List of Only Fools and Horses characters

This is a list of characters from the BBC situation comedy Only Fools and Horses and its prequel, Rock and Chips.

Regular characters

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Character Actor First appearance Last appearance Duration Episodes
Del Boy David Jason (James Buckley in Rock & Chips) "Big Brother" 2014 Sport Relief special 1981-2003, 2014 64
Rodney Nicholas Lyndhurst "Big Brother" 2014 Sport Relief special 1981-2003, 2014 64
Grandad Lennard Pearce (Phil Daniels in Rock & Chips) "Big Brother" "Licensed to Drill" 1981–1984 22
Uncle Albert Buster Merryfield "Strained Relations" "The Comic Relief Special" 1985–1997 37
Cassandra Gwyneth Strong "Yuppy Love" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1989–2003 21
Raquel Tessa Peake-Jones "Dates" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1988-2003 20

Recurring characters

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Character Actor First appearance Last appearance Duration Episodes
Trigger Roger Lloyd-Pack (Lewis Osbourne in Rock & Chips) "Big Brother" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1981-2003 39
Boycie John Challis (Stephen Lloyd in Rock & Chips) "Go West Young Man" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1981–2009 33
Denzil Paul Barber (Ashley Gerlach in Rock & Chips) "Who's a Pretty Boy?" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1983–2003 18
Slater Jim Broadbent (Callum McNab in Rock & Chips) "May The Force Be With You" "The Class of '62" 1983, 1985, 1991 3
Marlene Boyce Sue Holderness "Sleeping Dogs Lie" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1985–2009 20
Mike Kenneth MacDonald "Who's a Pretty Boy?" "Time On Our Hands" 1983–1996 30
Mickey Pearce Patrick Murray "Healthy Competition" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1983–2003 20
Sid Roy Heather "The Long Legs of the Law" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1982, 1985–2003 13
Damien Various "Three Men, a Woman and a Baby" "Sleepless in Peckham" 1991–2003 10

Guest and Spin-off characters

Abdul Khan

(Played by Tony Anholt)
Abdul Khan only appeared in one episode; "To Hull and Back", where he and Boycie arranged a deal with Del, in order to smuggle diamonds from Amsterdam. Although, this was the only episode in which he appeared, Abdul was also mentioned in "Diamonds Are for Heather" when Del tells Heather where he got the engagement ring, "Video Nasty" when Del had struck a deal with Abdul's cousin's girlfriend's brother's friend, and in the second Rock & Chips episode "Five Gold Rings" when Del tells his friends that he got four glass diamond rings from Abdul's father, who owns the Bermondsey Wholesale Jewellery Emporium.


(Played by Philip McGough)
Appeared in the episode "Chain Gang". A conman, Arnie sold Del Boy, Boycie, Mike, Trigger, Uncle Albert and Rodney a batch of 24 carat gold chains for £12,500, only to later double cross them by faking a heart attack in a restaurant and making off with both the chains and the money in an ambulance driven by his sons. The group eventually tracked him down while he was performing the same scam on Denzil and drove Arnie away in an ambulance of their own.

Solly Atwell

(Played by Colin Jeavons)
Appeared in the episode "Hole in One". The Trotter family solicitor, believed to have represented Del on other, unspecified, occasions. Solly represented Uncle Albert in his case against the brewery when he fell down the Nag's Head cellar. Solly was described by Rodney as being "more bent than the villains", or according to Del: "an expert". He faced being "defrocked" when it was revealed that Albert had been lying to obtain compensation.

The Driscoll Brothers

(Played by Roy Marsden and Christopher Ryan)
Danny and Tony Driscoll, usually known as the Driscoll brothers, they only appeared in one episode - "Little Problems" - but were mentioned in numerous others. The Driscoll brothers were the local gangsters with a fearsome reputation for violence (although in order to avoid serious problems with the police, they followed a strict rule in never harming the victim's head). They beat up Del Boy after he failed to repay money owed to them, and in the same episode left Mickey Pearce and Jevon with broken bones for a similar reason. In a similar joke to the different-looking Del and Rodney being brothers, the Driscoll brothers also differ in height, but by a good 18 inches (460 mm), though in their case the taller brother has the brains. The pair appear to have a love-hate relationship, as they often argue but continually work together to get what they want.

