might be pregnant; Helen returns to work; the company that owns the hospital finds itself sued for infringement and Mrs. Spooner (Neva Patterson) ends her husband's suffering.
12712"Final Cut"Beth HillshaferTeleplay by: Jim Kramer
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
January 6, 19887312
A patient (Todd Susman) returns to the hospital to have his circumcision reversed. Morrison is upset when his son is rejected by an exclusive private school.
12813"Heaven's Skate"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Ann Reckling
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
January 13, 19887313
Judge Farnham (Jack Dodson) is helped by newcomer chaplain Claire McCabe (Shelly Gibson). Craig goes on a date, and Rosenthal is upset when she learns of Bobby Caldwell's death from AIDS. Griffin has a spiritual awakening.
12914"Curtains"John HeathTeleplay by: Lydia Woodward
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
February 3, 19887314
Morrison treats a family affected by Huntington's disease. Rosenthal's drug abuse escalates. A trustee (Jeff Allin) of the hospital loses a battle.
13015"Fairytale Theater"Michael FrescoTeleplay by: Grace McKeaney & Lydia Woodward
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
February 10, 19887315
Craig is uncharacteristically upset when his sheep dies. Novino treats a patient (Marie Denn) who has been asleep for sixty years.
13116"Down and Out On Beacon Hill"Eric LaneuvilleChanning Gibson & John TinkerFebruary 17, 19887316
Ehrlich tries to console Lucy when she loses the baby. Fiscus treats a patient (Olivia Barash) with cystic fibrosis. Gideon suspends Craig due to the Spooner family's malpractice suit, and Rosenthal checks herself in to the chemical dependency unit.
13217"Their Town"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Sagan Lewis
Story by: Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson & John Tinker
April 20, 19887317
Westphall, now living in New Hampshire, has visitors for his birthday. Ellen walks around her hometown. Novino gets into a work dispute betweent three carpenters (Candy Clark, Jack Kehler, Doug Dirkson).
13318"The Naked Civil Surgeon"Michael FrescoTeleplay by: Grace McKeaney
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
April 27, 19887318
Surgeons are forced to operate in the nude during an infection study. Auschlander receives a visit from the son (Lawrence Pressman) he never knew.
13419"Requiem for a Heavyweight"Bill MolloyTeleplay by: Lydia Woodward
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
May 4, 19887319
Axelrod undergoes surgery after suffering a heart attack. Ellen ends her relationship with Gideon.
13520"Split Decision"John HeathTeleplay by: Aram Saroyan
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
May 11, 19887320
Craig returns to work while Rosenthal wonders if she'll ever work again. The residents have little time to mourn one of their own.
13621"The Abby Singer Show"Eric LaneuvilleTeleplay by: Tom Fontana
Story by: Channing Gibson & John Tinker
May 18, 19887321
Roxanne Turner returns, and Chandler decides to leave medicine and move to Mississippi with her. A fire disrupts the Doctor of the Year banquet, which was also honoring the third year residents, some of whom are leaving St. Eligius to become attendings. A number of the residents' parents visit for the dinner, including Jack's father (Tom Poston), Victor's parents (Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows Allen), Fiscus' mother (Lainie Kazan), while Axelrod's father (Louis Nye) arrives to clean out his son's belongings. Craig and Ellen discuss reconciliation. Wade deals with difficult parents (William Sadler, Cristine Rose) of a dying child (Judith Barsi). First year residents await results of boards and if they will be back next year.
13722"The Last One"Mark TinkerTeleplay by: Bruce Paltrow & Mark Tinker
Story by: Tom Fontana & Channing Gibson
May 28, 19887322

Westphall agrees to take over the running of St. Eligius when Ecumena sells the hospital back to the Boston diocese. Ellen is offered a job in Cleveland, and Craig agrees to go along with her. The hospital and the people who work there are revealed to be figments in the mind of an autistic boy who stared at a snowglobe with the hospital building inside of it.

Note: A show known for black comedy and inside jokes, the series finale is filled with such, from the opening moment of Fiscus telling ER patient "General Sarnoff... cut down on the time you spend watching television" (the president of RCA, who launched NBC in 1926), to Orderly Coolidge dealing with (The Fugitive's) Dr. Richard Kimble and the One-Armed Man, to (The Andy Griffith Show's) Floyd the Barber working in the hospital, and numerous others.[5]


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