List of Punjabi media

This is a list of media from the Punjab region or published in the Punjabi language. Punjabi journalists have received many international awards for their reporting.[1]

Major Punjabi newspapers and organizations

Hong Kong

Pakistan (Urdu)
Other major online Punjabi newspapers

Punjabi television channels

Network Country Genre Website
Alpha ETC Punjabi  United States General Official Site
ATN Alpha ETC Punjabi  Canada General Official Site
9xTashan  India Music Official Site
ATN MH1  Canada General/Music Official Site
Apna Channel  Pakistan General Official Site
Apna News  Pakistan News None
Awaaz-E-Watan TV  United States Music Official Site
Balle Balle  India Music None
Beat & Boom  United States Music/Available on Roku Official Site
Channel Punjab  United States General Entertainment (Comedy,Soap operas and Music) Official Site
Channel Punjabi  Canada General Official Site
Raftaar News  India General/Music/entertainment/news Official Site
Chardikala Time TV  India Sikh Socio-Spiritual-Cultural Religious/Sikh News Official Site
Day & Night News  India
 United States
 United Kingdom
News Official Site
DD Jalandhar (Terrestrial)  India General Official Site
DD Punjabi  India General None
Desi Unplugged  United States Music Videos Official Site
Dharti TV  Pakistan Religious None
ETC Channel Punjabi  India Music/Sikh Spiritual Official Site
GET Punjabi  India Entertainment (Soap operas and Music) Official Site
Ikta One  India Sikh Religious None
JUS Punjabi  United States General Official Site
JUS One  United States General Official Site
MH1  India
 United States
General/Music/Punjabi movies. Official Site
NRI TV  India Music None
PTC News  India News Official Site
PTC Punjabi  India
 United States
General/Music Official Site
Punjabi World Daily  India News Official Site
Rtv Punjabi HD  Australia General/Music/Punjabi movies. Official Site
Ravi TV  Pakistan General None
Sada Channel  India General/Music Official Site
Sangat TV/Global Punjab TV[2]  United Kingdom/ Canada
 United States
Sikh Spiritual Official Site
Sikh Channel  United Kingdom Sikh Devotional Official Site
Spark Punjabi  India International movies,dramas and shows(dubbed) Official Site
Sur Sagar TV  Canada General Official Site
Waaj TV  Pakistan General None
Zee Punjabi  India
 United Kingdom (Earliar its name was Alpha Punjabi.)
General Official Site  India
Official Site  United Kingdom

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