In the spin-off series The Green Green Grass, it is revealed that the Driscoll brothers have finally been found guilty and sent to prison, thanks to Boycie grassing them to the police, but have been paroled and are now after his blood.

The role of Danny Driscoll was originally written for series fan Anthony Hopkins but he was unable to appear due to the filming of The Silence of the Lambs. The role ultimately went to Roy Marsden on Hopkins' own advice, since Hopkins and Marsden are friends.


(Played by Steven Woodcock)
Jevon is a friend of Rodney and Mickey Pearce, first seen in Dates. Unlike Mickey, Jevon is successful with the ladies, though to his chagrin Cassandra rebuffed him when he asked her to dance. He was even more surprised when she agreed to dance with Rodney. Jevon set up a trading partnership with Mickey Pearce, which lasted throughout the sixth series. They apparently gave up on the trading business at the end of that series though, following a run-in with the Driscoll brothers which left them both in plaster. Jevon made one further appearance in "The Jolly Boys' Outing," after which Woodcock left the series to take the role of Clyde Tavernier in EastEnders and the character was not seen again. He Appeared in; – The Jolly Boys' Outing (1989), Little Problems (1989), Sickness & Wealth (1989), Yuppy Love (1989) and Dates (1988).

Robbie Meadows

(Played by Ewan Stewart)
Dr Robert Meadows appears once in the episode Sickness and Wealth as Del's one-time GP. When Del goes to visit him with stomach cramps, he discovers that Robbie has since left his practice and gone to the local hospital. Del tells his new GP a completely opposite story about his lifestyle, that he is a celibate, teetotal, non-smoking, vegetarian health freak. The GP, unable to ascertain why Del is experiencing such difficulties, sends him to hospital. While Del is worrying about what is wrong with him (he fears he has Aids), Robbie finally comes to see him, stating he is now in charge of Del's case, being as he is a former patient. Robbie warns Del that lying to his GP has meant that diagnosing Del's condition (IBS) has taken far longer than it should, and that only because Robbie knows Del (and begrudgingly admires him) has Del's condition been successfully identified.

Jumbo Mills

(Played by Nick Stringer in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", and by Lee Long in Rock & Chips)
Mills was Del's old school friend and business partner (they ran a jellied eels stall together) who emigrated to Australia during the 1960s. Jumbo returned to Peckham in the episode "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", and offered Del the chance to restore their old partnership by helping him run his new used car business back in Australia, only for Del to refuse the offer due to Rodney being unable to go because of his drug conviction. Stringer also appeared in an earlier episode, "Go West Young Man", playing an Australian man who bought a car with no brakes from Del Boy, which he later accidentally crashed into the back of an E-type Jaguar, which at the time was being driven by Del who was looking after it for Boycie as a present to his "Bit on the side".


(Played by Andrée Bernard)
"Nervous Nerys" was the Nag's Head barmaid who appeared in two episodes, "Dates" and "Sickness and Wealth". She briefly dated Rodney, although she was left terrified when a gang of yobs began chasing them in the van.

Don Vincenzo Occhetti

(Played by David Jason)
Appeared as the main antagonist in the two-part episode "Miami Twice". Ochetti was a Mafia don and an exact doppelgänger for Del Boy. As the episode unfolded it emerged that Ochetti was under FBI surveillance and facing trial for murder, kidnapping and drug-running. After seeing Del's resemblance to his father, Occhetti's son Rico launched a series of unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Del, hoping that the authorities would believe Occhetti himself was dead and thus spare him the prison sentence. Every attempt failed, and Del and Rodney eventually uncovered the Mafia plan, providing the FBI with crucial evidence to send Ochetti to prison for life.

Alan Parry

(Played by Denis Lill)
A regular cast member during series six and seven, Alan Parry is Cassandra's father and subsequently, Rodney's father-in-law. He is the owner of a successful printing firm, which employs Rodney for a time from 1989 to 1991, and later becomes a friend of Del. Despite being a successful businessman by the time he met Del, Alan was still a Cockney wideboy at heart, often ending up drunk or getting sick after eating too many jellied eels whilst under Del's influence, much to the chagrin of his more overtly middle-class wife, Pam.

Freddie Robdal

Frederick "Freddie" Robdal
Only Fools And Horses character
Portrayed by Nicholas Lyndhurst
Duration 2010-2011
First appearance "Rock & Chips" (2010)
Last appearance "The Frog and the Pussycat" (2011)
Created by John Sullivan
Occupation Gangster, criminal, frogman, unemployed
Home Rotherhithe

In the original series, "Freddie the Frog" was an unseen character, first mentioned in "The Frog's Legacy" and later revealed to be Rodney's biological father. Robdal was a career thief who had been a frogman in the Royal Navy (hence the nickname), and had an extramarital affair with Joan Trotter. Robdal died shortly afterwards when he accidentally sat on his own detonator during a bank robbery. The Trotters' search for his hidden gold legacy was the focal point of the episode "The Frog's Legacy". When an old photograph of Robdal surfaced in the episode "Sleepless in Peckham", his striking resemblance to Rodney finally settled the issue of the latter's paternity after years of speculation.

Robdal is one of the main characters in the Only Fools and Horses prequel Rock & Chips, where he is accompanied by explosive expert Gerald "Jelly" Kelly and has a habit of calling people "cocker", among them Del Boy and Boycie. The first episode of Rock & Chips fully reveals the details surrounding Robdal's affair with Joan which resulted in Rodney's birth, and establishes the beginning of his uncle-nephew-like relationship with Del, who he accompanies (along with Reg, Granddad, and Del's gang) on their first Jolly Boys' Outing to Margate, although the trip is merely a ruse so that Robdal and Kelly can rob a nearby Jewellery store. It is revealed in the second episode, "Five Gold Rings", that Robdal did in fact love Joan deeply and wanted to see his son grow up, but it was difficult because of Joan's marriage to Reg and his situations with Del Boy and the police. In "The Frog and the Pussycat", Robdal and Kelly are again arrested on suspicion of murdering the sole eyewitness to the Margate robbery, although Robdal discovers it was a fraud by the police. However, Robdal is incarcerated when it is revealed one of the stolen jewels was pawned by Joan, who is "working" as Robdal's charlady (in order to fund Del's film). While in prison, Robdal implores Joan to leave London with him to his seaside home with Rodney. Joan accepts but only once she is certain of Del's financial state. However, Del's planned film does not work out well, and Joan is forced to stay in Peckham. It is implied that Robdal remains in Peckham as well.

Gerald "Jelly" Kelly

(Played by Paul Putner)
Kelly is first mentioned in the episode "The Frog's Legacy" and later introduced in Rock & Chips as Freddie Robdal's partner-in-crime and best friend. He accompanies Robdal to Peckham following Robdal's release from prison, but as they are almost out of money, they plan a jewellery robbery while in Margate on a Jolly Boys Outing with Del Boy and his family and friends, and pull it off while the others are elsewhere. Kelly, however, does not approve of Robdal's relationship with Joan Trotter, whom he refers to as "that slag from the cinema", as both Robdal and Kelly display dislike for the abusive, work-shy Reg Trotter. In "Five Gold Rings", it is shown that Robdal and Kelly were arrested and imprisoned again for the jewellery robbery, but while they both make bail, Kelly only appears in the episode's opening scene. In "The Frog and the Pussycat", Robdal and Kelly are temporarily exonerated but later suspected again following the disappearance of their robbery's sole eyewitness, although Robdal exposes the police's fraud. Though Robdal eventually goes to prison on an alternate charge (to protect Joan, who pawned the ring Robdal gave her in order to buy a lambretta for Del), Kelly does not, and shares a drink with Robdal once he is freed. In the final scene, he and Robdal rob an art gallery together.

Several years later, Freddie and Kelly break into a post office in Plumstead. Unfortunately, while Kelly sets the explosives and is holding the nitroglycerine, Freddie sits on the detonator and the two men are both killed in the ensuing explosion. In "The Frog's Legacy", Rodney sarcastically quips that had Kelly survived, he "wouldn't be any good in a Mexican Wave."

Roy Slater

Main article: DCI Roy Slater

(Played by Jim Broadbent in Only Fools and Horses, and Calum MacNab in Rock & Chips)
Appeared in three episodes: "May The Force Be With You", "To Hull and Back", and "The Class of '62". A much-reviled ex-schoolmate of Del's, Slater was a corrupt policeman and (as revealed in "The Class of '62") the ex-husband of Raquel. He was sent to prison for diamond smuggling after the events of "To Hull and Back". In the entire series, Slater is the only character portrayed by an Academy Award-winning actor. Slater also appears in the prequel Rock & Chips, where he is barely tolerated by Del and the others as a member of their gang, as his friendship with them is at this point obviously falling apart. In "Five Gold Rings", he leaves school to become a police cadet, and arrests Del and Jumbo for selling illegal American records (although he is snubbed by his sergeant, who goes on to keep the records for himself and lets Del and Jumbo go with a warning). This is the last time Slater is seen, as he does not appear in "The Frog and the Pussycat".

PC Terry Hoskins

(Played by Christopher Mitchell)
Appeared in two episodes: "May The Force Be With You" and "To Hull and Back". He is a young policeman. He works alongside Roy Slater; but doesn't like him. Slater often makes him miss lunch and watch suspects whilst Slater is away. He has a conversation with Del Boy; in which it is revealed Del Boy sold Terry's mother a gas fire. Terry advises Del Boy to tell Slater and make it easier on himself. In To Hull and Back, Terry turns against Slater and hands him into the police force.

Violet Trotter

(Played by Paula Wilcox)
Sharp-tongued Violet "Vi" Trotter was the estranged wife of Ted Trotter, the mother of Reg Trotter and the paternal grandmother of Del Boy. She appeared in the second and third episodes of the prequel Rock & Chips, "Five Gold Rings" and "The Frog and the Pussycat", where she baby-sat the infant Rodney, much to the fury of her husband, who resented her for throwing him out after she had discovered his affair with Alice Ball, Trigger's grandmother. Despite her contempt for her husband, Vi maintained a friendly relationship with her son, grandson and daughter-in-law, and doted on Rodney. Vi mentioned she worked as the charlady for an art dealer, as Del mentioned in "Yesterday Never Comes"; however she did not mention that she had stolen a valuable artwork from her employer.

June Snell

June Snell
Only Fools And Horses character
Portrayed by Diane Langton
Duration 1985-1986
First appearance Happy Returns (1985)
Last appearance A Royal Flush (1986)
Created by John Sullivan
Home Peckham

(Played by Diane Langton)
June was an ex-girlfriend of Del's from many years previously. They met up again when Rodney dated June's daughter Debbie in "Happy Returns" (which Del scuppered in the mistaken belief that Debbie was his daughter). They fell out when June revealed that Debbie's real father was in fact Del's best friend Albie Littlewood, and Del in turn admitted that he had been cheating on her with Albie's girlfriend Deidre. They were later reconciled again, however, as Del invited June to the opera in "A Royal Flush" with Rodney and his date Lady Victoria. He and June ruined the evening and embarrassed Rodney by noisily eating snacks and arguing with other audience members. The evening then comes to an end after June becomes ill from eating too much and is sick (off screen) over an audience member sitting in front of her

Joan Trotter

Joan Mavis Trotter I
Rock & Chips character
Portrayed by Kellie Bright
Duration 2010-11
First appearance Rock & Chips (2010)
Last appearance The Frog and the Pussycat (2011)
Created by John Sullivan
Occupation Ice cream girl at the Ritz cinema, Part-time filing Clerk at the town hall who sometimes served the tea
Home Nelson Mandela House, Peckham

Joan is Del and Rodney's late mother, and wife of Reg. Though she is never seen in the series, she is often mentioned by Del, especially in his attempts to emotionally blackmail Rodney, who had few memories of her. Del loved his mother deeply, and still mourns her death. Over the series, it became clear to Rodney and the viewers (but not always to Del) that Joan had had a series of affairs with numerous men during her loveless marriage to Del's selfish, work-shy father, Reg. One such affair was with local "gentleman thief" Freddie Robdal, and resulted in the birth of Rodney. She died on 12 March 1964 (according to "The Yellow Peril") of an unknown illness while Rodney was still very young.

Her tombstone, a flamboyant fibreglass monument, is also seen occasionally. In "The Yellow Peril", Del paints it yellow, not realising that the paint is luminous. In "Danger UXD", they dress up the blow up dolls in Joan's old clothes in order to get them out of the flat without being noticed. After the Trotters became millionaires, Del returns to their now deserted flat and remembers his mother telling him he couldn't have the day off school with a hangover because he was taking his 11-plus (Joan is heard saying this in a voiceover provided by an uncredited actress). When Cassandra and Rodney have their baby in "Sleepless in Peckham", they name her Joan.

The character makes her first screen appearance in Rock & Chips. Portrayed as a hard-working woman in her late 30s, struggling to maintain a home, which included her workshy husband Reg, her ageing father-in-law Ted and her teenage son Del Boy. She begins an affair with Freddie Robdal, a friend of Reg's recently released from prison, and soon discovers she is pregnant. Joan and Freddie's affair isn't one of lust; they seem to love each other genuinely and Joan loves both her boys deeply. She is willing to leave Reg altogether and run away with Freddie to Bournemouth to raise Rodney with him, but would only do so once she was sure Del was financially secure. She tries her best to help Del's relationship and hopeful eventual marriage to a rich man's daughter, but the relationship does not work, and Joan ultimately chooses to remain in Peckham for Del's sake. Joan is a huge fan of Hollywood films and actresses, given her job in the Ritz cinema, to the point that she changed her hairstyle multiple times during Rock & Chips to resemble actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda and Audrey Hepburn.

Reg Trotter

Reginald "Reg" Trotter
Only Fools and Horses character
Portrayed by Peter Woodthorpe (1983)
Shaun Dingwall (2010-11)
Duration 1983, 2010-11
First appearance Thicker than Water (1983)
Last appearance The Frog and the Pussycat (2011)
Created by John Sullivan
Occupation Unemployed
Home Newcastle

The estranged father of Del and stepfather of Rodney, and son of Grandad, Reg abandons his family shortly after the death of his wife Joan, upon which he steals Del's birthday cake and Rodney's piggy bank. Eighteen years later he returns, in the episode "Thicker than Water", claiming to have a hereditary blood disorder. When the results reveal Del and Rodney to have different blood groups, he attempts to split the family by questioning Del's paternity. He quickly leaves once it becomes known that he has forged the test results himself, and is never heard from again. As with their mother, he is often mentioned by Del in other episodes. It was revealed in the final episode "Sleepless in Peckham" that Rodney is not in fact Reg's biological son, but Freddie Robdal's. It is also shown in Rock & Chips he is an abusive husband to Joan, earning him the hatred of Del and Freddie Robdal, and has an affair with the Nag's Head barmaid called Val.

Reenie Turpin (1987, 2010-11)

(Played by Joan Sims in "The Frog's Legacy", and Emma Cooke in Rock & Chips)
Only appeared in the episode, "The Frog's Legacy" but mentioned in "Chain Gang". She is Trigger's aunt and Joan Trotter's best friend. She informs Del of the gold legacy that Freddie the Frog left to his mother. She also sparks a debate over who Rodney's real father was after stating that "Joanie was never 100% sure about him".

In Rock & Chips, Reenie works alongside her best friend, Joan, as an usherette at the local film house. Like Joan and Del, Reenie loathes Reg Trotter and is unafraid to stand up to him, threatening to reveal that Reg is often violent toward his wife. However, the prequel makes no mention of her relationship with Trigger, and she appears to be a mere family friend. She helps Joan determine her pregnancy in an anonymous clinic following her affair with Freddie Robdal and even submits her name for Joan to use while visiting Freddie in prison.

Albie Littlewood (2010-11)

Albie Littlewood is an unseen character mentioned in "Happy Returns". He was Del's best friend but had an affair with Del's then-fiancee June Snell, something Del only found out years later. However at the same time Del was having an affair with Albie's girlfriend Deidre. Albie is the father of June's daughter Debbie, whom Rodney had dated. While en route to see June one night Albie took a shortcut across a railway line and was killed when he fell onto the live rail (the railways in Peckham are electrified using third rails rather than overhead wires). Albie would also appear in the 2010 prequel drama Rock & Chips, played by Jonathan Readwin. In the prequel, he is shown to be (in secret) taking drugs to lighten his mood at certain times, and notably, Albie and Jumbo Mills trick Roy Slater into taking one and later dancing in a bar until he falls from exhaustion.

Lady Victoria Marsham-Hales

(Played by Sarah Duncan)
Lady Victoria Marsham-Hales, "Vicky", is a one-off girlfriend of Rodney's in the 1986 Christmas Special "A Royal Flush". The only daughter of a wealthy and prominent duke, Rodney meets her in the market one day whilst she is (unsuccessfully) trying to sell her artwork. They become close friends and eventually start dating. Del is immediately interested in Vicky's wealth and breeding and sees Rodney's relationship as a way of making them both millionaires, and despite Rodney's firm protests, repeatedly meddles in the relationship with disastrous results. He finally destroys all chances of Rodney and Vicky being together after inviting himself to dinner at the home of Vicky's father, and getting drunk and obscene, insulting the guests and humiliating Rodney. The furious duke throws the Trotters out of his home, and Rodney and Vicky sadly realise that it would be better not to see each other any more. Unknown to Rodney, Del earlier had told the duke to bribe Rodney with £1,000 to get out of Vicky's life, but a pained Rodney turns it down, angering Del.


(Played by Gaynor Ward)
Janice appears in the episode "A Slow Bus To Chingford" and is one of Rodney's girlfriends. Whilst Rodney is discussing art, Janice tells him her brother paints for the council, they then get intimate but Del Boy enters and ruins it. Her last appearance is shortly after this when Del Boy plays on snide joke on Rodney by telling him his whip and other implements have been washed by Granddad she quietly sneaks out, not giving Rodney enough time tell her that Del is joking, causing Rodney to shout "You rotten git, Del!" for ruining his evening. Del later reveals that he is taking Janice out, but for Rodney's sake in order to keep Rodney from getting mad at him. Janice has a Corgi called Nero which Del gets Rodney to help him patrol the bus garage as a Nocturnal Security Officer, telling Rodney that Nero is an ex-police dog, the morning after Rodney tells Del that he was up all night taking Nero for walks and that Nero ran away scared when he saw a cat.

Monkey Harris (or Aris), Paddy the Greek & Sunglasses Ron

Monkey Harris, (pronounced aris. Aris is cockney rhyming slang for bum, ugly, having a face like a monkey's arse), Paddy the Greek & Sunglasses Ron are Del's friends who are in the same "business" as him. Although they are mentioned regularly, they are never seen on screen. They are often involved in Del's trading deals (although separately), usually sourcing Del's hooky gear, and are often described and mentioned in discussions between other characters in The Nags Head. The writer John Sullivan (known for his attention to detail) gives even the unseen characters a well-rounded back story. Per instance, it is known that Monkey Harris lives in a bungalow, as mentioned in the episode "No Greater Love". As such, the characters often play a minor role in plot development, usually as a device of comic resolution. According to "The Class of '62", Monkey Harris was also a schoolfriend of Del, Boycie, Denzil, Trigger, and Roy Slater.

It is suspected that Sunglasses Ron is the man sat at the back of the bus in the Episode of the Jolly Boys Outing.

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